Science -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘science’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘science’.

Knowledge of the material

Because we start from the assumption, for society first: what is truth?
That is science.
So science lays foundations by means of experiencing and analysing true laws.
And now we are making progress.
That is the construction, that is the first foundation for philosophical systems, and for every faculty.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
The universal science shows the thinking capacity of the present-day mankind:
The university ... what is society?
That is the intellect, the power of feeling, the personality of your universities.
The universities – I told you – give an idea of how this mankind now thinks and feels.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
That thinking capacity is materially conscious:
You must be able to sense as a result of this that society, that your university is still materially socially conscious and means: people still know nothing about soul, spirit and life, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing!
Lectures Part 1, 1950


In 1939, when Jozef Rulof (André) tells his master Alcar that he has spoken to academics who find reincarnation a narrow-minded idea, Alcar reminds him that at the moment very many learned theologians believe that the human being can burn for eternity after his death:
‘I have even spoken to scientists, Alcar, and they found reincarnation something terrible, the greatest stupidity an intellectual person could profess.
They thought the idea of having to start on earth time and again as a child and to spend all those wasted years before reaching maturity narrow minded.
What is the use they said, that short period left to live on earth?
Many people even passed away when mature.
Then what?
Back to the earth to start again as a child?
They could not imagine God to be so narrow minded.’
‘What did you reply, André?’
‘Nothing, Alcar, I said nothing, I could not answer them.
They were scientists, people who had obtained a degree.
If they don’t feel it, who does?’
‘These people have not advanced that far, André.
We find these people especially among scientists.
Simple people feel and understand more of all these laws than scientists on earth.
Theologians speak of damnation and eternal burning and they are also scholars, they made a study of it.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
The book ‘The Origin of the Universe’ describes how Jozef sees a human being awakening in the hereafter.
The learning of this human being made him feel regretful, because he had completely neglected his soul as reincarnating inner life.
Since, at the end of his life, he had used his material possession in order to increase the well-being of others, no darkness reigned in the sphere where he awakened:
He saw the spheres and a man in front of him and he heard this man say: ‘I was ill, but I feel much better now, so I have recovered.
Say, there is someone coming.
Is it the nurse?
Yes, it is the nurse.
Oh, nurse, I feel quite well, I think I’ll go home.’
‘Do you know that you are dead, that you died on earth?’
‘I beg your pardon, I’m dead?
Please, don’t talk such rubbish and don’t scoff at my illness.’
The nurse looked at him and said: ‘Truly, you died.’
Then the man looked around like a madman and fainted.
André then saw that he woke up again.
He wondered where he had been taken.
Again the nurse came up to him and he heard her say: ‘Do you know that you died on earth?’
‘Go away’, André heard him shou, ‘beat it, and call the doctor.
I don’t need you any more; I won’t have this any longer.’
The nurse kept looking at him with a compassionate expression.
Then she said: ‘You have to prepare yourself anyway.’
‘My God, you mad woman, get out of my room!’
He jumped up from his bed and showed her the door.
‘Go away, you shameless witch!’
André saw that the nurse went away.
However, she returned with another nurse.
Again he heard them say: ‘Do you know that you are dead?’
Indignantly and deeply shaken the man said: ‘Are you both crazy?’
The sister of the spheres looked at him and said: ‘No, my brother from the earth.
Your scholarship destroyed your inner life, you are dead.
You died on earth and were born in this life.
You live in the Hereafter; this is your eternal life.
We looked after you and you are now awake and conscious.
If your heart did not possess this love, believe me, you would be in the darkness.
You sacrificed your last property and that brought you to this sphere where you are now.
Once again, you died on earth.’
A mild quietude overcame him.
His head sank on his chest and he fainted a second time.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
In the same book we can read how Jozef ((André) asked his master Alcar at that time whether he could reach the academics on earth with his knowledge about life after death:
‘It really is a pity, Alcar; it is nearly within their reach.’
‘That is a plain truth what you are saying, André.
Yes, all this is very near their reach.
I could lift you on earth to this condition, and speak through you to tell them about this life and help them.
But what do you think they would do?’
‘I don’t know, Alcar.’
‘They would declare you insane, a medium possessed, and a feeble-minded person!
That is what you are in their eyes.
But what I have to say is not meant for them.
It is only for those who are craving; it is for them that I am doing this work and have returned to the earth.
Yes, André, that’s how it is.’
‘You accept that as an established fact.
Wouldn’t it be possible for you to bring me in contact with a scientist?’
‘It would, André, but the result would be as I told you.
They cannot accept this, because they themselves have not yet advanced that far.
Just imagine their situation, they, those scientists, would be prepared to surrender to us, to you, because it is you who are my representative on earth?’
‘But that is not necessary, is it?’
‘In a way it is, or else we won’t achieve anything.
When they think about it, year after year – for they have been thinking for millions of years, since there have been scientists as long as the earth is old – we won’t gain anything.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
Master Alcar told André about a learned friend whom he had got to know when Alcar experienced his last life on earth in England.
During his last life on earth, that academic wanted to come further in his study on earth, which he had already taken to a great height in a past life in France.
Yet that academic height did not satisfy him, because he felt that, despite his learning, he could not find out the secrets of the universe.
When he entered the ‘world of the unconscious’ between two lives, that dissatisfaction remained within him.
In the next life, he served in the army, and in the life after that in England Alcar got to know him:
He, however – you know he was once a scientist – also wanted to create his own condition in his last life.
He reached that level in France, but he entered the world of the unconscious discontentedly and would be born again.
When he was born again on earth he joined the army and passed once more into this life.
In his next life I met him.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
In his life in England the academic was able to achieve a great deal due to his [[aptitude talent gift|aptitude] for his study and his developed thinking, but he wasted his time.
He no longer cared about the honour which he could achieve with his study, because he had already experienced that status completely in France:
You know already that he didn’t achieve anything.
In that life he could have, as in that other life, attained much, but he wasted his time and was not interested in anything.
This also had a profound meaning.
The soul living in the human body must and wants to try to attain a social level on earth.
We all get that far, every human being will achieve that and to that end only energy, willpower, perseverance, ambition and some violence are required, that is already sufficient to create our own condition.
Once the soul has reached such an sensitive state and condition, things are straightforward.
That which we want to achieve will be attained, for the qualities needed for that are within us, they are our character traits I just mentioned.
We have acquired those traits in those many, nay hundreds of lives and if this life is capable, if, for instance, the parents have the necessary means, you surely feel that what we have intended is already within reach.
Now he was in an other sensitive state and already freed from worldly ambition and many other terrestrial traits.
One day this will happen to every human being, because we then pass on to spiritual life.
All worldly honour has no meaning any more; we are not prepared to exert ourselves for that, not even if it was a free gift.
Such people live on earth and that is not so strange after all.
There are people who would give their life for a worldly title.
Others, however, would not even like to have such a title, for nothing, because they don’t care.
However, that is a law, it has a certain meaning, for, if one lacks that strength, one wants this, for it is of significance for the earth.
If one no longer cares about it, one must therefore have that inner strength.
It also means that once they must have known those titles or whatever, or they would see to it that they possess many of them, for with these the earth and mankind lie at their feet.
This is my point; I want to explain this to you.
That is what he experienced, he did not care about anything, not about titles and he was unaware of its meaning.
We know now that he was a scholar.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939

Scientific proof of metaphysics

In order to get to know the own depth of feeling, a path must be built around science:
The metaphysical teachings go around it.
You got to know ancient Egypt.
You saw the temples – temples live on earth – where people live who wondered – you saw that again as a result of the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’, ‘Between life and death’ about ancient Egypt, the temple of Isis, of Ra, of Ré – as a result of which the human being traced a path around science, the metaphysical teachings, built up a foundation, attracted a temple, as a result of which he got to know himself.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
But many academics also experience a supernatural inspiration, usually without being aware of it:
Our Side also helps that academic, because this soul has something to bring for the earth.
I already said, all your technical wonders occurred as a result of the Other Side, including the findings in the area of medicine, everything, which makes mankind awaken to the higher conscious, was achieved by Our Side.
These academics experience spiritual inspiration.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The ‘University of Christ’ inspires artists and scientists to bring mankind to a higher level of feeling:
The human being gets his great arts and sciences after Christ.
Technical wonders come.
We see the artists coming to Earth.
The Artists!
The Sculptors!
The Music!
The Sciences!
Galileo comes! ...
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Mankind is awakening.
Wagner! And many others come to Earth, Mother Earth gives her children wisdom, but every thought for arts and sciences comes from the Other Side!
There the Order, the University of Christ, was created and elevated and from that Temple, the Temple of Christ, Mother Earth is provided with arts and sciences.
The life is awakening!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944