Feelings -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘feelings’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘feelings’.

Unique life of feeling

The temple priest Venry in Ancient Egypt learns from his teacher Dectar that in his temple life up until now he has still not acquired many new characteristics:
When you are aware that all your actions and feelings are the possession from the past and that you consequently live in day-consciousness, and experience, create, receive, act, see and hear, and that all these feelings constitute your entire personality, then you can accept that the soul also lives in the past during day-consciousness.
Is it clear to you that your soul did not acquire anything in this life?
That you are building, creating and serving, and that you have not yet earned anything?
What are the new qualities you acquired in this life?
Search yourself, descend into yourself, or go ‘in’ and see properly and clearly whether this is correct, and you will accept that you and all those who are on earth live in their own past and draw from it.
Is that unnatural?
First of all, work out who you are and what you have now become.
Has any change come about?
Between Life and Death, 1940
There is only the now:
for you talk, think and feel in and from the past.
So there is only ‘now’, it is there and will remain, there is no past, ‘life’ is there and you are now conscious in it.
But only in so far as it concerns your own life.”
Between Life and Death, 1940

Depths of feeling

We have seven depths of feeling in us, the top layer of which is referred to as the day-consciousness:
You have had hundreds of thousands of lives, they are part of your feeling.
Now we get seven depths of feeling, and the highest, the seventh, the day consciousness in the subconscious ...
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
Our life of feeling contains both the feelings which we are conscious of, and the feelings that live under our day consciousness:
Now you must begin: subconscious is feeling.
And the life of feeling reacts in the day consciousness.
People talk about subconscious, but it really does not exist, you know.
Because the life of feeling represents the subconscious, both.
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952


We can be our own psychologist:
(Lady in the hall): ‘Master Zelanus, following on from this, that which remains locked up in our previous lives in our subconscious, we learn in those books that we must get to know ourselves ...’
(Lady in the hall): ‘ ...can we get to know all of that then, there where the subconscious cannot come to the day conscious?’
You mean, would we be able to know, experience the past, your previous lives?
Can you get to know yourself in this life?
(Lady in the hall): ‘To a certain extent, perhaps.’
To a certain extent, in society; you can get to know yourself, irrevocably.
You know yourself irrevocably, because you know exactly, absolutely what you are doing.
Every thought which you materialize ...
You can think from inside, inwardly, but if it passes your lips, then that thought has materialized, and you know yourself from that.
You know what you yearn for.
But, from all those feelings, from those thousands of thoughts, the human being can get to know himself.
Socrates wanted that.
Look, you are asking about it, and the world, society is still not conscious for those systems.
But accept, there are millions of people living on earth who accept reincarnation and also had that reincarnation proved.
Here in the West you do not have it like that, but in the East children of four, five years old are already conscious for the temples and a child like that says: ‘I am master there and there, I will come back.’
The masters said beforehand: ‘I am going now, but in 43 years’ time, so many days I will be back again, and I will be born there.’
And those pieces of proof were received.
So I just mean, society laughs, society shrugs its shoulders, because the psychologist still has to lay the foundations for soul, spirit and universe, God, for everything.
But you can be your own psychologist if you feel what you think, what you think about, what you want to feel.
And, what do you do, what are you like?
You are that.
You are also that for the past, you are nothing else.
What would you still like to make conscious in your deep inner self, now that is all conscious?
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Why is there a longing for love within us?
But the feeling, which we once lived in, and in which love awakened in us, would in the next life be the desire that is present in every soul, and is felt by the soul as emotion and must be experienced.
Between Life and Death, 1940
André (Jozef Rulof) began to understand what the greatest study was:
André understood that the greatest study man could undertake was to get to know himself.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936