Lantos -- Sources

Sources from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘Lantos’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘Lantos’.


In 1938, Lantos wrote in ‘The Cycle of the Soul’:
I can still hear my father and mother saying these words and yet it was almost nine hundred years ago.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
This places his earthly life as an artist in the year 11 A.D.
In his earthly life he reached the age of 42.
I had been almost thirty-eight years old when I was locked up.
I concentrated on that time and I felt that I had been here four and a half years before I had taken my life.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
During his earthly life Lantos had the urge to go to Rome, because there he could fully experience his feelings for becoming a sculptor in the year 11 A.D.:
I tell him about my youth, my feelings of becoming a sculptor, the longing in me to experience Rome.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952


At the end of his book, Lantos focuses on his twin soul Marianne who still lives on earth at the time of publication of the book:
‘Marianne, these words are for you alone.
They come from deep within my heart and I have put all the powers of my soul into them.
Struggle, my child, struggle, your life is hard, but know that you are not alone.
Look around you.
How many do not suffer as you do?
You can bear all of this, because you are being helped by others.
Others are alone, completely alone in your dreadful world.
Know, my child, that if you had not felt and seen the darkness, you would not appreciate the light.
All of this is necessary.
If you seek your escape in nature and the plants and trees and cherish all the other plants, then I will be with you.
If you start to long, then you will feel me.
If beautiful and exalted thoughts and views enter you, they are mine.
If you dream beautiful dreams of happiness and reunion, of a life after this life, then we have been together and in the morning you will awaken in silent and pure happiness.
Look, Marianne, hold that inside you and live on in that.
When you look up at the universe, you will see me, because I live there.
I come to you from there and lay flowers from the spheres on your paths.
I will make everything up to you one day.
Know that I am waiting for you on this side and you will recognise me.
When your last breath flows from your tired body, I will be with you.
Then we will be one, one for eternity.
So struggle and follow your path which you can see in front of you.
You will and cannot perhaps accept all of this and I do not ask that of you either, but still, very deep inside you, there lies the past.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
He already knows that she will read these words:
The past was shown to me and one day I will return with you to the earth, in order to explain this to you too.
You will read all of this which I am writing down.
God gave me this mercy.
How great my happiness will be when you read this.
Together we will read about our lives on this side and from previous centuries.
Know that a century is only a flash.
To you they are years, the years of suffering, struggle and misery.
Yet imagine how I suffered and that all of that was for you, my Marianne, my love, soul of my soul!
I can thank God so deeply that I will be able to tell this to your world.
I am already occupied and almost finished.
I am still connected with you, verbally connected, when I write this down.
I will pray for the instrument through whom I was able to pass all of this on.
I cannot express any words of thanks.
I look at the master who helped me to record this, and he sees my tears of gratitude.
A few more words for you, Marianne, because I cannot leave yet.
Now, at this moment, when you read this, we are one, completely one.
Can you sense me?
Think, my dear child, think of this in your life.
How great it is to be able to receive the mercy. But do not think that we are the only ones to experience this.’
However, many people will shrug their shoulders at everything which they read here, but I will call to them from this side: ‘Brothers and sisters, all of you love, but feel this love.
Everything which I told, which I experienced with Marianne and which was explained to me in this life, is the sacred truth.
God knows that I have told the truth.
God and millions of beings know, because they have followed me in everything.
It is their own life, their work and longing, which is assigned to my master Emschor.
If I can convince one of you of your eternal life, then my suffering and struggle and all this work will be rewarded.
May God open your eyes.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
Then Lantos addresses Jozef Rulof:
‘And you, blessed instrument, I am now addressing you.
I will connect you with Marianne.
You will meet her.
When I let you feel who she is, let you see and hear it, since you possess those gifts, will you give her, my twin soul, your full love?
I repeat, you will meet her, I will show her image in different ways.
I will also give you a few points of recognition, so that both of you will accept it, however incredible it will be for you.
If I give you this proof, will you whisper to her that it is she?
I may let you know this, it is God’s will.
May I thank you from my deepest inner self for what you did for me?
The time was not up to you, you lived in my time and in my life.
I had to record this book in a short time.
I could fill volumes about the time I lived in the darkness, but that is not the intention.
The masters are only concerned with wanting to convince all the people on earth who possess the feeling and want to go into all of this of their eternal life.
These possibilities are there for everyone, whoever they are, because God loves all His children.
Deep inside yourself lies the truth, you yourself are the answer to all of this, because you are life, you are spirit and soul.’
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
And Lantos ends his book with the words:
I do not need to thank you, master Alcar.
You do not wish any thanks, but I must thank God for everything which He has given me.
Now I wish to end this work and to dedicate it to my Marianne.
‘Marianne, this is for you.
Accept it and enclose it within you.
Read it and reread it, then I will be with you.
Now I am leaving.
My blessings to you all.’
’May God’s sacred and vital blessing rest upon this work.’
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
During a contact evening, Jozef Rulof describes how Marianne received the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’:
I have here: ‘Sir, I have read your book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.
At the end it is written that the soul, called Lantos, will appoint his twin soul himself.’
Is that something?
‘Has that already happened in those three years?’
That book is already ... In three years?
That book has already been published for eight years, so.
‘Who you will also meet yourself as an instrument ...’
From who is that?
From you, sir?
(Lady in the hall): ‘From me.’
Yes, lady, I met that life.
And the life is now still living on earth.
I met her.
But sixty-four applied.
(laughter) And I keep saying: ‘No, it is not you.’
And a hundred and twenty-five who belong to me, do you see?
I am busy with the hundred and seventy-fourth.
But sixty-four, sixty-five applied.
A fortnight ago another two came to me.
I say: ‘Well, madam, you are just a half an hour too late.’ (laughter)
It has already happened.
I can imagine that, because why not?
But I met this life, and, lady, it is all okay.
She is alive and already knows about the existence, because the book has already been read.
And they are walking around with that day and night.
They go to sleep with that, and they get up with that.
Now, perhaps another fifty-four will come.
But I can imagine, because who would not want that?
Isn’t it true, sir?
Who would not want that?
But this has been put together infallibly.
When that came, then master Zelanus says; ‘When it is that far, then you will hear that.’
And then master Alcar said: ‘Then you will get a telegram from me.’
And then another higher Master came and he said: 'Then I will give you the vision.'
And then another one came, and he says: ‘Then I will send you there and there, and then you will know it beforehand.’
They checked it in this way, that nothing came between that.
Because, what would it be?
And to be honest, for us people it seems so awe-inspiring, but it is perfectly simple.
It is only a ...
You will all get to experience that.
That book of master Zelanus – that could have been ten books – is only in order to give the human being a picture: you will probably not yet have each other, but if you have each other, then be awe-inspiringly happy, because then you have an incredible mercy.
It is not a mercy again, because one already lives in that, and the other does not yet have it.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951

‘What did Christ teach us?’

During his earthly life, Lantos was already attuned to the first sphere of light.
However, at the end of his life he knocked Roni down, because he had connected himself to his beloved Marianne:
Yes, I made amends during those nine centuries.
I am from that darkness.
If I had been able to control that anger in me and had not struck Roni down, then I would have gone straight on to the first sphere with my feeling.
That feeling was there.
Also that love.
But also that anger, that rage.
Because if people steal from you and if people deny your love, and if another slanders, sullies and hits you ...
What did Christ teach us?
I should have been able to do that, shouldn’t I?
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
As a result of that one blow, he jeopardized his first sphere and lost:
If I had not struck Roni down, I would have experienced the first sphere.
I was attuned to the first sphere during my time in Rome, when I was a sculptor.
My feelings, you experienced, all went to the higher, everything all.
Being furious, angry, lies and deception, I wanted nothing to do with that.
Because of that one blow I lived in the darkness for nine centuries.
I walked in darkness for nine centuries.
I had experienced the rotting process; my situation.
I came from that world, that invisible world, back to humanity, reality.
But I lived for nine centuries in that darkness, in order to learn.
It took a hundred years, a hundred and fifty years before I had made amends for the blow to Roni.
And how much did I experience during those hundred and fifty years?
So because of that one blow, that one slap, I had devoted my first sphere, and lost.
If you understand this properly, then you will feel how your social, human, male, female, maternal thinking and feeling in your society, in your world is with regard to Christ.
And then you can ...
If you remember that and read ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ and the other books again, then you will know that you already lose, are deprived of your Sphere of Light because of a harsh word.
If you ...
If the other person is right and you do not think the other person is right, then you lack that justice, that harmony.
And the whole of your personality is attached to your not being able to bow, and then you become hazy in your actual sphere.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951