Direct voice instrument -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘direct voice instrument’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘direct voice instrument’.

The precursor

Master Zelanus describes a technical instrument, such as that is present in astral form in the spheres of light in the hereafter:
We also possess technical wonders for the inner, spiritual life on this side, which will be passed onto the Earth.
In order to consider them more closely, we enter another, smaller building, also a temple in itself.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
The instrument is no bigger than a radio from 1941:
The instrument, with which I want to connect you first of all, is not much bigger than your radio.
It picks up our thoughts and passes them onto you.
The sensitive organs of the great instrument live in it.
It is fed electrically and you will not need to do anything else soon than introduce the contact and wait.
Then ‘the Other Side’ speaks through a technical instrument to mankind and namely by touching letters, from which you can build sentences.
When the instrument is engaged, the people present are ready and have taken their place around the instrument, beautiful music has created the required vibrations, then it happens, that we speak to you.
The Other Side manifests itself without scarcely having the human powers of a medium, we tune into the spiral, which is situated in the bottom part of the instrument.
This spiral is very sensitive and, if we concentrate on it, it takes over our thoughts immediately and without failure.
It moves and types out the letters of the alphabet, which was fitted to a dish likewise under the instrument.
The spectators read the letters, which are attached above in the instrument and are lit up by lamps, so that it is easy to form the letters into sentences.
Just like your cardiogram this instrument records our thoughts, immediately transformed into letters, so that you can follow our wanting and thinking.
As a result of a technical wonder two worlds are spiritually connected, the earthly world and life after death.
This will be one of the ways in which we convince you of our existence.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Picking up rarefied astral thoughts is not self-evident:
The earthly academic is already that far, that his instrument can pick up and register human thoughts.
He is not yet capable of recording the thoughts from our world.
The gulf between your and our life must be bridged.
Your thoughts are earthly, after all, materially loaded, ours are astrally rarefied, your thoughts sent out are therefore heavier than ours, they went through your organism and are materially inspired.
Our thoughts, on the other hand, have been removed of gravity, they are too rarefied to be picked up by his instrument.
He still misses the lamps, which possess the capacity to condense our aura and our thoughts, so that we enter the half-material world.
These sensitive lamps will be given to him by yet other inventors.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
This instrument will only work by means of the astral concentration of inhabitants of the spheres of light:
Then you will experience wonderful, spiritual séances, for which mediums are no longer needed, the technical instrument will completely eliminate the living instrument, so that messing about is no longer possible!
Your charlatans can then go and look for another job.
Lying and cheating have exceeded God’s laws in this area and sullied ‘Eternal Life’ for too long.
Then a master speaks to you and tells you of his own life and about the way in which you can reach his attunement.
These masters will lead your séances and give you spiritual food.
This technical instrument is perfect for us, since it will only be able to work through our concentration.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
However, the scientists will remain critical:
Your parapsychologists came that far, they had bitter experiences during their researches.
They do not want any more cheating and therefore remain critical.
And this is necessary, we want nothing more!
‘The instrument plays, but who tells us, that the Other Side is speaking?
By nothing it is established that it really is a spirit, which passes you on those thoughts.’
The parapsychologist will react to our instrument in this way.
And in spite of this we will give it to the Earth.
We still take a view how it will appear a blessing for many people!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Later in the Age of Christ, this instrument will have found its way to many people:
The Age of Christ changed society and made the human being happy.
Through the Land of Twilight the human being went to the first sphere.
Everyone feels that great things are starting to happen.
People speak on Earth about technical instruments, which will appear to be wonders and will connect Heaven and Earth with each other.
There are already instruments amongst the people, which can indicate the thought of the astral world.
But - and I already said - the state has not yet been able to accept them.
The parapsychologists checked the instruments and rejected them, because they could be influenced by the human being.
The state did allow the instruments to be put on the market, so that they found their way to numerous families.
After much weighing up the state declared that everyone must decide for himself, how he should act in this.
The human being is conscious and must judge for himself whether the thoughts came through purely from the Other Side.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941

The direct voice instrument

Science will only be convinced by the direct voice instrument:
Your science will first accept the existence of our world by means of the instrument which I will now speak about, the instrument of the ‘direct voice’, which will place it before such undeniable proof, that bowing of heads must follow.
By means of the instrument of the direct voice which is of a completely different construction, we likewise speak to you, but now - the name says it all - you hear our own voice.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
In the world of the mediums, the phenomenon of the direct voice is already known:
The phenomenon of the direct voice is already known on Earth, it was achieved by means of the powers of the medium.
This then emitted his aura, after which it was condensed.
You can see, there is a question again of condensation, now of the aura of a megaphone, a trumpet and of the aura of the medium, after which you hear our voices.
We were able to give numerous pieces of proof to the Earth by this means.
Many mediums devoted themselves to the achieving of these amazing events and experienced numerous phenomena, such as materialisations, dematerialisations, apports and levitations.
In a following book I hope to analyse this phenomenon further for you.
I am now only concerned with the new technical wonder.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
The instrument will condense the protoplasm:
In the middle of the instrument there is a space, in which the life aura is condensed, like we have got to know such a thing with the healing instrument.
The sensitive instruments, which are accommodated here, give us those powers.
Clouds flow from the instrument, they are the same as the hazes for creation.
You now know that the Other Side is approaching.
Soon you will hear our voices.
When nature can be condensed, it must also be possible to materialise the human voice.
The condensation of the protoplasm gave us that possibility.
Our voices can be heard like through your radio.
Nothing has changed in our voice, our loved ones will soon recognise us.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
This instrument is for all of mankind:
If this instrument comes to Earth, the state will take it into its own hands.
It will not be for sale, spiritual wonders cannot be got hold of with money.
The direct voice wonder will be the possession of all of mankind.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
It will convince every grade of feeling:
It will convince every grade of feeling as a technical instrument!
The parapsychologists will see all their doubts dissolved by it.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
The book ‘The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side’ describes what took place on earth before the direct voice instrument comes.
As a result, it can be derived that this will take at least another few centuries:
Now there is real unity on Earth!
Soon I will also come back to this amazing technical wonder.
We will see sometime what meanwhile happened on Earth.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941

The ultimate moment

The book describes the moment that the instrument will be completed:
Different academics gave their powers to it and now it is reported that an academic, building forth on the experiences of his colleagues, has done successful tests.
I will take you to the laboratory of this academic and will give you a view of the future.
He is standing with his wife next to the instrument and is following the complicated instrument with his gazes.
There can be no more disturbances, the academic feels that the wonder is now finished.
A happy feeling comes over him.
She, who is his twin soul, places her arm around him.
The same questions arise in them.
Will the wonder now speak?
Will it soon be proved whether contact between the Earth and the astral world can be made if the Other Side speaks ...
then it will be shown irrefutably that there is no death.
The technical wonder throws everything down and must be able to penetrate the astral laws.
If it speaks, it happens outside of every influence or impact.
Great peace enters the academic, he feels that people from that astral world influence him and place that peace in him, as that so often happened during his work.
As a result of his technical wonder he wants to convince mankind and especially science of eternal life.
He will put it in the hands of the state.
The instrument cost him an immense amount in time and power, may his twin soul be blessed, who helped him to bear it.
He has reached the whole by means of all kinds of laws and states, thereby making use of the manifestations, which he experienced during physical and psychic séances.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
The ultimate moment:
The instrument, which he has now put the finishing touches to, must be capable of condensing the life aura.
During the tests he has achieved that wisps of cloud flowed from the instrument, which are the condensation of the protoplasm.
He now connects the instrument and again clouds flow from it.
The atmosphere in the laboratory is cool, otherwise the auras would not reach condensation.
The academic and his twin soul lie kneeled before the wonder, waiting full of tension.
Will the Other Side now speak?
Will they now get the definite proof of a conscious life after death?
Is the human being also conscious in the astral worlds, did he not lose any of his earthly personality there?
Through mediums numerous pieces of proof of life after death were given, but science was not convinced.
Will this instrument bring acceptable signs of life of the Other Side to Earth?
Suddenly they hear powerful breathing, it is clearly coming from the instrument!
Both do not move, the tension is almost unbearable.
Again they hear breathing, even more clearly than a moment ago, as if someone is preparing himself to speak.
There is coughing.
Then they hear said:
‘Do not get a fright, do not be afraid, my son.
It is I, your father!
Your own father is speaking to you.
Yes, my boy, believe me, it is I.
Remain calm.
Did you already recognise me?
Can you hear from my voice that it is I?
Oh, my dear boy, just keep calm, otherwise I must return.
Your father is speaking to you, God gave me this mercy.
I was allowed to be the first to tell you that we are alive.
Nancy, dear, your mother is here.
She will also have something to say to you.
Do not weep, dear children, do not waste any powers now or you will also succumb.
Go on, say something.
Can you not speak to me?
Soon I must leave again.’
The academic cannot pronounce a word.
Then he recovers and says:
I cannot say a word, father.’
‘And you are speaking already, my boy.
Carry on.’
‘I know, dear father, that it is you.
I can see you before me.
Yes, it is you.
I recognise you from your voice.
I am so grateful to God, father.’
‘We are also grateful, my boy.
Do you know what this sacred wonder will mean for mankind?
The happiness for mankind cannot be viewed.
You have received a great mercy from God and have given your life for it.
Millions of souls will receive astral happiness as a result of this.
This sacred wonder bridges the gulf between life and death.
Can you feel how incredible this wonder is for mankind?’
‘I know, father, I know.’
‘Nancy, your mother will also tell something.
My boy, your own mother will come later, but she greets you.
She knows about this wonder; we were together here several times and were able to follow you in everything.’
The wonder is complete.
The emotion of both souls is indescribable, but they are able to keep on going.
People do not allow them time to think, the instrument speaks again; now a female voice comes through.
‘My dear child.
Your mother is speaking.
I know how happy you are.
But be assured that the Other Side shares the most wonderful happiness of you both, millions of souls here know that the masters will speak.
My dear boy, how good, how dear you are for my little Nancy.
And you, my little one, will you greet my father?
Tell him that he will soon be with me.
It is God’s will that we come together again.
Our happiness is great.
We will love each other for eternity.
How sacred it is, dear children.
You know our happiness from the Earth, Nancy, but what will it be like then on this side?
Soon I may speak to you for a moment.
Now I must break the contact, the master is coming.’
Immediately afterwards they hear:
‘Were these noises strange to you?
Did you recognise father and mother?
Truly, my sister and brother, the Other Side now speaks to the Earth.
Your parents brought about this contact, God gave them the great mercy, the first to be able to speak to you.
They reached the Spheres of Light.
I am your master, we were able to give this wonder to the Earth together.
This sacred wonder is for mankind, for the House of Israel.
Soon and even immediately, the masters from the highest spheres will speak to you.
Through you we were able to finish this wonder.
You were continually under my inspiration, I was your invisible master.
But on this side we prepared for this wonder, you returned to the Earth for this purpose.
Now that we are ready, God gave us this mercy.
The highest masters come to you.
Soon I will return to you.’
Then the highest master of the Other Side spoke:
I come to you in the Name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
Do you know that God is love?
We thank you for all your troubles.
You are lightening spirits, my children, because you lived before your birth in the first sphere.
You both came to the Earth for this spiritual wonder.
I must thank you in the name of the masters.
I have a message for you.
On the day which I now record, today in a fortnight’s time at the same hour, we will come to you again.
You can meanwhile tune into that hour and have a rest.
You must invite the masters of (the House of) Israel, the state and sciences to come here in order to experience the first séances with us!
We will then speak to the Earth and to mankind.
From today onwards mankind must accept that there is no death.
All the faculties will be instructed by the Other Side.
The representatives of the churches must also be present.
Will you make sure of this?!’
‘Yes, master, I will make sure that everything is ready.’
‘We thank you and your twin soul.
I will withdraw, your master will speak to you.
God is Love!’
Then this master speaks.
‘I am here again, my brother and sister.
You want to know more, of course, about the instrument and your own life.
I am ready, so that you can ask me questions.’
‘How must we thank you, master.
What did I do to earn this happiness?’
‘God gave you both this mercy.
On this side you prepared yourself for this great task.
Then the moment came to return to the Earth.
You started your study and now this wonder, which many people worked on, has been accomplished.
They also live in the Spheres of Light and will speak to you later.’
‘We therefore already lived on this side’, the academic repeats, overwhelmed.
‘Spiritual wonders, my brother and sister, can only be created by the spiritually conscious child of God.
You were therefore that far.
On this side you were both able to prepare yourselves.
But God gave you this mercy.
Did you already feel that you are twin souls?
No greater happiness can be imagined, but as a result of this we brought this technical wonder to the Earth.’
‘Did you teach me everything in the life there about the instrument?’
‘On this side I was your master, now also.
I remained here and inspired you from this side.
I was also able to help other people in this way, you accomplish the whole.’
‘Could you tell us more about eternal life, master?’
‘That will come, my friends.
Soon I will talk to you about that.
And do not forget, we must still accomplish a great deal.
On this side there are still numerous technical wonders, which we will give to mankind.
We will therefore soon continue again.’
‘Which wonders will we experience, master?’
‘Would you have been able to experience this wonder through your own power?’
‘No, master, that would not have been possible.
This could not be experienced by one human being.’
‘This is why God gave us this mercy, my brother.
You were born on Earth, you live far from each other and yet this soul has entered your life.
It belongs to your conscious.
This is also a Divine wonder.
You see God’s Supreme Power here.
You received your happiness for this.
Truly, you would have succumbed alone.
Your twin soul had to help you carry it.
And she did that, we could work through her.
I am very grateful for all her love given to you and to me.’
‘But master, we must thank you.’
‘You must accept my gratitude.
We know God’s Almighty Love on this side and this love shines over the conscious being.
Two people represent God and you received this happiness in your hands as material people.
As a result of this we were able to connect with each other.
As a result of this our unity was complete and spiritually pure.
Your soul carried this wonder, it created it, it gave you the powers for it.
This is why I want to thank you.
Will you accept my thanks, my dear sister?
When it is that far, my child, I will tell you about spiritual wonders.
We have grown very close into each other and we have already known each other for many centuries.’
‘What must I do now, master?’
‘Nothing, my treasure.
You will have a rest first.
You will prepare yourself for the great event, which was established by the highest master on this Side.
Then we will continue and begin with a wonderful instrument, which other people after us will finish.’
‘What was the contact like, master, during our unity?’
‘Very natural, my friend, I elevated you into my own life.’
‘May many of these instruments be made?’
‘The masters will speak about this.
I do not have that in my hands.’
‘Is the instrument closed off to the dark world, master?’
‘Not one soul of the millions of souls in the dark spheres can speak through the instrument outside of our knowledge and will.
It is attuned to the Spheres of Light.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
A materialisation instrument will also come:
Soon we will simplify the instrument.
You can also prepare yourself for the materialisation instrument, that is also ready.’
‘Is it possible, master, that the materialisation instrument is connected to this?’
‘The powers for this are present, we only have to make a few changes.
That will also come soon and then mankind will see us.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941

Finally, death has been conquered!

Every day, the masters will speak through the direct voice instrument:
Now both worlds reach spiritual unity.
The church must now also accept that God is only love and cannot damn.
The masters will speak to mankind every day.
And by means of the instruments science will receive cosmic awakening.
All the questions will be answered, because it is God’s will, that these wonders happen.
Christ came to Earth for this purpose.
Mankind is now that far.’
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
The instrument cannot be exhausted:
‘How can it be, master, I did not even think of this.’
‘The size of this wonder could not be gauged for you.
And the other wonders, which we will create, neither.
Soon I hope to be able to tell you everything about it, because that is now possible.
Our work will now go forward with great steps, one wonder now creates the other.
In addition, we can speak to each other, our voices have been materialised.
The masters on this side are ready for their task.’
‘Can the depth of the instrument be gauged for me, master?’
‘That is possible, but that will come later, it would disturb you now.
The feeling for this wonder lives in you and your twin soul, you received conscious thinking and feeling from me, according to what you could deal with.
If you had known everything consciously, your organism would have succumbed.
I was one with your life on this side, as I am now too.
I thank God for all the help, which I was able to receive.
When we are later so far and we begin our work, I will explain the cosmic laws to you for the first time.
I will connect you with the origin of creation.
You will then get to know the astral laws on Earth and it is only then that you will be ready to begin the wonderful work, which will one day be born on Earth.
I will explain the astral laws for both of you, those of the hells and the heavens in our life, where you receive your cosmic conscious.
That is also a sacred wonder.
Do you understand, my friends, that God is Supreme and has always been love?’
‘It is so sacred, master, everything which you say, I actually already sensed it all along.
That reality lived in us.’
‘Or you would have missed the feeling to pick up my thoughts.
I will give you the proof of our life, which is also a mercy for me.
Now there will be no more problems on Earth.
Mankind will enter the highest heavens by means of the instrument.
Our life is inexhaustible.
Anyone who has feeling now gets to know the astral world and comes to Christ!’
‘Is the instrument perfect, master?’
‘I would be able to speak to you for thousands of centuries, my son, we cannot exhaust this wonder.’
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Mankind doubted this for thousands of centuries:
‘Is the spiritual instrument still on the Other Side?’
‘You will be able to admire it after this earthly life and also see it in action on this side.’
‘Will we return together again afterwards to the Earth, master?’
‘If there are longings in you, God will give you this mercy.
But I already know now that you will continue on this side.
Your task for the Earth has ended, you have devoted your lives for this work.
Other people will continue this work after you, they will also serve.
You brought Mother Earth and mankind life happiness and in this way you are in harmony with eternity.’
‘We thank you, master.’
‘We will now have to break our contact, but I will come back to you, because I still have a great deal to tell you.’
‘May I ask another question, master?’
‘I am waiting.’
‘Are our parents still here?’
‘Not only your loved ones, but thousands of other spirits follow our conversation.
If you could see them, your heart would fill with their pure love, because all of them have reached the Spheres of Light.’
‘What can we hear now, master?’
‘What you hear, loved ones, is the singing of Angels.
They sing of joy and happiness, these voices can now be heard on Earth.
Can you feel, what we were able to give to Mother Earth?
You can listen to these voices through the instrument, but they are half-materially condensed.
But, nevertheless, you can hear the purity of this singing.’
It is a revelation for us, master, and cannot be dealt with ...w ...’
‘Do not suddenly collapse, my son, my dear friends, now hear what God has to say to your life.
Mankind doubted this for thousands of centuries.
Finally we have come so far, now you hear the astral life speaking to you.
The heavens are now opened to mankind.
Has power and love entered your life?
If that is the case, will you then allow me to go now?
However, I tell you, I will soon come back to you.
I will now call the hour and then you can tune into me.
In three days’ time at this hour, we will be spiritually one again.
I am going now, my loved ones, your brother in God.
There will also be a few of your loved ones who speak to you.’
After his last word had sounded, their loved ones returned one more time, as well as a few friends, in order to speak to the both of them.
Then the first contact was broken and they were alone again.
How did they feel?
They could deal with all this sacredness together.
So much wisdom and pure happiness had entered their lives.
But how sacred everything was!
To be able to serve God as man and wife, as two souls of one attunement?
Can you feel as a human being of the Earth how awe-inspiring life on Earth is like this?
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
The representatives of mankind wait in suspense:
In a short time the news concerning the great event was known throughout the world.
Representatives from all the peoples wanted to experience the first séance with the masters.
If people could believe all of it, it would concern a wonder here, which could change the appearance of the world.
The masters of the Other Side would speak to mankind.
The church authorities were sceptically minded, but they would still send their representatives.
When the hour had come, the representatives of all the peoples were together.
People had to move the instrument in order to be able to admit all those people.
The heads of (the House of) Israel, of state and church had come.
When all of them had taken their places, the inventor explained the working of the instrument.
He has achieved his goal, he said and told about the very first contact with his master.
Then he engaged the instrument and a moment later white wisps of cloud flowed from the spiritual wonder.
The contact had been achieved, soon the masters would speak.
Much was going on in the representatives of the churches.
Did the academic not feel too far and too high?
If the Other Side was really speaking, they felt, the power over millions of souls would be taken from them.
The instrument would create a tremendous turn, the end of which could not be seen.
The academic also said:
I thank you, masters of (the House of) Israel, of state, sciences and church, for your coming here.
You will soon see the truth of what I told you about the instrument.
The Other Side will speak to you!
You will be connected with the highest heavens after death.
God sent the highest Angels to Earth in order to speak to you.
You will soon learn what God has decided and how we must act according to that.
The masters will tell you that.
I will now connect you with the life after the material death.’
A deep silence followed.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Then mankind will get to know the true Christ:
The academic engaged the instrument at full power.
The people present heard the spiritual breathing.
Then a clear voice spoke to the Earth:
The highest masters on the Other Side speak to you.
We come to you in the name of the Father, of the Son and the Holy Spirit.
We thank God for this mercy.
Now the gulf between life and death has been bridged.
The Other Side speaks to you, but one day we will all live on Earth.
We have discarded the material body.
God gave eternal going further to us and to you.
You will understand the Holy Gospel, brought by Christ to Earth, by means of this instrument.
God is Love!
There is no God who damns!
Christ spoke to you about a Father of Love and through Him you now have also received this wonder.
The church must accept that God never damned.
You will see Christ in the true light, as we got to know him on this side.
It is God’s will, that you receive these wonders!
Friends of the Earth, do not doubt this sacred wonder.
You will now be connected with the Spheres of Light, with your life after death.
The Angels from the highest heavens speak to your life.
We come to you in order to make mankind awaken, we bring you the Divine material and spiritual wonders.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Death has permanently been conquered:
All of mankind was jubilant with happiness.
Death had been conquered, it had lost its secretiveness and horror.
From now on Mother Earth was continually in connection with the universe.
All the languages of the world were spoken.
No question remained unanswered, there were no more problems, wisdom and love entered the hearts of the people on Earth.
This prophecy will literally be fulfilled, as true as there is a God of Love!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Everyone now gets to know the cosmic evolution of the soul:
An awe-inspiring amount has been changed by the masters.
Every soul is conscious of the cosmic laws, because the masters told about that.
The Bible has been written again, every soul knows the origin of creation, knows how God revealed himself by means of life.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
There is harmony on Earth, everyone gives and receives love, it is a paradise there.
It is incredible, life on Mother Earth is so sacred.
Every soul knows that it has lived in previous lives and sees back into those lives.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941

Thousands of books

Dictating happens much faster than the writing mediumship:
If only we could write books, books, books.
What should we do, later ... ‘It is no longer necessary’, master Alcar says, otherwise we will write a thousand books.
Because when the direct voice instrument comes to the world, then the earth will have contact with the other side, then the masters will speak, and then it will be dictated.
He says: ‘Why would we work you to death completely?’
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
Then the contents of the books by Jozef Rulof will be continued:
And then you will hear by means of the direct voice equipment exactly the same thing as what you get here this evening and what you read there in the books.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
The books before the book series ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’ are only an introduction to the ‘explanation at soul level’:
After all, the twenty books which you read before the ‘Cosmology’ only gave you the initiation to your Divine attunement and you as a human being, as man and woman, can accept that.
They taught you that there is no death, that the soul as spirit possesses an astral world and she returns to God!
We told something about insanity, something, but have still not explained all those thousands of laws, because we must write those books yet.
And it goes without saying that we cannot write all these thousands of books during the life of André-Dectar, but we will go further; when he has also taken his leave of Mother Earth.
We will come back from this, the Spiritual-astral world, but now by means of technical wonders and namely the direct voice instrument, which is likewise given to Mother Earth by means of the Masters and now the Masters will speak!
There is no Master on the other side who can take this task away from André-Dectar!
On the contrary, all of them are happy that it is he, because he is now serving for Mother Earth and the University of Christ!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
All untruths will later be cleared up in one morning:
That must all go, the master on the other side will clear that up, the masters will clear that up; it is not possible now, that must happen with a piece of proof, that can only be the direct voice instrument, a real spatial contact, and then all that will dissolve in one morning.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Master Zelanus and Jozef Rulof as André-Dectar will later write certainly a thousand books via the direct voice instrument:
It will now be clear to you that we will have to write at least 1000 books, if we want to finish the ‘Bible’ for the University of Christ.
And you will also understand that we are not capable of that now that André is on Earth, but we will consciously continue our work and this Divine task in our life, because the direct voice instrument will soon be ready for the earth.
That is the task for André-Dectar and me, because it is we who got hold of this task from the Masters, the Divine All!
From Christ!”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944