Personality -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘personality.’
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘personality’.

Construction of personality

During a lecture, master Zelanus explains the painting that is illustrated for the article ‘personality’.
He speaks about master Jongchi and Wolff, these are spiritual painters who bring their art to earth via the medium André (Jozef Rulof):
This morning you will get the lecture “The Divine Personality for the Human Being.”
But we have, Master Jongchi and Wolff have depicted the human personality in art.
André has brought along that painting for you, so that you can admire for yourself after the lecture what your personality will be like for the first sphere.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The spiritual leader of Jozef Rulof, master Alcar, asked Jongchi to illustrate the personality in art:
Especially, because we will enter the Divine personality this morning, Master Jongchi gave his inspiration and feeling in order to show you what the Other Side was capable of building up, of depicting when it concerns soul, life and spirit; to record something for the human being, society, mankind and the God of all life.
You will soon be able to call this work God.
All the life is present there.
The precious stones which you will see, are character traits of the human being who has conquered and has then been able to master the truth, the justice, the harmony with regard to Mother Nature and space.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Master Zelanus explains how the human being can provide all his character traits with space and light, by building up a natural harmony in his feeling, thinking and acting.
In this way, the human being then builds on the sphere of light where he can go after his earthly life.
Then his personality becomes luminous:
And I will stick to that soon, because you as a human being also build in the present and for this stage the growing consciousness.
You will soon experience that and then you can see and admire that from the symbol, the life bowl of the human being, from the diamonds and precious stones and you will then have to accept: by means of his good, immaculate, pure and natural harmony, the human being builds the radiating consciousness to the Spheres of Light!
You see.
I will continue with that and then you will admire and experience that you can give space to each character trait, it is only then that the Divine personality will speak for the human being.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
In the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’ master Alcar discusses the construction of the personality.
For this purpose, he first follows a number of souls which still do not have pure love:
All those lives are essential to develop and progress.
What does man learn in one life on earth?
What does man learn in those first degrees, and what does man learn, when he is ignorant.
He is unaware of human love.
What man acquires in one life is spoiled in the next, because he does not yet possess anything, no personality, no consciousness, no pure love, everything is animal-like.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
These people are particularly attuned to gathering many earthly possessions.
They will therefore experience what their feeling is attuned to:
Once again, André, what does man learn in a short life on earth?
Follow all those human lives and see how they get old and spoil one life after another.
See how they live and make life unbearable for others.
How they want to possess, deceive and cheat other people.
It is all passion, is rough and rude and that is no spiritual possession.
I explained many times how life on earth is and what people make of it.
They live to be seventy and eighty, and what have they achieved?
They only worked for their property, for their own life and for that of their children.
When you talk to all such people about love you will see how they shrug their shoulders; how they laugh and call you a dreamer, merely because it is too unbelievable, too unnatural for them, and because they are unaware of a God in heaven.
What they need is a lot of earthly property.
What they want is the happiness of the earth, which everybody can acquire and will experience because he has to.
However, they forget their inner life, which goes on, ever further and higher and return to God.
Follow all those people on earth and see how they curse their God.
They pass from one life to an other and they follow their own way in all those lives, because that feeling is in them which is their inner life, their spiritual attunement.
In this way they experience because it is a law, a force of nature and they will receive what they desire.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Because these people want to possess more and more earthly possessions, sooner or later they will perish.
They still have to develop the inner brake which says: to here and not further.
Their personality still has to deal with setbacks in life, without being destroyed themselves by them:
Man goes on and ascends on the social scale.
He ascends ever further and reaches his aim.
Then, André, they will fall and land in the depth of their own inner life.
They have no spiritual level yet, they will forget themselves and they will perish.
That is an infallible law, because they have not advanced to the extent that their own inner life calls them to a halt.
They fall; they have to fall to start all over again.
With no deeds to connect them with higher life, there is nothing to look back on.
The soul must first have this strength, we are inwardly protected against destruction against anything we may come across or experience in life on earth.
There is something within us, which says: till here and no further, because I see and feel an other life, I know I live eternally.
I love God and have understood my Father.
I do not live for myself but for all people, because all those people are out of God and are my sisters and brothers.
I feel no passion, no destruction within me, I want to live and prepare to proceed, because I am aware of eternal life and want the good.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
In all those lives the soul is occupied with becoming conscious of which strengths propel it:
It is the soul, which acts and asks and answers all those questions itself.
The soul can and will accomplish all those wonders, because it is inspiring life.
It is out of God, and will return to God.
It is perfection and has a Divine attunement and we shall acquire that attunement, though thousands of lives on earth and on all those planets are required in order to attain that level.
We would awaken in all those lives on earth and this awakening takes place.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
By experiencing many lives, the soul builds up feeling that is aimed at earthly possession, at art, at esteem:
We passed from one body to the next.
In the first one we learned to feel and in the next we acquired that feeling.
We learned how to speak and to speak a lot, which is possession.
We learned something related to art, which other people did not know, did not possess and we went to other countries to get acquainted with man living there.
But what we knew and possessed inwardly belonged to the earth.
All that possession was given to us, was for ourselves, to make something of ourselves and that happened.
But what was it?
Nothing but earthly personality.
There was no spiritual personality in us.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
All those people master the wisdom of the earth.
With that earthly personality they later enter life after death, for which they have still not acquired any spiritual possession:
People wander over the earth and acquire things others do not have and they live to the fullest.
But why is all that?
It also serves to awaken, and belongs to life on earth.
In this way life on earth passed and there was no time for anything else.
In that life on earth all these people had acquired the wisdom of the earth.
When they passed away they entered an other life for which they had no qualities.
That life was like they were themselves; which means their personality and inner life.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
They have only developed their earthly personality in order to dominate on earth, in order to be able to impose their will on other people.
The more earthly possession, the stronger their earthly personality became:
Having returned to the earth to receive an other organism, this soul passed on into other conditions and became a ruler.
This possession had been learned and acquired in all those lives and it belonged to the creative power residing in this inner life.
This also meant ruin.
This downfall is deeper as wealth becomes greater.
God gave man everything and man acquired this.
This acquiring becomes the personality; but that personality is terrestrial and of a course materiality; those living in it are the rulers of evil and they live on earth to destroy.
The more wealth, the greater the personality, the deeper the downfall, because all this has no meaning in life after death.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
All those lives are necessary in order to become a personality.
When the soul starts to use its built-up personal strengths to develop itself spiritually, its personality will be able to grow through to the spiritual grade of feeling:
Nevertheless all this is necessary to become a personality.
Those powers will presently pass on to the spirit and it is not until then that man, all those souls, begin an other and higher life.
Then their inner life matures and radiates, there is something within them, which guards them against animal-like life, it is the spiritual property and the love they have acquired in that life on earth.
In this way the process continues ever more.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
At a contact evening, Jozef Rulof explains that building up a powerful personality is necessary in order to be able to offer resistance to the storms of life:
Question from Mr Ton van Otterloo: ‘In a magazine, it says that, when a föhn is blowing, this has such a strange influence on many people.
Worse is that many people cannot extract themselves from the strong influence of this notorious wind.
They become anxious or are bothered by depression.
Other people are touchy, they cannot concentrate, because the mental capacity decreases.
However, sufferers from rheumatism, asthma, heart diseases and such like are no more bothered by their complaint than otherwise.
It was likewise determined that several other complications occur during a föhn.
The feared wind is expressed in an even more wretched form, namely in suicidal tendencies.
What is this?
Do you know?’
Jozef says: ‘Mr van Otterloo, you already say it yourself; different people are bothered by it, but not every human being!
And that means that the human being with a strong willpower, concentration, is not afraid of that föhn and in this way that wind cannot reach him either.
This is the answer.
The weak human being reacts differently and this is understandable, because he lets his head hang.
We also experience that here.
When the south-wester, our famous hurricane, was blowing, it had already a hold on the human being.
The people said then: ‘I am tired of it, I think it is really bad, I am becoming nervous because of it.’
Other people felt severely stimulated by it and now there is the devil to pay.
Another person said, as I do: ‘A lovely wind, we have a good storm!’
You should hear the fishermen about it!
And are those fishermen not right, when they say: ‘Oh, come on, mother, is that so bad?
For what?
Can the wind change anything about your life?
Nothing, say, mother!’
But there are some, who become sick because of it; it is their nerves!
Other people laugh at it.
And that is the perfectly ordinary human being, the natural human being, with the stronger character.
Now your particular questions.
A suicide attempt therefore lies behind it.
That is all personal!
The personality now reacts and namely as a result of the wind, the storm, that fall wind, but that same fall wind does not wipe out mankind.
The human being must accept this and just resist this.
Then that ill famed storm of ours and that fall wind no longer have a hold on our life.
But you already know the human being!
One succumbs because of catching the cold and the other visits the North Pole for fun and the good part of it.
That sufferers from asthma and heart diseases are no longer bothered by their illnesses than otherwise, comes because – now listen carefully – in the first place their own clinical picture is then dominated and they are attuned to something else as a result of that fall wind.
They even feel their illness less, Mr van Otterloo, because they are not particularly thinking about it; the föhn has thrown them from that concentration.
What is therefore good for the one human being and can work beneficially, hits the other.
That personality then succumbs and then thinks of suicide!
Because this little föhn is there!
But do not laugh about it, ladies and gentlemen, that same little föhn is murderous and hits your life.
I think, that, if we had this föhn in our west, millions of people, the weak in spirit, would have to be take care of, because they would succumb.
The influence is so terrible, which batters your personality, that you would then have to prove, what you can and have to devote for yourself, with regard to these laws of nature.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950

The soul as personality

The personality draws from the inner life:
That is a part of your feeling, which approaches the day conscious human part from your subconscious.
And you now absorb that by means of your personal thinking.
Can you feel this?
The personality is speaking here, draws from the deep foundation, the life of feeling – that is the cosmos in you – and feelings come from there.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
The personality brings our feelings to thoughts:
But now the spirit as feeling is the foundation, from where the personality thinks.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
The inner life is the subconscious, and from there feelings transfer to the day-consciousness where these feelings are formed by the personality into thoughts:
If your life of feeling has something to say, then it passes over to your day-consciousness and your day-consciousness is the personality, then it is already born.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
The personality is the creating acting part of the soul:
The soul acts according to her personality.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
In this way, the soul gets to know itself as a personality:
He was the soul himself!
But as a personality!
By means of numerous lives the soul has mastered this personality.
Masks and Men, 1948
By means of the personality every human being is different:
Every human being is different.
Every human being represents an own world, an own character, which is the personality.
Masks and Men, 1948
People can already see from the child what lives in this soul:
These laws reach your conscious infallibly.
And sometimes two or three lives at the same time.
The personality absorbs feeling in it from all those lives.
Lives are experienced which mean nothing.
Millions of people experience those qualities.
Millions of people experience nothing, because they still have to awaken.
Bubbling experiences penetrate your day-conscious.
They want to be experienced.
They cannot be stopped either, the soul as the personality awakens them itself.
As a result of this life begins.
As a child you start to see what really lives in the soul.
The character has to listen, the personality is attached to it.
Art, wisdom, mysticism, passions and violence, fatherhood and motherhood, all those thousands of laws now come to the foreground.
Masks and Men, 1948

On the way to our spiritual personality

After the earthly lives, we go further with our personality:
Because beyond the coffin I will stand before my own personality!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
The personality has a grade of feeling:
The personality - for our life the grade of conscious - is pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-materially, materially or spiritually attuned.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
What characteristics of our earthly personality can we already deploy for our spiritual grade of feeling?
You must now learn to think: how do I reach the end of this life?
But what do I get from this life?
What can I earn by means of it?
We will still remain in the first sphere and I will go back to the earth immediately.
We will go with regard to the first sphere, your spiritual personality – because it concerns that after all, after all these lectures, we are almost at the end – in order to see what use they still are to you and what you later, ‘beyond the coffin’ can possess for your spirituality, your Divine personality in you.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
After his earthly lives, the human being who loves himself in particular also only has a small circle as life space:
If you love society, if you love the means which you possess, your organism, then you have only just a small circle; you have that body, you have that organism, but no more than that either.
That soul, that personality, that life of feeling must grow and you can do that by thinking and feeling, and giving love, harmony, to your word, then you lay new foundations every second for that spiritual personality.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
How much of our personality remains if we take away the social part?
You should work out one day what will remain for your spiritual personality when you release that from society.
And do you know for what purpose you live?
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
In order to illustrate this, master Zelanus describes the passing on of a human being who had allocated himself a huge personality on earth:
Then the theologian came.
I will go back from the spheres to the earth and there a theologian awakens.
“Good, are you awake, my child?
Who are you?”
“I am ...”
“You are nothing here.”
“I am a professor.”
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Jozef Rulof (André, Jeus of mother Crisje) had known that academic on earth:
“Yes indeed, you were a very great academic.
André also saw you a while ago.”
“Who is that?
Who is that?”
“That is a child of the earth, who departs from the body for the Masters in order to visit you, to see how far, how deep you would be in misery, because he wanted to know what your learning had delivered, had given to you.”
“Who is that?”
“That is Jeus of mother Crisje.
You learned, you made it known to the world – didn’t you? – but your wife and your children shake with fear because the academic came in: “Silence, if I am sitting here!”
Lectures Part 2, 1951
On earth the professor wrote wonderful books:
He went to the East in order to get to know Buddha, he locked himself up in the dungeons in order to find out how those religions reacted with regard to the human heart and he returned to the West, wrote wonderful books, but stood penniless in the life on the Other Side ‘behind the coffin’ and still feels the nails of his own wretched consciousness.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
He was learned, but he did not love:
“You were a theologian, professor, doctor.
What else?
Do you see now, sir, life, that that professorship, that doctorship and your engineer qualification, your technical wonders mean nothing if you still do not honour, cannot love the smallest of all this life, because you have no love.
You made a murderers’ den out of pure, spatial, Divine friendship by snapping, snarling, boasting, pride; and that must now go.
Do you still not bow now?”
With his slit-eyes, because he lived a lot in the East, he discarded his Western consciousness, with his slit-eyes he already started to tremble and shake.
He did not dare to look at me, but still behaved like a mouse.
He thinks: then at least I see something.
Is it a devil?
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The theologian tries to defend himself:
“Where is God, where is Christ, I gave myself for Christ and God, I brought people to the awakening in order to show them all the things that live in the world, I have my students ...”
“Yes, you had students, but you took them from dry land into the ditch, because your philosophical teaching had no meaning.
Your philosophical inner life is darkly attuned.
Yes, you are not in the Land of Hatred because you do not hate.
You did not kill anyone either in this life, but you are sitting nicely in a sludgy mist – good – because you were boasting, so great, so well-known on the earth, as a child of sun and moon.
People talked about you, you were received, but the Christ stood outside the door and called: ‘Why do you not let Me in?’
Just weep.”
Lectures Part 2, 1951
And then the first tears fell:
And then the tears came, but those tears were no good.
God and the spaces, a Master does not go into such tears because they know: they are false.
When you read ‘Jeus II’ soon, then Jeus wonders: “What is weeping actually?
What does it mean when the human being cries until his tears run dry?
Is that bad?
Is crying until your tears run dry bad?”
And then I also tell you something.
I say to Jeus and Crisje, if the human being has true sorrow, really wants to think, has feeling and wants to materialize that feeling by means of the beating, by means of suffering and sorrow, then weep calmly and consciously your flesh from the bones.
And when you are like a skeleton then we say on the Other Side: “This life has wept.”
But when you are still in good health and when you dare to open your eyes again afterwards and dare to look at the human being, that is not sorrow, because the deep, real sorrow, that becomes the oneness with love, friendship, kindness.
Because now the human being is supported by means of the spatial laws of life under the heart, which then received shape and consciousness on the solar plexus.
But then the human being is no longer afraid of the Grim Reaper and then there is no more death, then there is only life rising, life expansion.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
In this way, master Zelanus caters to the professor in order to free him from his professorship, to make it clear to him that it is now a matter of starting to think naturally and clearly, in love and truth, without pride:
And then, afterwards – seen earthly, seen materially, seen spiritually ...
You cannot experience it here on earth after all because you do not look through people, but ‘behind the coffin’ there is no longer any question of hiding and then the human being lies there naked before us.
And then we pricked the professor under his human intellect – we came like that – and he got a fright, he got such a fright that he thought that a Divine bee had poisoned and stung him.
But we tickled him consciously – really sweetly – we were busy stirring him a little bit.
We were busy giving him the stimulant for good, clear thinking, so that there was no more question of feeling like a professor and academic.
“Human being, you have forgotten yourself.
What you mastered, Mr Professor, is professorship.
That book, those letters ... you learned to write the language beautifully, wonderfully, you have understanding of the religions of the earth, but you consciously smothered the Divine religion as truth and kindness, which is love.”
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Who is already occupied with character strengthening exercises?
Which of you would like to be learned, in order to then destroy and deform the life?
If you are worker of your boss, then be grateful that you have light and you have nothing more in your hands than your food and your drink.
Because if you have more – isn’t it true? – then you will just do wrong with it, because you will throw it away, or you will kick another being with it, and that is your Deity.
I can continue like that, I will soon let you experience a few other personalities who came to the Other Side ‘behind the coffin’, who could walk into the first sphere just like that.
But those who had to search for themselves between the Land of Hatred and the Land of Twilight, you will experience them so that you will get to know yourself, so that you will learn to understand yourself.
You will start to feel that you do everything and everything for your boxership; you fight.
Of course, art, we have respect for that.
If a human being defends himself and hits, exerts that enormous will in order to not let himself be given any beating by another ...
But what is that?
Why do you start to deform this beautiful Divine being in the first place?
You do everything for your piano playing – don’t you? – you tinkle away every day.
The wife, the children may not disturb you because papa is busy!
At nine o’clock in the morning he begins until ten o’clock in the evening because he must do his finger exercises.
But where do the character exercises remain, inside?
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Master Zelanus is not concerned with the earthly activities:
We are no longer talking about boxers, about runners, riders.
We are no longer talking about the professors and the academics.
We are talking about the pure, naked, universal, macrocosmic being, seen, experienced and accepted as a Deity, as a personality.
And I am that, you are that and you are that with regard to your children, you are that for society, by means of your word, by means of your acting, your task.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
We can feel how strongly we have already built up our spiritual personality on the basis of one question: Do I truly love?
Now you will watch over your personality and never ever send a materialization into the world again, and under no circumstances build up a spiritual radiance which destroys the other life.
You are always prepared to pass on the bliss of your spiritual self to the human being, the child of God.
You are busy drawing up society, your word becomes wisdom, your word gets ‘great wings’.
You will soon get your love back, because you are harmonically, justly busy laying the foundations for the ‘great wings’ on the Other Side.
That is all a great deal and that is all so awe-inspiringly wonderful.
But now to see and to want to experience to take in your hands the core, the simple self, and to say: “Look, this is what I am like, this is what my character is like, this is what my personality is like at the moment.
Do I have true human love?”
Lectures Part 2, 1951