Evolution on the land -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘evolution on the land’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘evolution on the land’.

Spiritual radiance

Master Zelanus compares the radiance which goes to the second planet with the radiance of the human being on earth who unknowingly forms his hereafter with this:
Now I can already dwell again on the philosophical systems, the character traits of the human being.
If at present you – now you must listen carefully – think carefully, love, truly love, then that radiance of your life of feeling goes straight to the first, the second, or the third and the fourth spheres.
If you now do a deed which has attunement directly to the spiritual Divine core in you for space, then that deed lays a foundation for you on which you will soon walk.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
So every good thought of you as father, as mother, as human being either builds on a spiritual temple, a path on which you walk, a sphere, a space, an independence.
Or when you darken that independence and then you belong to a dark, unconscious world, which we and you now call: the hells ‘beyond the coffin’.
Every wrong thought of you, sent out and materialized – now just hit, just gossip about the human being, just make the human being bad – every word of you which passed your lips, has attunement to the hells, to the dark worlds ‘beyond the coffin’.
Are you not becoming afraid?
How many hells does the human being build up in his society by talking, thieving, hitting, murdering?
How are those worlds condensed?
If you see into the dark spheres how people have built up a wall of steel, it can no longer be compared to steel, but a wall of concrete around themselves, which they will not get through again for the first millions of ages and years, because he must break that down again himself; he closed himself off to the spiritual independence.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
The second planet is also called a ‘secondary planet’.
It lies outside the influence sphere of the first mother planet in order to enable a further step in the material development of the body:
That is therefore the first, that is a planet which lies outside the atmosphere of the moon, which lies far away in that universe.
Because why must that first transition be far – far, what we call far – from the aura, from the life of the mother?
Because, if that source lives in the aura, in the thinking circle, in the feeling of the moon, that source, that new transition, that secondary planet does not get any higher consciousness, because then you remain yourself.
Because that source, therefore that soul, comes outside the motherhood for the moon, evolution also comes.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
When the soul began its first lives on the first planet, the spiritual plasma of the moon could condense itself.
By means of the radiance from that condensing, the first transition planet was prepared for the following step of the soul:
Because the Moon could begin with her condensing, she influenced other life in the universe, which got an own independence by means of the division of God.
But what will you experience, my brother André, if those laws speak to your life?”
“What I see, my Master, and by means of which I receive this oneness, is that by means of the Divine division myriad cosmic sparks were born and that these bodies, now still spiritual, are inspired by the Moon as mother, or there would have been no question of going further.”
“Absolutely correct, that is what we must follow before we can take our leave of the Moon; so the Masters want us to establish that by means of the process of giving birth for the Moon, other, astral bodies also came in order to take care of her maternal life.
You can now already accept that we also come to stand now before the harmonic laws of God.
Astral bodies at a microcosmic attunement are now to be found around the Moon in this universe.
Those bodies have not yet been able to take part in the giving birth and creating, and that is now of vital importance and can be experienced, because by means of this, my brothers, we determine that we can also now experience the seven subsequent laws of giving birth and creating, or we will come to stand before disharmonic worlds.
But if those bodies could have begun with giving birth and creating anyway, so under their own power, then we would have to accept that life was born outside the Moon as mother.
And that cannot be possible, because then there will be no more harmony to be experienced and we will stand before a universal chaos.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The first secondary planet only reached working at the moment that the soul on the first planet had built up the sea lion-like organism and needed a following step in its evolution:
That is the first secondary planet for the human soul, but which Sun and Moon have worked on as fatherhood and motherhood.
That first secondary planet only now reaches working when the human soul has reached the highest for the first grade of life, the Moon and now the life carries on?”
Masks and Men, 1948
The first planet became radiance in order to continue the spatial motherhood:
“The moon now, my brothers, became radiance for motherhood.
And as the sun condensed, the radiance for motherhood became stronger.
Can you also feel this?
You see, that power became more conscious, and by means of that new planets originated, by means of sun and moon.”
Lectures Part 3, 1952
The first sun became radiance for spatial fatherhood:
“All this life”, Master Alcar now says, “which was inspired by the moon, only got to experience motherhood and what was shone upon by the sun, so from that life source got to deal with an own task for motherhood, followed the creating power – what does your child do now? – by means of which stars, planets, meteors, Milky Ways originated and were born for this space.”
Lectures Part 3, 1952
Fatherhood and motherhood are consciously radiated by sun and moon:
The sun emits conscious paternal power and the moon maternal inspiration.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The human soul possesses its own consciousness for the following step in its evolution, and it passes on its consciousness obtained to the following planet:
Now, however, my brothers, there comes to me: “Who is it now who gives the following planet consciousness?
Is that the Moon or the Sun?”
And then I see that we as human beings and animals, will inspire that astral body, will bring that to material awakening, because it is we who got that consciousness for our independence.
Is this also clear to you now?
The conscious Divine All wants us to follow those laws too, by means of which it emerges that the human being gave the next stage the obtained consciousness.
And that means for God that we receive ‘HIS’ laws of life and must represent them for all the grades of life which will still follow.
We therefore possess Divine creation; we as Divine beings possess all the laws of life of God for fatherhood and motherhood, but also for the laws of growth for all the mother planets.
We give consciousness, we give inspiration to the planets which now receive condensing through us, because we will die, but also possess the reincarnation.
These are therefore cosmic foundations for both our human and animal-like existence, also for Mother Nature.
We therefore determine for the University of Christ:
It was the ‘Human Being’ who gave the following planet consciousness.
The Human Being brought new inspiration and both material and spiritual awakening for the following stage.
The Human Being evolves and possesses his own consciousness for the following law of life, by means of which the new life can begin!”
All the stars now, the conscious and unconscious planets and suns, which could begin with the own life by means of the spatial condensing, will soon be part of this one organism, which is the universe!
Only fatherhood and motherhood dominate and will continue to dominate, because these are the Divine foundations for this harmony, this oneness!
And this also means that the Earth as a planet could only begin with that condensing later, only then when we as human beings have reached that stage.
If this had not been created like that, the Earth would also already have had to accept her death, but Mother Earth only began with her evolution ten cosmic seconds ago.
Cosmic seconds now mean millions of years, but we will also get to know those laws of growth for the Earth.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944

From cell in the water to life on the land

The first souls were attracted by the following stage which had formed by means of their radiance:
I can feel, my brothers, that we are leaving the sphere of Mother Moon.
And I can feel that growth consciously.
Isn’t that wonderful too?
The following stage will attract us infallibly, because that stage was born from us; after all, we experienced those laws.
Our life is growing!
We now find ourselves in the astral world, the world for the following birth.
So this world has not changed in any way, until we enter the conscious astral world and is the other side.
But with this obtained consciousness we begin the life on the following planet.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The soul experienced the becoming conscious in order to start to build up its evolution on the land, after all the life in the water was experienced to the full:
That becoming conscious as a final stage was sent out by the first cosmic grade; absorbed by the planets that lived, floated around this motherhood, and absorbed those powers.
The moon, that mother, got conscious radiance for the fish stage.
And we are fish and that radiance goes there and we have therefore to experience a law, we have one attunement.
The radiance, the aura of this process of giving birth, is exactly the same as the becoming conscious which we mastered because we could experience reincarnation.
Is that clear?
That source therefore came at exactly the same moment of attunement with us now that we have experienced the final stage for the first cosmic grade.
There is therefore another body present and ready to attract us.
And now we descend into this fish stage.
We want even more, we want to see the space, and we leave the waters.
And if a seal or a sea lion could not go out of the waters – you must listen carefully, I am telling you prophesies – then our end on that moon, on that first cosmic grade would not have been on land, but then we would have died in those waters.
But that animal, that seal, that sea lion, that animal can also live on the land and is water conscious.
And we experienced our end in that way.
We freed ourselves; we crawled out of the waters, lay down, because we wanted to continue ... and this continuing was only this phenomenon.
We manifested this continuing, we could not speak, we could not think, not feel; we could feel.
We wanted to continue and now we crawled out of those waters, we wanted to see land – we did not know – we crawled on the land in order to experience death.
We knew, felt consciously: we would die.
Because we could not remain outside those waters for long, over months and years.
We had to go back; but we wanted to die, there is an impulse in us, in that life, to go further.
Further ... but that brought ‘death’.
We experienced millions of ‘deathbeds’, if you wish to compare it with your earthly concepts.
We experienced millions of ‘deaths’ in the waters.
Now the last one, the final one ...
We lie on the land, we die because we do not want to return there, we cannot return, we must continue ...
Has that spring awakened in us?
Death comes, the ripping, the ripping apart of the fluid cord.
The soul, the personality, the life becomes free and sinks back into that other silence ‘beyond the coffin’, behind the material.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
In the cosmology master Zelanus describes how he and master Alcar and Jozef Rulof (André) made themselves one in feeling with the sea lion-like fish stage, in order to perceive what the soul experienced when it passed on from the first planet to the second planet:
We made ourselves one at that moment with a fish like that.
We reached sensitive unity; we attached ourselves to that life.
We were one and we wanted to know: what will happen to this life now?
We would follow that and what will happen now?
We remained conscious, we continued to think, because we have our spatial consciousness; that fish stage can be experienced, can be felt and that can be dealt with.
We cannot deal with higher consciousness, you cannot either, but you can experience the lower individual, so that that soul life, that spirit, that personality of the fish stage will now provide us with a reproduction process, or an end will come.
But no end came.
We, Master Alcar, André and I, and millions of people experienced that for themselves – I told you that a moment ago – everyone follows those stages in space.
Every academic, every human being who is prepared and has covered the laws for the earth, immediately asks: “Master, can you explain the laws to me, am I ready to make the journey, may I be a follower?”
And then we will begin and we come and we now follow what you receive.
We became one, the feeling took us over; we felt that we were sailing away.
We went somewhere, we felt that the aura – now feel properly – that the maternal authority there of the first cosmic grade became more and more rarefied, we went away.
We pertinently and consciously felt that we had left her vicinity, her personality, and her power.
That spark was attracted by something that does not possess any lower consciousness.
Now we dwell upon a law, a cosmic, Divine law, because – you will feel, I told you a moment ago – the moon sent her, as a first cosmic grade, as a process of giving birth, she radiated her powers into the universe.
That was therefore higher consciousness, wasn’t it?
Higher thinking; higher feeling – we must not yet talk about thinking – it was higher feeling, deeper thinking, and spatial thinking.
That inner life as aura had consciousness.
If that had not been a higher consciousness, my sisters and brothers, that other planet – this must now be a secondary planet, a transition, a first grade again – could not have attracted, is it clear?
But because this is a higher consciousness, living vitality, living plasma, we come outside ... we can feel that.
The master says: “What can you feel?”
“I can feel the mother.”
We now speak about mother, oh sacred motherhood, that is the moon.
“I feel, my master, that the mother is going out of my life ...
I am beginning to feel that I am being released and am getting hold of my personality.”
“And what can you feel?” asks the master who is in charge.
“I experience the same laws.”
That is all in the ‘Cosmology’.
“I experience the feeling, I would be able to give an explanation.”
“Yes, give me an explanation”, the master now asks.
I would be able to give an explanation for the earth, so that a human being will understand it, that is what the mother feels when the child wants to be born.
Only the mother can know it.
Only she feels the time approaching which she calls the contractions.
And then the mother feels: “This possession of mine which I carried all that time, this sacred unity, this wonderful feeling” – this life in you, in this society, thinks; there it did not yet think, it could not yet think there – “this is leaving me, I am starting to feel it.”
Gradually, calmly, even in your sleep you start to feel that the life is starting to leave.
And now the life leaves, the birth comes and now the mother says: “My God, my God, if only this could continue eternally.”
You have lost something, haven’t you, mothers?
You miss something at that moment; yes, you miss the eternal giving birth, you miss an evolution.
A gulf has come between you and that birth.
But if you experience it in the depth for space, then you can say at that moment: “I have taken part in creation again, I represented God again, I was one again with His process of giving birth.”
Because later, when we come from space to the earth, you will experience – and then we will stand still and then we will be inspired, so that the Divine word can come to you in order to make it clear to you – that being a mother is the most sacred thing which you can experience as a human being!
Lectures Part 1, 1950
In order to be able to inspire the embryonic stage on the second planet, the fish consciousness sinks into a sleep:
Can you feel now that the soul now falls asleep and must return to the embryonic stage?
This fish consciousness sinks back to the first stage for the birth and will disappear from this universe, because, we experienced that a moment ago, our following stage is ready.
I am conscious, my brothers, but it is being ready of the soul for the following stage.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The first souls absorbed the spiritual plasma from the second planet into themselves and thus formed the first little spiritual cell body for their further evolution:
Soon we will begin with our first birth, so precisely on the Moon, however, with that difference, we have experienced millions of lives, we possess higher evolution and will go continually further in order to conquer this universe, which is possible!
We go from planet to planet, so bodies, which will serve us.
Because we have analysed the laws on the Moon, you can follow and understand your own development.
But can you feel, my brothers, that we are awakening, that we have begun with our first embryonic life?
What happens now?
I absorb the inspiration into me which I receive by means of the planet as mother.
I reach consciousness, I bring life and inspiration into this organism and will condense myself.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
Actually the soul keeps doing that with every new birth because every material life begins as an embryo:
We absorbed so much feeling from that astral ball into us and now we saw that a new life originated in a new source, in a new space.
We had independence, but we would return in the embryonic stage, because these are the Divine laws, and as a result of which, a new life receives the possibility of existence for spirit and material.
You are still mother and the child still has to begin with the very first stage, from the embryonic life and grade of life.
The new life is born in the mother.
Is that ... or is that not the case?
These are Divine fundamental laws and those laws are final, those laws are revelations!
A birth as embryonic life is a Divine revelation and a law.
And as a result of this we will see how we return as a result of these revelations, that birth, this fatherhood and motherhood, to the Divine All.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
What the soul absorbed from the second planet can also be called aura:
And now we come there again as a spark and absorb so much consciousness of that life – we reach oneness, don’t we, but now as conscious souls – and absorb so much aura of that life into us and now begin with a new life in a second, next stage for this transition.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The masters see that the lower body of the sea lion-like organism on the second planet undergoes a splitting in order to build up the land life:
But the organism has changed a bit, the body gets more land forms, the skeletal system squeezes itself into progressive possibilities, because the division will also take place, a division which only the lower part of the body will experience.
That becomes land consciousness.
What we now stand before, that becomes the giving birth and creating outside the waters, because we already see that those organs also take themselves to that evolution and will possess those outward characteristics, which were also created once more by the Sun as Father.
When we experience that, Master Alcar says:
“Can you feel this, my brothers?
When we soon experience the soul for the origin of fatherhood and motherhood, I mean how the human organs were able to receive this form, we establish that the sun now also gave those laws to every created cell.
After all, if the soul as human being wants to represent fatherhood and motherhood outside the waters, she will also have to create the organs for that and about which we know that this also happened, but despite that, has cosmic meaning!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
By means of the driving force of the soul, the organs for fatherhood and motherhood are attuned to the life on the land:
The laws for fatherhood and motherhood no longer change, only the organs get to experience that awakening, so that we will soon be able to follow those transformations.
That Sun and Moon now represent an own world is the division for the Universal fatherhood and motherhood and means that both the human being and the animal have to accept that independence, but must also be accepted by every organ.
It is by means of this, my brothers, that every organ also gets to experience that division, by means of which both the giving birth organ and the creating organ get that own independence.
Because the Sun now radiates the own powers, it can already be determined now that the creating organ for the human and animal fatherhood will likewise possess those radiating capacities.
So that becomes the human organ in order to create and to give birth, but which we now experience and analyse according to the spatial laws, and this would also infallibly take place.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The soul creates all the required organs for the physical life on the land:
However, that is the awakening for all the systems and organs which are a part of the human and animal organism.
You will surely understand that the creating and giving birth organs are now essential, and that from those organs the other parts of this organism will attune themselves with regard to these creating and giving birth powers, can also be accepted, by means of which we experience that later, on Earth then, we will see the human, but Divine image.
It can be seen that this fish life divides itself, but the great wonder is that it is the creating and giving birth organs which get to represent this cosmic wonder, by means of which the soul as human being builds her land physical life.
It can therefore be accepted that Sun and Moon are father and mother, but that the soul as human being, because we experience subsequent planets, creates her organs, is the great wonder which we will soon experience.
It is only then that the organism for that independence as a human being will be ready.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The inner organs are also formed life after life:
Inner life will return many times to this planet, which is reincarnation, and serve to bring the material body and inner organs to perfection.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The respiratory organs in the water are transformed into lungs for the life on the land:
What was attuned to the waters, as respiratory organs, would have to represent a similar task on the land, but they would be created by the soul once more, because she created all the material systems.
Archives, 1945
The wing and bladder system shrivel up, the human lungs and respiratory organs already condensed themselves.
Archives, 1945
As a result, we can live longer on the land:
Therefore the time of land consciousness already expands itself and we continue in this way.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
After millions of lives, the soul reaches the land consciousness here:
And we will undergo our being one again, enter the adult stage again and then die, by means of which we see our following life assured.
So we also have to experience millions of lives for this planet, before we have experienced this universe too, the ultimate stage of which already possesses the land consciousness.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
Then it has finally released itself from the water:
We must therefore accept that the soul was capable of creating all her following material systems herself.
By means of one the other emerged and the following stage, a grade of life for the soul, which is inspired materially and spiritually by her obtained consciousness.
By means of this she could release herself from the waters one day in order to experience the passable planet.
Archives, 1945

The second cosmic grade of life

The second planet is actually the first transition planet of the second cosmic grade of life.
In the quotation below, it is also called a ‘secondary planet’ because it is not a main planet, it is a transition planet which is part of the evolution to a main planet:
Our going further is assured!
For that purpose the Moon as Mother created the subsequent law of life as a secondary planet, for us the first stage for the Second Cosmic Grade.
So the first birth for the higher inspiration.
That is also a planet!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The first transition planet is firmer and more compact than the first planet:
Here, too, a great process of decay takes place, but this small planet is firmer and more compact than the large planet which dominates this smaller one.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
A different climate is needed for this condensing:
This small planet cannot experience that process of decay on a million scale, because a transition is needed: an other climate and an other power.
This small object is firmer and more compact than the first planet, and this would facilitate the development of the material organism.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The subsequent planet is even larger:
The following planet is already larger than this one and these are transitions towards the second cosmic grade.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
In this way, the soul experiences six transition stages as planets which belong to the second cosmic grade of life:
That therefore means: one, two, three, four, five, six and here we now come again to a higher grade.
So we not only experienced seven stages for the embryonic life, we must experience them, in order to conquer that space, but the macrocosmos also has those transitions in its possession, in the possession of fatherhood and motherhood, which All-Mother had to spiritualize and to materialize for herself.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
On a trip for the cosmology, master Alcar asks Jozef Rulof (André-Dectar) whether we could not have suddenly passed on to Mars, the main planet of the second cosmic grade of life:
We know now that the planet Mars is mother and that she gave birth.
Is it not possible now that we pass over to her life and consciously suddenly in order to continue our life, André-Dectar?”
“No, my Master, that is not possible either, because we experienced seven subsequent laws of condensing for fatherhood and motherhood, and are therefore not capable now either of experiencing that spatial leap for our evolution, we must accept these subsequent laws of life!”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The six transitions to Mars lie spread out in the universe:
We experienced six transitions and all those planets lie spread out in the universe, the origin of which you analysed in the books.
We now see that the universe can experience one process and that is fatherhood and motherhood.
And those laws serve, work on the human organism, we cannot experience anything else, but by means of that the soul awakens, the spirit, the inner life for all these systems.
The human process of origin now gets a form and that is the Human Being!
What can we see now?
We have reached the Second Cosmic Grade!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
All the planets of the second cosmic grade of life form one evolution line:
You must fully realize that all these planets are one, that they possess one action: to raise the earthly body to the perfect body you possess on earth as your material organism.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939

We created ourselves

The soul gave form in the body to its feeling to elevate itself:
Do you see now, my son, that the soul elevates itself, that it is she now as the personality who wants to raise herself up, and that this is necessary, if she soon wants to experience a beautiful body?
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
We come there. Before we have reached the fourth, the fifth, we have erected ourselves.
Those paws, they came outside, we got claws, and we have become hairy.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The head raised itself from the torso:
But you see that this head released itself from the torso and actually possesses the ape phenomena, has characteristics which adorn the conscious animal.
Because the inspiration is attuned to the being on the land, this being elevated itself and we see the awakening of this body part.
However, the other organs did not remain behind and likewise got a form by means of the soul.
Archives, 1945
The jawbone still protruded considerably:
The head is free from the upper part of the body and the skull resembles that of man on earth, but it is more robust and the jawbone protrudes.
The eyes are deeply set and can hardly be seen through the dense growth of hair.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The inner wanting of the soul formed the body life after life:
The inner wanting created wonders.
The head emerged, because the soul attuned itself to that, her field of concentration was orientated and because she got her capacities of movement by means of the Macrocosmic laws.
So what got inspiration for our inner life had to transform itself.
The Eastern child of Mother Earth also possesses those fakir methods.
You see people there who put a body part out of action and in this way do not give it any possibility of life.
They do that for some art or another, but it is especially to earn a living.
Those people therefore belong to the street occultists of the East.
The human soul for all these stages and grades of life did that unconsciously.
Because she was attuned to the perceiving, the head formed itself and released itself from the body.
These feelings entered my conscious life.
If you can feel these laws with me, then we can also check her wanting to live and the accompanying phenomena, which would create arms and legs.
The head was inspired by the wanting to see, skull and form got to accept the clear aspects.
Archives, 1945
The skeletal system condensed, the walking, the moving originated.
Archives, 1945
We evolved from swimming to walking:
What are the membranes for me in the waters, I create in order to be able to go to systems.
What are the rowing and swimming organs for me there are now already the arms and legs, paws and claws, in order to be able to protect me for this universe, because I am no longer alone.
Archives, 1945
The claws grew by means of a continuous concentration:
Our claws grew, because the concentration was continually attuned to that.
The urge to look for food, the climbing of the universe, the going on hands and feet, as our ape possesses that, are characteristics which we forced to revelation ourselves, because our life was inspired by that.
Archives, 1945
The organism began to look like an earthly ape:
This monster, my brothers, looks somewhat like the earthly ape, however, I tell you that this animal has nothing to do with that system.
After all, it would still take millions of years before the ape would create itself in nature.
Archives, 1945
The whole body was then hairy:
You see that the entire body is covered with hair, as are its crude head and claws.
In this animal-like being resides the primal strength of all spent and received energy.
This organism was built up during all those billions of centuries.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
And muscular:
How muscular these beings were!
Their bodies were hairy and they were entirely naked.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The organism gained a primal power:
Nature, and everything living in nature, has hardened.
The trees you see are firm and vigorous and already attain the level we know on earth.
The skeleton of man and animal is tremendously strong, which is also known from the first human stage on earth.
We always see these material transitions.
All those transitions of the material organism bring us to the highest degree, which is the material organism man on earth now has.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Compared with the human body on earth, the body on Mars was expanded to a giant form:
There is a lot of water here too.
Thousands of animal species are living in those seas, but man freed himself from that condition thousands of centuries ago.
The being living here has passed on to the negotiable planet.
It has, therefore, reached its form of existence, it is already mature and is ready for a higher stage.
They are all giants.
These giants also lived on earth during the earliest of times.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
On Mars there were also material grades of life in order to go from cell to the ape-like body:
There, André; in front of you, you see another mother.
She is more robust and stronger than the other being you just saw; these are the seven material transitions, which we know on earth and are also present here.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
We created ourselves:
So I repeat that we would raise ourselves up by means of this.
That we would be capable of creating arms and legs.
And we created ourselves.
We came that far!
Archives, 1945

Animal and plant kingdom

Alcar showed André how the animal kingdom developed on the last transition planet for Mars:
André saw a greenish monster.
Its size was tremendous and it lived in these surroundings.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
This animal in front of you is twelve to fifteen feet large, but there are small species, too.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
We find this greenish monster again during the initial stage of the earth, but, during its further stage, the animal differs from this prehistoric monster.
The inner body of this animal nearly disintegrates but remains intact.
Its skeleton has not sufficiently developed.
It lives on land and in the water.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
This animal has dropped its fish-like condition and already lives on earth, but you can tell from that slothy body, that it moves on with difficulty.
It has not yet assumed its natural condition.
This is a transition and this transition lasts a great many centuries, when a different and more powerful species is born out of this animal.
Other species still live in the seas, but they are also engaged in freeing themselves from that stage, and will reach the negotiable planet to accept an other organism.
That is how the animal evolves.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Several species of animals are living here, but most of them are living in the seas and are, therefore, in a different stage.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Many species of animals have reached the negotiable planet, which hardened in all those centuries.
Others, millions of them, live in the deep waters and still have to go through that stage.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
‘Are there already winged species of animals, Alcar?’
‘No, that degree cannot be born here, nor on the other planets.
That degree of development, which is the highest the animal can attain, is not found until on earth; they were born there on the third degree.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
‘The animal species we meet here are those monsters living at the banks of rivers and in the seas.
There are not so many living on the land yet, but those which do live there are so unnaturally sized that they would frighten you, if you met such a monster.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Look, there, another being out of which an animal evolves, which you know on earth and has been found there for many centuries.
This animal, André, looks like a toad, a tremendous monster, but its body will harden to grow a shell covering its entire body.
You surely understand what I mean?’
‘Is it, or will it become, a tortoise, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Its body is still loose and flabby, but it will condense during all those centuries.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
André looked at the animal, it had a greenish-grey colour, and its legs were already powerful.
He saw that this animal belonged to the species already present on the planet earth.
‘Have a good look, André, you see that the animal’s skin already shows those scaly spots.’
‘What a monster, Alcar.
It looks like it only consists of water.’
‘That is obvious, because it is an aquatic animal.
Its broad head will change; its entire body will harden and its inner organs will develop.
We shall see this animal again in a following incarnation.
These animals have attained this tremendous size on the second degree and also on earth.
Then again new lives follow, out of which, like man experiences, the true animal evolves, subsequently to pass on into another organism.
The previous planet and this one, therefore, serve the formation of its material organism, which attains full development on the second degree.
You will tremble when you presently see the many animal species known there.
The human being there also has an unusual size.
Only on earth does man and animal assume their normal form and you will observe that wonder later.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
On Mars, the giant tortoise reached its largest size:
André recognized this animal.
It was like the tortoise on earth.
Here, the animal had reached a tremendous size.
The head was already visible, but its shell had not yet hardened and was still composed of a fleshy substance.
‘Will this animal become the giant tortoise which lived on earth at the beginning, Alcar?’
‘Yes, André, we shall see that animal again on earth, but then nature has completed its task, which is the condensation process.
You will see that animal there again, and also that other animal, but they will be smaller than they were on this planet.
On earth, the animal kingdom has more resistance and strength, acquired in all those centuries.
Look, there are dozens of them together.
Man keeps away from them, but these beings seek out the human being, and a struggle for life and death develops.
However large they are, these animals are very vulnerable.
Man is aware of this vulnerability, and knows how to surprise and hit them.
It belongs to their lives; it is the instinct of man and animal.
But the animal, too, knows how to attack the human being, and smells where it is.
The inner organs, therefore, are highly developed, but it is not until on earth that this instinct, that pre-animal feeling, passes on to consciousness, and they act accordingly.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
On the last transition planet for Mars, the plant kingdom still had not reached strong condensing either:
Look at that plant leaf, large enough for man to hide underneath, it is a few yards long.
I shall connect myself with it, then you can pass into its inner structure.’
André passed into the tissue.
‘It is peculiar what I feel, Alcar.’
‘You feel that the plant lives in a preliminary stage.
It feels like a downy cloth, and it is elastic as well.
It would not be possible to keep these plants alive on earth.
The power nature has, and which the earth receives by cosmic radiation, which is the sunlight, would make plant life here melt to form a pulpy mass.
The power of nature here is such that everything lives at half-power and the energy this planet receives from the solar system is one-third of that of the earth.
That is caused – and that will be clear to you – by the location of this planet in the universe and the task it has to perform.
What we have seen and experienced on the other planets and was necessary for the inner organs, is here for the general constitution, which is the growth process.
Hence all those huge animal species.
Presently we shall see this growth process in the human being, for neither does the material organism of man escape these laws of nature, as it is preordained in creation.
Everything you see, André, expands, awakens and passes through this growth process.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The trees differ from those on earth; what we know there as the normal wood-substance, and which is achieved by nature on earth, is not condensed here.
The soil is of the same substance and the water is still muddy, a greasy mixture, in which animal life exists.
There is nothing here which is already known on earth; everything on the planet earth is essentially perfect, like the material organism of man and animal.
Neither do we see the lustrous green of plants and trees here, nothing of what nature has produced on earth.
Man and animal live in a transition to the real and natural state of the third cosmic degree.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
On Mars all the life experienced the giant stage:
Nature, too, as I just said, differs from nature on earth; although at first sight, you think you are already on earth.
I could call this the era of the giants, which is actually true.
Everything belonging to the material organism awakens here and this planet has a capability which those other planets lack.
This planet builds the material organism: is it strange that the human and animal organism should have reached this size?
Trees and plants are also immensely large, although plant life dominates here.
The leaf of a plant, as you see, is as large as a roof of a house on earth, and its thickness is tremendous.
It has that primal strength here, but it dissolves in a few days during the coming change of climate, according to time on earth.
The enormous shrubs you see here everywhere, produce a kind of fruit on which the animals, that have reached the shore, feed.
There is similar food for man here, which is only present periodically, depending on the climate.
They do eat this kind of food, although they are adjusted to animal food.
In the water and on land, food is abundant.
In addition, there is the human being itself, which they eat.
The poisonous reptile lives here, too, but the material organism is immune and they can digest quantities, which would cause instant death to human beings on earth, if they were to take their fill of this.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939