Phobia and fear -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘Phobia and fear’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘phobia and fear’.

Shock and acceptance

During a contact evening, a member of the audience mentions a remarkable condition:
Mrs Schuling asks: ‘The husband of my girlfriend was killed in action on 12 May 1940, at 3.45 hours at night.
Every year she now wakens up at that time, either out of herself or sometimes by her children.
Does this mean something?’
Jozef Rulof replies: ‘Madam, this means, that occurrences which have meaning for our life, never disappear, if we have still not conquered, have not completely experienced the occurrences, and have not banished them from our thinking and feeling.
The moment, which hits us as a result of sorrow, that we cannot surrender, that moment keeps on reacting again and this has to do with ‘occult’ laws.
If you want to read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’, then this will also be clear to you.
It is the beaten ‘will’ for the human being.
It is your loss, it is your love, it is your thinking and feeling which reacts exactly on time, because you hold onto that time yourself.
You hold onto that time ... because you do not want to release inside what is your possession and your life.
As a result of this you are continually faced with that shock as time and – that is clear after all – has to do with your emotional life; it is that.
A magician awakens exactly on time, who let himself be buried for four weeks.
Those laws are analysed in the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
Which can be explained with thousands of examples.
Here is another example, which I was able to experience myself.
A mother comes to me and asks what her feelings mean; she always wakens up with a fright at the time, that her daughter perished in another country as a result of a pile of misery.
‘Did I sense that too deeply?’, is her question.
‘And how do I become free from that situation?’
I had to make a diagnosis and gave her the advice:
‘In the first place you surrender everything.
Your daughter lives on and you will see her again.
If you cannot do this, then you will never become free from your own longings and those feelings will continue to make your life here bitter.
And if you can do that, then you must try to experience that misery day and night, every hour, because that misery of your child must now die!’
And believe me, ladies and gentlemen, that must die, or you will never become free from your occurrences!
Months later she comes back and says: ‘I am that far, this time I slept through, the time approached and look, I remained calm.’
Because she, as a human being and mother, carried that misery in her day and night and then the moment came, there was nothing else to experience and she no longer felt that she had already dealt with it before.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950

No phobia without a cause

A phobia occurred when people could not deal with an intense experience:
Another example.
A lady comes to me.
She cannot – she told me – be in an enclosed space.
If this happens to her anyway, then she gets the feeling that she is suffocating and she runs out the door.
There is nothing to be done about it, the doctors say.
Even though they stuffed her full of medicine, it remains.
Now what?
I got to see the diagnosis and her past life.
This soul as a woman was also mother then.
And in that life she was burnt alive.
Precisely because she had felt locked in and because she did not see any way out, she lost that life.
And now her situation is exactly the same.
The psychologists say: half mad.
We say, through the masters, burnt alive once.
And who is right now?
Nothing can be done about it!
Nothing and yet?
If I had had to heal her – which is not possible, because who can make her experience that same situation – I would have had to let her feel that same fear again to get out, what is in there.
It is only then that she would be herself again.
It is only on the other side that all these phenomena will dissolve.
And ... also believe this and accept it, here every phenomenon is a law and this means, that the human being has once experienced that misery and we see this again in the emotional life of the human being.
Since the doctors still cannot accept reincarnation, they are powerless and just send those people away, or give those patients medicine, but it is the spirit and not the material!
In this way I can analyse thousands of human situations for you, because each phenomenon has to do with our inner life.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
Fear which does not live in the day-consciousness but in the subconscious, does not disappear just like that:
But, there were more people: ‘I am afraid, afraid, afraid.’
And then you can give them a hundred thousand books, sir, and then it will still not help.
That is also a state once again, which lies deeper.
That is not in the day consciousness just like that. ‘I am afraid of death’.
Usually there is something in that, by means of which the human being was killed in a horrible way in a previous state, life, and that is why there is that fear of death ...
And then you read that, you read that, and then that fear does not go away.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
Fear of heights, agoraphobia and claustrophobia do not usually disappear by reading books:
For example, we have people who do not dare to walk in the street; they were irrevocably killed in a road accident or whatever.
We have someone here amongst us who cannot sit alone in a small house, a closed-off space, then she becomes afraid, then things almost burst.
That soul - I looked into that life, and I saw it - she was burnt alive.
That fear, you come back with that, you come back with that event.
Doctors and thousands of things cannot help that personality, or you must put her in that cubby-hole again, and now nothing will happen; then it will be gone for the first time.
You cannot avoid that!
So you can start to read now, but whether it will help you ...
But in any case you will get a very different viewpoint anyway.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
With a phobia, it usually concerns an intense death during a past life:
And a perfectly ordinary death like that on the street does not penetrate the spiritual life like that as death by being burnt alive, or something there.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
A death like that goes to the subconscious:
Those are things which go to the subconscious.
And you will not get rid of that either.
Can you feel the wonderful difference of the day conscious fear of death, the human being who does not know the laws, and also a fear which has purely to do with reincarnation, with your previous lives?
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
Yet in this case too letting go of the fear of death is very important:
If you absolutely accept reincarnation, death must have disappeared, and that fear must also dissolve.
And whether you are really sick now, or not sick, sir ...
We are pleased that we can go.
Not for those who remain behind, that is certainly no pleasure, we do laugh about that.
But we know after all that we will soon stand before ‘the coffin’, and we will go away, one first then the other, but we will see each other again; we continue, we live in a conscious world, that is the spiritual astral world.
For us there is no longer any death.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952


In order to heal, people would have to experience exactly the same event, but without the horrible end to it.
In many cases, that is difficult to realize, at least in a body on earth.
During a contact evening, Jozef gave an example of an event which he could repeat and as a result of which he could heal himself from an inner shock that he had experienced.
You experience an inner shock, it does not matter for what; it keep you busy for years.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
Jozef’s wife had gone to Vienna for the funeral of her father.
Jozef would go a few days later, because he was still busy with the book ‘The Origin of the Universe’:
And I am still busy, it was in 1938, I am still busy with ‘The Origin of the Universe’.
I live nicely in the space.
And I get those cases, and I go to the station, I go and sit in the train, and I go to Utrecht.
And I was sitting there having a lovely look at the that train, I say to that man: ‘Where will the train come in?’
Then he says: ‘There.’
Fine, I will stick with that.
That man will know - won’t he? - and a station man like that.
I say: ‘Sir, do you know for certain?’
‘Yes, sir.’
Then I surrendered to that.
I should never have done it, I must look for myself.
I also got a beating like I don’t know what.
That train comes in there on the left, I see the Liftinck: gosh, what a power, isn’t it?
I am having a nice seat on that case and I look at that train, I say: man, what a piece of work it is, isn’t it?
Puff, puff, it stood there puffing, puffing, puffing.
And that thing starts to whistle there, and I look: my God, my train!
And I also want to get on that train with my case, but they caught me out.
I was furious.
I think: that will never happen to me again.
Sir, for two years, now and again I sat on that platform again, and that train goes past again, I never got on it.
I think: well.
The only thing, sir, in order to ... that ...
I dreamt that.
I reacted fiercely, because master Alcar says: ‘It is not bad, because now you also have both feet on the ground, because you would have gone to Vienna and it would have been no use to you.’
And it was no use to me.
He approved of it as it were, see, in order to release me from the universe, that had to happen with a shock.
But now and again: trains, trains, trains; that train drove off under my nose.
I think: man alive, I will go to Utrecht immediately and then I will do it again.
But two years later I did it again.
And I got a beating of course because I had been daydreaming.
I say to my wife: ‘Oh yes?’
Then she says ...
‘Then just ask where that train comes from.’
I think: I will not ask it again, I will have a good look myself.
And then that man says: ‘There, madam.’
But no, now he came here.
I say: ‘Fine.’
A train comes in, I have to pull her on there by force from the right.
Then she says: ‘But it is coming here.’
I say: ‘No, it is there.
We have to get on.’
Then we were made a fool of again.
I say: ‘They almost got you too.’
But then first, sir ...
Imagine, a lifeless train like that.
A lifeless train like that, is just actually a lifeless piece of steel.
You just go on your way alone.
Sir, for two years I was busy with that because I ... not that ...
I could hit myself on the head because I was so dreamy.
But I was sitting in the planets, I was talking to the moon, and I was sitting between Jupiter and then I had to go on trains.
It was absolutely no use to me, because I was not sitting in that train, I was sitting in space.
Master Alcar says: ‘Now you are enjoying yourself.’
And then I also enjoyed myself.
I only arrived four days later; on the way I got out again, then one went away again.
‘Oh oh oh, he is busy again.’
I say: ‘I am not busy at all, that train had no time and I was standing there watching.’
So I was still dreaming.
But only just that shock, and I was still alive.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
By re-experiencing exactly the same situation with a positive outcome, Jozef was freed from his dreams:
And when I went to Utrecht for the second time, then I was having a nice seat in that train: gone, gone dream.
It will never annoy you again.
You can see those things, if we make mistakes, how that follows us.
This is only just a perfectly ordinary train.
And here it is this and there it is that, every human being has his own problem.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
Precisely during that sleep, these problems are experienced again:
No, the human being suffers because of that, in his sleep.
During sleep we are not unconscious, that life of feeling in the depth continues, and then that arises precisely, the people dream about that.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
Of course, a real shock due to a murder will take much longer to forget:
Just mention those terrible massacres, how they can kill a human being there.
A torture, sir, as before, and did you think that you could forget that just like that?
Sir, you need five hundred lives for that in order to dissolve that; so deep, a thing like that makes a hole in your soul.
In your soul?
No, it makes a hole in your life.
That is a shock, sir.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
During each life, that fear can return:
And whether you now say: ‘Sir, madam, there is no fear here, and there is nothing burning here.’
Well, but that door has to open, that door has to open, they start to shout, sir.
A psychologist does not know it.
Perfectly simple: there is a hole in that life, because it has already happened once.
This is the pure picture, that the human being does not want to be closed off: there must be an opening.
And if you were burned alive there, then something happened.
Who knows what happened.
But something very bad; just accept that.
After ten, twenty lives, sir, it also comes back consciously, that fear comes back consciously for every life.
And that fear cannot be changed by anything.
You must experience it again, you must be in a state like that again.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
The depth of the shock determines how long it takes before the human being can be rid of it, even if they can repeat the same condition without the unpleasant outcome:
Madam, the ladies or the gentlemen who have that: here that cubby-hole, and that is closed off, and then they start to scream and shout: something is happening ...
Madam, you must put that woman, or that man in that cubby-hole again and then everything breaks loose, but now nothing happens, then they are rid of it.
And then it is also possible, that other life, if it was a gram stronger, it will still arise.
And then that means something again.
A gram from the hundred pounds in weight, in kilos, says even more about the accident; it has secured itself there.
And that is a life, and that is a situation, and that is the thinking, that is the feeling; that whole personality has nothing to say, madam, only by means of that one thing.
Those people can be analysed infallibly.
And how does that dissolve?
In ten, twenty lives you will still not be rid of it.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
Some people asked Jozef whether he could cure them of this:
Someone comes to see me, that man is sick and now he get here around his throat here ...
He was forty-two, he was an intellectual from The Hague, it was in 1937, I remember, he says: ‘Sir, it is just as if between three and four, through my first sleep’, you see, also a significance, ‘then it is just as if they are closing my throat.
And then I almost suffocate and then I wake up.’
Master Alcar must make a diagnosis and descends into that life, but that man was strangled, strangled.
Another case like that.
I say: ‘Sir, I will not be able to rid you of that.’
Then you are powerless.
The human being must conquer himself.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952