Ecclesiastical stories -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘ecclesiastical stories’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘ecclesiastical stories’.

Stories by churches and Bible writers

A story can become ingrained in dogma:
Then society, the development of the human being, of mankind will begin.
You see the streets coming, you see the paving, and you see the foundations.
You can say: yes, we are getting a university, we are getting a church.
We are getting a religion, a faith.
The human being has already got a faith, the human being is attached to a dogma, dogmatic feelings.
A dogma means: you are attached to a story.
The bible has stories, they are dogmatic intents which connect you to society, to happiness, life and love, to the universe, your Lord, your God.
There is no more to it.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Anyone who love, searches:
Because anyone who loves, searches with truth-loving feelings.
Anyone who really loves himself, he yearns, because he takes himself back to Gethsemane, to Golgotha and the Messiah, to the Spheres of Light.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
By bringing the human being to Christ and God, the churches did a great deal of good:
The human being thinks he can pray rosaries, in order to walk past like that?
Pray by means of your characters.
Make a rosary of your character traits, then the church will be good again, then the Catholic Church will at least still have been able to do something for your lives.
Because irrefutably there is a lot of good.
People bring you to Christ, people bring you to God.
Only, too many cents, too much gold, also too much damnation, too much sullying; because now Christ is nothing more, they get everything.
You do not need to earn anything, you just sit down, you just confess.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
A faith was brought which could serve as a grasp:
You heard from me that I slated the Catholic Church and Protestantism, the bible, but not what the church, the faith, the bible gives to the human being and which takes the human being to God.
Now we could say: “Yes, the Masters should not have started with that nonsense to give Moses and the others gibberish.
Because: ‘The Lord speaks.
The Lord never spoke.”
But they had to begin.
We now live in a time that you know the Lord, God.
But you do not know God, you do not know the Christ, you know nothing about the Christ, at least mankind.
But cores were achieved, cores were built up in order to bind, tie the human being to that creation, to give something, a hold, a real hold by means of the faith.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The masters brought God and the metaphysical path:
That is the cosmology now for a character trait, for the being, for the awakening, for the thinking, for the feeling, for everything.
For what?
You see, now we go through the cosmology anyway back to God, but to the metaphysical law, the word ‘yes’, the law of life, the law of light, the law of love, the law of birth.
Now we are faced with the laws.
The Masters knew that they could not give mankind those laws.
But before the bible began and before they started to influence, they were already busy in China, Japan and in the far East in order to build up the metaphysical teachings by means of the contact of the human being and in order to take the faith in the law of life, light, love, fatherhood, motherhood to the human social analysis.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The message of Christ is destroyed by the dogmas:
Christ was destroyed by the unconscious being.
And that unconscious being still wants to possess the soul, the life, the consciousness, the divine core of Christ.
Can you feel this?
Those murderers, those destroyers, they go and sit around Christ, and put out their hands, pray and make Him sacred.
There is no sacredness in the universe.
Every second on earth Christ sees that His life is raped, destroyed, deformed again and again.
The Catholic Church built that up, Protestantism built that up.
Recently I spoke here about the dogmas on earth.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
This is why the apostle Peter weeps until his tears run dry:
The Peter, out of whom people made a temple, a church, weeps until his tears run dry at the moment, why people adulated his life in such a way.
“I was not able to do anything!”
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Loving life instead of the ecclesiastical frills:
Do you reach the Universal systems by praying, by singing and behaving saintly on earth?
Then I can tell you now, no, that is not possible, we have to follow the laws as human beings, we must represent our creation as human beings, we must go back to the conscious Divine ALL by means of fatherhood and motherhood.”
And that means, my Master, that the human being of the Church has achieved nothing in two thousand years.
If we can teach the child of the earth all these laws, then that life will come further and it will get to know the God of all this life, it is only then that peace and calm, harmony and understanding, will come to earth.
By means of all those frills the life of feeling of the child of God was sullied, deformed, deceived, spoiled; praying and kneeling and behaving chastely do not help us, we must ‘love’ the life of God and undergo the grades of life, then we can complete our cycle for the earth.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944

Eternally burning fire in hell

The masters began to inspire people in order to allow destructive actions:
I made it clear to you that people started to influence the human being; only: “Do not do that”, and “leave that”, because you will destroy yourself.
God will punish you.
Yes indeed the space will punish you.
Of course, if you murder a human being, rape consciously in all his sacred matters, consciously destroy as a result of the talk which you have to say about the life.
That is that damnation!
That should and would dissolve.
That fear created a figure, became a wall, which can no longer be overturned, can no longer be conquered.
The human being has pushed it up and inspired it.
The human being has made a hellfire of it all by himself, because the fear, the feeling: do not do that, the Lord will punish you and then you will be deformed for eternity.
In the beginning – yes indeed – the masters found that awe-inspiring.
But is it not sad, is it not dreadful that you must beat the human being, in order to reach the human being?
Because you want to reach and want to protect the human being, you must hit him.
Yes, with a lash?
No, with words: ‘That the Lord will punish you.’
And it is really true that the human being has created a damnation for his life, his society, his church, his religion, and his faith, which those masters did not want!
Not that; that would not be it!
But you see it: it is so true that the gossip, the nonsense of your society have burned people at the stake who had not done anything at all, have hung up people, for the countenance of the world, of your society, imprisoned people, buried people alive.
Because one human being started to speak evil about that human being, the masses were able to indulge, because the animal instinct awakened.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The human being himself later added eternal fire:
They did not tell that, that there was eternal burning, the human being made that of it.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
What Moses heard was later exaggerated a million-fold into eternal damnation:
The Masters – I explained that to you – had to begin in order to make the human being a bit afraid and to attach them to the law of God: there is a God who has created everything.
Do not do any wrong things – you see, that was true again – because you enter into disharmony with the God of all life, with the Father of love.
And Moses got hold of only that.
He experienced his miracles, but the human being made damnation out of it, by means of ignorance, didn’t he?
Everything which the human being gets hold of and does not understand, he throws that over the earth, it is multiplied by ten, condensed a million times for the evil, for the wrong, but never ever for the good.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Christ explained this to his apostle John:
Then you will ... then you will say what Christ said to John, of which I gave you the example: “John, it is not what we have brought to earth, but the human being has multiplied that fear by a million and has made a damnation of it.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Those words were not included in the Bible:
In the Spheres of Light, in the seventh sphere, on the fourth cosmic grade, on the fifth, on the sixth and on the seventh, which is the Divine All-Source, they had to analyse those laws.
They had to take a place in the nature, they had to experience that unity.
They sat down and asked: what do we have to do?
And then the Master came – which would later be the Messiah, the Christ – to the word, the unity with His All-Source and He could say: “We really brought wisdom to earth.
We made the beginning on earth for a human-spatial faith.
But we riveted the human being to something which – if this is not broken – he will stand right in a darkness and will not be able to free himself from it, if we do not built up those means there.”
And now the Divine authority is faced with the human damnation, which does not exist.
Then Christ said: “It is urgently necessary, when I return there, to discuss these laws with those who will follow me.”
And then Christ ...
Your bible does not tell anything about that, because they were not able to record the words that He spoke to His apostles.
That remained in John, that was meant for Peter, Andrew and for the other people.
But can you accept this that Christ continues His walk over the earth here between Galilee and the little charming places which were established ... continued His walk between rye and the laws of Mother Nature and prepared himself to receive that mankind ... spoke about that damnation?
The other people are here.
You can see Him there before you, the Messiah.
Walking, looking at the universe, the life which observes Him, which accepts Him!
He is standing still with John ...
He places his left hand on John’s shoulders; John who looks.
He says: “Look, John, you are the most sensitive.
Can you accept Me?
All of this is revelation, all of this is evolution.
I am most certainly not capable of explaining these laws; my time, my life is too short.
But other people will do that.
John, I come from a source with which I am one.
I come from the Divine authority, the Divine awakening.
I got to know God as father and as mother.
We had to begin in order to give the human being a faith.
You know the history of Moses, you know how the House of Israel originated.
But this fear, the fear of deforming the life, John, was built up, was pushed up.
People depicted and deformed that, it has become a tall stature and now the human being is attached to an eternal damnation.
I will not be capable of taking that away from the human being again.
Because you will feel, John, I can only lay the first foundations for the Divine, your Fatherly gospel.
I can only place the new foundations.
But the other, which will represent and elevate a Temple ascending, those foundations only come in a later age; and we will have returned to the Spheres of Light, of love and life, happiness, bliss and justice.”
John looks ...
The apostles wait there.
Peter thinks: “What is the matter with the Master again?”
And when Christ says to John: “Tell it soon ... only tell it, John, when I am no longer here.
When my task is finished, then tell and then also lay the first foundations.
Because, can you look as far as the Divine All, the Divine consciousness, think and feel, how the first working was born?
How the first thoughts, originated and sent out from the All-Source, were able to materialize themselves?
You cannot do that!
You have to conquer spaces for that purpose!
You will have to absorb sun, moon and stars into you.
You will have to carry the suffering, the life of feeling of millions of people, if you wish to be one with Me and with Him, as a result of which we are:
the Father in heaven.
You will have to absorb and want to carry, close in your heart every thought of those millions of people.
One wrong thought and you will sink back yourself, and you will attune yourself again to that which you no longer want to be and you have already conquered, but nevertheless still takes that back again, because you see it and want to experience it wrongly.”
And then Christ stands on the earth with both feet and must accept that mankind has been placed in a darkness.
The human being is attached to his fear.
To his faith?
Yes indeed!
People put it on in such a way, brought it in such a way to the universe; but those masters, those children, those fathers and mothers did not mean that.
They only said: “We will make the people afraid.
Do not do wrong, because you will destroy yourself!
When you go there and there and you want to accept and experience that life in this way, then you build on dark powers and forces.
But when you want to be and remain free of that, take yourself to the rarefied sounds, the timbre of the All-Mother.
And then every word will be inspiring, interpret your life, and finish the sentence, the feeling and the space, so that you have laid new foundations.”
But those people could not do that.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The new foundation which was brought by Christ still could not take away the damnation after two thousand years:
Almost two thousand years passed and still – how can it be, how is it possible – after two thousand years people still accept damnation, while in addition, a Divine foundation lies which says: “God is a Father of love!”
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The dogmatic life of feeling has already been at a standstill for 2000 years.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Our theologians are talking nonsense.
They are still – that university child – tied to the bible and speak in the twentieth century about damnation and eternal burning.’
So fearful.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Damnation is retained and strengthened by the churches:
Is it not terrible that priests on earth evoke fear and horror in the faithful souls with these untruths, which are nothing but blasphemy?
They want to inform humanity about God and His holy tasks and meanwhile tell the biggest possible nonsense, without a grain of proof and calling upon the infallibility of their church.
God is love, they call out and continue in one breath: but anyone who sins, He condemns to burn in the eternal flames!
What kind of consciousness contradicts itself like that?
Their view of the Divine Being is so small and poor, that more and more lay people turn against them.
Their faith in God and Christ, their feeling tells them, that their Creator is more divine and loving than it would appear from the contradictory views of those churches of the earth.
Those souls refuse to accept any longer the mouldy images of hell which burns the souls for eternity, and a God, who, by allowing that, may not be called anything other than a human being who is capable of hatred.
Humanity is also faced with awakening in this aspect.
The churches have already lost innumerable worshippers as a result of the preaching of these monstrous views which lower and shroud that true Nature of God.
A God who is Love, cannot damn souls.
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942
The reforms in the doctrine did not change anything about this either:
You are still eternally damned by Luther.
By the Catholic Church too.
You are also eternally doomed by Protestantism.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
It is a remarkable fire that does not burn but does torture eternally:
That door opens for eternity, then an iron pot comes and they put you in there and you burn, you enter the hell.
You must experience that nonsense properly.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
You enter the fire eternally, but you never burn.
Because you must always be in that fire.
Put your hand into the material fire of yours, you will lose your hand.
But that human being never burns and yet he is sitting in the fire, and he must remain there eternally.
And that fire is not so strong to completely destroy you, but your Catholic does not understand that.
You are on fire, you burn and you do not actually burn.
You must only be tortured a bit, you see, a closed book.
You must only be tortured a bit.
It must take a long time.
Just curse, and you will already be gone; we dare to do that.
Do you know that cursing does not exist?
There are no sins.
Because if you do something, if you do something wrong ...
Are you capable then of strangling your child if the child has done wrong?
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Jozef Rulof (André) got to hear why the church keeps that damning stick behind the door:
A mother comes to André, she says: ‘My husband has died. I am a Catholic, my husband is a Catholic, and I have now read your books, from the first sphere, ‘A View into the Hereafter’.
But’, she says, perhaps you will be interested, I will also record it in the books, ‘the priest came and he wanted ten thousand guilders’, she says, ‘because “he still has one leg outside of heaven”.’
Then she says: ‘Well, just let him dangle there.’ (There is laughter in the hall.) ‘Because not another cent from me, sir, because there is no damnation.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
As a result, believers become afraid of the dying process:
The churches make their followers dread the process of dying, which can take them into an eternal hell.
They make you afraid of your Creator and ascribe to Him Who is complete love, the cruelty of all punishments: an eternal torture in a burning hell; just imagine it.
And you have to believe all of that without a grain of evidence; and they appeal to pronouncements which have been twisted beyond recognition in the course of centuries.
What a terrible responsibility your churches have put upon themselves, how do they wish to make up for that with regard to the God of all life?
Does any priest, any minister dare to imagine his situation, when he has to come to terms with the fact that day in day out he has derided and blasphemed in every way the God, whom he thought he was serving, by presenting Him, Who is a source of love, as a God of damnation?
Yet, one day, when he enters here, he will have to accept this terrible reality.
Life itself will convince him there how the Divine universe is actually set up.
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942
It makes people despondent:
They also used to make him afraid by means of these images, you feel powerless and, precisely now, you think: what does life matter to me, you go to hell for eternity anyway.
But what kind of God is that who wants to damn his life, the people ask.
Do you believe any longer in that wretched Human Being?
I am not capable of hitting a child of mine and God, who is a Father of love, kicks you into a hell, takes everything away from you, you no longer get the chance to be able to make amends for your wrong deeds.
I want nothing more to do with that God!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
Out of fear for the eternal burning, believers started to act above their powers until they became religious maniacs:
Thousands of these people submitted to God in this mistaken manner and subsided.
In their feelings they had left the earth and its material laws and then they faced insanity.
Due to their prayers and their yearning for all this holiness, the day-conscious self of these personalities collapsed.
If the Church had been able to grant these people the honest truth, believe me, all these victims would never have lost contact with the solid ground under their feet.
Yet now the Church shrouds itself in a veil of secrecy and prefers to go on damning people instead of showing the people the true light.
But the Church is not that far yet.
All the same, this life is bedazzled, due to the things the Church deals out to man.
The horrible tales about damnation made these people sacrifice all they possessed, lest they burn forever.
However, they did not know how far they had strayed from the earth, and one-day they were unable to figure out whether they were still alive or whether they belonged amongst the dead.
At that moment, the little earthly spark was extinguished and they lived on in darkness, and that is where we find them here.
Not one of these people can be helped, André.
The church insanity lives in them.
The Church drew these lives into damnation, but they naturally had no wish to comply.
Then they wanted to know everything about the Church and the faith and they succumbed.
If these people had been taken care of in time and had been told that God does not damn, that God is a Father of love and that they should first concern themselves with their earthly life and live in accordance with their own nature, then the Church could have performed wonders.
Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side, 1945
It is the Church that ought to take care of the faithful, but these lives are broken by damnation.
The Church and its cursed damnation murdered the spirits of thousands of these people.
Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side, 1945
But that cursed damnation drives the human being to the mental institution.
There is no longer any growth.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
The dogmatic systems broke the human being, the human self, the inner self, the personality.
The human being started talking nonsense.
The human being released himself from his own stage, his grip, the conscious mentality in which he lived, the laws for organism, soul, spirit and inner life, because he started to search, wanted to go higher than he possessed in power, consciousness and feeling.
You will soon get these images again and then we will determine what the mentality, what the consciousness, what the thinking is in this present stage.
And then we will be faced with your university, with your academic as a minister and clergyman, Protestantism, Catholicism.
Yes, then we will determine, irrevocably, that millions of people are still attached to a dogma and do not know the laws of God.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Their lives have gone to pieces because of their fear of damnation, in which their characters completely dissolved.
Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side, 1945
None of the insane can sink as deep as such folk; none deserve more pity than these religious maniacs who walk around here with their bible, reading it day and night without understanding anything of its holiness.
Who is to blame for all this?
Who cast all these lives into this inhuman misery?
The Church did.
The Church is solely to blame for this madness.
I would like to say ‘Amen’ to that, but the ‘Amen’ of the Church makes me choke.
The Church utters this word and in doing so, it plays around with this Divine holy fire, holiest of all.
The Church allowed these lives to suffocate in a cesspool of unconsciousness, of dirt and sludge.
The Church dug the grave for these people to live in.
My God, can you forgive the Church for their ways?
What is there to add to this?
Whole volumes could be written about these religious maniacs, André, and yet these words suffice.
The Church is to blame, because the Church talks about damnation.
God never damns!
Never did God ever damn a single soul.
Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side, 1945
However, it is the love for whatever they want to possess, which they all accept, yet where they also lost themselves.
The power and the might of madness smothers all the traits of those lives.
Not a single trait remains conscious, which is mostly the case in other mental patients, even if they become subject to total insanity after an astral impact.
That is why I told you that they are the unhappiest ones amongst all these pathological grades.
These people search for God, and come to grief because of it.
Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side, 1945
These lives went to ruin due to God, and the Church is to blame for that, because its damnation chokes each and every life.”
“Can none of them be helped, Alcar?”
“Not a single one, André.
I told you, did I not, not one of their traits is perceptible yet.
So how would we be able to get in touch with their main traits?
If someone does not feel any love, that person is living dead and cannot be reached.
Well then, all these people have discarded everything a sound personality would consider to be normal.
There is nothing left in them that possesses any life; they are entirely engrossed in their desires and are eaten up by them.
These lives are soulless, altogether empty.
Their total dissolution strives towards the ultimate within one condition, which to them stands for religion.
Those who want to experience this let go of their organism and now disappear into an empty void.
Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side, 1945
They do not really possess life; they are living dead.
They also do not speak a word of truth; all their thoughts are insignificant and they live their lives outside of creation.
Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side, 1945
The religious maniac, André, is busy digging himself in, into God, mind you!
It spells appalling poverty for the life of the soul; this is so awful, so empty, so vacant, so meaningless that we cannot find words to describe them, because those lives have really come to a standstill.
Something that is not alive is dead, and these people have died due to their faith.
Just imagine: they worship the Highest on high in the entire Universe, their God, and because of their God they are heading for empty nothingness.
Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side, 1945
God cannot damn himself:
All these revelations, André, reach the condensing and materialising by means of the giving birth and creating, and all the life in our universe has to accept that.
But you know now, if you want to get to know the laws, you must go back to me and the first division, the moment when the All-Mother began with this, so spiritual revelation.
And now you see that we are only her revelations, that it is ’sHE’ who lives and not us, because ’sHE’ will fill her universes by means of her own life.
So finally, my André, it is God, it is He whom we are a part of, but nothing else either.
He represents ‘himself’!
And by means of all of us!
The child of the earth must get to know this, it is only then that spiritual growth will come there and there will be no more question of damnation.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
It concerns insane dogmas:
There are no religious maniacs to be found on earth now, but insane dogmas, crazy thinking and feeling, created by the human being and not by the All-Mother, or God; we have nothing to do with that.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
As far as into the Land of Twilight, the belief in damnation holds the human being back in his spiritual awakening:
The people in this Land of Twilight accept on Earth a God who can damn and with that conviction they enter the astral world after their death.
Here their conscious for a God of Love still has to awaken.
That damnation lives in their own life, because God does not damn.
On Earth it has already kept them back, they did not become released from their unconscious self as a result of that outlook and therefore also enter an unconscious world in our life.
That is this Land of Twilight!
Now they must learn that God is only love and then the spiritual awakening follows of its own accord.
On this side they ask where Christ lives, they want to see Christ.
People told them that on Earth, but the laws of our life have another meaning than their minister thought.
They seek here for their clergymen, but they cannot answer either, they also still have to awaken.
On Earth they were convinced of Christ’s life and now, having arrived on the other side, they do not find Christ.
An enormous disappointment is the result and then they weep like children, because they feel that people on Earth have cheated them.
The Catholics seek here for their priest and also want to go to confession here and receive the sacred communion, but he misses his accessories here and seeks himself.
He must also still awaken in the spirit.
The astral laws have not been understood on Earth, people know little about them and then Christ brought you the Holy Gospel.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
However, in the Land of Twilight there is help available:
The human being in this Land of Twilight wants to know all about God.
Here people no longer threaten with damnation, the life can awaken without superstition.
All those souls have been deeply affected by the dominating unconsciousness on Earth, the ignorance, which deforms the life for the astral world.
Exactly as on earth the inner life feels that there is a God, but on Earth people do not reach the trueness of God.
However, here we can answer their questions.
Now conscious enters them.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
However, asking questions alone does not help:
Asking questions alone does not help them on this side, if we want to awaken in the spirit, we must serve the life of God.
Christ himself gave the example and devoted his own life for this.
That is the conquering of the lower grade of life and giving all of ourselves!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
An eternal life without damnation is a very different matter:
If only mankind knew that there is an eternal life without an eternal damnation, then the earthly life would soon change, because this conscious immediately takes you to spiritual awakening.
Your society would change immediately and love would enter the human heart.
Now that the Age of Christ has started, this amazing attunement and knowledge passes over your world and this will elevate mankind to the spiritual existence.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
However, many people still have to become free in the hereafter from the believing:
And that man says: “I built a temple, I wanted to give all of my life for mankind and now I still do not have any light.”
No, you must first become free from the believing.
You must be able to experience, sense these things and be able to see them, and it is only then that your personality says to the other life: “Do not believe it any longer, do not accept it any longer!
There is no damnation, there is only love, only evolution.”
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Because belief in damnation does not give any growing in love:
There lies the professor, there lies the theologian: “What should I do?”
On earth he accepted the things of society.
Just tear off those medals from you!
You must first get the realization that society is a world in order to awaken.
Everything that you did is wonderful, you took the people back to God, but from the frying pan into the fire; you kicked them into it and now you want God to take care of you and to bless your life?
We are not blessed, you are blessing, because to be blessed means: to experience a unity of everything that you perceive in the universe.
That happens immediately.
Now we can bring up this child.
This child has reached a wonderful position.
The people, society, the world speaks about this genius, this spiritual wonder, and in the life ‘beyond the coffin’ it still does not have any meaning this far, because – now it will come – what did you do with this?
You gave a wonderful inspiration there to your people, you elevated your people to God, to space, and you had the word, an eloquence, which could inspire the child of the earth.
Why did you stop yourself by damning the God of all life?
You feel, you come to face the reality of the word, the growing for the word, until the word is inspired spiritually, and gets spiritual truth.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Even in the spheres of light people cannot be happy, as long as fellow beings suffer under damnation:
The master really walked there for years and years, for centuries one walked after the other, one walked past the other: “I have the light, I have the life, I have the love ... you should see that, there, just look!
Are you happy?”
It begins in the first sphere, the human being is walking ...
“I am nice and free, I am delightfully free from the earth.
No one can do anything more to me, because I have experienced the earth, I have experienced everything.
I have nothing more to do with the earth.
I am free, I am happy.
Who does something to me?
I have light, I have the flowers, I have the trees, and I have an own house.
I sit down here, I just concentrate a little bit and there a temple comes around me, with all the charms which I feel in me.
You see the art, the science, the wisdom hanging on my walls, and I am sitting, lying in the middle of my hall, the hall of love, surrounded in a beautiful nature, the orchids of the universe around me.
I receive kisses of loveliness, of harmony; the Mother speaks to me.
But I am not happy.
I am not happy!
Why not?
My God, what is approaching me, what is charging at my life?
Why do you let the people sing and be happy?
How can it be, what is approaching me?
My God, I am penniless in the first sphere, I have nothing.”
Another person is walking there, looks at the space, has light, has life, and has love.
But there someone was damned, by you!
He is stuck there.
Those millions no longer have a life; they are afraid.
Afraid of what?
For the ‘coffin’, for the death which is not there, for thousands of things, but we have to experience that.
Give the human being something in his hands and say to the human being, say again to the other one: “Now make a beautiful verse out of this poem, then make a wonderful novella out of it and discuss and feel Mother Nature in all her bliss, her final laws, her inner laws.
Discuss her for soul, spirit, life and material, and let the personality experience, interpret the life playfully, as your virtuosos can do that on the violin, on the piano, on the harp.
Make a symphony of it, but interpret by means of this that there is no damnation.
There is only life, light, love, Divine bliss!”
Millions of people walk there and are powerless in the first and second sphere.
All those spaces are filled by a wonderful inspiration.
The human being is ready, the human being now knows himself.
The space has been conquered, we carry planets and stars under our hearts.
No one can tell us any more, we have mastered that wisdom.
We have completed the cycle of the earth, and we still stand in damnation.
Can you be happy there if you know that you are mother and your child is contorted there by that misery, is beaten, has no light in its eyes, no more feeling and keeps on lying down there and must sing, must groan: “Do not do wrong because you will be damned.”
Lectures Part 1, 1950
A god who damns eternally is worse than whoever or whatever on earth:
What kind of a Deity is that, who spans a universe there, who possesses a Divine power there, who is Omniscient, Omnipotent?
Does He still need a damnation?
Does He have a sword in his hands – because damnation is sharper than a cutting sword – does He need a sword in His hands in order to hit, to destroy, to crack, to behead His children, who were given birth to in love by means of His life?
Just hang that life, just shoot it down, just live it up, just lie away if you want; if there has to be damnation anyway, just destroy your society.
Just take part in lies and deception, that is nothing, after all, in comparison to eternal damnation.
What do you live for actually?
Just shout at each other, just steal from each other, just behead each other.
Just fleece each other, take everything which you have from another person, just stain, sully and deform each other.
You will not make it in comparison to damnation.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
As long as people believe in damnation, no actual progress is possible:
A human being on earth is busy putting himself in line for the Divine power and Mother Nature.
The human being is busy building himself up, bringing himself to the evolution, painting, inspiring, singing about himself, and writing poems about himself.
He makes a wonderful play for himself and he stands on top of it and speaks: “I will be like He is and I will do as the state of purity told us.
Yes, you know, I will speak like the waves of the oceans, the lights of the lights.
I will be like a tree in nature, like a source, I will inspire the life as a life source.
I write poetry, I play, I do music, I do art.”
But what do you actually do if that damnation is there anyway and everything fades away from your life again?
Where does the beginning begin and where is the end?
Where does God begin to think?
Cursed are you, the God of all life, if something emanates from you by means of which you hit your children, your life light.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Just pray and just sing; if you do not watch out and you do nothing wrong – just one step, you see? – then you will already be gone.
You will never come to the life, you no longer need to do anything; can you feel it?
Lectures Part 1, 1950
This reaches as far as the divine All:
The Divine All is not happy, because there is still damnation on earth.
Lectures Part 1, 1950

Last judgement

During a contact evening, Jozef Rulof was asked what the Other Side thinks about the last judgement:
I have the question here: ‘Is the last judgement also significant for the other side?’
Jozef says: ‘Now, madam, you must prepare yourself for a fairground attraction.
You will now be allowed to laugh, because when people ask me that question, I already tremble.
Listen, first the reality.
A last ‘judgement’ does not exist, madam!
If you do wrong here, you will immediately be faced with the judgement and those are the consequences for your deed.
Can you feel this?
Then I will continue.
Therefore, what the Catholic church says about it, is nonsense!
Now imagine that fairground, which I mean.
Imagine, that the Divine Angels begin to hoot, because that happens, after all!
They hoot for all of us and then we get up from our graves and must show our colours.
But, madam, what happened in all those millions of centuries?
Millions of organisms, therefore skeletons, frames, are gone, have dissolved.
There are people who now no longer possess a body and yet, the Catholic church says this, for that matter, we get up from our graves and must appear before God.
Do you still believe in this nonsense?
We no longer have a single tooth in our mouth, our mouth is also already gone, in order to call ‘yes’!
Others drag my head, there is an argument, because the human being must search for his legs and arms.
But time has dissolved our arms and legs.
This now, madam, is the fairground attraction for this last judgement of the Catholic church!
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
The soul is not lying waiting in a grave:
That last Judgement, where they ... Do you see?
What kind of horror is that to send the human being into the ground and to leave them there?
An end will come; and then God will speak?
My God, my God, where do the people live who lived in the prehistoric age?
A hundred million years ago people already lived on earth and they now live in the All-Consciousness, they are gods; without God, without Christ, without the bible, without books.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
There is no God who judges us:
That horrible idea concerning the last judgement, which we are faced with in this connection, has no meaning on this side, because we immediately enter a grade of existence, a world of existence after our death.
When we arrived in the astral world, no judgement awaited us and we were not forced to a place. No dear reader, after our death we were faced with our own personalities.
Our own inner being determines where we will live here.
God does not judge and He does not show us a place either.
It is we ourselves who judge!
It is the grade of consciousness for the life of our soul, which attunes us to one of the hells or heavens.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Christ meant something entirely different:
Because they walk through the streets of the city with a ‘last judgement’ and wait until the heavens start to blaze in order to call you with your naked skeleton.
Every wrong deed, if you experience and feel that, places you before the last judgement, because now you shall show your colours.
Christ meant that!
Lectures Part 1, 1950
That is called ‘cause and effect’:
What is called the last judgement for the churches, is for us the cause and effect.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941

A weak Christ

A human being placed his own misery in Christ’s mouth:
Christ lies there alone in Gethsemane, all those adepts of the Christ were lying snoring, in a deep sleep, one of them lay like that, and another lay like that, and Christ there alone, no one was with Him, and yet the world tells there that Christ said: ‘Let this cup pass from me.’
Sir, can you feel what the human being wanted who said that?
That was a human being, who had a look over the world, and then he also saw his own misery, but he wanted rid of that, and he now put that in Christ’s mouth.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
The Bible writers murdered Christ in a worse way than the crucifixion:
How Christ was murdered on the cross, has no meaning.
But how the bible destroyed the Christ, that means everything.
People put words into His mouth, into the garden of Gethsemane, for example, we spoke about that several times: ‘Father, Father, let this cup pass from me’, didn’t we?
But who was there when He thought and spoke these words?
People keep asking this question.
And that is worthwhile, because that human being thinks.
Yonder, there in the distance, lie the apostles and they have fallen asleep.
That Gethsemane is deep, and the Christ lies yonder and says: ‘My God, My God, let this cup pass from me.’
No one in the universe, on earth heard these words.
But it is in the bible.
The bible writers did that during that and that time, they weakened Christ, made a human being of Him.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
At that moment, the apostles were far removed from him:
Because people put a lot into Christ’s mouth.
Golgotha and Gethsemane, I explained that to you.
People said: ‘My God, my God, let this beaker pass from me.’
And a child of the earth wants to die for Him.
Was Christ weak?
That is not possible.
He never said that either.
He was alone.
Who heard him?
We are standing in Gethsemane during that time, He was over there in the distance, two, three hundred metres away from us, Christ cannot be seen, - we saw that, that image lies there – Christ, alone, and his apostles are lying here; afraid, something is happening.
There were sensitive beings present.
We heard that Christ said that over there, in Morocco, as it were?
People made that of Christ.
So great.
The dying of Christ.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Did they not also say that in the gospel, the evangelists, in Matthew, in Mark and Luke?’
People put that in Christ’s mouth.
We only want to say: people belittled, weakened Christ.
The Divine Conscious Being could never have said that.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Christ could not feel abandoned on the cross:
People said that the Christ said: ‘My God, My Father, have you forsaken Me?’ when Christ was nailed to the cross.
Did you really think that the crucifixion was everything for Christ, that people started to destroy Him?
A child from your war time was tortured and beaten, and remained standing, said nothing to your enemies.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Christ is much greater:
This is also the Divine truth: Christ did not succumb on Golgotha and did not call out: ‘My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?!’
That is nonsense.
We do not shrink from any death and now Christ?
We no longer doubt God; so Christ then?
Is that possible?
Is that true?
I tell you, they not only dethroned Christ with all those words, but nailed him to their cross again.
And this is it, the truth!
They now make a pathetic human being again from a Divine conscious being and that is not possible, we do not accept that, Christ is greater for us!
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
People did not get to know him:
And how many thousands of problems of the bible did they not put in Christ’s mouth?
And the Christ keeps saying: Was that Me?
They did not know Me.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
During a contact evening, master Zelanus was asked how it actually is with Christ and our sins:
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, I would like to ask you: there are many faiths which learn that the Christ lived and died for the sins of the people.
I do not share that, you will feel that.
But could you perhaps also indicate exactly how that actually is?’
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The human being wanted to get out of it easily:
The Catholic Church, Protestantism says: Christ forgave everything by means of His death, isn’t it true?
And then you just lay your hands on the blood sacrifice of Christ, and you are free.
You would like that, the human being would like that.
You are not learning anything now, are you?
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
You will feel, if Christ had to accept that, the human being sees ...
The mistake was built up by Protestantism and Catholicism, that the human being, that the Christ as Messiah forgives everything.
But the Catholic Church knows nothing about these laws, the Catholic Church still damns, still has the Last Judgement, and on and on.
So it becomes a human state in which you are forgiven for everything by the Messiah – we will remain with the human – Jesus Christ.
Now we know where Christ was born, where Jesus came from, how Christ entered the Divine All in order to represent God, the books tell you that: and we learned that you must materialize every law – and what kind of a law is that now? – and then spiritualize, expand and deify it.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The masses, mankind would like that, putting their hands on the Christ, whom people first wrecked, destroyed, consciously destroyed.
People put him in chains, blood flowed, blood still flows from Golgotha over the earth.
And the ministers and the clergymen pray.
Just pray and you will be rid of everything.
There are cardinals in the darkness, there are popes living in the hells; there are no hells, there are dark spheres.
Would you like to think that those people have prayed?
They have prayed, they pray day and night, but it has not helped.
By means of your prayer you cannot – I taught you that – you cannot change your life.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Is that not destroying your church?
That damnation, that disharmony, that Christ died for you, do you still accept that?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
Then you are off the mark.
Christ did not die for you, Christ came here in order to bring you the divine consciousness.
So you still accept that He died on the cross for you?
(Lady in the hall): ‘And would that not take me to heaven, if I believe that?’
You can believe that, but it will not matter to you.
You will die your own death.
Do you see?
You are in that bible and you accept what it says there. Christ died for us.
Yes, you would like that.
The universe would like that.
And once more, because He gave His life, the bible says, the minister says, you will get – just believe that and just pray – you will get eternal life, then you will have it.
No, you will experience your death, your new birth.
You are now mother, but soon you will go back to here and you will be father.
You will have to direct your acting, your thinking and feeling towards Him.
But you will have to earn it step by step.
Do you see?
Separate from Christ and yet everything.
(Lady in the hall:) ‘He gave His life there.’
You are not listening.
He did not give His life there.
He did not die there for me and for you and for the millions of this world, He was consciously murdered there.
That is something completely different.
That is not harsh, my child.
(Lady in the hall): ‘You are making it too difficult.
It is not easy, I believe that ...’
Yes, if you hold onto that of yours, it is easy.
But not that anymore.
This places you before His reality.
Do you feel, what is becoming simple?
The bible says, the academic says: pray and accept, then you will be ready.
But you are not that for the universe, we had to accept that.
It is so simple if you accept Christ and you say: yes, He died for me.
No, He must live for us.
I will not hurt you.
It is a matter of reality, it is a matter of making that darkness dissolve.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Christ lives for me ...’
For everyone?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes.’
For everyone.
But for dog and cat too?
(Lady in the hall): ‘He lives.’
He lives, yes.
But He did not die there for me.
Because of Him I will receive eternal life if I experience the laws harmonically.
Do you see?
He was not able to tell everything about how it had to be done.
Because people did not allow Him to speak for that reason.
But you are still thinking religiously.
And you can do that, but now if you put your hands down on the blood sacrifice.
This world would want that.
Easy, simple.
Now it is becoming simple: I will just give myself to Him.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The churches made a curse out of his consciousness:
Because the Catholic church, the Protestant child says: “He gave ...
He gave you everything, he forgave you everything.
Go on, just say five Our Fathers and you will be rid of everything.”
They made a curse out of His consciousness.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The reality does not yield to an Our Father:
“Yes, he died for me, he took away my sins.
I went to church every morning, I went to communion and I prayed, I went to confession.
I said: I have done wrong, father, I have lied to and cheated the people.
Yes, I just violated that yesterday!”
“Just say five Our Fathers and then you will be rid of it.”
He would like that!
The reality lies there, ‘beyond the coffin’ and that is not only here, that is the same everywhere.
You go through the stinking world, you smell it.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The man behind the grid of the confessional box cannot help us with this:
Someone else now asks: ‘Is going to confession still necessary?’
Jozef Rulof says: ‘Madam, you must decide this for yourself.
When you read my books and can accept the word of the masters, you will not only walk past the confessional box, but also walk out of the church.
Why do you not confess directly to Christ?
That is possible, but you must want this yourself and consider it completely.
That man there behind the grid can no longer help us and we know it, he cannot forgive us, we must make this good anyway, you will learn this from the books!’
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
And in the Hereafter that cross does not help either:
The Catholic, the clergyman has his cross, he holds onto that anxiously.
I say: ‘Just put that away, because it no longer has any meaning.
You do not know this.
This is why I am taking you ...’
Come to The Hague the next time, or afterwards, then we will come to Golgotha and then you will get to know Christ.
That Catholic does not know Christ; he has that cross with the Messiah on it, the Messiah made amends for everything for him, as long as he bows his head it is done with.
Yes, indeed.
‘Child, put that cross away.
We will show you a different Christ.’
And then a universal cosmic, divine school will begin.
Law after law will be explained to you.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The church still sees a God as a human being who can forgive, and he does not exist:
What does society, what does mankind, what does the bible, what does the church have now of the Divine law of life?
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing.
Yes, when the church speaks – you must just listen – then the minister, the clergyman speak next to and along the actual positions, the foundations which were laid by the All-Mother, because people always see the God as a human being.
A God who has love, yes indeed, for the human being.
You just pray, you just bow and you have nothing to do with making amends, with laying new foundations, with accepting new lives, reincarnation; you just pray and you are rid of everything.
And you would like that.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Just as people envisaged that Christ would also die for the sins of his murderers:
And when you start to feel this, then you will feel, then you must understand and then it will be clear to you, that the human being has quite simply murdered Christ.
People still make a mercy of this murder.
That is so frightening, that is exactly the same as when the human being murders someone and says: ‘Look, now that dead body, this mutilation, this deformation, must also put the crown on my head.’
I have not only been drunk empty, my blood has been taken away, my power of spirit, my power of life, my inspiration, now I must also give new life to my murderers.
People made that of Christ.
Now Christ must, because people destroyed Him, because people nailed Him to the cross there as the divine Conscious Being, He must return to earth again and say: ‘I forgive you for everything.’
Yes, indeed, but you will not be done like that.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Christ cannot forgive any sins:
So Christ, Catholic Church, cannot forgive any sins, you and your children will live in harmony, feel and give love for all the life.
The child of God will make amends for every mistake and reincarnation, the true rebirth, was born for that.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
The word ‘forgiving’ must go from the wordbook for space:
The word ‘forgiving’ does not exist for God or for Christ.
It is always: forgive, forgive, forgive.
The Catholic Church begs and asks for forgiveness.
God has nothing to forgive.
Nor the Christ.
That word must go from the wordbook for space.
That word ‘forgiving’ is in disharmony with the reality because God is love.
Do you see?
And you have to earn that.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Only a few people experience a real confession with sincere remorse:
We know confession, don’t we?
Do you want to deceive me that that man there confesses, that woman there confesses for a hundred percent, and that there are no character traits which still irrevocably do not want to be part of that praying, that contrition?
That head bowing, is that bowing?
The Catholic Church, the confession would be awe-inspiring if the human being could confess before God and the spaces for a hundred percent; but he flatly refuses, he does not do that.
He still places so much in himself, and holds onto so much that he will not see his carelessness, his destruction.
Yes, there are some.
Master Alcar took me to a confessional box one day, he says: ‘Come along, then you can really hear the human being confess.’
And then we lay next to the human being in the confessional box and heard that mother say: “I murdered my child.
I have real contrition.
Can that be forgiven?
I murdered my child because of the pressure and force and the will of my husband.
I no longer have a life, I have lost my child.
I have become a murderess as a result of the cursed will of my husband.
And I must still stay?
I can no longer see that life.”
And that mother, Jeus, had real contrition, contrition!
She wanted to devote everything and now the heart gnaws and now the human being has been opened for a hundred percent for his sorrows, his contrition: ‘I did wrong.’
Lectures Part 3, 1952
And artists too like Bach only saw the suffering:
This is why Bach wept until his tears ran dry when he returned to the Other Side.
He said: “I murdered Him.
I made a pathetic product out of Him.
I should have made something completely different out of Him.
I sang about his sorrows, but I did not see and did not feel His Divine consciousness.”
Bach still groans as a result of his singing, which you send up annually and now.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Christ talked about good and evil in the way that people could then understand:
Christ spoke about good and evil, but brought the Divine wisdom to the earthly Mankind according to the grade of life in which it lives.
If He had spoken as a Divine Conscious Being, no child of the Earth would have understood Him.
Archives, 1945
His pronouncements are meant as wisdom of life:
What did Christ tell them during that time?
And what do they do now?
Eat and drink from My flesh and blood.
We can also do that, but that is meant as wisdom of life!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
This is why no ‘Our Father’ can be given to the human being:
Question two: ‘What is your opinion of the Our Father as the bible teaches this to be said?’
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952
‘Lead us not into temptation.’
When that came ...
Always just the Our Father, and it just continues, because it is part of it after all, that is the Our Father.
People say that Christ gave that to the human being.
Now the highest masters on the other side said: ‘Did Christ really say that?’
They do not know where the Our Father came from.
When did the bible writers really hear it materialized over the lips of Christ?
‘Lead us not into temptation, deliver us from all evil.’
Madam, if you do not do anything evil and do not want evil, God does not need to protect you.
And God will certainly not ... you ...
What kind of father is that who leads the people, who leads his children into temptation? A father and mother of the earth do not do that.
He places us before the facts and says: ‘Just stay away from that.’
No, he brings you categorically to that danger.
And then we must just ask: ‘Please just don’t do it.’
What use would that be to God for heaven’s sake?
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952
The Lord's Prayer has been raped.
The Our Father has lost the Divine meaning for the human being, for Golgotha and Gethsemane, the Spheres of Light, because it says again: “And lead us not into temptation.”
What kind of a mentally dimmed Deity is that who must beg another Deity: “Do not lead me into temptation”?
And does a father do that for the child?
Does a mother bring her own child to the bad path when you have the feeling to be able to experience and to accept the Christ, space, a God?
And yet there is a God for the Catholic Church and the bible, the minister, Protestantism, which tempts the human being and is always lying in wait in order to tear out an eye from the child, take away the light, to knock down like an old rag.
That brute is always busy deforming and taking to the darkness the human being, his life, himself.
That God still lives in the twentieth century.
The universities where the child goes in order to get to know those laws, brings the human being after seven years to mankind, releases the child and then the Divine self stands on top of eternal damnation.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The divine wisdom of Christ was brought back to the earthly thinking in the Bible:
And Christ brought divine wisdom, but that, as the bible writers analyzed this, has been brought back, taken back to society, to the human thinking and feeling.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Every word of Christ was dogmatically materialised in the Bible:
The bible?
Yes, if Christ really speaks, then you have that universal love.
Every word of Christ – now it will come – is dogmatically materialized.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951


Cosmically analysed, sins do not exist:
And we did not commit any sins either, because when we start to analyse and to see this cosmically, then there is no sin, then you can do what you like.
There is no sin and there are no mistakes, there is only unconsciousness.
Because you get the opportunity to make amends for it.
You are not forgiven for that, God has nothing to forgive, because God gave us everything.
You get a new body again, you can become a mother and you give a new body to that soul who took away the life from you.
Can you feel this?
You will get that harmony again in your hands.
You will go further again.
There is no damnation.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
God cannot damn or punish his own life:
Sin is unconscious working!
Because the All-God does not punish, cannot punish, because He manifested himself through your life.
He cannot destroy one part of His body, or He will destroy himself!
Archives, 1945
Renounce the word damnation!
Banish it from your writings!
It does not have any possibility of existing, it means injustice, unconsciousness, the word is not capable of living.
Archives, 1945
We can only create a temporary disharmony:
There is no sin!
What people call sin on Earth is the created disharmonic law as a grade of life.
Archives, 1945
Committing a sin is the darkening of your light of life.
Accept that you are punishing yourself, have darkened your grade of life temporarily, and you will see your disharmonic law.
You are now busy awakening!
Archives, 1945
Ultimately everything is evolution and awakening:
“Was no other word created, were not other laws created by God, which could have kept us far removed from the wrong, which was created by our life?”
“No, my Master, this is God’s Creation.
We must accept these laws.”
“So it is obvious, Master Zelanus, that we would commit sins, make bad mistakes, as a result of the materialisation of our Divinity?”
“We did not create mistakes or sins, Master.”
“So everything is evolution?”
“It is.”
Archives, 1945
The so-called evil gives us the experience of how it should not be done:
Where do evil, damnation fit in now?
What do these such merciless concepts for the soul life of the Earth wish to establish?
The destruction of your Deity.
And is that possible?
All the evil of this planet and that of the Earth is evolution.
It is the experiencing of the seven grades of life before love can be experienced.
It means: experience!
School of learning!
Archives, 1945
God does not know any sins!
God did not create any sins!
God does not know what that is!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
God created laws and grades of life and He knew that we would awaken by means of those worlds and that is committing a sin?
Even if you murder a human being, then you still do you not commit a sin!
However, God says to you, give that child a new life from Me!
God cannot forgive you for that and now you can make amends for everything again.
But there is not one sin!
The laws are a million times worse!
Yes, indeed, that takes you to cause and effect, and to the karmic laws!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
The Bible knows many sins:
The bible says about this in Joh.9: ‘And He saw a blind man walking past, blind since birth; and His disciples asked him, saying: “Rabbi, who has sinned, this one or his parents, that he ... blind ...”’ You see, there you already have a question of inheritance. ‘“ ...that he should be born blind?”’
Jesus replied: ‘Nor did he sin, nor his parents, but this happened so that the Divine works would be revealed in him.”’
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
Jozef Rulof replies to this:
Look, because they put so much in Christ’s mouth. Because then you can continue to remove.
Here Christ says again, that is Christ: ‘So that the Divine works would be revealed in him.’
By means of a beating?
By means of destruction?
By being blind?
Is that Christ’s word?
Must Christ come to the earth with that: ‘You will be beaten to pieces, you will be blind, you will perish by means of cancer and tuberculosis and leprosy and cholera, or you will not get to know God, or God cannot reveal himself in you’?
Christ did not say that.
But there are thousands and thousands of sayings like that in the bible, they put them together humanly.
How can a Divine Conscious say such a thing?
Do you hear that from masters who are in the light?
Is this a language of love, this?
Should a human being really first be materially destroyed a hundred thousand times, and is it only then that the divine revelations can awaken in the human being?
How is that possible?
Who wrote this?
Who said this?
Christ again?
In this way people have put things on Christ’s lips, that absolutely points to hatred, lust and unconsciousness.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
The church reforms did not take away the concepts of ‘sin’ and ‘damnation’:
Can you feel the chaos of Luther, the Catholic Church, Protestantism?
What did people make of Christ?
There is nothing left of Christ, nothing more.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
(Lady in the hall): ‘In ... of Luther, does he not matter?
He tried, it was his intention to save the people from the great degeneration of that Catholic Church, and to bring them a simpler and better faith, another faith ...’
From gold he has ...
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ...a freer faith ...’
....he wanted to make copper out of gold.
That is exactly the same thing.
He wanted to simplify it, but here there is ...
If you possess a reality and have it in your hands, then you can model on that.
He wanted to simplify it: that must be this, and that must be that ...
But everything from the Catholic Church revolves and lives around reality, and also that of Luther.
For Luther you are still damned.
What does this child want, what does that great Luther want to do here on earth if he still stands with both feet on damnation?
What do you wish to model?
What do you wish to do?
For what do you want to fight for, if you still experience the deeper chaos and cannot make any progress, any evolution of it?
But I tell you, why did this life – but the faith had to come in this way- accept that battle?
And why did this life resist the Catholic Church?
Pfftt; and everything is gone.
Place the Catholic Church on your hand, and the faith of Luther, and Protestantism ...
Outside of the consciousness of Christ, can you feel?
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The masters want to free the human being from these misconceptions, not from the churches:
(Lady in the hall): ‘Yes, I want to ask something, Mr Rulof.
You are certainly against churches, aren’t you?’
(Lady in the hall): ‘Oh.’
We are not.
Have you read the books?
(Lady in the hall): ‘Well, I am busy with them.’
Just read, then you will feel that we are not against churches.
(Lady in the hall): ‘ hear in your speech.’
We only get those mistakes from that church.
(Lady in the hall): ‘Oh.’
But I am saying, the human being needs a dogma, a faith.
Who began with that?
The House of Israel.
Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
But there were also people living in the prehistoric age and they did not have an Isaac and Jacob, not a Christ, nor God, did not know any bible and now live in the Divine All.
Can you feel?
We are not talking about faith.
But that damnation must go, because God cannot damn His life.
Do you think that is wrong?
(Lady in the hall): ‘No, I do not think that is wrong.’
The human being needs a grip.
Christ, the masters gave the people a faith.
And then they know ...
Then Moses came.
Moses really got eternal life, love.
That was a great deal in his time.
But he was also a rebel, because the human being was not any different.
But if you dare to think and want to better yourself with regard to your spirit, your inner life, your hereafter – you must go further, this is not everything – then you will get to see the ‘yes’ and the ‘no’, the truth and the untruth, and then you will awaken.
The human being who continues to adhere to that damnation and to the last Judgement and so many thousands of thoughts and feelings, will never get spiritual thinking and feeling.
We are fighting for that.
Is that wrong?
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
It concerns the prehistoric consciousness of damnation:
How can you be just if you give the one child God and damn the other one?
For the church there is still a God who lets the human being burn for eternity.
Can you feel how prehistoric this life of feeling, this personality, this consciousness, this love is with regard to the Divine justice?
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Life does not wish to believe in damnation:
The Church prays, says holy masses for the sick, for the dying and wants to deny that life, that mother or father, the evolution.
But, dear Church, did that soul not pass from the Earth anyway?
If you could also still conquer that, yes, then you would possess power for the first time, but those laws of life and grades of justice belong to the soul as human being and you will never get to experience them, never get hold of them, it was only then that you were capable of squandering the life of God, which is not possible now.
God preserve us, we have nothing against your Church, nothing against your personality, but these faults must dissolve, you cannot restrict, protect the life by means of the masses, so your praying, the soul as human being and as father and mother got hold of that and cannot obscure, or violate any power, whatever it may be, these are the Divine laws of life for the soul as a Deity!
Can you already feel, Catholic Church, what you actually possess?
If that is not the case, then the University of Christ calls to you that you only possess some frills, created beautiful garments, but no more, nothing else.
Gold, riches, adulation, human consecration, you created that for yourself, you have no concept of spiritual truth, so that – you as a Church have to accept that – sooner or later the child of God will begin to think anyway and will then just say farewell to your sacred life!
Do you not experience that?
So that is your own halt!
The truth, because the life of God does not wish to believe in damnation and cannot do that, because it feels deep within itself that it possesses a Divine attunement.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944

Adam and Eve

Every human soul began its first life as cell on the first planet in the universe:
We have seen that two cells created new life from one grade of life.
When they reached that oneness they were Divinely pure, universally one in everything, this being one could not sully any disharmony.
These cells were Divinely harmonic in this and then experienced this Divine contact.
That became the division of course, as souls of one grade, one life, one consciousness and are now twin souls for God and His universes!
What I must follow now is, and the ALL yearns from my consciousness, and the University of Christ lays down as foundations ...
That God only created happiness, life and love and no misery, that, if these cells know how to protect the harmony, they can never experience troubles, never misery, never destruction, nor disharmonic feelings with regard to the own life, the own grade of life as man and woman, father and mother.
These two cells can now carry everything, because they represent, possess all the Divine harmonic laws.
But, my brothers, now we return to the life on earth and determine how awe-inspiring, how rottenly humanly these lives darkened themselves.
There is no more harmony to be seen for the marriage on earth, the grades of life of God sullied the own obtained independence for fatherhood and motherhood so consciously destructively!
So why is there no happiness, no pure Universal love to be experienced on earth?
Because the human being himself sullied the Divine purity, this ‘Universal’ being one!
Deformed it himself!
Raped it himself!
The human being banished himself from that paradise happiness and is something very different to what the Church, the Bible makes of it.
So we determine for the University of Christ:
That that story from the Bible is also nonsense.
We determine and lay the foundations for God, as a Father of Love.
For the human being as twin souls.
And they, man and woman, come together by means of Divine oneness, are capable of experiencing the creations of the All-Mother in happiness, by means of love, nothing is capable of breaking this sacred oneness.
But we know how the human being on earth feels, how both man and woman experience their love, we know that they created murder and arson and tore themselves from that Divine connection, beat and kicked.
And we must say to the Church:
What the Bible says about the human paradise is contradictory to the Divine reality.
The human being did not eat from forbidden fruits, but he kicked, removed himself from this Divine harmony, because he wanted to live it up and sullied both the other grade of life and his own attunement by means of this, as a result of which his harmonic life completely dissolved for the love, the marriage on earth, so divided itself disharmonically there!
That talk now about the eating of forbidden fruits, is the most pathetic nonsense recorded by the Bible writers.
And yet, millions of men and women accept this nonsense!
The Church still does not want to give up this nonsense, because by means of this she keeps her superior power and all those children walk out of the church.
She now has to accept her powerlessness and she is dissolving, but that must now be prevented.
But the University of Christ now explains all these inhuman stories from the Bible and lays new foundations for the child of Mother Earth.
When will the child of Mother Earth begin to think?
The Church forbids her child from thinking for itself, but by means of this she suffocates the human evolution for all the Divine laws of justice.
Of course, as we already followed, that frightening story about Adam and Eve must disappear from the earth!
This Adam and Eve whom we now get to know, experience another evolution than the Bible says and has to tell about it.
We have nothing to do with that nonsense as Divine sparks.
We did not live in a paradise, where a tree displayed her little apples, we experienced our jungle stages, came from the waters and then began for the first time with our land life; so those wonderful stories are contradictory to the Divine reality and no longer have any grounds, are inhuman nonsense!
And yet this explanation – the power of the Catholic Church – is in order to make those millions of men and women adhere to faith by means of that cursed fear.
You can now accept that the ‘faith’ will disappear from the earth, because the ALL wants the child of Mother Earth to get to know itself and ‘knows’ now!
‘Faith’ is becoming ‘knowledge’!
The human being of Mother Earth will ‘know’ now!
And fatherhood and motherhood will now be purified for the ‘Age of Christ’!
By means of this, fatherhood and motherhood will get both Universal and Divine meaning again.
By means of this, peace and calm, the love for man and woman will return and we will learn to understand each other.
And in addition she will now get hold of her pure grade of life – as the Divine law of justice – universal, so for the Earth and her universe, purely materially and spiritually.
The All-Mother meant that and nothing else.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944

The holy virgin Mary

During a contact evening in 1950, Jozef Rulof was asked about the canonization of Mary.
In that year, Pope Pius XII added the dogma of the Assumption of Mary:
You also ask: ‘Do you wish to tell us your point of view regarding the dogma about the canonization of Mary by the pope?’
Jozef says: ‘This is really Catholic.
You heard it, many worshippers did not accept this and it is now also too late in the day, but the church needs a stunt like that.
What do the masters say about it?
That the Catholic church should not canonize Mary because the pope does not know Mary.
Mother Mary gave birth to Christ in a natural way and Joseph and Mary had more children.
If the church changes that immaculate conception will Mary no longer be holy?
Because this is what it is about.
This means nothing, Mr Reitsma, nothing!
Mary is in contact with the fourth cosmic grade of life and must continue her own life.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
Question from the hall: ‘So Mary gave birth to Christ according to the laws for every mother?’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, madam!
Mary and Joseph as man and wife were capable of giving birth to children and Christ returned to earth by means of creating and birth giving organisms and that is already Divine.
What does the church still wish to make of it?
So no one who thinks believes that story from the church anymore.
And that is the holiness of the church.
Immaculately conceived ... is for the church something holy and would be Divine?
Can you still get over that?
You see, in this way the church has canonized so much and it is nothing else but its own product, the unconsciousness of the church and the club behind the confessional box!
If that was no longer there, even more people would leave the church, because then it will become too ordinary, too really human.
And that’s it, but the church does not wish to touch this.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
God’s Holy Spirit served:
Sir, wars already started, because of the immaculate conception of Mary.
That Catholic Church makes it even worse, it says: "The Holy Spirit descended into her."
That happened of its own accord.
That is impossible, that is impossible in the universe.
Joseph and Mary were physically one, and that is the very highest and the most sacred which God created.
The Catholic Church considers that indecent and dirty.
And Christ said: "The way you did it was good.
And I have to bow", and He became a child.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
It is time that this catholic darkening is blown up:
The Christ does not stand alone at the gates of Rome and says: “Has Mary immaculately conceived?
Did she not give birth to me, not really?”
Then they saw a beggar.
The man was taken away, was seen as a spiritual madman, and Christ asked at the doors of Rome, straight in the face of the holy, powerful, Catholic Vatican: “Did Mary really give birth to me?”
A madman ...?
But it was He.
“Then it is time”, the apostles said, the Masters said, “that that powerful Catholic foundation is blown up by the spiritual atomic bomb so that the people can no longer let themselves be darkened.”
Because this is darkening, because this goes wide of creation.
This does not go through the mother’s body, for which the All-Source gave birth and created.
This goes around the actual natural, just, harmonic creation, because “Mary gave the Christ birth immaculately.”
And we were not able to establish those laws anywhere, those justices in the macrocosmos, or in the waters, on the hills and wherever you are.
That is the same power which washed the hands in innocence.
That is the Caiaphas in the human being, which tortures the truth and nails it to the cross.
That is the lie of your professor and your theologian, who still love a damnation.
But, my sisters and brothers, that is the universal halt for all of you, for this society and this mankind.
This is the halt for the first sphere, because you will have to experience and have to accept the pure giving birth as the All-Source as mother gave you the body, the soul and the spirit and the life, the thinking and feeling, because it is only by means of that, that you experience the following birth; and that is for you a new body, new being a mother, new being a father.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
But then it is that far and Christ is born on Earth.
By means of the immaculate conception?
That is also nonsense!
Mary and Joseph gave an organism to Christ.
Mary and Joseph were completely one as the human being must experience the being one for fatherhood and motherhood.
Mary and Joseph reached unity and the soul of Christ was attracted from the Divine All.
There is no question of immaculate conception and we know those laws.
My brothers, fatherhood and motherhood are the most sacred thing for both the human being and Christ!
Christ is born as the human being is born, there is no other creation.
We establish this for the University of Christ:
What the Catholic Church and other dogmatic institutions now make of it is contrary to reality.
Mary would give birth, but Joseph is the creator for that!
Christ knows these laws!
He knows how He is born and has to accept these laws.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Just let the stars keep their natural orbit:
But that star which the masters sent from the East to there, madam, it was not there either.
That star was not in the sky, and it did not orbit to there.
And continued to be precisely above Bethlehem?
No, madam, those gentlemen were clairsentient, because the inner star of space, the Christ himself, brought them to the place where He was lying.
The star of space ...
I immediately asked: ‘That star, did it really take a place there?’
Then master Alcar says: ‘Now you know space, the origin of the universe.’
Then I could talk for the first time, then he could explain it to me.
He says: ‘How can a star go from her orbit, from his orbit? How can the earth go from her orbit?
It is not possible.’
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951

Marrying God or Christ

‘Marrying’ Christ is absolute nonsense.
Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side, 1945
Wishing to be holy in one life is putting all the eggs in one basket:
A human being – now you can establish that completely – a human being who, unconsciously or consciously, it does not matter, the life of feeling now reacts, absolutely, follows one line – that is also putting all the eggs in one basket – who follows one line, one path, and now accepts a sect, a religion instead of the divine cosmos, motherhood, can you feel, how pathetic, how poor that becomes with regard to God, Christ, universe, cosmos, macrocosmos.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
And now the human being thinks – and I wanted to tell you that – now the human being thinks that he can make and break what he wants with himself as it were; he messes, he does this, he does that. ‘I am boss over myself’, a woman says, ‘and I do not want any children. I want nothing to do with that carry-on.’
That is for this life, you can all play that.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
However, when people have to return to the earth in order to dissolve karma, it is important to remain in harmony with motherhood:
How will you come back?
How do you wish to come back?
Make sure that you have children.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Because motherhood and fatherhood ensure that a body is available for reincarnating in.
The more women who do not have children, the more other mothers must give birth to more children in order to keep the human evolution going:
And now that one mother gives birth to ten, twelve children, fourteen, sixteen, only in order to keep the human grade going.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
If everyone starts to behave in a ‘sacred’ way and lives a celibate life, mankind will be completely destroyed in a hundred years:
“If we really”, Master Alcar says, “had to accept the church for this present century and everyone saw the most sacred in that, then the creation and this universe would be completely destroyed in a hundred years.”
The human being could not go any further, because then there were no more bodies, because we were all sacred, but we still sat in this pathetic unconscious universe.
Because this universe is still unconscious, it is still just material consciousness.
The spiritual conscious universe does not possess any more night, any more sleep.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
A human being can forget how he himself received life:
But how did the pope, how did the cardinals, how did all those priests and curates and bishops get their lives?
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The more people entrench themselves in the celibate life, the further people remove themselves from the natural motherhood and the paternal life of feeling:
The higher you climb up in a faith, in a dogma, and you become something, and you have elevated all those millions of people there, because they are unconscious, you take them along ...
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Now the pope has, and the Catholic Church, has all of that on its conscious, it is attached to its destruction, it stands still for Mother Nature, there is no more life, nothing more.
These people are so sacred.
And they must return to the earth, because they must give birth.
And now they have been so sacred and so sacred and so chaste that that soul continues in that.
You will not enter that in one life, but you go through at least ten, twenty lives with that.
Because you will feel, you will feel, if you come into the first class ...
Can you feel where you go if you are a good Catholic, and if you become a sacred little sister?
Have you ever thought about that?
Yes, what happens then?
In this life you just come to that and that grade, you are not a mother in this life.
You will not become a mother from that hospital in which you live, you do not reach that highest grade.
You will not become a priest either, or you will not become a cardinal.
But if you want to go there, that consciousness remains, in the next life you will awaken again, and that child will start to pray again.
‘Oh, that child wants to have a little alter.’
And then mother says: ‘Look, that child must go to the church, it must become a priest’, because that child is already sitting in front of a little altar.
The past is conscious at a hundred percent, and that continues for ten, twenty lives.
Now a hundred thousand and twenty thousand years pass, for the Catholics, and they pray, pray, pray, but in the new life – and as mother as a nun, and as fatherhood as a priest – they continue in the new life, because they must experience the highest, they must become a cardinal, they must become pope, father, Holy Father.
If they are a Holy Father, they have reached the highest.
And then you are, then you have the highest, but you then you have precisely the very lowest there is, because you are outside of creation for a thousand years.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The All-Source giving birth and creating are smothered by this ‘sacredness’:
I told you that a moment ago, a child who becomes sacred – a mother, as soul in the maternal body – and becomes chaste, and becomes pure, now the All-Source suffocates in her, and refuses to reach evolution, to continue, to the giving birth; to the creating.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Because motherhood is the being one with giving birth and creating:
Mother, if you carry your child you can now say: “I am giving birth, I am creation, God lives in me.”
It is so sacred, so wonderful for the mother to experience the child, the being one with that giving birth and creating.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
Not wanting to take part in giving birth and creating brings disharmony to the own evolution, which is given shape to by means of reincarnation:
If you therefore do not want to be any father and any mother, you stand wide of creation and you bring disharmony for your own evolution.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
This is not only physically valid, but also in the feeling and thinking:
Because only the Divine giving birth and creating continues to keep the independence in your life, and then you feel calm, and you feel sharply conscious.
If you experience fatherhood and motherhood then you obviously grow calmly, harmonically, and spatially; nothing can disturb you.
But when there is just something in that fatherhood and motherhood and you have disturbed it by means of your sacred doing and your praying, then we later enter, back on earth, in a new life, the psychopathy for fatherhood and motherhood, the insanity for fatherhood and motherhood.
And now just go over the world and just go and look at the people, about whom you can now say: “You have been fully, a hundred percent father and mother”?
And that fatherhood and motherhood also want to be a charater trait, want to be a thought.
I taught you that and I then said to you, my sisters and brothers: and now we experience, we enter the philosophical systems for your fatherhood and motherhood as a power of thoughts, as a life of thoughts, now your whole dictionary can be experienced and can be seen, can be felt and analyzed and you stand before your Divine personality.
Are you now starting to understand something about yourself?
Lectures Part 3, 1952


The human being received a faith through Moses.
Yes, from the first thinking and feeling, in order to attach the human being to God, you will read that in ‘The Peoples of the Earth’.
How do we get, how do the masters get, how do you get your deity away from that faith again; because you will experience that law.
The church has none of that.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The church burned millions of people at the stake:
‘There were only ten of them’, the Catholic Church says.
But since these two thousand years millions of people have been burnt at the stake.
And before that, it was not called a Catholic Church then, but then it was the rulers, the mastery in us, the destruction, the wanting to possess the world, power, dominance.
And the very smallest, the weakest feeling, by means of which we dominate, is exactly the same as if you possess the whole earth.
Because that small spark must go from us, because that darkens the light.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The church cursed God - or has it forgotten the Middle Ages, when it made the stakes roar in order to scorch thousands of God’s creatures in them, only to assure its own power as a result of this.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Millions of people were killed for the faith.
People built up stakes because the human being said: ‘Yes, I heard something.’
You did not hear anything, you have nothing to believe in.’
That was the Catholic Church.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Do you know how many millions of people were thrown on the stakes by the Catholic Church by the gossip of another?
Innocent people were appointed, people said: “She is a heretic and he, and they are in contact with demons.”
And the Catholic Church believed it and threw that life at the stake; by dirty thinking.
But know that this is murder, that false, wrong thinking is spiritual murder for your personality and know that reincarnation cannot come, because you smother your going further, your growth.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The church sold heavens:
People where you are on Earth thought that they could buy a heaven for money, people bought earthly happiness, people bought what they felt like, people bought love and respect, yes, people bought God and Christ for money!
What kind of house was kept on Earth in this respect!
The heavens have been squandered as if they were earthly goods, the churches bartered God’s kingdom of heaven, they elevated this crazy height.
These transactions were achieved with a calm conscious.
This was possible for centuries on end, but as a result of this war this will also come to an end.
Such a revolting bartering will soon no longer be possible.
Mankind will then know what it means to master a heaven!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
How much do you have in your pocket? that is the only question they ask and the answer is a deciding factor in the matter: blissful or doomed?
Masks and Men, 1948
Yes, my brother, why does the Church not do something for the child of Mother Earth?
The Church can do it, but she thinks about herself.
What the Church can do cannot be seen.
She does nothing for soul and spirit, only riches, the Church, the Catholic Church is interested in that!
But other sects also capitalised themselves.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The Age of Christ has also started for the church and it will call the Divine halt to the church.
To launch nonsense in the Age of Christ as divine truth is no longer possible!
The church must stop selling the heavens for money and goods, that is descending, that is unconscious, it creates animal-like talent!
Heavens must be earned!
By praying and reading masses, the soul cannot enter any heaven, to think this is unconscious, it is the provoking of the spiritual self and the cursing of God’s Omnipotence.
The mass of your priest therefore does not take you a step further!
An indulgence has no meaning for our world and the laws of God!
We do not know confessing and forgiving in our life, that is also earthly nonsense!
God can forgive you, but the cause and effect remain!
You must make everything good yourself anyway!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
The consciousness of the church is not higher than the personality which speaks:
Why can you approve that a child of a people can and may destroy the other human being, the other life of God because you represent a fatherland?
Who do you have, what is your God like?
Is that a city, is that a mass, is that mankind, is this the space, is this only the planet earth?
No, the Deity of all those dogmatic institutions is not deeper than the personality that now speaks.
Everything now falls down with regard to the All-Mother, who is really love, and that love emerges.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
For the Church the human being is allowed to kill!
That is allowed and that is possible, because the Church lives for a fatherland.
But that Church, André, does not possess anything else but hatred and destruction either and cannot represent the All-Source.
The Catholic Church is now still capable, we now live in 1950, of blessing cannons!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
What did the true Christ bring?
Bring there?
That thou shalt not kill!
That the human being must love all the life of God!
And what does the child of Christ do now?
The Church says: go and kill!
And is that also in harmony with our life, with all these loving laws of the All-Mother?
Can you feel the nonsense of everything?
The nonsense of this thinking and feeling?
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
Galilei was forced into silence:
Which university – I ask you now, the spaces ask – now possesses justice and Divine truth as love?
Because when you enter the justice, the harmony as a law of life ... and that is called: for which Galilei entered the prison when the pope violated the life of this awakening, the justice, the harmony – because Galilei was born for that – and said: “Father, father, the earth revolves around the sun”, and this ‘holiness’ hit his fist on the table and said: “No.”
This life closes off millions of ages for this purpose because he stopped the evolution for mankind.
And that is the pope and that is the Catholic and there is the protestant and there is the bible, the human being who has now made from the holy, single word a mass suggestion, has given an explanation, has built up, has materialized, who has nothing more to do with this All-Stage as love.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Then Galilei said: ‘Father, the earth revolves around the sun’, then the pope said: ‘Nonsense.
Stay away from that!’
And then Galilei was in the Vatican dungeon and then they smothered him for thirty, thirty-five years; he was no longer allowed to talk, otherwise he would be burnt at the stake.
And those popes must follow that same school.
And then one person said to the other –before he dies and the other comes-: ‘Say, do not be mistaken again.
Do not violate yourself again if a Galilei comes again.’
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
“Is it not wonderful how all of this is sorted by the University of Christ?”
When Galilei had to leave the life on earth, he called to God: “Must my wonderful truth be destroyed, my Father?
Are those unconscious beings allowed to suffocate my work?
Can the Catholic Church keep that power?
Was my life for nothing?”
And then there came from the universe to Galilei: “No, my son, I am sending my child Newton to the earth and that life will continue your work.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
If the scholars of the church did what so many scientists have already done, they would have to abandon or considerably revise the majority of their church teachings, which they have spread through the centuries with fanaticism as being ‘infallible’.
The churches would then have to admit to you that they have given a completely wrong image of God and His sacred laws throughout the centuries; and do you believe that they will admit this with the influence, which they still have on the masses at the moment?
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942
Rome followed the material politics and destroyed itself as a result of this.
Now it can no longer play a role of significance in this awe-inspiring event.
Rome is dying, the future will show it to mankind.
Rome is standing still in its development, the church has already burrowed in the unconscious for centuries.
The spiritually sensitive there do not believe that we as people continue in the eternal life and yet can remain in contact with the Earth.
Our astral world is shouted at as a demonic carry-on.
However, the Divine wonders which I spoke to you about, will prove it otherwise to them.
The church cannot lead mankind into a maze of questions, in which it now wanders round.
Is it then so unnatural that it turns away from these spiritual ‘guides’ and without letting itself be intimidated by them it seeks the answer elsewhere to the life question: ‘Where does life on Earth take mankind?’
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
The human being still lets others think for himself:
“I already hear it”, he says, “Mother Earth, society, you are talking about your own misery.
Well, why can God approve of this?”
Listen, society is already speaking.
“That’s it.
Why can God now approve that an idiot, that Adolf Hitler, a devil, a Satan, destroys, gasses, sullies, deforms so many people, so many children?
Because that’s it, that now comes to me.
You do not hear anything else now.
All the people experience this.
The human being wonders about this.
Yes, society, other children are walking there.
Your minister no longer knows it.
The priest is now at a loss for words.
The human being thinks, but in the wrong direction.
That herd animal instinct still does not wish to change.
The human being let others think for himself, he still cannot feel, cannot understand that God does not want anything to do with all this misery, this muck, this darkness and has nothing to do with it either.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
The church thinking is attuned to the Land of Twilight:
The human being of this Land of Twilight went on Earth to the church, lay kneeled and prayed and yet God did not hear these prayers.
But they also only loved their stone building, they only mumbled words!
Praying and begging and yet not being heard, must have meaning.
This meaning lives here.
All those souls did not know God and they did not love, they only followed the dead word.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Their inner life remained misty and cold like this sphere.
They still had to awaken for all the laws of God and their own characteristics.
One prayed more than the other, yet they did not see each other again.
They were not the true Christians.
They are even merciless towards their own kind.
The Catholic hates the Protestant and the other way round and yet both say they believe in the same God.
This is why they live in this sphere, in this Land of Twilight.
Mankind is like your Protestant and Catholic, they pray and at the same time hate and even go into battle in order to kill the members of their own church.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
However, in this Land of Twilight there are millions of souls living, who do not even know that they have died on Earth.
And that is also very natural, because they possess a God of revenge and destruction, whom they learned to accept in their church.
And since there is no light in this life, the unconscious dominates this life, thousands of characteristics still have to awaken, they weep like little children for their lost happiness.
They believe that an illness has taken them from their everyday environment and that people have put them in a hospital.
Even after their death they still feel sick.
Of course all these people are helped.
There are still sisters and brothers present who want to convince them of this life.
But many people do not even want to accept that help.
Because they think that they have been put in hospital, they shout at everyone who approaches and want to convince them that they have died.
They let rip in a dreadful way at those, from whom they assume that they belong to a different faith.
They hold them responsible for their condition.
These people must be left alone, they will soon come to ask for help for their own accord and we can help them to awaken for this life.
These people will need many centuries to reach astral conscious.
People must convince them of everything which must be let go of, because it belongs to the material conscious and is ballast for this life.
On Earth they went under as a result of these characteristics, they even created all this astral misery themselves.
These people just walk around a bit in the misty sphere of the Land of Twilight and think about all the earthly things, which they do not want to see an end to.
Their whole life is confused, they feel materially and spiritually apathetic.
A grade lower and we enter the psychopathic conscious, those souls also live in this world.
When the sisters and brothers speak to such people and want to convince them of the astral laws, they make off, because they do not want to know anything about these blasphemies.
What those brothers and sisters have to say is devils work, and yes, that is ...that is ...!
They do not want anything to do with that.
In this way these souls are frozen in their dogmas.
How extremely difficult it is to elevate these souls from this unconscious and to convince them of the state in which they live, you can judge, when you have been able to follow them for yourself one day.
They do not accept one of all the facts which they are faced with in this new life, since people on Earth have driven them mad with talk of a hereafter, which only existed in the fantasy of their clergymen.
If you only knew how terrible their disillusionment is to have to accept, that everything is literally different, then you can determine how the church mutilates the soul life of God.
They do not dare to think of anything else and find it dreadful, that in the hospital in which they think they are, there is no cross hanging up.
However, we do not know that in our life, we live in reality and have got to know Christ differently.
They keep on asking themselves why it is so unchristian here, but they meanwhile refuse to accept the astral laws.
It takes a long time before these souls reach spiritual awakening.
And the churches and clergymen are to blame for this; they deformed God’s laws and adapted them to their own low conscious.
And a result of this they destroy the inner life of these believers.
Their suffering is so terrible that they want to be dead and they do not know that they entered this life as a result of death ...
They also ask here for food and drink and just find life dull, because there is nothing going for them.
This personality is thirsty and wants to have nice food, although they do not need any food or drink for the astral world.
These feelings and longings belong to the material world, which they have not yet been able to say goodbye to.
All those souls must therefore release themselves completely from their earthly life of thoughts and awaken for this life.
They want to go home.
They ask where the doctor is and think consciously of the illness as a result of which they entered this life.
They long to see the family members who will come to visit them.
They now think that they are recovering and will soon be discharged as cured.
When people try to convince them that they have died on Earth, they shrug their shoulders and cannot accept it.
We convince them of this life by connecting them with their family members who have already left the Earth before.
Recognition follows and now they are faced with the facts!
They cry until their tears run dry and now only feel thoroughly, that they have lost everything of the Earth.
Yet they continue to yearn for all the beautiful things of the earth which have no meaning in this life.
In this way we experience thousands of states here, which all result from the personality of people who must still awaken for the Other Side.
The human being in this Land of Twilight is like a small child, because he has discarded hatred and rough violence, or he would still belong to the lower hells.
It is difficult to convince this child as an adult of the laws of God and yet they must accept this one day.
It is only then that we can convince them of all the wrong in their life, after which the personality is faced with a fight for life and death - the empty and yet dominating personality must still be conquered.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
We want to awaken every soul from the Land of Twilight to the higher worlds and then everything which has no spiritual value must irrevocably disappear from this character.
That is the spiritual construction and the awakening for the first sphere and this applies to the individual, the masses and mankind.
These souls went through death to eternal life, experienced that death - and yet, what did they learn?
Is it not dreadful, that a clergy man also still speaks here about a God of damnation?
Does the spiritual poverty of this emotional life not await you from this viewpoint.
The man speaks all this life about God as about a Father of Love, but then also - how does it rhyme?
– about a God who damns.
Here this soul is faced with his own Land of Twilight, his unconscious self of the Earth.
That man must awaken, the very first on Earth, it is much-needed, because as a result of his dreadful sermon he smothers the awakening for the soul life.
He is one of the living dead and yet he wants to teach the human child on Earth to awaken?
Can you feel how necessary it is that these laws start to speak on Earth?
Can you also feel how awful it is for those who followed them and see themselves disappointed in our world?
It is urgently necessary, that mankind on Earth gets to know the laws of God and those for the own life.
To get to know those laws will appear to be the spiritual awakening for the Age of Christ.
The disciples of the church are desperate, many a minister gets a beating from them, after which he realises for the first time what nonsense he has had to bring as spokesman on Earth.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
The Catholic searches here for Our Lord, but does not find anything which looks like a Forecourt.
This soul is broken as a result of this.
However, on Earth people did not teach it any differently.
The Protestant clings to the blood sacrifice, he placed his hands on the wounds of Christ and thinks that he can enter his own heaven.
You must observe these poor souls, if you wish to be able to feel the misery experienced; their inner life is as poor as a church mouse.
This personality is poor in feeling, poor in spiritual knowledge and poor in spiritual knowledge with regard to the astral world, poor for God and Christ, for Golgotha and the spiritual awakening.
They are unconscious in the Divine laws, live in them and seek, seek, seek for the good which they have never known on Earth.
These bible patients are also apathetic in our life, many of them are psychopathic and they cannot be helped.
However, it is worthwhile following them, a large study can be made of them.
These personalities must be completely ploughed under, everything must go which people have taught this inner life.
And this applies to the individual, the masses and the whole of mankind!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
I tell you: the church is cursed in the Land of Twilight, because it has consciously murdered all these souls!
The church has killed them and made them unsuitable for our world!!!
In the Age of Christ the church must reach the spiritual awakening.
For two thousand years the church has already burrowed in the unconscious.
The church continues to sleep, but now its buildings will collapse.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Master Zelanus also received popes:
But when the soul stands before the spiritual laws and there is the consciousness that almost everything must be thrown overboard, because the Catholic faith is only a dogma, is for us here the happiness for our life in order to help those souls.
I only had one feeling during that time, I wanted to know everything about cardinals and popes, the clergymen of the earth who had completed their cycle.
And my Master Emschor brought me to thousands of souls, he explained the laws to me.
We were at every deathbed, André, so that I was able to receive millions of souls, by means of which I myself awakened and got consciousness as a matter of course by means of this.
It was only then that I began with my own cosmology.
But can you feel, if you think that you possess the highest for the earth and God and you come beyond the coffin and have to accept that everything is different and you mean nothing yourself, that this beats a hole in your soul?
They cried like children, but later they were wild with inspiration in order to destroy the Church.
Now they wanted to destroy what they had built up there themselves, but that is not possible, people cannot hear and see them!
And then they stand, they sit again on their holy chair which means nothing for God, but now go through the life aura of their congregation and can agree with everything for this world!
We will still meet them, my brother, many of them are on their way and have achieved their titles and mastership for this world.
Now they take the life of God back to the All-Source, but know how their Church deceived the human being.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
And then the pontiff of the Catholic church asks master Zelanus whether or not the human being must have faith:
You have that word (‘holy’), that word must go from your dictionary, you can only be true.
And if you possess truth, you are universally just in everything.”
And then we returned.
If I attack and want to analyse the Catholic Church, I only do it by means of my evolution, then I have the means in my hand, in my eyes, and that wisdom, the University of the Messiah lives under and in my heart, because I saw and completely experienced the truth, the reality, the birth, the returning, the fatherhood and motherhood for those dogmatic institutions.
We do not destroy anything, on the contrary, we put the universal word in its place, the universal macrocosmic growing for every thought, for the truth.
Which task did you have?
Do you see?
“But”, he said, “is it not that, is it not that”, he asked, “is it not that?
Must the human being not have any faith then?
If we take this away from the human being ...”
“No, the human being will keep that until Christ returns.
Because you cannot take away faith from the human being if you do not possess anything else, then he goes to pieces with regard to his universal love, his growth.
All of this will remain until the Messiah comes, but not on the clouds in order to speak, but by means of the direct voice instrument.
And then He says to His apostle, His disciple: “Go, in my name you speak about the laws of your and My father, because you know.”
Lectures Part 3, 1952
Then the church will fall from its pedestal in one night:
When the technical wonders, to which the direct voice belongs, come to earth, she will fall from her pedestal in one night.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944