Grades of love -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘grades of love’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘grades of love’.

Christ brought the gospel of love

Christ knew all the grades in love:
This Christ returned as the Messiah to the Earth in order to bring us the Holy Gospel.
Divinely conscious as Christ had become, he knew every passion, but he also knew all the grades in love.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
The grades of love are the same as the grades of feeling:
And what is love?
They are two books once more, that is a trilogy, in one cover.
That is the coarse-material, material and the spiritual love.
We will just not experience the animal-like because we know them like that in society, you can experience them everywhere.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
Christ could only say what people at that time could understand:
We know how Christ was received.
Should He have spoken differently?
That was not possible.
Christ could not tell the human being about His Divine All, at least not yet about the laws of All-Life, the human being would not have understood them.
Christ would bring the ‘Gospel of Love’ to Earth, no more was needed.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
He summarised his joyful message into love:
Christ brought:
His justice from the conscious Divine All!
He knew that only ‘love’ is capable of reaching and conquering the laws of life of God.
Christ therefore brought the only ‘love’ and that is eternal.
As a result of this, my brothers, we see that Christ summed up all the universes and all the laws of the All-Mother into one whole and that is Love!
He could say on Earth:
“He who loves has everything!
He who loves rises out above the material!
He who loves has the Father!
He who loves will receive all the riches.
He who loves will be the blissful in soul and spirit!
He who loves will not mourn, that human being has everything!
He who loves will inherit the ‘Kingdom!’
He who loves possesses gentleness and My life, My light!
Also the Light of My Father!
He who loves possesses the salt of the earth, the food, both the sensation and the inspiration for the spiritual awakening!
He who loves makes all the life happy, Me too!
My Father too!
Your and My God in Heaven!
He who loves possesses the life light of all the worlds!
He who loves...”, my brothers, Christ says, and now comes from the conscious Divine All to our life and for this mankind, “is the light for the darkness, because this human being feels and sees, goes further, further in harmony and higher and will return to the Divine All!”
“He who loves”, Christ said and He brought to Earth, “lets his light shine in the hearts of all the life!
He who loves follows Me.
Know and do not believe that I have come to dissolve the laws or the prophets, I come to all of you in order to open your life, to take it to the spiritual awakening.
He who loves is well-disposed towards all the life!
He who loves awakens!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Universal love even includes the enemy:
Learning to give love, that was the road.
How simple it was, and yet – how terribly difficult.
One should love one’s enemies.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936

Universal love

Through the books by Jozef Rulof, people can establish for themselves in which grade of feeling they live:
Are you love?
Are you love for mankind?
Are you still love, but for yourself?
Do you only love what was created by you?
Do you have a family love?
Do you have a social love?
Is your love still animal-like?
You can establish all of this for yourself, it can be experienced and analyzed now, after all, you have received the books from Master Alcar from the University of Christ.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
In the book ‘Those who came back from the Dead’, a spiritual guide explains that people in the spheres of light help others:
We, who live here, therefore the brothers and sisters in the spirit, are here in order to help you and all others.
We serve life and by serving others, we will reach an even higher sphere.
Rich or poor, learned or not learned, we know no distinction here and everyone is helped.
We love everything that lives and are open to life.
Therefore, everything I do for another, I do for myself; it is the serving love.
Our life is like that, and that is the possibility of making progress.’
Those who came back from the Dead, 1937
There are seven grades in helping:
Now you enter the seven grades, can you feel this, of helping, help, brotherly love, sisterly love.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
The masters first look at whether their help will give a permanent result.
In this connection, Christ used a metaphor about curing the blind, when he saw that the other person did not want to make any effort to awaken spiritually.
In a sense, we, on the Beyond, experience the opposite, meaning that we want to give all we have within, but first we must determine whether this will have a lasting result.
We do not intervene when we realize and clearly see that we would deprive this life of its true awakening by doing so.
We on the Beyond must prevent this.
That is why Christ said, ‘Let the blind cure the blind’, and He did not lift a finger!
Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side, 1945

Natural love

The masters followed the whole cosmic evolution of the soul.
They saw that the soul lived on various planets, in order to be able to expand its physical form from cell to adult human form.
The masters hereby established that the soul had achieved a body on the planet Mars that could be somewhat compared to that of the prehistoric being on earth.
On Mars, that body was even coarser and larger.
On earth, the soul then took similar development steps during the prehistoric age like on Mars, but than with the earthly matter.
The article ‘our consciousness on Mars’ describes the inner life of the soul when it lived on that planet.
Intercourse was only proceeded with when a man and a woman were influenced by another soul which needed a body in order to reincarnate:
You will clearly experience that the material event by the soul which must be attracted is influenced.
The action for love is experiencing a law, which attracts the highest harmony and by means of which reincarnation manifests itself.
Archives, 1945
On Mars, by experiencing seven material grades of life, the soul reached the pre-animal-like Mars consciousness:
The love life on this planet remained unaffected.
Fatherhood and motherhood developed, so that the soul could experience the seven grades of life.
And finally it stands before its Mars consciousness.
Archives, 1945
The Mars consciousness is like the animal in nature:
Just like the animal in nature experiences the laws of life, for this grade of life the soul as human being reached consciousness.
Archives, 1945

Wanting to love

By consciously experiencing the genitals, lust emerged:
Can you feel that the love life is overpowering for all the universes of God?
That we get to know the laws of our life by means of this?
Can you see how this consciousness evolves?
And can you perceive that the soul as human being enriches her world by means of creating and giving birth?
What we experienced on the Moon has not changed here in any way either.
However, those laws of life were materialised.
What we experienced there for the embryonic existence is here the obtained part of our life which has to represent the creation plan.
The inner organs created themselves by means of this, they got the outer forms and it was only then that we experienced the temporary lust for the Earth.
By means of the seeing and experiencing of these organs, our life developed and the soul got to accept her birth contractions consciously.
Archives, 1945
By means of personal consciousness, wanting to love emerged:
Precisely by means of the human consciousness, the soul got the feeling for her own space, and all her originated phenomena.
She wanted to love.
Archives, 1945
The personality got to love intercourse as a phenomenon:
It was only on Earth that she left this grade of life.
When her conscious human life spoke to the day-conscious self, she got to love those phenomena.
Now lust originated.
Archives, 1945
On Mars, a natural love was experienced:
I must show you that the soul was able to live here more naturally for love than the soul of the Earth.
Archives, 1945
On earth, the personality developed a self-love which was aimed at experiencing the own feelings of pleasure:
“Entering self-love.
Archives, 1945


On Mars, no lust originated.
There, the personality still did not have the consciousness and the will to create for itself:
If we as souls create new life, we are inspired by the soul which we must attract.
If we want to create ourselves, then we enter the disharmonic laws and then stand before lust.
On this planet we did not know that lust, it was only on Earth that we learned to experience those feelings consciously.
Archives, 1945
On earth, the personality focused its attention on other bodies than that of its twin soul, and it went outside its own grade of life:
Wanting to possess something which does not belong to my own grade of life.”
Archives, 1945
Before, the soul had always experienced its love in harmony with its twin soul of the own grade of life and as a result assured its evolution:
“If we experience our love in harmony, experience the possession which belongs to us from the own grade of life according to the Divine Revelations at a hundred percent, even if we are pre-animal-like unconscious, master it, then we will continue to evolve according to the Divine love, or our life will stand still sooner or later.
Archives, 1945

The land of lust

Lust went far:
How far did it go?
The hells originated, and hatred and horror.
Archives, 1945
The hells or dark spheres in the hereafter originated from the life of feeling of the human being:
The hells are like that.
The hells, they live in me.
If I have hatred, the Sphere of Hatred is there.
If I slander, if I sully the human being, then I live in a world of sullying, then that spirit of mine is one and all rottenness.
If I long for lust, animalization, if I only want to experience the body, then I am also only just material, animal-like material which sinks away rotting in that darkness.
You close your eyes, you close your organs to that spiritual stench in the human being.
A corpse smell on earth is nothing.
Do you not know the life aura of the human being?
Give your taste and smelling organs reincarnation and smell the personality.
That is the life ‘beyond the coffin’.
That is the Other Side.
That is the becoming one with the destruction, with the wrong thinking, the taking possession of material and spirit which belongs to another, the wild exploring of the animal with regard to the human child, that is the breaking of the human heart, that is the stealing of the light which the human being possesses in his eye in order to look.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The physical body is formed by the inner life.
Should Master Alcar have explained to you the monsters from the Land of Hatred?
If you enter our world and have no love, and you look lustfully at the human being then your eyes bulge from the sockets, they fly through space; you are not as blind as a bat at this moment, but you are disgust because of your own looking, because you build up disharmony.
You look, at what?
At rape, sullying, deformation.
And that world is deformed.
There is no tree there.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
The beautiful organism can lose its natural shape:
They do not have any nylons, they do not have any blouses, their wonderful, beautiful material organism has become brutalized in an animal-like way.
The Divine source as food hangs as far as the bottom and they are standing on it.
The shape has gone from this life because no character trait still possesses universal shape.
The shape has been deformed because by means of your wrong, unharmonic thinking, you deform your Divine character, as a feature, as love, willingness, acceptance, bowing, being nice around you.
Lectures Part 2, 1951

A warm feeling

However, in the land of lust, the first feeling of a higher love had once awakened:
Every second new souls enter life after death and they also return to the Earth in order to live it up.
There is now fighting over the earthly being.
Now the astral being becomes afraid.
Afraid of losing the material being who makes the enjoyment possible.
He will protect it.
Worry has therefore entered the astral being, which points to a higher feeling.
And suddenly more feelings exist in him, which he knew nothing about, did not have the suspicion that they existed.
Heat enters him, another heat than the body gives.
This heat makes him light and happy.
And it enters him, only because he helps the earthly being.
He cannot do differently, he experiences this wonder.
This human being thinks about it and follows the feelings in him.
And by doing this, he also starts to sense and understand the earthly life more deeply.
The material life now starts to speak to him.
He wants to feel the heat in him more strongly, the astral being and in order to achieve this, he increases his efforts.
He is busy serving!
And gradually love enters him for the human being whom he watches over and protects.
And this feeling of love already receives a grade of meaning.
Finally his astral world will change as a result of it.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941

The radiating light of love

Every action can be weighed against the light that is created by means of that deed:
But in you: that soul is a part of God.
And by means of every thought you make a character trait conscious.
So every deed has a spatial, spiritual, divine foundation.
You do something and then you can, the human being can, God can, the universe can weigh up your deed with the light of that universe.
That means, if you do something, then that deed immediately goes upwards, into the universe, and by means of that you get a foundation in order to walk, to stroll, to stand.
You have light, you have life, you have love.
By means of love, by giving a deed love, that is ...
People call it ‘love.’
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
If I act for my life in an inferior way according to the Divine laws, then the good in my life emphasises the percentage of love which emanated from me.
And now I am in harmony with my pre-animal grade of life, or I will stand still in my development for a short time, because God’s life cannot accept my consciousness.
Archives, 1945
Only by loving, does the soul reveal itself for its following grade of feeling:
Love these grades of life and you will reveal yourself for the following stage.
Archives, 1945

Superfluous lust

From an evolutionary point of view, lust is superfluous:
Everything which you make of that yourself, is superfluous.
Everything which you also add, you can experience the being one, you will feel, one day you will come out of that material grade.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
That lust can suppress wanting to have children:
There are people who experience that unity, do not want a child, so they have ... they are still a hundred percent in lust at the moment, in lust.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
The cordiality can also disappear:
Did you really think by throwing the one life aside and accepting the other that you could experience Divine, spatial love?
If you know yourself, have experienced the material oneness, the spirit lies there screaming and cursing from misery.
Because she therefore as soul and as spirit does not possess any construction, any harmony, any cordiality.
It is all social bareness.
It is the emptiness which Christ fought against when He said: “And if you dare, then cast the first stone.”
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Sexuality of the human being:
‘Is it not perhaps true’, Jozef also says, ‘the laws of God do not know any destruction and sexuality; that is the creation of the human being!
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
Intercourse can be steered from various feelings:
When man and woman want to experience the evolution process, dear Freud, how much lust is there now, now that we know that we live on earth in order to conquer this universe by means of fatherhood and motherhood?
So the human being possesses at least:
one percent lust, if he undergoes the Divine being one for his evolution, but all of that becomes lust when the personality speaks and sullies the divine state of purity.
Freud, we are standing before the state of purity for fatherhood and motherhood, before character urges and both the unconscious and conscious grades of feeling for the giving birth and the creating.
Those are the different worlds for the soul as human being for her life on earth.
Of course we now also see the human being perishing by means of his character traits and it can be followed.
And those are now the different worlds for the soul as human being, in which she lives, the society which she is a part of.
Her longings come to the foreground.
Who is this soul as woman and man?
Do you know her, doctor?
It can immediately be established whether she wants to experience lust or pure love.
And look now, fatherhood and motherhood now lie in the depth of her personality, but by means of which she wants to experience her longings.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The oneness can be experienced in various grades:
You now have seven grades of being one.
The animal-like, the pre-animal-like, there are people who experience that spiritually.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951

The growing love

The higher grades of love which are experienced in the spheres of light exceed the physical experiencing:
Material love has nothing to do with spiritual, astral love.
Our love is not bound by earthly laws; it has totally conquered physicality.
The enormous gap between the two has to be bridged by the personality itself.
Mental Illnesses seen from the Other Side, 1945
The higher grades are reached by means of commitment of the character:
You received that, your physical condition is there.
The human being one is the material foundation for the spiritual love.
But a time comes that that fatherhood and motherhood, that love, must be drawn up to the character.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
From giving birth and creating to love:
When we begin to coo, it is the fatherhood and motherhood in us which coos, wants to experience love, but this is not love, this is creating and giving birth.
The actual love, which you are talking about, lives in the personality and it is the emotional life and it becomes the character.
And we must prove what that is like, therefore outwith creation, as man and woman.
But, creation and giving birth happen from our life and as a result of this – now it will come – all that life in nature, the animal is so crazy, so fickle too, it knows just one goal, it possesses just one feeling, to take the life to evolution and this is God himself!
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
It is only at the age of thirty-six to thirty-eight years ... that the personality begins the own life.
And all of you know that.
If that force, that giving birth and creating for all the life, goes to sleep, the human being is capable of achieving something for himself and that is now the Sphere of Light in him and in her, the wisdom and the love.
How does the human being react now?
We talked about it a moment ago.
What is that man and that woman like for the ‘love’?
Do you see, that the love is for and will remain for the ‘personality’ and that giving birth and creating represent ‘God’?
That it is the soul, which wants us to give birth and create, that it must represent God as a result of its reincarnation and that it will inspire us on earth in order to give it a new body, so that it can continue its own evolution?
It gives, now listen carefully, its capacities back to us again, because it will soon attract us again and then we return.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
After our giving birth and creating, ladies and gentlemen, we come to – as was already said before – acting.
Then we make something of the personality, which is a problem once more for the psychologists.
Now that creation and giving birth go to sleep, does the human being himself not come to the fore?
So first creation goes ahead of us, fatherhood and motherhood want love and when that Divine giving birth and creating have gone to sleep, you see your actual character for the first time.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
What I am concerned with, what the Masters are concerned with, is: the love which you have.
It is obvious, it comes to awakening as the body awakens as a material universe.
Every human being, every animal knows that.
You get that unity, you get married.
But the feeling in you, that awe-inspiring burning, that radiating of feeling and thoughts to that other personality, that one being – do you not know who that is? – we felt, we saw that, that is a depth, so awe-inspiring, but it brought us back to the origin of the first moment, and that is now the Divine reincarnating for the human being.
The feeling that the psychologist cannot yet analyze is therefore the natural oneness with the macrocosmos in order to reincarnate, in order to continue the life, directly from the All-Existence in the human being – can you feel this? – the All-Existence for and of the human being.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
As the physical body grows as a result of motherhood, our personality can allow its higher characteristics to grow:
A small character trait is now that deep.
A deed, an action, a thought is now that deep, that macrocosmic.
Your social life will sink if you give one hundred percent shape to a deed, to your friendship, to your justice, to your love, if you are open to your mother and your father, your child.
Every character trait – sense this properly – is growth.
And from every character trait, the hundred percent of that is a temple, is wisdom of life, it is supporting, it is the unity with nature.
Or you are precisely out or next to it, or you feel the speaking of a flower, you experience the character of this realm of colours, also fatherhood and motherhood.
It is not only the possibility of reaching unity and giving birth to and creating children, but to experience it.
You must therefore become giving birth.
What the body, what the organism now has, you do not yet have that, the personality does not yet have that.
Is the personality so infallible in the giving birth and the creating than the organic part possesses as feeling?
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Growing only comes about by means of practice, therefore the masters ask us to become love:
I would like to ask: become love.
You have it all in your hands.
I cannot teach you anything.
I only wanted to give you that which we mastered and by means of which we got the consciousness for God and the universe.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
There is a difference between longing for love and being love:
The human being longs for harmony, justice, possession.
‘Become it’, master Zelanus says, ‘and you will be it.’
Do you wish for love?
I long for a little bit of love.'
Be love, and you will be it, you will have it.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
Love at the level of the first sphere of light is allowing the All-Source in our light to radiate:
You want the love? What is now love?
To be in rebellion against God?
To be in rebellion against the All-Mother?
You beat that All-Mother in you back to the darkness by means of a deed.
By means of a cordiality?
No, by means of misunderstandings.
When you – it goes that far – when you want to enter the first sphere then there must come from you in everything, in your millions of character traits: joy, happiness and surrender, the possession, the knowledge that the All-Source lives in you.
If you darken that All-Source by means of a wrong thought then you already get darkness and that is misery and that is misunderstanding, being harsh, and then you are faced with the empty meaningless self.
We no longer do that, we cannot do that any more, no one can experience that.
We get surrender, we get amiability.
We get to experience the seeing of the laws, we must absorb those laws, we must experience them because then – yes, now it will come – the soul, the core of God is faced with the Divine All-Mother oneness.
Lectures Part 2, 1951

The seventh grade of love

The grades of love ultimately also form part of the final stage, such as the systems of our body.
Only if all previous stages of love have been developed, is it possible for the highest grade to be reached and maintained:
For Divine Creation pre-stages mean being of one organism, for this world and the human soul life, the development of her consciousness.
So pre-stages are therefore like we know our physical and spiritual systems, which form one whole as a body according to the physical laws, and made this organism from that.
If there is one part which is destroyed, is not present, then the highest physical working and that legislative reality cannot even be reached, or experienced, because this system is unnatural, is not complete.
Archives, 1945
That the final grade must determine the legislative reality and that this one must also represent the actual existing law as such.
So a pre-stage is not a law, but is part of the existing creation which is subdivided according to these laws of life, as grades for the development of the soul and her organisms.
Archives, 1945