Earth -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘earth’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘earth’.

Third cosmic grade of life

In 1951, master Zelanus tells that there are people who expect rockets from space:
People expect that rockets will come from Mars or somewhere else.
And people have the highest consciousness on earth.
What are you still expecting?
You can wait for millions of years; nothing will come from the universe, because the universe lives under your consciousness, as a planet.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
Before the soul comes to the earth, she has already experienced many lives on different planets:
Therefore by means of those lives.
We are finished there, I will soon tell you all of that; we experienced that planet and that planet and that planet.
We come to that and finally we are ready for the earth.
Lectures Part 2, 1951

The beginning of the earth

In the book series ‘The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof’ the masters describe how they connect spiritually-scientifically with the begin stage of the earth:
“I am connected to the begin stage of Mother Earth, my Master.
I am now experiencing the awakening of the human being, the human being who has reached a higher stage by means of the universe.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
The masters connect themselves in feeling with the first souls who come to earth:
My life on Earth is beginning.
I am absorbing the life aura into me for myself by means of which the Earth was able to condense itself in the millions of years which passed.
This condensing is still spiritual, so of astral substance, but we know our future, the material world will also come about.
I therefore feel, and we have to record that for the University of Christ:
The Human Being brought Mother Earth to the human development!
The Human Being as soul creates giving birth for the Earth!
It is the Human Being who gave the conscious life to the Earth as the Third Cosmic Grade of Life!
The Human Being gets to experience his consciousness, so that we must accept that the macrocosmos and the microcosmos are one!
The Human Being as soul and spirit is in harmony with the spiritual Earth!
And the Earth is spark of the All-Soul... The
All-Spirit ... but will soon materialise itself, as all the other planets experienced that.
Everything is clear to me, my Master!
The life of the All-Mother goes further.
That life returns to the Divine stage.
I absorb the life aura of the Earth into me and can now experience the laws for fatherhood and motherhood, as I received them on the Moon.
No other possibilities were created for my evolution.
So I will soon come to the giving birth and the creating once more, I will divide myself and the reincarnation will give me that spatial evolution.
The human being gives birth to the Earth.
We have to accept this and it means that the All-Mother gave herself for the universe and that is the Moon as mother!”
“I thank you, my brother, these are the laws which we have to experience.
Working has already come, the Earth is beginning with her task, but through us!
We also experienced what you gave us.
We must agree that the Earth will condense her giving birth and creating, herself, by means of the laws which already got materialising.
It is the human soul which therefore got hold of everything through God.
We see the first hazes and every planet had to accept this stage, it is the beginning for all the life.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
The soul absorbed so much aura from the spiritual sphere as was needed in order to form her first little cell body:
But the human being absorbed as much aura from the earth into him as embryonic life which was enough for the embryonic life.
And if that was not true, my sisters and brother, then creation would not have been finished, as you see that now.
You still give birth embryonically, you still experience the creating and giving birth process in the very first and as a result of the very first stage.
The human being must still begin, for your own century, the present stage, as embryonic consciousness or unconsciousness.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
When the soul began as life on earth, there was still no earth-material, there was only earth-aura, earth-spirit:
And that began on the earth, and absorbed so much earth aura, earth life, earth spirit; so that is not earth, but that is the third cosmic grade.
So we took so much from that evolution in order to continue our life, and we began with a new life, a new organism, a new evolution, and went to the astral world again, the world for reincarnation, and came back to the earth again, were attracted again; and in this way the earth began her evolution, for us.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
The article ‘our first lives as a cell’ explains how the soul experiences the first lives and begins with its reincarnations:
So here too, my brothers, we enter the embryonic life, but now we will soon enter the conscious astral world, which will then mean the end for our life; and we will have completed the cycle of the earth.
Follow your being one with the Earth; go through the first ‘death’, the becoming free from the first life here, then the entering of the world for the unconscious, the reincarnation, and then the attracting of our life, back for the Earth, and we can go further again.”
Dear reader, we are experiencing these laws.
We are once again an embryonic stage, but now for the human being of the earth.
The life on Earth began in this way.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
In the current age the soul still begins every incarnation embryonically, but now in the womb of a human mother instead of in the womb of Mother Earth:
We were able to follow the times of condensing for the universe and also experienced the seven grades of life of them, so that we now also understand the development for the earth.
No other laws originated, fatherhood and motherhood also dominate now and are the essential laws for all the life.
Now attune yourself to the moment that the soul as human being is attracted by the spiritual Earth.
That development can now be followed.
The human being is ready, we have to experience the embryonic stage once more.
Those laws cannot change, we also see them again for the present stage.
The soul still begins as a human being, and that is for all the life, as embryonic life in the mother.
In the mother, I say. My brothers, can you feel this?
What the mother on Earth soon gives birth to in herself, is no different for a planet.
We are attracted by the Earth, but we get to experience our development in her life.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
The article ‘cosmic splitting’ explains how a planet absorbs the astral energy from the cosmos into an astral sphere.
The article ‘evolution on the land’ explains how the degree of development of this astral aura has reached the same level as the soul received in consciousness on previous planets.
As a result, the soul can absorb the aura which fits with its own development.
Distributing the spiritual aura of the planet over all the souls is called splitting by Jozef Rulof:
And that astral ball absorbed that and had exactly the same development as we mastered by means of the bodies; we absorbed so much feeling for our cell life. And then the earth divided itself as a planet, and the earth began; and that is by means of our existence.
Because if we had not taken anything from the earth, sir, don’t you think, then the earth would not have reached condensing either.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951

The ice ages and the heating up ages

In the evolution of the earth, the masters distinguish consecutive ages which last longer and longer:
There are academics who came close to this old age for the Earth, and that is understandable.
But they did not know anything, had nothing to say about how old the universe is.
How old the Moon is.
How old Mars, Venus and Jupiter are, also the other planets and solar systems of the universe, that still cannot be calculated by them.
Yet we can do that and that is namely possible down to the last second, because we can follow and analyse the consciousness for all the life.
The Earth remained invisible for millions of years, but was already working on her spiritualised organism before she could begin with the material condensing.
Her first age for which she is now serving and creating, giving birth, requires millions of years.
However, every age demands higher becoming conscious and more time for itself.
For the universe we have nothing to do with time, but that calculation can be followed for the Earth.
So that means that the life of the third and fourth grade of life, the age to which André belongs, now needs seven times seven million years in order to materialise that spiritual stage; and it is clear when we follow our own life as a spiritual personality.
The higher we come the more difficult our life becomes?
No, in order to experience the oneness with the universe, so that means that we must master the laws as working and power and as consciousness, requires time, a life span.
The higher the life of Mother Earth comes, the stronger the consciousness becomes for the harmony of this life and that is Love!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
Each age has a higher development for the earth and all the life on her surface:
Mother Earth therefore needs millions of years for her first age, as one of these seven grades of life for her complete development.
A million years means nothing, but the grade of life as an age does.
And one age therefore now represents: more consciousness, more space.
More awakening!
More personality!
More light!
More conscious life!
More conscious feeling and thinking!
More conscious for material and spirit!...
New and higher consciousness for the Earth and all her life which she will give birth to!
An age possesses building up for the human organism, for animal and plant; after all, for the present stage Mother Earth has already conquered her first grades of life!
That the academic speaks about ice ages, heating up and cooling down ages is clear, but we will get to know those times as grades of life for this development.
That Mother Earth had to experience those heating up ages is clear, but then the cooling down ages came and then the hardening ages, which gave her this evolution.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
The prehistoric beings survived the past ages by travelling round:
That we as human beings, and the animal, have conquered the ice ages and all those heating up ages and cooling down years is still not wisdom of life now for the academic of Mother Earth.
The academic now still says that a Second Creation was probably born.
A second creation, which means that we as human beings did not experience those first stages and it was not possible either, because not one human being, or animal was able to experience those ages.
But look for yourself, my brothers.
What does the human being and the animal do?
We see now that animal and human being are moving.
East and South, North and West are now already building on the own becoming conscious.
When the Earth begins here with heating up and the first life had to accept those ages, the life went further, calmly further, nothing could disturb this life, because not all of this planet was on fire.
Because of that North, West, South and East are starting to condense themselves and it means, the seasons are now already reaching becoming conscious and we have to, we had to, and all the other life, to experience and to accept that.
We therefore went away from this environment, we felt that we could leave, because the whole of this universe belongs to our life and consciousness!
Why does the Earth not possess her volcanoes in every country?
That is understandable.
They are her respiratory organs which take the inner working to the materialising from time to time, but by means of which we observe her inner working.
The human being, and the animal, went further, nothing could destroy the human being.
No, we must accept that human being and animal walked round the Earth a thousand times, left, for that heat and that cooling down, in order to be able to continue our material life.
So no second creation was born, academic, because that is not possible!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
The Human Being experienced all those ages and nothing could disturb him from pursuing his Divine path!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
When the human being travelled over the earth, the earth was condensing her macrocosmic body.
For this purpose, she also used her respiratory organs:
The respiratory organs of the earth are the volcanoes.
And those dark spots are also respiratory organs – you can go into that, into the sun – they are the respiratory organs for that gas sphere.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The fire-spitting mountains have a clear function for Mother Earth:
The inner eruptions of the Earth therefore mean nothing else: that she condensed herself by means of her attunement.
Her inner system is attuned to that.
We could write thousands of books about all of this, but we are not following any biology, but living consciousness for the soul as human being, as spirit and as the child of God and the All-Mother, for which purpose we have to make these journeys.
The eruptions of the Earth are numerous, by means of which we see, that she condensed her life by means of the inner structure and is still busy taking care of her body and taking it to the spiritual grade of life.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
The earthquakes also represent the evolution of the earth:
That there are now still also earthquakes to be experienced tells us that, and is the awakening for Mother Earth, her going further, her striving for higher consciousness.
That is not destruction, but inner evolution!
Mother Earth is still evolving!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
We see the ice ages and heating up ages reflected in the present age as winter and summer:
It goes without saying that the animal did not know any heating up disturbances during the waters, the cooling down ages did not mean anything either.
And if that is true for the academic, we ask him: do you not know your summer and winter then?
What is autumn and what is spring for the earth and her life, for the present stage?
The academic still does not know that and he still does not feel that autumn and fall connect summer and winter; yes, indeed, he knows that, of course, but he does not know that these are still the cooling down and heating up ages from this stage for Mother Earth and all her life!
Autumn takes the present stage to that cooling down and what is cooling down for God and the universe, academic?
Tell me?
Well, the preparing for Mother Earth of her own giving birth.
The preparing for Mother Earth in order to begin with a new age soon, which is the summer!
And what does spring mean to your conscious personality?
You will certainly already feel it.
Is it not clear and simple, academic?
Spring, my brothers, is for Mother Earth the transition for her giving birth, autumn for the cooling down and the dying process for all her land life and is nothing else, because we now have to accept these laws.
Isn’t it true, the human being says summer, autumn, winter and also spring, names which the human being gave to the phenomena, but is and means both giving birth and creating for the creation, and nothing else!
The heating up ages were for human being and animal, flower and plant, giving birth, creating, condensing and hardening, but above all ‘Life’ and ‘Death’, however, after death we enter reincarnation!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
In January 1951, master Zelanus compares the winter with the sleep of nature.
It is the age of cooling down, the summer age dies off then.
The masters also call this basic power of life giving birth and motherhood:
That is the nature.
Mother Earth sleeps now, doesn’t she?
What is autumn?
What is summer?
What is spring?
What is winter?
What happens now in nature?
That is the night for the universe, that is the winter, the death; the new life comes.
It is the dying off of one age.
You experience different ages every year.
You now experience the age of the new consciousness, that is the nature, that is the space, that is the universe.
But if you wish to keep on going, if you wish to experience silence – there is a lot to be said about that – then I will take you to the universe, and then the night is awe-inspiring again, because you now come to motherhood.
Because the night is motherhood, is mother.
You call it the night, don’t you?
But the night is motherhood for the universe.
And when the sun rises, then it is: the father starts to shine, starts to radiate.
For one path, for one thought.
Now we come: why is there a night?
You must release the previous thought about that night, and that motherhood too, because now we will look at the earth, at the universe.
Then it is giving birth again, giving birth again, dying, evolution, consciousness, or you would burn.
Do you see?
And that is a disturbance then.
So you get law after law.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951

The evolution steps of the earth

The earth begins with her fourth age:
The Earth lives for herself and her children between the ‘third and fourth’ grade of life for this becoming conscious and we have to accept that.
It is obvious that the atmosphere for the Earth and her life will change and that the prehistoric organisms will disappear, but by means of this more consciousness for the soul as human being will come.
In addition, the laws of life of the universe, Sun and Moon and the other planets and stars will likewise receive more consciousness, but by means of the paternal light of the universe, the Earth will awaken.
However, you see, the soul as human being goes further and we now experience one age after another for the human being, so that later, that is in millions of years’ time, he will enter the material grade of life.
We see the human organisms changing by means of this.
Also the life in the waters and Mother Nature, which is awakening for all the life.
Meanwhile the soul in the astral world will begin with her spiritual life and we will soon experience that, when we, as I already said, follow the hells in the life after the being released from the material world.
Now look at these awe-inspiring organisms, for human being and animal.
We know that Mother Earth will finish, will embellish this organism, but that will still take millions of years before it is that far.
However, the life goes further, the macrocosmos is still one with the microcosmos, there is no question of disharmony, only the inner life has left that harmony, but gets the opportunity to recover and to make amends.
So we see that the soul as human being has to experience pre-animal grades of life, but then the animal grades follow and only afterwards the coarse-material, the material life grade of which the present stage has to experience as physical consciousness and to which André belongs!
Is that correct, André?”
“Yes, my Master.
What the Earth must experience, her life gets hold of.
The organism grows, everything grows, nothing remains behind, because this life must return to God.
The universe also grows and becomes lighter, because the Sun is becoming stronger.
By means of this I see the life path for the human being materialized, but the soul must begin herself with her spiritual progress.
There is harmony in everything, my Master.
The Earth increases her speed, as the light from the Sun becomes stronger, that can now also be experienced.
In this way I see this Divine unity.
The Sun drives and inspires all the life of the universe and the human organism gives the soul awakening.
Even if this awakening is pre-animal, the conscious inner life goes further.
By means of this the life on Earth and on the Other Side changes, my Master.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

The unknown past

We are therefore going to the prehistoric age and that is the first grade of life for the Earth and all her life, the present stage of which will soon enter the fourth.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
There was a time when everything consisted of vapour:
Can you accept that there has been a prehistoric age, here for the earth?
And that you could blow down a plant, a flower, for example – as large as a house at that and that time – with your human power of now, your breath, your consciousness?
It was all water, haze.
Then the hardenings, the growth and blossom process, the cooling down, the heating up came, and look: Mother Earth builds on her life, Mother Earth brings ... crystallizes her body.
You received the diamonds, the pearls and the gold.
Another body, Mars or another planet, did not know that.
Because the earth would get that growth and blossom process; because the earth has received this place in the universe for this becoming conscious.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Later everything was condensed into mud:
Now you must look at nature, nature was a pool of mud.
You now have clean waters, you possess crystallized consciousness.
You have your life water; you crystallized, expanded, inspired everything; evolved to a situation, which is light.
In everything you see the light, in everything you see, and you feel the consciousness.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
In the prehistoric age there were only grey colours:
We see the prehistoric age before us.
The colours in nature which are still busy condensing themselves are grey.
All life is coarse in form and shape.
Mother Earth is still growing.
The sunlight still does not have the power yet, which it possesses in your time.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
The article ‘material grades of life’ explains how the soul built up her body on earth from a cell into an organism which could live on the land, when the earth had come to rest:
The earth had come to rest.
He saw land, trees and flowers, although as on the second degree.
It was not the earth as he knew it.
‘This is the first era experienced on earth, of which nothing is known today’, he heard Alcar say.
‘Thousands of centuries have passed.
In the many waters on earth, a being has appeared like you have seen on the first planet.
Here, man also followed a similar process and had passed on from his fish-like stage.
Here, too, the lower part of the body split, the animal-like being reached the shore and man gained the negotiable planet.
But once again billions of years have passed and in all those years the earth has reached this stage and has advanced that far.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Master Alcar shows Jozef Rulof (André) the stage of the prehistoric animal species:
Now I’ll pass on to the next stage and again millions of years have passed.
Look in front of you, André.’
André was scared stiff.
What he now saw he had seen before.
He saw man and animal, as on the second planet.
Man and animal had accepted their material condition.
They were large and powerful.
Were they the first human beings who had lived on earth, and were those animals the prehistoric species now extinct on earth?
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The life was already indeed more compact and more condensed than during the second cosmic grade of life:
The animals which lived here were enormously large, although not quite as large as on the second planet, and man was hairy and strong, though his body differed from there.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The animals received an immense size:
André saw an enormous monster.
‘Do you recognize that animal, André?’
‘Yes, Alcar.’
This animal arrived on earth from the second grade, just as all life you observe has lived there.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
You see, André, the animal has now hardened.’
‘Is that a tortoise, Alcar?’
‘Indeed, but the animal is in the first stage of development.
It is enormously large, but it will discard that size on earth.
Man, too, has a different body than man in your time.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The human body was also giant:
But the prehistoric being was very different.
The prehistoric being, they were giants, wild people.
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952
In the course of time, those bodies condensed into coal:
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, Mr Rulof, you just said: the prehistoric being was much bigger, much heftier.
But coincidently a fortnight ago we listened to another speaker, and he made a comparison, that the prehistoric being was smaller, that the human being now became a bit bigger, became smaller again for a period, because the suits of armour also proved that.
The suits of armour were generally smaller than from the human being of today.’
Yes, sir, that is all possible, that is all wonderful.
That is not the prehistoric age which we are talking about.
Do you know where the prehistoric age lives now?
(Lady in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘There were no suits of armour then.’
There were no suits of armour then.
But it can be seen and experienced much closer by, you can even feel him.
Don’t you know?
Sir, they get the prehistoric age out of the mines in Limburg; it has hardened and condensed.
They have become coals.
Those people are all in that, that has become pitch-black, sir.
But what they now still find, sir ...
But you will sense, that earth has changed itself round a hundred million times.
That was a heat; and then we just went on the run.
But we now kindle our stove with that prehistoric age which the masters are talking about, sir.
Sir, that skeleton is now in the coals, that has all dissolved.
The human being whom they now feel, that is a human being from an age which already belongs to ours.
But hundreds of thousands of ages have gone.
They have completely dissolved, sir.
And how can you see that?
Occasionally you also see something in nature, which is the prehistoric age, has gone, has disappeared.
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952
Sir, you have been in India, you still see really old marsh there, prehistoric trees.
We do not have that anymore in the West, sir.
But the West was just like that,
wasn’t it?
We got fruits, got trees, got flowers, sir, all for these ages.
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952

Harmony between human being and animal

During a contact evening, a member of the audience asked master Zelanus when the human being came to act disharmonically:
(Lady in the hall): ‘Where does the moment lie that the human being started to forget himself?’
That was some seven, ten, twenty millions years ago.
We started to forget ourselves there.
On earth ...
People asked André, and we described that in the cosmology ....
The bible tells about paradise, doesn’t it?
But on earth there was a paradise.
But that was a bit before the prehistoric age, when there were all those giant animals, a bit before that.
And then those giant animals came to the human being and lay down and licked from the human being’s hand.
That happened, there was that time.
We will show you soon.
Because those animals were born from the human being.
Felt the human being as father and mother as it were – the higher father and mother in the human being.
Then it was paradise there.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Just like the human being, the animal has an innate harmony, as is explained in the article ‘harmony’:
But before this, ages ago, my brothers, before the human being began with his disharmony, there was a true paradise to be experienced on Earth, because human being and animal lived together in one land, one world, in one life space.
Both all those thousands, millions of people and animals lived here.
There was no question of destruction, because all these animal species represent one life, one consciousness.
That was still Divine, so spatial harmony.
But a while later, when more consciousness came, that calm as peace and harmonic being one was disturbed and the battle of human being against the animal being began.
The human being against the animal, both animals, and yet from different life attunements.
Can you feel this, André-Dectar?
I mean, by what means harmony existed and was really present?”
André is ready.
But this is a cosmic question, a question which, as I already see, takes him back to the Moon stage and consciousness, to there where this harmony got the life.
And André sees that being born before him and can say, as we also experience it:
“Yes, my Master, I can answer you.
After all, the animal was born from the human being.
Because this is the case, that harmony is also present in the animal.
The human being therefore stands before his created laws of life and will not destroy those laws of life as laws.
Yet that moment has come.
On the Moon we created those laws.
The animal trusted us?
No, my Master, the animal saw himself by means of this!
And that feeling, this experiencing, was the protection for both the animal and the human being, by means of which the animal got the life.
This is wonderful and I can accept that.”
“Indeed, we can bow our head again to these harmonic laws, my brothers, that is the answer!
During these ages, these hours, there was still no question of finishing.
The animal felt its creator.
As a child of father and mother, the animal carried on living next to the human being and there was no deformation and no killing, no murdering of each other, but that consciousness came.
The animal feels the own attunement, that can be experienced, my brothers.
That was experienced for the waters and on the land, and we can still follow it.
That was the ‘actual’ paradise for human being and animal!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
However, when the human being became conscious of the difference between himself and the other, he began to push the other life away from him:
I must go back again, because I touch something, in order to lay a new foundation, because the bible speaks about a paradise-like life of feeling; my friends that paradise moment once existed on earth, but also on Mars.
Because the human being still had no feeling with regard to the other life, he still did not have the consciousness that that animal would do something to him.
And now there had been a time that all the life in nature – with the human being as high conscious life – really lived in harmony.
And when the human being got the consciousness that that was another life, he pushed that life away from him and later he suffocated that life.
That is therefore the first death, the first death.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Then the human being wanted the material space for himself alone:
The human being became afraid of the pre-world animal, which lived around him.
The human being forgot himself.
First there was unity, and then the human being started to ensure his place.
As he got consciousness ...
First the human being was satisfied with this little place, wasn't he, here.
But he also wanted to have that, and that.
And then he says: ‘I must also have that’, and then the door opened and then he also took the corridor, and then he went down the stairs and then the whole building.
But then he wanted to have the street, nice too, he had to go away.
And then he took the square.
And within less than a century he had all of your Amsterdam, as space.
But those other animals had to go.
Can you feel this?
The human being started to grow, and the more consciousness he got, the more he wanted possessions.
But people had no possessions for that, do you understand this?
People lived, people had food, and drink.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The human being started to murder the animal, and when that life reincarnated, it also brought the fear and the hatred which was caused by the murder:
And suddenly the human being saw: but, my God ...
Yes, then it had happened.
Then the animal had to be killed.
And then that fear came back again.
That animal was incarnated, wasn’t it, because that animal also had to experience those organisms, and had that fear.
Because the animal was murdered, was killed by the people.
And in this way the hatred, the fear and everything originated.
But it was ten, twenty millions years ago.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The first animals which were killed did not realize at that moment what was happening:
The animal, still unconscious, undergoes that killing off.
We now see: the other animal does not realize that, lives on as though nothing has happened, but at this moment the human being has also broken his harmonic feeling and thinking with regard to his created life.
And we also have to accept this!
It is this consciousness, by means of which we as human beings brought disharmony, where calm and peace used to reign.
This being one could not be disturbed in any way.
However the soul as human being gets to experience age after age and now reaches the highest thinking and feeling and acts accordingly.
Millions of animals are now killed off, the battle of animal against human being begins, but both must return to the Earth.
And what do we see now, my brothers?
The animal, returned again into the material life, possesses fear.
The animal already creeps away when the human being is approaching.
Where was that born?
No one on Earth knows it.
But we are standing on top of it.
That fear was born here!
The human being set the animal adrift from himself, the human being removed the animal from its obtained Divine harmony.
The animal returns into the next life and possesses fear, that life will now protect itself, because it feels that the enemy is living there, the feeling which got consciousness at the moment when the human being destroyed this animal life.
So what do we experience here, Master Zelanus?”
“The human and animal hatred being born.”
“Correct, that is the answer.
Here we begin to perceive the conscious character traits, character traits and characteristics which the human gave consciousness to and the animal did not experience any law of, but could create, because those feelings were not there.
This is also something entirely different than the Bible makes of it.
Human being and animal were truly completely one.
Nothing would have disturbed this peace and harmony if the human being had not begun with that destruction.
However, we also have to accept that destruction.
Life after life passes.
Those were ages.
One age is more conscious than the previous one and by means of that consciousness the animal gets to see its enemy.
However, all those lives as souls, for human being and animal world, must return to the material world.
And now the animal is afraid.
When the animal becomes older, it starts to feel that fear of the other life.
This is the reincarnation for the life of feeling and means, the soul returns to the material life with her previous consciousness.
Nothing has changed in that life and the human being also has to accept that and we see that again for the present stage, because we also have to follow these laws there.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
The harmonic oneness of human being and animal can be recovered:
On the Moon and on the secondary planets there was a state of peace and quiet; therefore a paradise state.
On the planet Mars the animal-like destruction began and how?
It is perfectly simple.
Before they were still children; the human being and the animal did not yet have those powers and forces.
Centuries later, when all that life became adult, the blows fell and the human being killed the animal!
Now the animal is afraid of the human being.
But we also see that when the human being gives himself completely for the animal, therefore completely honestly, the animal also gets its self-confidence back and then there is harmony again.
The animal tamer, everyone, who gives himself completely in love to the animal, builds again on the state of that former paradise, obviously reached more unity with this life!
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950

The disharmony increases

The human being also brought himself into disharmony with other people:
There was a time that the human being lived on earth in harmony.
And when we started to murder and to commit arson and started to destroy life, then a chaos came between life and death for reincarnation; we passed over too soon.
So according to the normal time ... that was in the prehistoric age ...
The human being says so often: what an awful time those people had in the prehistoric age, didn’t they, they were wild animals.
But they stood a thousand times higher than the human being who now prays in society and knows God and Christ, because they still had their natural harmony, for thousands of states, attunements.
They did not know any gas chambers, where the human being was murdered by gas, they did not know any hanging.
During those ages people never hung one human being.
There was never an animal in the jungle which was able to commit that suicide.
Don’t you think that is simple?
But the human being did.
So the animal kept that birth more pure than the human being.
And now it is possible, if you now go, that you must wait ten thousand years before you are attracted again.
Because too many went before, who are in harmony.
We kicked ourselves out of the harmonic birth for hundreds of thousands of years.
The human being here in this society ...
If you have to return again, there are many of you who continue immediately, but there are a great deal, I can see that from your aura, who return just like that.
There are some, you have your father, your mother, your husband, your children, but then it is possible that you see your husband again in ten thousand years’ time, somewhere, he returns.
Well, I do not mean you personally now, otherwise you would probably get a fright, but I have to do it.
The mother passes over, the father passes over, you are attracted, you now belong to each other, but you get the universal love.
You get contact with millions of people, and you also have that contact.
But you go, a line, you come somewhere else for that new birth, in the direction of France, or in England, in America.
You can return to the border of the jungle for cause and effect.
Then you are busy with the karmic laws.
But those people from the prehistoric age had a new birth in seven hours.
In seven hours the animal-like human being in the jungle had a new body.
And as he got consciousness and started to destroy life, a chaos came between life and death.
So, I will go a bit further, around it.
And, now you must start to look sometime in a city, in your society and then you will feel the personality as a human being, the space of the human being, but also the awe-inspiring disharmony which the human being created for himself.
Is it clear?
And in this way you go back into the world of the unconscious, the world for reincarnation.
A hundred thousand souls now live there, who are all waiting for one body, there is just one body available.
Can you feel this?
And there are a hundred thousand souls for this, even more.
And in the harmonic age there were only two souls.
So murder, arson, war: that is all destruction of the divine harmonic laws.
We analyze those laws for the cosmology.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
In the prehistoric age the disharmony was still limited:
The prehistoric being began to murder, yes, but the prehistoric being did not murder like the consciousness of now.
You have murdered more through the last twenty lives, than in the prehistoric age, because that happened now and again.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Soon the tribe ensured more order and justice than exists in the present society:
What we did as man, was only rob women, in order to get a mother.
Can you feel this?
If you were already connected to the tribe, the human being there also had order.
Do you know that in the jungle there is a better order than the society with all the beautiful justice which you now possess?
The human being in the jungle experiences a justice which is still natural; which you divided here for the social life.
You can do more wrong here, make mistakes, than a child in the jungle – do you know that? – even if you scalp.
That’s it.
Another life came to that grade and was banished or killed, and that happened now and again.
Now go and look for your society, if you become a general, a dictator, a ruler, and you have the order to send hundreds of thousands of people into war there: your word is law.
You go, you force the human being to murder.
The human being must say: I will not do it.
Just shoot me.
Because if you violate yourself and you shoot a human being, then you have already begun with the disharmony, the destruction for your normal harmonic continuing.
Can you feel this?
Now just go to war.
Look what happens on earth.
Just take part.
We all did that.
Finally you reach awakening and think: good heavens, good heavens!
Each human ...
What a chaos it is here on earth!
But what kind of chaos lives between life and death, in the world of the unconscious?
The prehistoric being still experienced the natural, divine being born for fatherhood and motherhood, for the normal harmonic being reincarnated.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950

Prehistoric beings

The article ‘the brain’ explains why the human being can think without a brain:
A human being can think without brains.
Then you think ...
Because the life of feeling thinks.
Brains are only just in order to receive and to analyze the feeling.
Or your feelings go into the universe.
Look, the human being thinks in himself, in a space.
That you have a skull ...
The brains are the atmosphere for the earth as it were.
Can you feel this?
The brains receive the life of feeling, in order to serve the personality, and that is the atmosphere for the earth.
You find all of that in the cosmos, but you also find that as systems in the organism again.
(Lady in the hall): ‘But if the people were to have no brains now ...’
Then people think ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ... and they cannot receive the life of feeling?’
That does not mean anything.
Then those brains are not necessary, then it works through concentration.
There were people born without brains.
For example, now it goes back to the jungle.
The academic says: ‘It is remarkable, in the past we had ...
Those people, those prehistoric people had such heads and such small brains.’
I am giving you the proof now, that I am telling the truth.
And they just cannot understand why there are so few brains in that skull, such a large skull.
There was also little feeling, little consciousness.
Because the consciousness, I said, grows.
Also the brains.
As feeling.
In order to receive the life of feeling, the thinking and the feeling.
Also growth.
And then the human being got more brains.
The skull, the crown became bigger, more spacious, because the feeling became more spacious.
But in the jungle, just take a skull like that, you do not see a hundredth brain of what you have in material and tissues under your crown.
Because you have more feeling, you have more brains.
Do you see?
It grows.
An organ grows according to how conscious the life of feeling is.
That is the cosmology for the university which will soon come.
Then you will get to see the cosmic spatial in the body part which is part of these systems.
And now every organ is a universal whole.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
After the enormous animal species had reached their maximum size in the prehistoric age, the life could start to build on a next material grade:
It will be clear to you now why there are no more prehistoric animal species on earth: because they and man have reached a higher material grade.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The prehistoric being completed his earthly lives without material prosperity, but thanks to reincarnation:
Do not forget that these people were only able to get to know and had to accept the prehistoric age – I explained to you – without God, without Christ, without a bible, without art, without music.
These children had nothing to make them feel happy, they had only the life.
There was no question of a God who is love.
I gave you the explanation, the analysis, which time is the most difficult for the human being.
That time there in the prehistoric age.
The millions did not know any light, any happiness, any material happiness, were only able to walk one path and that was for themselves.
They received fatherhood and motherhood and by means of fatherhood and motherhood they continued, came to the Other Side, released themselves from that unconscious world.
Lectures Part 2, 1951

Present and future

Within millions of years, the earth will reach the fifth age, and the material world will also adopt the spiritual grade of life:
And what do we see then, Master Zelanus?”
“That all the life of Mother Nature possesses that spiritual grade of life.”
“Precisely. And that tells us, André?”
“That now the life has become rarefied, that the life as child of Mother Nature possesses more consciousness.
That means that it becomes transparent green, that the waters will become crystal clear, that the atmosphere for the universe will become rarefied, possess more consciousness, in short, my Master, all the life will evolve for that highest grade of life, and it is understandable.
That also means that all those first types of life must dissolve, must evolve, that we will get to experience other and higher animal species, but that the first grade of life will dissolve for the second grade.
The human being will become more beautiful, life will be nicer, because the Earth and the universe will evolve.
And we will also be able to determine those laws soon, my Master, that can still be seen for the present stage.”
“Indeed, my brothers, that is the truth, because we will also see these seven grades of life again for the Earth.
And it is because of this that the first stage therefore gets to experience the same laws anyway as the seventh grade of life for that evolution, the prehistoric age of which we will soon see before us.
Both the human being and the animal will later be, in millions of years’ time, like we possess for our life, Master Zelanus, the material will get spiritual consciousness, but the Earth has still not reached that height and that consciousness for the present stage either, to which André-Dectar belongs.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
In other words, the earth is changing, the green is changing, your personality is changing, your sun light is becoming more rarefied, milder, you are getting a climate such as the spiritual climate is in the Spheres of Light, this is how the material growing for the human being is becoming.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951

Parting from Mother Earth

The dying of Mother Earth will take place differently than for the moon:
Now an ultimate life question, Master Zelanus.
Must we accept that the Earth, when she experiences her dying process, will be as the Moon now experiences for the present stage?”
“I know what you feel, my Master.
I can tell you, no, the Earth will not be like the Moon is for her dying, because the Earth was able to harden and condense herself for that, that is therefore no longer possible and cannot be experienced by her.”
“That answer is also correct, my brothers.
No, that is not possible, because the planet Earth got to fulfil a different task and she was able to condense herself, which her Mother was not able to experience, but by means of which we establish the further stage.
However, the soul as human being undergoes her ages and will master her final stage, which we followed in the meantime.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
When the soul can take leave of the earth as the third cosmic grade of life, it will be faced with the spiritual world of its personality:
The soul has to experience all those organisms, but inwardly she has mastered the laws and she could finally take her leave of the Earth.
All of this teaches us that the soul still lived on Earth, that she could not be killed by any earthly laws of life, or by heating up and cooling down ages, or God would have seen His creation destroyed, but we were not able to experience that disharmony anywhere.
The soul as human being went further, she was able to protect herself from all these ages.
And meanwhile the human organism condensed itself and grew, Mother Nature did not remain behind, all the life still possesses this unity.
What Mother Earth will create is awe-inspiring.
And then the soul as human being can say: I completed the third cosmic grade of life and will also conquer the spiritual world for my personality.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944