Reincarnated for a task -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘reincarnated for a task’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘reincarnated for a task’.

Wisdom and quickly reincarnating

At a contact evening Jozef Rulof says that a soul sometimes quickly reincarnates again after a life on earth.
A member of the audience does not understand how this can happen so quickly:
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes, Mr Rulof, a small definition, a very small one, about the quick birth, of the dying and being born again, already within seven months, that is to me not ...’
You cannot accept that?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘No, it is not clear to me.’
Not clear. Why not?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Well, because I do not understand it.’
Sir, have you read ‘The Origin of the Universe’ and ‘Those who Returned from the Dead’, ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ by me?
You see, you will come across those laws there.
‘Spiritual Gifts.’
But the birth, here in Europe you do not have that so soon, you used to have that more.
For example, recently in British India, that happened twenty-three, twenty-four years ago.
Those high priests experienced it a lot.
Someone comes to me, who says: ‘I experienced it myself, sir, I accept immediately what you are writing there.’
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
When a soul is born again quickly, then it is for a task:
I say: ‘It is possible, but then it is a task.’
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
For most souls that is not possible, because they have removed themselves from the harmonic time of reincarnation as a result of violence in past lives:
Because we people all live in disharmony.
We are not in harmony with the cosmos and the astral world, that is not possible after all, is it?
So because of that we have shredded all our normal, divine being-born-on-time, because we just started to live loosely.
And there is suicide, murder, theft and all those other things, people talk about lust and violence.
Sir, that still means nothing, as long as it does not concern murder, because murder eliminates you for the normal, real, harmonic birth.
And then we must come back.
And now we have fatherhood, now we have motherhood.
So we are connected to thousands of laws as it were.
And they are all harmonic and it happens of its own accord, on time, on the second.
And then there was ...
Between life and death, the masters call that the world of the unconscious, that means: the human being comes there asleep and becomes an embryo.
Can you accept that you and all of us, that we soon ...
We now come from ‘the coffin’.
If you have to return to the earth, then you dissolve completely.
I saw that, I am talking about what I saw, sir.
I disembody and I have seen and was able to follow those laws with those masters, otherwise I do not know either.
So I am telling you from the truth.
Then you dissolve completely and you come back to an embryo, to a spark like that, and in this way you are attracted by father and mother, because that is also embryonic again.
That is therefore right, isn’t it?
Now we have exceeded those laws.
We were!
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
If we were completely in harmony with the laws for the reincarnation, then we could even be born again on earth after seven hours:
But then it is a task, I tell you, and then I will come back immediately; then you could be attracted in a short time, in seven months, even in seven hours and be born again on earth.
But then we are also cosmically completely in balance with all the divine laws.
Who is that?
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
Jozef gives an example of a quick reincarnation:
But in British India recently, there was a high priest and he died, he passed on, and he said: ‘I will come back again in the morning, because it was given to me to continue my task.’
And that chap came back.
He says: ‘You will soon hear from me, I am here in the area again.’
But that is in the hands of masters, do you see?
And that man continues a school there, that is the wisdom, eastern wisdom, and those schools are still busy.
That means, they are connected to the mystical space.
The University of Christ possesses mystical spaces, mystical teachers too, for that and that and that and that, in order to build that up and they remember and pass that on, because Egypt, China, Japan, the East built up the mysticism.
Didn’t they?
Now that man is born.
They did not know where.
He says: ‘You will soon hear from me.’
Six years later, three years later it already began.
Then the child began to speak: ‘Mum, I am not staying here, because I am going to the temple.
There is a temple there, isn’t there?’
Where did the child get that from?
Not seen.
When he was six years old, then he says: ‘Mum, I am leaving, because I want to have my dog, because my dog is also yonder.’
Then he says: ‘You are my mother, but you are not, because my other mother lives yonder and my dog is also there.’
And he went there.
And the parents of six years ago were also there, those parents were also there, they thought that they had lost their child.
And he soon began to talk in the previous consciousness, so the reincarnation was absolutely conscious; masters had that in their hands, because otherwise it slips away in his consciousness.
And if you have made a study of that, then it is also perfectly simple that he has remained in that life of feeling, in this and that being born, and perhaps a few more things, for study, completely conscious; because that man did and wanted nothing else.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
This soul was in harmony with all the life:
Because the human being, that priest, he was of course in harmony with that and that and that.
And he told himself, he could not harm a fly, let alone a human being.
So he was in harmony and brought this, he continued his own wisdom.
And then he left his first parents, ‘Just do not weep, father and mother’, he says.
‘And not you either, father and mother, and I have even more fathers and mothers.
Because you will soon lose me anyway, because I am going back, I am the head of the temple.’
And he left. Then he was eight years old and then he was standing there with the same wisdom.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
Thousands of souls return for a task, not millions:
But we people, and not only that man, but there are thousands of people, not millions, thousands, who therefore get a quick birth because of their task, in order to just prove to the human being again: How is it possible?
I was that, reincarnation, I have my full consciousness.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951

Combination of task and making amends

André (Jozef Rulof) sees spiritual beings in the spheres of light becoming translucent:
In front of him were spiritual beings.
All walked along and were lost in thought.
He noticed that some of them were enveloped in a dense haze, while others were more transparent.
‘What does it mean, Alcar?’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Alcar explains that the becoming translucent means that people are starting to reincarnate:
‘This means that they are here with their beloved ones and will presently descend.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Alcar explains that at that moment André sees twin souls which are eternally connected, even if one of them reincarnates:
‘Are they aware of that?’
‘Yes, André, they know they will leave soon, but they are joined together forever and will remain so.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The soul which remains in the spheres will become the spiritual guide for the soul which reincarnates:
One of them descends into the world of the unconscious and the other remains on this side and becomes the guiding spirit for this human being on earth.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The soul which reincarnates comes for a task:
‘Do you feel that this being has to perform a spiritual mission?’
‘Yes, I feel and see that.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
André notices that the twin souls will be separated for that earthly lifetime.
Alcar contradicts this, the souls will remain one in their deepest feeling:
‘Are they separated during that life on earth?’
‘Didn’t I tell you many times that we can never be separated?
They are one forever and will remain so.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The soul which reincarnates also wants to make amends:
She, this soul, brings something on earth and also has to make up for something.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Alcar has also combined his task and making amends in his life as Anthony van Dyck:
I, too, had to make up for something when I was on earth, as well as all those who were born there with me.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
For André, it appears in the first instance to be terrible to have to enter into a relationship with someone else:
This human being is the inspiration for her and will raise her on earth to a high level.’
‘How difficult that is, Alcar.
What age will she reach?’
‘She will be approximately between sixty and seventy years.’
‘And that other being is alone all that time and must endure that she is ridiculed and provoked, for she’ll no doubt receive and experience her share of misery and sorrow and many other things?’
‘You felt that correctly, André.
She will meet someone on earth and make something up to that being.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Alcar explains that by means of making amends, the soul can free itself from what prevents her development in the spheres of light:
She’ll also bring something which is to free herself in that time from what stops her here and prevents her development.’
A new wonder, André thought.
‘How terrible that must be, Alcar.’
‘Do you think you could not accomplish this, now that you know all this, or that you could not do it?’
‘I don’t know, it seems so difficult to me.
I do feel already that when she’ll meet that other being he’ll not understand her when she descends into the mother organism.
That is terrible, because that life will be so difficult.
Oh, what depth and what sacrifice.’
‘This wonder is deep, André, though it is no sacrifice.
You heard what I said, that she’ll also make up?
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Alcar explains why being able to make amends can then be seen as a mercy:
If the person we have to make up to is on earth and we are already on this side, isn’t that better than waiting for years on end before we can proceed on this side?
It irrevocably stops us; it impedes our development, for we can’t advance while that particular being lives on earth.
Do you feel the mighty wonder of this condition, and that it is a great mercy when this happens?
A lot is accomplished in that life, and when the end comes all sorrow is over and they are united forever.
Then they are sisters and brothers in the spirit and proceed on this side.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
André does not feel it like this:
‘I think it is terrible, Alcar.
The way the spirit that remains on this side must suffer.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Alcar points to the life of Lantos in the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’.
Lantos brought his own twin soul on earth into contact with the husband Roni to whom it had to make amends:
‘Have you properly understood Lantos’ life?
What did he do when that time came?
He connected his own soul with Roni and experienced that she was bound hand and feet.
And yet, it is a thousand times better than having to wait here and being unable to advance.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
André wonders whether other people can do that:
‘If I understand you correctly, you mean the following.
When I cause harm to someone on earth and I have returned to the spheres, but that human being goes back to the earth again, I have to wait anyway until I made it up?
Can’t others do that for me?’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Alcar explains that the soul remains connected with the people to whom suffering was caused:
‘No, only they have to do with your life, they experienced that sorrow and not those others.
You can do much for others, but you’ll nevertheless meet those others again, for they are the ones who prevent our development.
That is the law of cause of effect.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
For André that is new, because they are already in the first sphere of light:
‘Surely these are not big mistakes, Alcar?’
‘You mean because they are living in the first sphere?’
‘Yes, that’s what I meant.’
‘Those who have reached the first sphere may have to make up great sins and mistakes and nevertheless have entered here.’
‘You never told me about that, Alcar.’
‘That was not possible.
Only now can I discuss these spiritual laws, you would not have understood them.
I will now discuss these laws, for all these conditions have to do with reincarnation.
We can enter the first sphere on this side when we are free from hatred, passion and violence and already possess love, although we still have faults and sins that we can make up for only now.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Alcar explains that people only reach a spiritual grade of feeling in the fourth sphere of light and people are only then completely free from earthly connections and feelings:
‘Do not forget, André, that the first sphere is like the earth.
There are two more spheres to reach the first spiritual sphere of existence.’
‘I’m beginning to feel it, Alcar.
How remarkable this is too.
It did not cross my mind.’
‘Everything must and shall dissolve in the first sphere, André, it is not until then that we can proceed.’
‘And to that end many of them return to the earth?’
‘Yes, André, to make up for the sins and faults and also to serve.’
‘How will they find each other, Alcar?’
‘That is taken care of by those living on this side.’
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
It remains difficult for André to understand that the soul in the hereafter will send his twin soul on earth itself to the making amends:
‘So this spirit will connect her in due course, whereas she is his own life, his own soul?’
‘Yes, André, that’s the way it happens.
I ask you once again, couldn’t you do this and also bring something on earth and make up?
Is that gratitude not in you?
We have all been able to, nobody excluded.
Many human beings on earth wonder why God brings people so closely together, but one learns from the other.
One being returns for his inner life, an other to bring something to the earth and mankind.
There are thousands of possibilities for us to return to the earth, though for a fixed aim and that is achieved.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
André still thinks of the material event:
As I said, these two beings are very closely connected and will remain so forever.’
‘And will she pass into other hands, Alcar?’
‘What are hands, my son, what is a material body?
A magnificent garment, but we think differently.
We only ask after the inner life, that material organism is of no use to us on this side, inner life, that is our bliss.
On earth people commit murder for the sake of that garment, but we, on this side, just go our way and wait until inner life is ready.
That is the eternal truth, that is what we love and that goes on forever, André.
We see and feel that differently, for deep inner life is not touched, nor set in vibration.
Here, it awakens, here it lives, there it is deeply hidden in man’s inner life.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
It concerns feeling:
On this side, André, feeling is life, feeling is love and light, warmth and happiness.
The material organism is only temporary and dies.
On earth the body is loved, here we love inner life.
Consequently, the depth of inner life is not touched, cannot be set in vibration, for here lives the being that is able to and has the same attunement.
That is the inner connection and it is pure happiness when it is felt.
Otherwise it has no meaning and is of no value.
No, André, she’ll go and with her thousands of others.
She will presently dissolve and the male being begins his task and waits until he can reach her.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Nothing can stop it from bringing itself into harmony:
She’ll become a mother and she’ll experience this on earth.
Somebody is waiting on earth and they will meet on that large earth.
When she has experienced that, for nothing can prevent it, she’ll return to the spheres and proceed on this side.
Everything has then been accomplished and experienced and at the same time suffered and made up.
She’ll consciously experience this mighty event, which is not understood on earth; all this resides in her deep inner being.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939

The University of Christ

Alcar indicates that by means of reincarnation progress is brought to earth for science and doctors:
I know many scientists who are on earth, and were born there merely for an invention for the benefit of mankind.
Only a short time ago two geniuses arrived here who had returned to the earth to bring something to the earth and science, by which thousands of people could be released from their terrible illnesses.
Had these beings not been reincarnated on earth and had there not been beings on this side to inspire them, they would not have achieved anything there.
But this had been experienced and accomplished in advance and they returned to the earth for that purpose.
This is also possible for other disciplines.
If the doctors did not return to the earth from this side to leave something for mankind, no progress would ever be made.
They were born again and returned after completing their task and they saw that they had not been there in vain.
While on earth they were unaware of it, here, however, they passed on into the past and were happy that it had been achieved.
This is as old as the earth occupies a place in the universe.
I explained that to you.
From the moment when hell and the spheres of light commenced, spiritual beings already returned in a material organism and brought their inner knowledge to the earth.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Spiritual nourishment is brought to all corners of the earth:
Here, André, nobody asks what we must experience; we want to experience for we are all serving.
We want to make up and feel this as a mercy.
Everybody does and all pass on into it and one day they will have advanced that far.
Those beings cannot be stopped.
Watch them go and feel their tremendous inspiration.
They work their way through and that way is paved from this side.
Beings watch on this side, and these beings are supervisors, the guardian angels of those on earth.
They are closely connected and they all have a task to accomplish what they are serving for.
Thousands of beings have a task on this side and that task is accomplished; that work cannot be destroyed, it shall and must be done, however much they may be opposed, for they all want to.
They have a sacred urge to create.
That is spiritual ardour, my son, a sacred ardour that flares up and warms others.
How many spiritual beings are there on earth for our work?
How many spiritual leaders are there on this side helping those on earth?
They now live in all parts of the world, for it is now the century of nourishment for the mind.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Souls also reincarnate for art:
People returned from this side for the art, the art of sculpture and painting and brought there what they were to bring.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The souls from the first sphere can also come for science or technology:
Those now returning to the earth bring nourishment for the mind, or science or technique.
Both follow one course and will reach the aim envisaged.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Souls can also come to the earth from the higher spheres of light for a task:
I can explain this condition to you in all spheres, even in the highest spheres, but in that case this task is a particular one and is related to a mighty event on earth.
All this is only for the development of mankind, because those higher beings could not bring anything else on earth.
That would be a mission of the highest order and that being is then a great personality on earth.
They bring wisdom and happiness and this has a cosmic meaning.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939