Moon -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘moon’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘moon’.

Spiritual globe

The masters looked back at the time when the moon originated.
They saw it as a spiritual globe which was formed as the first planet in the universe, after the cosmic splitting.
This spiritual globe split and divided itself into myriad particles.
These particles or little cells developed into an embryonic life:
Dear reader, the Moon is now dead for your life and consciousness.
But this same Moon, this wonderful organism, dissolves before our eyes, and we see her very first moments, when she had to begin with her wonderful task for God.
We go back that far and deep, until we see that first giving birth and creating for the universe before us, and it is the grade of life where we must begin in order to follow that development.
So that is the moment before the materialised creation began.
We now see that the firmament has condensed itself, we look into the astral space, the spiritual world for the universe in which all this life got to accept an own task.
What we now see are the sparks of God, so after the Divine division... at a macrocosmic attunement, those are the celestial bodies which later get material condensing and become visible, to which all the life in this universe now belongs.
These sparks of God will also divide themselves at a macrocosmic attunement, because every spark possesses the Divine laws, which we were able to experience on our previous journey.
We see the Moon now as an astral, so spiritual sphere, as a spiritual universe, originated by means of the splitting of God, but we now get to know it as an independent life.
And this life will also split and condense itself, as God did and was able to do this.
By means of this the embryonic life originated and we as human beings began with our own life.
So what God – by splitting himself – gave to the Moon, we also get hold of, the laws of which we will get to know and have to master as human beings, if we want to conquer this wonderful universe.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
In that beginning stage, the moon was still soul and spirit, and not yet a hardened lunar dust as in the present stage:
Now you will become confused with your present stage.
When we speak about the moon, then you see her as now, that is hardened material.
But this is plasma, this is soul, this is spirit.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The present moon is the result of billions of eras of evolution.
An evolution which we as individual souls also experienced both materially and spiritually.
Materially, we grew from a single cell into the human body on earth.
And spiritually on earth we have only just began with our inner growing, in order to get to know ourselves:
The academic looks at the space and sees the moon before him.
The moon is dead.
But the moon has known billions of ages.
In which time do you live?
The human being, the human being as academic looks at the universe, does not feel his growth, does not feel his consciousness.
But did you think that one grain in that space, one particle, one spark of God could not take part in that creation?
That is not possible anyway.
Now the human being has reached the earth.
The human being has travelled a macrocosmic path.
It does not get through to the academics – in the first place the human being of this society – that you have already travelled a universal macrocosmic path and that you have experienced that growth and you already possess that by means of your organic life.
It does not matter how you think, how you feel, to what you devote your life, that is the spiritual awakening and the inner growth for your spirit, your Divine soul, by means of which you have attunement to the Divine All, to that All-Source, that All-Mother, that All-Life, that All-Consciousness.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
In order to get to know themselves, the masters go back to the origin of their own life as soul, their first lives as embryo:
But from this stage you must not ...
We will remain here now, now you think yourself out of this space, you must not see this space anymore.
You are here, but you feel and you see yourself spiritual-astral for the existence of your own life, because it is you that matters.
You are now a human being, but you were once an embryo in the waters and we will see that.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Because the masters saw their first embryonic life being born on the young moon, they speak about ‘Mother Moon’:
You can now ask: where did the Divine spark originate and develop, the human life?
The answer is: on the Moon, on Mother Moon!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941

Spatial motherhood

The word ‘moon’ says nothing about the essence of this spatial life form.
The masters call her a mother, because the moon gave life to countless life forms which we later called people, animals and plants.
When all this life had left this mother planet, she was one large mud pool.
And it was only then that she hardened into the present form.
What we now see of the firmament is a dead maternal body:
People, sense that we experience a final stage here and it must not be any ‘moon’, cannot be any ‘moon’, because that name was created by the human being, because that name was born by means of the human being, the university ...
This has nothing ...
All those names now disappear from the Divine All, from this space.
Everything, which has received a name, is – that will soon be clear to you – distorted and deformed.
Because now the sun is a ‘she’?
The moon is mother!
Why do you say sun, why do you say moon?
The sun is fatherhood; the moon is motherhood for this space!
And what we are now concerned with is: the moon, that mother, that part of that All-Source must divide itself and this now continues, this emerged, this advanced.
Centuries and centuries passed, this process lasted millions of years and finally the final stage also came for this body, and this body was one mud pool.
And then the hardening came, the condensing; and now you see a dead body, because the first cosmic grade is over.
How many souls, human beings, animal beings, and children of Mother Nature did this macrocosmic motherhood create now?
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The moon spiritualized the motherhood of the All-Soul:
The Moon represents the All-Source in everything.
She spiritualised and materialised the All-Soul, the All-Love, the All-Spirit, the All-Fatherhood and (All-)motherhood.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
The growing basic power of the soul applies to both a human being and to a planet.
The human being grew from a single cell to a human body, and a planet expanded itself into a gigantic body:
The cell grew until the human, and the planets expanded and grew to gigantic bodies.”
Lectures Part 3, 1952
After the cosmic splitting, the motherhood contracted itself into a spiritual globe, and then the moon experienced a growing:
First the life, fatherhood and motherhood, elevates itself to one personality, it pulls itself together, absorbs itself in that independence and now the life grows: the next stage.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
That growing was possible as a result of the heat of the sun:
The creating power comes down from space like a heat.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The moon absorbed that heat:
She absorbs that heated radiance and as a result of that radiance expansion, extension, evolution.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
As the moon expanded and materialized itself, she got more distance to the sun:
The Moon, I said, I remained with her body under the Sun and as she materialised, removed herself from fatherhood, she traced her orbit as a mother for fatherhood, and not for anything else.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
When the moon began with her condensing, the masters see hazes entering her spiritual body:
We will follow how the moon began with that condensing and we see those hazes of the space again therefore entering the moon.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
At that time, the moon still did not have a hardened form, her soul still only had a spiritual body:
But now this, the moon – remember – as plasma, as source for God, for the All-Mother, is now soul; we saw that, do you know now?
Soul! But it is also already spirit.
This is already spirit!
This is the moon, this is the first cosmic grade.
No, this is motherhood as spirit, originated from the All-Mother.
Can you now follow this, by means of the last lecture?
And now you will get to see that the moon did not stand on that heaven just like that and was able to materialize itself.
No, this is soul of Her soul – now we will begin, you will now begin yourself – life of Her life, no more.
This is spirit of Her spirit, blood, blood of Her blood, intellect of Her intellect, yes, giving birth of Her giving birth!
Lectures Part 1, 1950
When it starts to rain on earth from a cloud, that is a materialized phenomenon which the moon experienced spiritually.
The masters compare the raindrops as split-offs from a cloud, with the cells which are split off from the spiritual hazes of the moon.
As a result, the individual soul as cell could begin with its embryonic life:
And now darkness comes, those clouds start to separate, it is raining.
We will soon experience exactly that situation on the moon.
That situation in the space is the All-Mother in the material, but now seen as life breath for the human being and this cosmos.
But the moon has experienced exactly the same picture, because it divided its life.
The embryonic material life could begin and we see, we now experience that picture for the All-Mother.
There is not a difference in anything.
In this way the actual giving birth for the creation began, there is no more to it.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The embryonic life in the moon could separate itself from the spiritual hazes by means of the heat from the sun:
Because there is working present, the creating powers of God serve fatherhood, so the Sun, it will condense itself, as the Moon will now experience, new life will come, the first hazes and then the first separations will follow, from where and by means of which we originated.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
The splitting of the hazes of the moon into cells is the same process as the cosmic splitting as a result of which the moon originated.
This splitting process is experienced by all the life in order to reach a following stage.
The individual cell will also later split itself in order to reach a new evolution and to reproduce:
Now we get to see that, the more the moon, this body, this first cosmic grade condensed itself ...
Now I can already descend into the embryonic life of course, we start to follow the embryo, because this body will have to divide itself as the All-Mother was able to do that for that space.
Divide, grow, represent the evolution, you must multiply yourself.
Yes, you grow, you keep getting to see another aura, another life, another character.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
When the cells split themselves, people can speak of the fertilization process:
Therefore, the All-Source, the protoplasm, the All-Mother wanted to give itself to a new life and that is now this cell; the moon got a hold of that.
The moon now as macrocosmic mother and as own independence got hold of the possibility to divide itself.
That little life, the divisions which it brought about, had and possessed the same working, had seen and experienced the same feeling, the power, the glory, the bliss, the benevolence, the harmonic laws as elemental states of fertilization.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The splitting of a part of itself is inherent to the motherhood:
The moon starts to divide itself now as life, as astral Divine motherhood, as a Divine part of the All-Mother that source starts, that moon starts to divide itself; which also happened in the eternal.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
And the split-off cells will also later split themselves in order to pass on their life:
Those cells must divide and that dividing has come from the space, from that source which is father and mother, which the sun has and the moon possesses.
And now those cells also start to divide again, they have to divide.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The split-off cells obtain materialization, and in this way the heart of the moon gets condensing.
The other part of the moon still remains astral spiritual at that moment:
That moon here remains astral.
Therefore what happens here now?
That point here (blackboard), that small part, this heart, as it were, can only be seen now; the astral moon disappears because this receives materialization.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
After the splitting off of the first cells, the microcosmic life condensed itself into material life forms.
When those material life forms were experienced, those bodies started to rot.
After many rotting eras, a sort of mud came about as a result:
The moon continues, the moon drives her life onwards, more expansion comes, expansion, the moon has already condensed that far – do you see? – when the moon was that far, then dark spots already came here, then as a result of those ages of rotting, the earth came about.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Mother Earth was able to condense herself more strongly much later than Mother Moon as a result of the increased strength of the sun.
Master Alcar asks Jozef Rulof (André) and master [[Zelanus] what this condensing led to:
Those are material phenomena, but Mother Earth was able to condense herself differently and that was only possible by means of ... my brother André?”
“By means of the development of fatherhood, my master.”
“That’s it!
That is the Divine truth.
The Sun as the creating power for the universe brought that about.
But where is it taking us, Master Zelanus?”
“To the realm of colours, my master.
That means, that we do not only see the realm of colours again by means of Mother Nature, the flower life, but also as condensed material, the precious stones give us the answer.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
The lunar surface was able to condense itself into a sort of mud, but in this phase no stronger condensing was formed which could lead for instance to gold or diamonds:
I give the academics something to think about, I place them before thousands of laws, from which they can follow the condensing for the Moon.
The human being will not find any gold, or emeralds and diamonds here, that is not possible, because the Moon never knew this condensing.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
The materialization of the moon as first planet in the universe gave a different substance than on the earth, because the sun did not yet have much strength during that early stage:
‘The substance now for the planets is different to that of our earth, because every planet has its own task to fulfil for this universe, which Mother Earth possesses for the fatherhood and motherhood of the human being.
And this is now the difference, yet the planets experience this for the laws of condensing, which are taken to consciousness by the Sun.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
In the beginning stage of the earth, its condensing was not yet at the present level either:
Then the Sun did not yet possess that power of now and the life of Mother Nature also looked different.
It was bigger, but not as strong as the life is now.
Mother Earth still had to experience a tree, material, granite and this is now the answer to your question.
Because what is now removed from the Sun, does not possess that same substance.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
In the current stage, the sun is much more condensing and it could say:
And what is ‘gold’?
My light as condensed material!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944

The moon dissolves

The first hazes in the moon already ensured the realization of the atmosphere of the planet:
That moon already radiates at this moment, doesn’t it?
The new condensing radiates power, that power, that aura is inspiration, is force.
That power of this body goes through this space, which grows, further and further, until nothing more ... until that power does not come any further, because that source holds onto that here and absorbs that power in itself.
Can you feel that?
And now we see, the master says, now we already see that the moon, this body, is busy, that aura grows – but the materialization, remains here, doesn’t it – that aura radiates.
And now we already see that the first elemental laws, the first hazes have already ensured the own atmosphere – can you feel? – the breath of life.
And now that grows seven ages.
That aura of those first hazes goes here and evaporates; evaporates but remains.
If you can feel this, then you will soon experience the gravity.
Now that atmosphere becomes feeling, consciousness.
There that atmosphere is already present and that also grows now.
That grows seven times, seven ages come into being, seven grades, until the rareness of this material – can you feel this now? – the rareness of this material no longer touches any core – can you feel? – and then we already see the atmosphere of the moon, the breathing.
That aura goes that far away until the sensors have dissolved, until these seven grades, the power of this aura has spiritualized itself – can you feel this? – and until we therefore come here to a space where there is no atmosphere, no breath of life.
Can you imagine this?
And now you already see that the moon already takes care of its own closing off.
Here you can live everywhere and you taste that life, you feel her soul, but behind this emptiness comes again, can you see?
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Because she condensed her life, the Moon created an own atmosphere, which is nothing else for the life of God than the source which takes care of the breath of life.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The life that was born on Mother Moon experienced an evolution in order to reach growing and condensing.
Then the souls left the moon, in order to further evolve on another planet.
When all her ‘children’ had passed on, her atmosphere became rarefied and the muddy mass became hardened into earth and minerals:
When the atmosphere dissolved, that mass condensed.
Can you feel that it could start its dying process as a result of this?
When there was still working present in it, that kept up the atmosphere.
When it had materialised its last spark of fluid of life, its children had left, this was the end for the Moon.
Then the atmosphere became rarefied and its life became hard, that material as earth and minerals, as a result of which it came into being.
Masks and Men, 1948
Since the moon had completed her task, she could then begin with her dying.
That moment lies far back in time:
The moon is now dying and that is already ten thousand million years ago, that the last life ... that is already ten thousand million years ago, then the moon was already dying, then the moon began to die, then the moon had completed her task.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
By means of the dissolving of her atmosphere, the mud became hardened:
The Moon was one rotting process during that time.
When its task was over it could die.
That mud condensed, became hard.
Masks and Men, 1948
At that moment, the mountains and valleys were realized:
The last moments of its life bubbled upwards.
A re-absorption followed, its living heart absorbed that condensed material again to the inner conscious and the mountains and valleys came into being.”
Masks and Men, 1948
Her last breathing created the present craters on the moon:
It are these craters, which have to represent her death.
Like the dying human being, this happened here for her consciousness.
The last phenomena of breathing created these craters.
And then the material hardened as a mass, and is the image for the present stage.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
Then the era of the life on the moon was over:
The moon is the All-Mother for the universe.
What do people know about that All-Mother?
A dead being, the moon is dead; the moon has already completed the cosmic task.
Do you see?
You are now that old.
One age is past in the universe, and that is: the moon as mother has completed her task.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
Her dying takes a long time because her spatial body dissolves slowly:
The Moon is now dying.
She is calmly dissolving and that will take millions of years.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
During a contact evening, a woman asks whether the disappearing of the moon will not cause a spatial disturbance:
(Lady in the hall): ‘How is the balance upset in the universe?
All the ... the sun and the moon and the earth have a certain balance together.
But if the moon now disappears then that will become ...’
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Master Zelanus explains how the empty universe will be filled up:
It is very simple.
If you take a bucket of water, and you take a weight, you let it sink to the bottom, then the water is high, isn’t it?
And you take that gravity, a ball or whatever, it is iron, it does not matter, a piece of stone, you carefully lift, then that fills up.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
He compares the dissolving of the moon with the dying of a human being:
When you lose something of your consciousness, isn’t it true ...
What is dying on earth?
Then your atmosphere dissolves.
Because the human being also has an atmosphere.
(Someone in the hall says something.)
What did you say?
(Lady in the hall): ‘The aura.’
The aura.
Then your atmosphere dissolves, the closing off for yourself, the life aura is used up.
And at the same time ...
But you remove yourself like that from the life.
Can you feel this?
Everything evolves.
Dying is also evolution.
If you could suddenly move the moon from that orbit, from that space, you would get a gap, and that would be filled up by other planets, of course.
Otherwise there would be a shock.
But that is not possible now.
So the soft dying is also the filling of the new consciousness.
So what the moon loses in life force, comes back from the space to the moon again for that space, in order to watch over the organic space.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Just as when dying the human being withdraws his feeling from his body, the moon reabsorbs her spiritual powers from her dead body in order to use them for her further evolution.
She does this according to the spatial laws, whereby she withdraws her feeling from her material body as that body calmly dissolves.
Many people on earth think that they do not need this harmonic dissolving of the material body, and have their body cremated.
The consequences for their soul of this sudden disappearing of the body are described in the article ‘cremation or burial’:
What does this dying still mean for the Moon?”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
That no longer means anything, and nor does it for the universe, because this is like the human garment which undergoes a rotting, and we will soon see that explained according to the laws.
Of course, this also has meaning for the harmonic laws, for that matter, if the Moon was to suddenly dissolve as an organ, this universe would collapse.”
“And that means, master Zelanus?”
“That the human being gets to experience these same laws.”
“And takes us, master André-Dectar?”
“Back to cremation, my master, about which we now determine how wrong that is, how destructively and unspiritually calculated that event hastens the human harmonic dissolving and mutilates it by those means.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
So the death for the human organism on earth is one event as a ‘law’, but because a planet got to experience spatial becoming conscious, she dissolves according to the Universal law and we must accept that.
But the dying and the returning is one law, one event.
We will also see that the Moon as body and Mother will also absorb these powers for her going further, and we establish spatially that cremation as an invented technical help is spatial destruction for the following laws which the organism gets hold of by means of reincarnation, and it is only then it will experience and undergo that.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
The cremation is soon over, but as a result of this the soul does not have the time required in order to recover her spiritual energy as auras from her material body in a harmonic way:
But the academic of now does not know the moon.
Does not know the moon, do you hear this?
They have the binoculars, they can see that it is a dead body, but people do not understand that body.
People do not understand the human corpse nor the animal corpse.
What happens to the corpse, if the corpse is lying there?
Is it still alive?
Does it still have meaning?
People do not know it.
People have themselves cremated, which is awe-inspiringly wrong, because you need auras on the other side, which you take from that corpse.
Science does not know that.
People say: it is hygienic, it is incredibly beautiful, it is over just like that.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
The moon will dissolve into a haze, just as she was before she began with her materialization:
This planet dissolves eventually, to the extent, that people on earth will see that in their time.
But thousands of years after dissolving, when this planet has returned to the invisible energy, they will still be able to observe this object from the earth.
What they will observe is an image of that, which once was only a faint image.
Still, in front of their eyes is the same planet, but a curtain of mist, a veil of dense haze hangs over that heavenly body, which in reality is the first and the last stage, that you have seen in the process of revelation.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
And finally this haze also dissolves:
That also dissolves slowly, but the dissolution of that what used to be, will take millions of years.
Then, at the very last moment, one can see through that dense veil which will also dissolve.
Subsequently, this planet will disappear before their eyes; slowly but surely it will sink back into nothing, which is the invisible energy.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Then the moon has experienced her seven eras:
The moon also has to experience seven ages.
We have known those ages for the All-Mother.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
There will still be people living on earth when the moon has completely dissolved:
So when the moon ...
This gradually dissolves.
But then the consciousness, a space fills itself; that gets new life, that is already there, that just fills itself.
The moon absorbs something.
And now that body gradually dissolves, that takes millions of years, millions of years, and then that space is filled.
But there will also be people living on earth – do you hear this? – who then no longer see the moon.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Many spatial bodies have already dissolved, and soon that will also happen with our earth and everything which belongs to the third cosmic grade of life:
Thousands of smaller and larger objects have already returned into the All.
This process goes on; it shall and must happen.
The picture of the universe visible from the earth, the stars and planets known on earth, all those objects will dissolve, because they belong to the third degree.
Only those objects, stars and planets, belonging to the highest degree, will continue to occupy their place.
But everything living below that degree will dissolve.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939