Pilate -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘Pilate’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘Pilate’.

He washed his hands in innocence

Pilate represents the deception in society:
When we will soon stand before Pilate, then your human society will collapse, also that of Pilate.
The higher child, the higher feeling and thinking as mother, the wife of Pilate says: “Do not violate this Life, I have seen a wonderful vision.”
A letter, a word even now comes from this life, this beautiful feeling, this maternal authority.
As the apostles were able to do that for their wives, anyone here who comes into contact with the Christ gets a message.
Pilate is also warned: ‘Do not violate this Life.
Man, do not violate. I have seen a wonderful vision.’
But this wretched, earthly thinking child washes his hands in innocence and says: “I do not want anything to do with mud and with goodness.”
He washes himself in innocence; he should have taken part in this authority!
He who represents the highest for that moment says: “Yes, I am that far.”
Otherwise, hold your tongue, do not violate material tasks.
He says: “I do not want anything to do with it”, but he does want the garment.
Yes, he will soon climb Golgotha with on the left the sword and on the right the cross and want to represent the All-Source ...
Deception, Pilate!
“Yes”, says the other child of the space, of Mother Earth, “I will go with you, Peter and John, I will go with you through the mud and the sludge.
I am not afraid of losing my life.”
But when a haze comes, then people run away, because people think that the stake is approaching.
The betrayal of Jerusalem, the disintegration and the destruction which we experience and have to accept in Jerusalem, I will show you by means of the following session.
And then I will place you before Pilate, before Gethsemane.
Lectures Part 1, 1950

His reincarnations

Master Zelanus also described the following lives of Pilate:
When Pilate entered the world of the unconscious after his death and then received a new garment, there was just one longing in him, he wanted to know more about the life of Christ.
Faith in God drove him onwards, this inspiration drives him to devote his life to him.
The wonderful event had absorbed him.
His life is also like a hell on Earth, he also searches and dreams in a dreadful way.
However, all along he follows Christ.
As a child he feels for the church and he becomes a priest.
In the jungle he withdraws and he works, life after life he gives himself for Christ.
He works himself upwards in those lives, but knows nothing about his past, the fire in him does not give him any peace.
It drives him onwards and he cannot extinguish it.
One day he will also see his past and the role which he played in the Golgotha drama - to then realise why he keeps wanting to devote himself for Christ.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
During World War II, Pilate was persecuted as a bishop:
At this moment Pilate lives in Germany, he is a bishop there.
He makes good his faults and has got to love Christ inwardly.
Pilate has awakened for God.
He preaches about Jerusalem and about himself as Pilate.
He still cannot feel that he is Pilate, but his words interpret his past.
Now Pilate lives in the German Reich and he is persecuted.
By whom?
This will soon be clear to you.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941

The doubt

In 1950, master Zelanus held a lecture with the title:
You will get ‘The Pilate in the human being’ this morning.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
He follows the thousands of thoughts which have attunement to the Pilate consciousness:
We have thousands of thoughts in us and every thought – they know that there and people know that in the space – has attunement to the Pilate consciousness.
And that is nothing other than a deep abyss, a hole, which you sink into.
And that hole - that abyss- that is infinitely deep; that is called doubt.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
It concerns moments which ask us who we are:
Yes, you have read about that Pilate, when he stood there and received the Christ before him.
Those are the moments that you will prove who you actually are.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
When Pilate had to judge, his wife warned him that she had dreamt that they were not allowed to violate the life of Christ:
When the Divine Consciousness stood on earth and wanted to bring His task, His holy gospel to the people, then he was immediately faced with the doubt ... with the doubt.
The human being Pilate, decorated with a beautiful white sheet, a beautiful garment, did not know it.
His soul there, which received the dreams from the space and is open to the higher, said: “Do not violate that life.
Oh, my loved one, do not violate!
My inner self warned me last night, do not violate these higher thoughts and those powers, because you will deform yourself for eternity, eternity, eternity!”
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Pilate should have stopped the murder of Christ:
I brought you now to the Spheres of Light.
We came through Gethsemane, we went to Pilate and stood there and Pilate could say: “I wash my hands in innocence.”
Already a wonderful, awe-inspiring weakness, a fault which crushes him if it comes to space.
Pilate had to prove: I do not want, if I have established the justice, the Divine love, the harmony, I do not want there to be a murder in my proximity!
And now you should see how Jerusalem murdered during that time, just by thoughts, only in order to protect itself.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Everyone who had done something for mankind, had to fight the battle with the Pilate within himself:
Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, ancient Egypt, China, Japan, British India, Tibet, all of them were attached to the Pilate.
All of them, every priest had to lose himself thousands of times in order to wring the neck of that Pilate.
Because the doubt smashed him completely, for every thought, spatial, maternal, paternal!!
With two exclamation marks.
Smashed completely!
Lectures Part 1, 1950
They knew that their mission could mean their material destruction:
There were people – and they are still living – who started to think by means of the silence, the harmony, the mediation of the Christ, by means of Gethsemane.
And they knew: when I come with these spatial thoughts to the human being, then that human being who does not understand that will attack and destroy me if necessary.
But if I have been able to speak just twenty-five words, that there is a God of love, then I will be ready and my task will be over.
Those people all experienced Gethsemane, they learned to know the Pilate in themselves.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The apostle Peter too had to conquer the doubt:
Now you are there, now you are standing there.
You can, you must be in command, you must give the answer for yourself, for your cake, your bread which you baked; it tastes good.
But we will go higher!
Soon you will stand – what king and emperor? we taught you – soon you will stand ruling over a people.
And now you must see how hands are washed there.
Phew, you do not see them.
I doubt?
A fine personality says: “I have nothing to do with that, that is certainly not my work!”
In Gethsemane you are blown away by a small, trivial little adder, because that little adder belongs to your characters.
And that one attracts thousands, it becomes a ghost, which says: “Leave here, hypocrite!
What do you want? Do you want to experience the life bottom of the Messiah?
To interpret your nonsense?”
“I have nothing to do with that”?
It is you!
And in this way millions of people were slaughtered before your eyes.
The conscious deception, the destruction lies there, before you.
But just go higher, just come higher to the more rarefied justice.
Yes, then you no longer know it either and then you attack the people and then light is darkness for you, then the love is a deformation.
Yes, now you are faced with the strictness, the harshness of the spiritual law for which the Messiah died.
Peter also had to do with that, because then he hung upside down on a ladder and they slaughtered him like a pig.
Then his blood flowed away, but he did not mind.
Now there was no longer any doubt.
No, because he killed it in himself!
That little mite Peter, who was walking there amongst the people, he experienced Gethsemane.
He comes from the garden of Gethsemane, he comes from the space ...
There lies the Divine source and he does not believe it, he falls asleep and says: “I did not see that Human Being.”
Very simple, easy, Peter, people should have blown you from the world!
Yes, just shout at Peter.
Now it is also said: “The greatest stupidity which I committed, was that I followed that man.
That is an eternal stupidity.”
No, you will never be rid of that until you get the Pilate from your ribs, pull him from under your heart and finally start to accept, finally dare to say: “Yes, that’s it, now I know.”
But I cannot give you that, the Christ could not give you that.
He stood here and they did not accept Him.
Even Peter, who went with Him day in day out through the pastures, through the streets ...
“I do not know that Human Being, I have never seen that Human Being before.”
Yes, are you far away from Peter?
Do you have nothing more of Pilate, do you not doubt anything more?
Do you have such a blessed, expanding justice influence in you, that the birds of the space follow you and do nothing else than chirp for your life?
Do you already experience those wonders?
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Society is still brimming with denial:
Take society in your hands and wring that society’s animal-like neck if that animal nibbles at your life and demands of you: “Go with me, because you are one of mine.”
And then dare to come out and to say: “Yes indeed, you always thought that, didn’t you?
But a cock no longer crows for me.
I am not Peter and I am no longer Caiaphas.
I killed the Peter in me, the doubter, the denier.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
Doubt can smother every vitality:
The Pilate in the human being – we will soon see that – he nailed the Most Sacred there, on top of Golgotha, to a cross and let Him bleed to death.
The Pilate undermines every good thought.
The Pilate in you – we experienced that recently in Gethsemane – it smothers every vitality, it consciously saws the life in half.
It sucks empty what, as a result of God, the All-Source, gave a spatial unity, a stability, a capacity to think and to feel as He created His things, gave light, a support, a foundation.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Pilate did not want to take his responsibility:
You are faced every moment in this society by those Pilates – but it is we ourselves!
The human being says something, the human being does something; in order to just protect himself he betrays his sister, his mother, his brother, his father.
He cannot materialize that last five percent, it does not pass his lips, because here something refuses.
That personality is afraid, is cracked.
Yes ... and then the water of life comes in useful.
You can pronounce that judgement, easily, simply.
Just put it on to another person, place it on another person’s shoulder, and you are free!
But you are not worth a cent, not worth anything, for the God of all life, you have buried yourself for thousands of things by this!
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Anyone who lets himself be carried by society out of laziness, does not walk himself:
Must you be carried, all your life?
Then you are also the pathetic, the supported personality.
But we do not let ourselves be carried.
God was not able to do that in anything and did not do that in anything, we always go ourselves.
We want to absorb the suffering and the sorrow of the human being into us.
I want to experience those pains, because she is not yet ready.
And then I am a mother, then I am a father; Christ was too.
Peter was not, only John had five percent of that.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Pilate stands there, he is the representative, the representing personality for human society, he represents a mass.
He does not feel the danger for his life.
Because every moment the shining personality can come towards you and then you just have to think!
Then you have to think for the space, for Our Lord, for God, for the All-Source, for millions of characteristics.
Lectures Part 1, 1950

Our All-Source

It is a huge difference whether we compare ourselves with the weak child Pilate or with the Messiah:
And now we are faced with this weak child and compare ourselves to the Messiah, the highest Consciousness for this universe.
And now it becomes dangerous, now it becomes frightening.
I told you, society does not know that, to possess a doubtful feeling for society means nothing.
No one will interrupt you, no one will say anything to you.
You doubt ... why?
You doubt everything, but now doubt your soul, your Divine attunement, and you will have nothing left!
Lectures Part 1, 1950
In the first instance, the doubt can fulfil a detection function:
The doubt is sometimes good, because you can observe the destruction by means of the doubt.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
However, if we continue to doubt, we cannot build up any higher feelings and thoughts:
We saw that we had to take every thought, every feeling, back to the harmony, as a result of which everything originated, and as the All-Source could do that.
The human being built up worlds for himself and that could not happen as a result of doubt, he had to devote all of himself for that purpose.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
By means of analysis, every thought can be brought into harmony with how the things originated:
The human being looks at the very highest and always just asks again: I want to possess this, that and the other.
But the Divine metaphysics forces you to analyse and to check every thought and to take it to harmony, as the things originated.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
A lasting construction of our spiritual personality requires determination:
When you put a flower, a seed into the ground and you take it out again after ten minutes, a quarter of an hour, you keep looking, then you smother that consciousness, it rots.
And it also happens like this with your own personality.
In Gethsemane we saw that we must think like that, always according to that love, to that harmony.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
After Pilate comes Caiaphas:
After the doubt another trueness stands before you.
Then the beating stands before your life, because by means of Pilate we reach brutal violence.
And now it becomes worse, from one to the other, but descending, to the darkness.
How do you act, what will you do when the wrong word comes to you?
Lectures Part 1, 1950
By means of the life truth, we can determine how to act:
By means of the books, by means of the life truth of the Other Side, of the masters, you can now determine how you have to act, when something is said for your life which will cost you blood.
When people know, when you start to feel: it concerns myself – now, what can happen, if you know that you represent God in everything and that society lives by means of you?
Everything lives by means of you, because you are real attunement of the All-Source, which possesses everything, and that is light, life and love.
Those are elemental laws, those are suns, stars and planets, spiritual, astral worlds, that is soul, spirit and personality.
And of that last one ... that last thought, that feeling which acts, which feels, that is consciously sure or it will mean nothing, it will lose itself in everything, every moment.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
What I can give you here, from this source, is: how must you awaken for yourself?
We have now learned that.
We returned to the earth from that wonderful space, we saw the Divine All and now we are faced with the human characteristics.
Thousands of things charge at us: friendship, truth, benevolence, quiet, and peace ...
Yes, what kind of things are they?
How will we now ... how must we now learn to think?
Lectures Part 1, 1950
When the human being says, when the human being quotes the bible ...
I tell you: society is not so serious, that is very simple.
You can think day and night, it is all rough and brutal, destructive and deforming; but, when the soul starts to speak, it becomes difficult and dangerous.
The dangerousness that you will lose yourself, the danger is now that you deny your Deity, and millions were able to do that!
I want to make clear to you that every thought, or whatever you are faced with – a strange person – then you are faced with a part of yourself which you will feed and will one day give light to.
It becomes so dangerous and so difficult as a result of this – I made that clear to you one morning, we are now faced with that – because the more ... because once you receive the light, once you have got a hold of the spheres which were built up by means of harmony, by means of justice, once you have got a hold of that, then you start to feel Gethsemane, you leave Gethsemane.
You do not even look at that Pilate, he means nothing.
You have nothing more to do with doubt and with destruction, you go straight to Golgotha.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The more we start to feel the connection with life, the more difficult it becomes:
But now you start to feel that you absorb every wrong thought into you, and that is a torture for your life, because your blood, your life stabs you there, hits you.
And that life is yours!
You start to understand in the Spheres of Light that you must start to carry, start to represent the suffering, the sorrows of this mankind – all those millions of children – because they are part of your footstep.
If those millions of people continue walking and they go downwards, then this is the destruction, the standstill for yourself; you cannot go further.
And this is why people live so long in the spheres.
This is why it takes ... this is why it becomes so heavy and difficult the higher you come, in order to absorb society, that universe, all those peoples of the earth into you.
You feel it, that is why the people stand still so long there.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Anyone who absorbs everything, anyone who accepts everything, anyone who has no doubts, any lying or cheating in him, that one rises out above the human thinking and feeling and now has spatial consciousness.
And it is only then that the planets, the stars, the suns speak to your life.
Then every law says: “Just wait a moment, just analyse me.
I want to go with you, you have forgotten me.”
Then you cannot take a step further, because every footstep says: Stop!
A new law reveals itself to your life, it hitches itself to your soul, your life and says: “Analyse me, I belong to you.
I am yours.”
Can you feel it?
And to see that from the first sphere here on earth.
Tell me now, ask yourself what you have, who you are, what you can do.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Pilate still thought then that he could withdraw himself from life:
Pilate did not know it, but now you must know it.
He should have known it.
For society you must ...
It concerns life and death here, it concerns God here, Christ, your space, the All-Source, millions of questions, characteristics, benevolence – always benevolence again – justice, love, happiness, life, light, fatherhood, motherhood.
Always that life, love, happiness, fatherhood, motherhood, personality!
There the doubt stands and it does not know, it washes its hands in innocence, this human consciousness, and says: “I have nothing to do with it.”
This knocks everything over.
He – the Divine core in him – has nothing to do with it!
“I have nothing to do with it, it does not concern me.
I will never look at it again, judge yourself!”
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Master Zelanus asks us whether our source is already flowing:
And then you ask for happiness, you ask for love.
You want to have it beautiful, to have it good, you want to be carried, but what do you put in the place of it?
For what purpose, how does your source flow?
You are restricting your source, you are putting dykes opposite it.
You smother every thought again.
People must just touch you: “He is this, he is that.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Pilate still held the sword ready:
Yes indeed, on the left side the sword and in the right hand the cross, in this way they go to Golgotha.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
However, those Pilates in us must be conquered in order to realise spiritual consciousness:
We have conquered the Pilates in us, we know that we must definitely give witness for the spiritual grade.
And then the harmony, the benevolence, the inspiration under our heart awakens.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
That is only possible by expanding every thought:
But you are the thinking power for all of this, you are the personality, which tears each thought off the Pilate.
Give every thought spatial feeling, truth, life light, from now on.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
And that is not possible by continuing to doubt:
We knew people, people who followed Christ and who distrusted Him.
They still do not have anything.
They have already been following the Christ, the Messiah for two thousand years and they still have nothing.
You get nothing, you do not build, you keep on breaking off when that doubt, that ... that boasting, that pride stands next to you.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Or by judging a human being:
It is the beating, which Christ experienced there with Pilate.
It is the execution, the torture that He had to accept by means of the unconscious of the world, the human being who has not known himself, his God, his Christ.
We go from the astral world consciously into that Pilate and then we are faced with this human being and ask him immediately: why are you putting out a hand?
Why are you violating – I asked you recently – a human being?
Why do you think that you can judge?
Why are you doing that?
He should have refused immediately.
You do not have the right ...
Lectures Part 1, 1950
I showed you Pilate, how this human being acted with regard to the better self.
I placed you before the situation in order to sense, because that still happens in your own time.
You are continually faced with justice and then you can make a decision.
And whether you are called Pilate now or whether you go to Golgotha, or he goes to Caiaphas or he goes to a great, conscious being, the smallest insect in nature has to bow its head here.
“You must not judge”, the Divine authority said.
And this is now the danger, this is now the breaking and the falling.
I could remain standing still, weeks and weeks and months and years, and we therefore do that in order to fathom that Pilate, in order to sense, to experience the curse of ourselves, and then to kill him.
I showed you that the human being must start to learn to think in the direction of Golgotha, in the direction of Christ.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Pilate did not want to devote anything in order to be able to experience the higher love:
Here in Gethsemane Christ lay there thinking, alone: ‘How must I do it now?
I cannot bear any mistakes.
I cannot make any mistakes.
What does that cross matter?
I know, I will be murdered, I will be beaten and spat upon.
I will come to stand before worldly justice.
Someone will come soon who will wash his hands in innocence.
But that man is not yet capable of representing Me.
That man only wants to experience nothing, nothing.
He wants nothing to do with My Divine justice, My harmony, My love, My light, and My life.
He says: “I will not interfere with that rottenness.
Just violate a human being.
I will close my eyes, I will just go home.
I will go into my own possession.”
Now you must start to think humanly, you must now start to ask human questions.
Because I can continue to stand with Christ, which you find nice, wonderful, you are one, but now you start to think for yourself.
Do you always still wash your hands again in innocence?
And if you do not wish to have anything to do with the building up, with the awakening and with the real fighting and serving, the love for mankind, for your Deity, then you are also an unconscious being.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Christ showed us the inner path to the cosmic consciousness:
I brought you to Gethsemane, I brought you to Pilate and to Caiaphas and that means: to descend from the silence of the eternal, to attune to the material event.
You are faced daily, every moment you are faced with the Pilate in you, the laws of which you will experience and as a result of which your personality can prove: I will organize my life like this, I must do it like this.
Every moment, every day, every second, for every thought you are faced with a wonderful problem that is universally deep, cosmically rich, gets a shape, a personality, which possesses soul, spirit, life and fatherhood and motherhood, when you must admit: I will act like this.
Now finally showing one’s cosmic colours comes, yes, then it is not so simple to prove what you can do.
But always – I told you and I gave you the example – the walk of Christ is our path.
He is the only one who indicated how to go.
Lectures Part 1, 1950