Homosexuality -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘homosexuality’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘homosexuality’.

The emotional value of words

During a contact evening in 1952, Jozef Rulof indicated that the word ‘homosexuality’ caused a branding:
The Dutch language and science, the dictionary says: homosexual.
Now the man, and the mother, now they are suddenly branded.
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952
He also said that in his time society destroyed these people, which he did not wish to take part in:
Society destroys these people.
I do not, because we know the grades of these masks.
Those masks have been ripped off for us because the human being as spirit, as soul, the soul of God as human being, I will put it like this, lives in both organisms, because otherwise life would be at a standstill.
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952
Jozef spoke about a man who became lighter as a result of his explanation:
We once had a man like that here, he says: ‘Thank God, that is a weight off my heart.’
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952

A natural result of reincarnation

Jozef finds homosexuality a very clear phenomenon of reincarnation:
There is a very sharp phenomenon by means of which we must accept reincarnation, even if science does not know how to gauge, to see, the foundations, then they say: ‘Oh well.’
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952
The soul experiences the female and the male organism:
But homosexuality – science does not accept that yet – is only the returning of motherhood to fatherhood and the other way round, that means, that the soul-as-human being must experience both organisms.
The human being comes from, for example, the maternal organism, madam, and now receives – for this life – the male organism and therefore no longer possesses full motherhood.
That human being therefore now lives as a woman in the male organism and that man does not know what to do with his feelings.
The human being still has to master this because he returns, therefore reincarnates.
A woman now therefore lives in the male organism and still feels maternal, as a result of which she still therefore seeks the man.
But for society the man seeks the man.
If the soul comes from the male organism and if it is a woman for this life, then that human being no longer possesses the full paternal consciousness, but still feels like a man in the maternal garment and therefore also seeks the woman.
That is actually everything.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
The woman still has male feelings and no feeling for becoming a mother:
There are mothers on earth who possess the organism, but do not possess the feeling in order to experience motherhood.
The academic calls that homosexuality. There are men and women who feel this division and do not know what to do with their organism.
You discussed these possibilities a moment ago, but now we stand before those natural transition stages for fatherhood and motherhood and also have to accept them.
I experienced a moment ago that we entered motherhood from fatherhood.
Between the third and fourth grade I experienced those laws and I was neither father nor mother.
It is clear, my Master, I must discard fatherhood in order to enter motherhood and that is for the human being on earth now the lack of that conscious maternal life of feeling, the consciousness in order to be a mother.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
The soul lives several lifetimes in a body of a particular gender before it passes onto the other gender:
The creating power, gradually the personality lives in there seven times as spirit, and then passes onto motherhood.
Then the human being has suddenly entered a body and does not know what to do with it, still feels creative and is left there with a maternal organism.
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952
People can also see it as becoming free from the previous stage:
So we can determine for the University of Christ that homosexuality is nothing else on earth, can be nothing else than that the soul as human being becomes free from fatherhood or motherhood, that the soul as human being must experience the stages of transition in order to discard fatherhood or motherhood, or to evolve for those laws!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Acquiring the new stage comes by means of the lives that come:
But that therefore means that on earth seven different grades of life were born for fatherhood and motherhood.
That fathers and mothers live in there who still do not possess the conscious feeling in order to give birth and to create, but that they can and also must master that feeling by means of the lives which come, it is only then that man and woman will consciously feel both father and mother and there will no longer be any question of homosexuality!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Science at that time sought the cause of homosexuality in lust:
Science still does not know these laws.
The academics search for lust, the academics say, it is the lust of the personality, but now have to accept that beyond the personality, therefore the human being, as father and mother, the actual law of life is present and lives which dominates everything, every character trait!
The human being who is now busy growing according to the Divine laws for fatherhood and motherhood, experiences between the third and fourth grade that in a life he neither possesses paternal, nor maternal feeling and now stands before these stages.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
The soul builds on its life of feeling and its personality by experiencing fatherhood and motherhood:
When the soul as human being began with her own building up, so for her personality, and she stood before her world of feeling as man and woman, that was the fatherhood and motherhood.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
It is the soul which determines the gender of the body in the following life:
So the soul brings its organs to this consciousness and now determines whether it will become father or mother.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The soul determines this outside of the personality:
And those laws stand outside the personality, that is now the primal source for the soul as human being, by means of which she got hold of and got to experience her personality.
And that personality does not know what to do now with the body?
No, Freud, fatherhood and motherhood now divide themselves and pass on that division to the personality.
You called those sexual urges, but it is not that, it is the division for fatherhood and motherhood.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The human personality still feels like in the past life:
The woman feels like a male, dear Freud.
The man feels maternal, and it means that the soul as human being has just left the maternal or paternal, the giving birth or creating organism, so by means of her previous life, and still feels like a mother now.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The personality now determines how the new life will be picked up:
And then the character traits come.
The human being now also stands before love and faith, because what is that personality like now, dear Freud?
It is obvious that man and woman now stand before the own weak character traits, before good and evil, before the spiritual life, before diseases and miseries, and now the psychologists may search for the Divine state of purity in that, if they want to make a pure diagnosis, which they studied for anyway.
Now they make radical mistakes and if you were, and all those other people were, dear Freud, completely off the mark!
Completely ... you have now lost yourselves in those characters, which, however, experienced the spatial laws, which nothing can be changed about, if the human being surrenders to that.
And what do we see now?
The human ‘will’ emerges.
And yet you are not so sure whether the human being does have and possess an own will.
And by means of that ‘will’ the human being can now act and protect himself from all those phenomena.
Or he experiences miseries, his lusts, his animal-like or his natural love, which everything revolves around and gives the life a form.
Now add the art to that which the human being possesses, the thousands of matters and things which he has mastered and you will stand before the personality as a human being, with the additional complexes, the conscious and unconscious being able for our society and you will see the human being of the twentieth century.
But through everything we still see fatherhood and motherhood dominating, which continue to dominate all the characteristics, which represent the Primal Source, and both are and will continue to be creating and giving birth.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
Freud and Jung did not know the role of reincarnation:
When the human being, as mother and as father lets go of both the maternal and paternal grade of life by means of the laws of God, that means that man and woman must experience both organisms, then they enter improbable grades and they are now unconscious for fatherhood and motherhood, but now we enter homosexuality by means of Freud and Jung.
And those academics know everything about that, according to the teachings of ‘Bartje’ then.
For the divine truth they are completely wrong, because they now, which it therefore concerns, start to see the personality and it is that, according to these academics, which is sick, sexually sick, and that spiritually and physically.
But can you feel the great wonder?
The human being, by means of Freud, destroys himself.
He says, they are sexually disharmonic, so also physically, that is for him the human being himself.
I now determine that it are the spatial laws for fatherhood and motherhood by means of which the soul as human being becomes free from the male creating, so by means of reincarnation, will experience a new birth for fatherhood and motherhood.
By means of this the soul is neither maternal nor paternal, so she has stepped out of that natural becoming conscious, however, by means of which she must experience that disharmony, and for Freud it is nothing else but sexual carry-on, the destruction of a human soul.
So Freud was close-by, but he does not know reincarnation, he does not think that it is the human reincarnation which is to blame for those phenomena, but which the human being as man and woman must experience, and is not lust, but the becoming free from fatherhood and motherhood.
So that means, my friend, that we can now give Freud lectures by means of these laws and along with him all the others who think they feel something for psychoanalysis, but the spatial foundation of which they do not want to accept.
That now means that the soul as human being has to experience millions of lives before she is conscious for all the laws of life of this universe, and then she remains conscious for fatherhood and motherhood, so that we can experience: she will also conquer those laws as the personality one day and also remain herself, so possess normal paternal and maternal feeling.
It is not the human lust which flings, pushes, chases the soul as man and woman from the natural balance, but the laws for fatherhood and motherhood.
Of course there is also the human yearning, the wanting to experience the creation, the wanting to be one, but it is still these laws by means of which the human being has lost his natural male and maternal balance, which returns after all when she experiences the conscious creating and giving birth again as man and woman.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The academics thought in terms of insanity:
So that insanity of Freud touches the life of feeling of Jung; when a learned human being like that has to cling to a human bicycle, we can speak of ‘Bartje’, a wisdom, which takes you back-to-front back to God, but by means of which you get lost in this natural maze.
And they are already searching for this exit, but will never find it, because they do not know the soul as human being, or her birth.
They are only capable of seeing her as she was created by God by means of reincarnation.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
Freud thought that it came through sexual urges:
Freud, for you these were sexual urges.
But try looking behind that?
There, where you are now, everything is different.
Now you can see that fatherhood and motherhood must be experienced by the soul and that she does not possess any conscious fatherhood or motherhood on earth as a man and as a woman.
You saw that in the personality, but it is that Primal Source, by means of which the personality was influenced.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
Can you feel that Freud was completely mistaken and he was not able to lay any scientific foundations?
This is why other people outstrip him again, because he did not feel the true foundation.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
However, homosexuality as a phenomenon has nothing to do with lust:
Homosexuality has nothing to do with lust, the phenomenon itself as feeling now experiences Divine laws for the conscious fatherhood and motherhood.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
When the human being attunes himself to friendship, a great deal is possible:
The man loved her a lot and did not want to lose her for anything.
So he wanted to do everything.
And see – they received their child, first a boy and then ... by groaning another girl, because that conscious inner feeling to create is not there ... ladies and gentlemen, fathers and mothers, that is not consciously present; the natural power for it is lacking.
This is the groaning which I mean, but all their thinking, therefore also by him, is tuned in, in order to conquer that and they received their second child.
Because he has become a father, his inner life changes and ... I was able to experience this, they received a good marriage, built up by means of friendship and the human ‘will’.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
By experiencing motherhood, people get the feeling for the maternal body:
I say: ‘ Now you must try to attune your feeling there and there, in order to be a mother, a real mother.
You must try to have a child.
Then you will immediately go a step further, because that birth - do you feel?
That immediately brings you to the beautiful, wonderful; by means of the child, you will get motherhood, feeling of course, consciousness as a mother, by means of that birth, by carrying that child.
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952

Explanation at soul level

Jozef read out a question from a lady and explained that homosexuality does not exist at soul level:
I now read ...: ‘What is homosexuality actually?’
Jozef says: ‘Madam, is this note from you?
I thank you for your question.
Homosexuality, which people know in our society and which exists, does not exist for God and for the universe!
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
Jozef told many people that they are not homosexual, because the soul cannot be homosexual:
I received thousands of people, I say: ‘Madam, you are not that, and sir is not that either.’
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952