Near-death experience -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘near-death experience’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources assume the prior reading of the article ‘near-death experience’.

Outside the body

Jozef Rulof gives an example of an out-of-body experience during an operation:
And that is not at all strange, because if a human being is under anaesthetic ... I have had those ladies and gentlemen in my house: ‘Mr Rulof, I have read books, don’t you find that strange: I was out of it, I was lying on the table and I was standing next to it and I saw that an old man was almost knocked down in the street and I shouted under the anaesthetic, in the middle of the operation: ‘Doctor, that old man will be knocked down by the tram!’’
And a doctor has it checked and says: ‘Yes, she sees, even now she is sleeping.’
The stomach was open, but she saw.
And then that doctor says: ‘Well, from now on we must accept: you cannot cut that soul to death, because it is standing next to us and it is laughing at us.’
That doctor was suddenly convinced.
He told it to his colleagues.
Then he says: ‘Do you still go into that delirium of a child under anaesthetic?’
There they are again.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
During a conversation with a priest, Jozef calls the out-of-body experience the greatest thing of all:
“That departing from the body, as you call it, is that the most beautiful?”
“Yes, the most beautiful and the greatest of all.
Because by telling people about it, they will start to live differently and war and murder will cease to exist.”
“You are a prophet.”
“No, reverend, I am not, I am just an ordinary person like all people, but what I am telling you is the truth.
Those who came back from the Dead, 1937
“You could tell a lot about it”, he said.
“I have already done that and if you want to know about my leader and my life and that of those on the Other Side, then you can take the first part of my book with you, I have them in the bookcase here.
You will get a true picture of life after death there.”
Those who came back from the Dead, 1937

Meeting with deceased loved ones

‘Everyone finds him, or her, in this life, who supports the human being, so that the person who has passed over gets to know his life on this side.
It is otherwise not possible to free you from your earthly life.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938

The life film

Your life film, every thought is recorded, you can see that again.
You probably have millions of thoughts in a month, in a day, but every thought, however trivial, however weak, belongs to your sphere of life.
That is the human film.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950

The dark tunnel

Question from the hall: ‘Mr Rulof, we were talking a moment ago about anaesthetics.
I experienced something similar as a child.
When I was admitted for an operation approximately ten years ago, I felt in a pitiful state.
It was me, or I was surrounded by dreadful powers, which I had to surrender to.
There was a strong unwillingness in me and I did my best, to block it off from me, but that aversion and unwillingness remained, until I went under the anaesthetic.
But then I came to myself again, I was sitting calmly in nature and a moment before that or later, I do not know exactly anymore, I was in a dark tunnel and I was sitting in a train and then I woke up.
That tunnel therefore came to an end and is that wakening up from the anaesthetic?’
Jozef says: ‘Yes, madam, that was awakening from the anaesthetic, from the sleep.
The sleep was now that darkness and your fear was the unknown, the operation, nothing else.
But you see it: we receive phenomena as a result of the anaesthetic and that is the truth, because the sleep is unconsciousness.
The returning to the day consciousness went through a tunnel, which you must see as the grades of sleep!’
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950

The boundary which people cannot cross

In the following quotation, Jozef reads out a letter from a lady in the hall:
I also have here from you: ‘I dreamt that I was going through a long tunnel and when I was through it, I was faced with a fence and could not go any further.
Behind that fence I saw my sister, who has passed on.
I asked: ‘May I come to you?’
Then she said: ‘No’, and I got a shock.
What is this now?’
Jozef now says to her: ‘This means that it is not yet your time; she therefore sent you back to the earth and that is everything!
But you now know, that she is still alive and that is very nice at least to experience it yourself.
This can be and is possible because of visions and dreams.
But those dreams are impressed on your life by the Other Side.
Your sister only wanted to let you know that she was alive and this is quite enough, you do not need anymore and you will soon see her again.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950