Spirits on earth -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘Spirits on earth’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘Spirits on earth’.

More spirits than people

When Jozef Rulof perceives clairvoyantly in the street, he sees more spiritual beings than earthly people:
When I am in the city, and I come amongst people, then I always compose myself inwardly, and then I see more spiritual beings than people in the street.
I think: Oh, they are walking.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
During an out-of-body experience the spiritual leader Alcar explains to André (Jozef Rulof) that many spirits help their loved ones in the case of illness:
They entered a little room.
André saw a lean, old woman lying there alone, awaiting her end.
‘Wherever man may be, André, spiritual help is always present.
Spiritual beings are there to help their loved ones, which is becoming clear to you since I let you experience all these conditions.
No sick person is ever without spiritual beings around him to alleviate his pains.
There are more beings on earth from our side than there are physical beings.
Where people close themselves off, spiritual beings who have attuned themselves to them close themselves off along with them.
Wherever man is, spiritual beings are present, which I will show you on other journeys following this one, when we will experience life on this side.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Alcar shows André that both spirits of light and dark spirits are present:
André looked towards the spot which his leader pointed at and saw two radiant spirits standing beside a patient’s bed.
‘Now look over there, my son.’
André got a terrible shock.
He saw an old spirit enveloped in a dark haze.
He heard him lament and shout, which he hadn’t heard before Alcar had drawn his attention to it.
The being was fierce.
It was terrible for him to have to see this.
‘What does all this mean, Alcar?
It is attacking those other beings.
Mustn’t they be protected?’
‘No, they neither feel nor hear him.
I will make everything clear to you.
We are standing at the sickbed of their mother.
Both the beings passed on a long time ago and now they come to fetch their mother.
The father who lives in a dark sphere has been brought here to become convinced of his earthly life.
‘So those are different spiritual attunements in the spirit.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
In the spirit people only see what the attention is focused on.
The attention of these children is only focused on the passing on of their mother.
The attention of their father is aimed by higher spirits on the children and the mother, in order to let him experience that he cannot reach them with his coarse-material feeling:
‘The condition of the father I will shortly explain to you.
He is calling them and cursing, but they don’t hear him, which means that they live in a higher attunement.
They know nothing about him because they are still children in the spirit and it is kept hidden from them.
Now they are linked up with their mother and their concentration is directed towards her, so that they won’t take in any other conditions.
They could therefore link up with their father, but they are too delicate to endure his cruel powers.
They won’t see each other again before he has entered a spiritual sphere.
So this condition encompasses three different attunements.
These are that of the mother, that of her children, and that of the father.
And all the attunements include intermediary conditions which I will make clear to you later.
The father has been brought here to witness the transition of his wife, which will induce him to begin a different life.
The experience of this situation will make him develop because the longing has been aroused in him, as he knows that she dwells on this side too.
Is this clear to you?
The father was brought here by happy spirits who skilled themselves for this task.
They are letting him experience this, just as I have made various conditions clear to you by showing them to you in visionary attunement.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The father cannot reach his children because they are in a higher spiritual attunement which he cannot yet connect with:
The sight of his loved one makes him want to link up, which however is not possible to him.
You heard how far he is still removed from this height.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Since the mother and her children feel the same amount of love, they will live together in one sphere of light:
My son, do you feel the great significance of all this?
The mother will be with her children and live with them in the same sphere because she too possesses attunement in the spirit.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The father was brought here by spirits of light who develop themselves further spiritually by means of their serving task:
Now look over there, André.’
‘Who are they, Alcar?’
He saw two spirits dressed in a spiritual garment.
‘They brought him here.
Spiritual helpers on this side.’
They looked at him lovingly as if they understood why he was present here.
‘Spirits of love, André, who are fulfilling a task in the sphere of the earth.
They will open other peoples’ eyes and teach them how higher happiness can be attained.’
‘Do they know what I am doing here, Alcar?’
‘They know that too, because they see your aura, and that enables them to determine everything.
Another thing: those spirits are from the fourth sphere where they possess nothing but light and happiness.
But in order to work in the sphere of the earth they will link up with that condition, which means that they pass on into that life.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The earthly human being generally notices little of all the spirits who abide on earth.
During an out-of-body experience, André also experiences that the human being does not see or feel the spiritual body of him.
Alcar encourages him to investigate whether the earthly human being can perceive him:
‘You notice, André, that nobody sees or feels us.
Just try and give this servant a push; you’ll go right through him and he won’t notice anything.
A very sensitive person would though, because he would be attuned to spiritual contact.’
André gave the servant a push which he thought would send the man tumbling down the staircase.
But he simply kept on walking.
‘You see, André?
He doesn’t feel a thing.
Shout something at him, he won’t hear you either.’
André shouted as loud as he could, the man heard nothing at all.
‘That’s typical for man’s behaviour in general.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
It gives the spirit the opportunity to act invisibly:
Do you know how wonderful it is to be able to experience the earth invisibly amongst all the people?
You should look in your streets, as a clairvoyant, then you should see how many thousands and thousands of astral beings walk around you.
They stand next to you.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950

What do the spirits see?

As a disembodied spirit, André can see through the material walls:
Suddenly he is standing next to his body.
His inner eyes look through the walls, father is lying there.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 1, 1950
Spiritual eyes do not see earthly walls as solid:
Walls are like clouds.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 1, 1950
However, Alcar points out to André that they can perceive accurately in the material, if they concentrate on this:
Before they left, Alcar drew his attention to the large painting, which he had hung there himself, and pointed out that the staples were beginning to come off.
André saw this clearly too and was surprised that a human being in the life after death could perceive matter.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Spirits can even see more than earthly people, because they are not impeded by the material.
For instance, it is possible for a spirit to read a closed letter.
The writer of the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’ mentions a situation where as a spirit he is a witness to a conversation on earth between a man and a woman where the man wants to read a letter which another man has written to the woman:
Suddenly he took a step towards her and said: ‘May I read this letter?’
She penetrated him with her look, shrugged her shoulders disdainfully and said: ‘What good is it to you?
You would only lose your good health and humour.’
I immediately understood that I did not know everything.
Was there a letter?
Had he written to her and made demands?
Where was this letter?
I fathomed out her train of thought and in this way I knew where the letter was.
She carried this letter with her, but she said that she had put it away and could not get it now.
This was a lie to me.
Now I read what was written in the letter.
It was amazing to be able to do this.
I saw each written word clearly.
Each word emanated light.
This letter meant hatred.
I did not even need to read it, I already knew everything.
It was a clear demand.
I read: ‘Give me the chance to speak to you within twenty-four hours.’
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
Of the people on earth André not only sees the material body but also their aura which radiates light or is only a grey haze:
They glided along, and passed through lots of houses and buildings.
There was nothing to obstruct them and everything was visible to André.
He saw people, many of whom radiated light.
These he could clearly perceive.
Around others he could see a grey haze, and he understood what this meant.
They felt no love and lived an earthly life.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Alcar takes André to a woman whose body is more beautiful than her aura:
At present we’re spectators, and nobody can see us.
We’ll stay here for the time being.
Take everything in as well as you can.
We’re in a mansion, and this is one of its luxuriously furnished rooms.
Come, let’s see where the lady is who lives here. I’ve known her for quite a while.
I’m interested in this case and I wanted to see whether the situation has remained the same.
Come along with me, they needn’t open any doors for us.
We’re uninvited guests, whether they like it or not, and we’re going upstairs now, that’s where she’ll probably be.’
The house was full of activity. Lots of servants, youngsters as well as elderly ones, moved to and fro.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Yet they are noticed:
They passed through many rooms and finally Alcar stopped.
‘Look, André, here’s the woman I wanted to visit.’
André saw that they were in a bedroom.
A young, very beautiful woman was lying on the bed. She had three little dogs beside her that started to growl, while one of them stared at Alcar.
‘You see that, André?
That little animal can see me.
Lots of animals are clairvoyant, and this little dog certainly possesses a finer intuition than his mistress.’
Alcar turned away from the bed, and the little dog no longer saw him.
The moment the little animal had noticed him, André heard the woman say: ‘Quiet, Molly, quiet, my little sweetheart.
What’s the matter?
Come here!
Whom are you growling at?
What is it your big eyes can see?’
And the little dog had crawled towards her and licked her hands.
‘Isn’t she beautiful, André?’
He nodded.
‘Yes, son, she’s beautiful.
She’s known for her beauty, and all she does is let others admire her for it.
That’s all she bothers about, and her sole interest concerns herself, her dogs, her social standing and her modern way of life.
There’s no doubt she’s beautiful, but this beautiful creature doesn’t possess the slightest bit of spirituality.
She doesn’t have the least bit of warmth in her.
She plays the piano, yet her music is cold-hearted.
Not the least bit of feeling.
She’s a poor, trivial, coarsely materialistic creature.
She’s good and kind to her animals, at least that’s what she thinks.
I’ll tell you something more about that afterwards, it has to do with life in the spheres.
But our visit doesn’t concern her so much, we’re mainly here because of her mother. She lives on our side and she’s trying to protect her daughter and make her turn away from the wrong track.
I don’t see her yet, but she’ll be here soon, because she tries everything within her power to bring her daughter to lead a different life.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The woman does not live with the material, but she is lived by the material:
This young woman wants her dogs for herself only, and nobody else is permitted to stroke the harmless little animals.
She spends more on them than on any of her employees, who must sweat and slave for her.
It’s all self-love, André.
She never appreciates all the care and attention of her personnel.
It would be a blessing for her if she lost her material possessions, because her wealth will be her downfall.
To her, matter isn’t something to live with, it has complete control of her, and of so many others too, who still live on earth.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Her deceased mother tries to rectify her own errors:
She’s allowed to return to earth and do everything possible to fulfil her task there, namely to release her daughter from her present situation, which she herself is to blame for too, due to her way of upbringing.
She spoilt her daughter by surrounding her with things that were worldly and vain.
She has tried for quite some time to make her abandon this loose way of life.
But as you see she hasn’t made much progress yet.
Nor will she reach her goal in the near future.
I’m sure you feel how hard the task is which she has to accomplish on earth, now that she has physically died, a task she has laid upon herself and which she took on gladly to make amends for the sins she committed during her life on earth.
Her task is the heaviest a spirit can fulfil on earth, because in her endeavour to free her child, the poor mother is impeded in every possible manner.
She follows her child everywhere she goes.
Wherever the daughter goes, you find her mother too.
Sometimes she gains some ground, at other times she must give up vast territory.
She’s not only wrestling with her child’s obstinacy, but also with the lower spirits who are making things extremely difficult for her.
Many amongst us try to encourage her and tell her that she must persevere.
And she does, but sometimes things get too tough for her and then we intervene and help her without her seeing us.
We’re invisible to her because she isn’t attuned to us.
So in turn she also receives help from higher spirits who have taken this task on themselves.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936

Dark spirits on earth

Master Alcar speaks to dark spirits on earth, in order to make it clear to André how they feel and act.
He impresses upon André that they only talk to each other telepathically, so that the dark spirits cannot follow their conversation:
They had hardly left, when André sensed other beings around them.
‘Spirits, Alcar’, he whispered softly.
In a flash it came to him: ‘What have we just agreed on, André?
We use our own language, the language of the mind.’
André understood.
‘They hear every thought that is spoken, and that would force us to return because they would recognize us and attack us.
This would complicate our work.
So be careful and use your powers with deliberation.’
André had sensed correctly, some beings were indeed approaching them.
A colossal figure, a terrible monster, addressed them.
There were a few more behind them who stopped some fifteen feet away and remained there, waiting.
‘Well now’, he said, and those two words revealed everything, his possession and his entire personality.
He addressed them as his equals.
‘Where are you heading for?’
André didn’t know what to do or say, although the question had been directed at him.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Alcar pretends to be a spirit who has only just died and does not know how life in the sphere of the earth unfolds:
But Alcar answered instead: ‘Where we’re heading for?
Let’s see, where shall we go to, we don’t really know.’
The others also came over to them; they too were unfortunate beings in an animal-like condition.
‘My friend and I’, Alcar began, ‘have only been on this side for a short while.’
‘How did you get here?’
This sudden question was directed at André again.
And for the second time he was at a loss, but while Alcar talked he caught his thoughts and knew that he shouldn’t say anything and would just have to wait how things were going to develop.
‘We fell down, we had an accident.
Our profession is painter.’
‘Ah’, the being exclaimed, ‘so you crashed down?’
‘Yes, that’s how it must have happened.’
André wondered whether they knew that they had died on earth.
How many were oblivious of that fact!
Again he got an inner answer, that they had passed on long ago and others had persuaded them of this.
Yet Alcar was carrying on a conversation with him, but André felt that he should concentrate on Alcar; it would all settle itself and they would remain oblivious.
How great the powers were of a being with a higher attunement.
They couldn’t be fathomed.
None of them had sensed or grasped anything of their conversation, and he understood the meaning of all these conditions of feeling and the nature of all those attunements.
‘Who told you that you were on this side?’ the man again asked Alcar.
‘Some people told us, but we don’t know who they were.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The dark spirits do not appreciate the attempts of the spirits of light to convince them to let go of their dark feelings.
They call the spirits of light ‘blacks’:
‘Maybe not, but we do; they were blacks, no doubt about it.
We know their sweet talk.
They’re all around the place.’
‘I don’t know who they were’, Alcar told him, ‘but they gave us some good advice what we should do to attain another life.’
‘He’s already hooked’, the monster retorted and started to snigger in a horrible manner.
‘How do you mean, sir?’ Alcar asked him.
They all began to laugh.
You call me mate, got it?’
André was trembling, how coarse these terrible beings were.
‘I bet they wanted to win you over’, he continued who had been doing the talking.
‘Didn’t they tell you that there are people up above us?’
Alcar confirmed that this had been the case.
‘They’ve been here often, but we don’t need them.
Don’t let yourself get hooked, man, it’s poison.’
Alcar told him that they had meant well, because due to them they knew that they had died on earth.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The dark spirits know their possibilities on earth, and know how they can get hold of a drink:
He immediately went on: ‘What are you doing now?
Don’t you know then that you can profit from the earth here too?
You can experience more, see, feel and hear more than in the life over there.
Come on, join us, you’ll be surprised how wonderful things are here.
Do you fancy a drink?’
What’s that being talking about, André thought?
A drink?
Alcar said: ‘You must be kidding us!’
‘No, it’s the truth all right, just you come along with us, you’ll see for yourself.
Here you can drink whatever you fancy, experience whatever you want.
You can do anything here. You could find no better spot to live in than here.
You can walk into any place without asking, nobody will throw you out.
We lead a free life here, the people on earth have no knowledge of this; they would be amazed if they did.
They can’t hide away from us, we find them anyway.
Some of them have got a cloud of vapour around them, we can’t get at those.
All the others walk into our traps of their own accord because they know nothing about this life.
Yeah man, it’s not as boring here as you might think.
Come along, this will make you forget the moon and the stars.
The only thing we haven’t got is light; always that deep darkness, it’s always night-time.’
A shroud came over the monster, for a moment it stood there in thought.
But it immediately went on: ‘Come on now, follow me’, and pulled them along by their arms.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Alcar fights against it for a moment, but the animal-like grade of feeling does not let itself be restrained:
‘But you know’, Alcar continued the conversation, ‘that there are other countries besides these, don’t you?’
‘Of course, at least if it’s true what the blacks say.
We don’t know for sure, but we’ve heard about it so often.
So what?
I wouldn’t want to part with this life, it’s far too much to my liking.
I’ve never ever felt as free to do as I please before. Why should I leave for another country?
Could it ever match this one?
They don’t know it themselves.
Seeing is believing, as my old dad used to say!
I’m just like him and I’ll do as he did.
No, mate, you’ll soon find out why I don’t want to leave this place.
Let me tip you off: pick yourself a person who sticks to his way of life day in day out; otherwise you’ll begin to burn inside.’
‘How do you mean?’ Alcar asked him.
‘What I mean by that,you’ll find out soon enough.
Aren’t you thirsty and longing for other things?’
‘But I don’t understand you’, Alcar said to him, ‘tell me more clearly.’
The man looked at Alcar with his bloodshot eyes and was silent; these secrets were his, he didn’t go into this, the animal didn’t intend to give himself away.
André had been able to follow the entire conversation; he was linked up with his leader and would remain so.
Terrible, where was this leading up to?
How bestialized these people were.
He saw a lot of astral beings passing by, who walked straight through the earthly people and thought nothing of it.
He had seen similar scenes during his previous trips, but now he was right in their midst.
They all blazed with passion and their eyes were bloodstained, making them look like wild animals.
In a heavily populated street they entered a large house.
The one who had addressed Alcar said to him: ‘Right, at least we’ll get a drink here, and lots of other things too; this is home to us.’
They stepped into a pub.
How terrible, he thought, even gin in the realm of the spirit?
Didn’t these people think about any other kind of life?
Was this their happiness?
This was all terribly sad; not a spark of light would penetrate this darkness.
He followed Alcar in his footsteps.
An inner voice told him: ‘So you see, my son, how real it is; it will soon all prove to be true.
But we won’t take part in their passions.
Stay with me and keep your concentration focussed on me.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
And then André sees the hidden spiritual side of lust and violence on earth:
A horrible smell engulfed him.
He saw in a glance where he was.
None of the well-offs from the earth were present here.
He also saw what the monster had meant by that vapour; it concerned those who weren’t quite as evil, which apparently prevented them from linking up with them.
The pub was well occupied; everywhere the earthly people were sitting together.
The noise was terrible, there was shouting and screaming as if savages had gathered here.
It was all passion and violence; earthly man and his many delights, enjoying an animal liquid that put fire to their souls.
There was no end to this.
A flaming fire raged within them; their spiritual glow was the reflection of deep darkness.
It got through to his entire being, because they had all fallen into the hands of demons and were now at the mercy of these animal-like creatures.
This was a terrible place; it was a whole gathering of coarse-material people.
He saw sinister looking beings, some of who would be lost for hundreds of years.
He saw astral beings that were hanging on to earthly human beings, draining them of their vital juices.
They clung to them, which they were able to because that’s what these human beings themselves were after.
Subconsciously the human being was linked up.
How clear life on the side beyond was to him now, and so was the meaning of having to live on earth and what one should make of it.
He read them like an open book.
Earthly people were totally unaware of this ghastly form of life; they thought they were alone, and yet some other being, a human being who had once lived in matter but had shed its physical garment, had linked up with them.
This was how the astral human being could give full vent to his passions.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The beast throws itself upon its victim:
‘That one’, the human beast in charge of everything shouted, ‘he’s mine’ and immediately pounced on a human being.
André shivered at the sight.
The animal threw itself onto the human being, embraced its prey like a mother would do with her child, and then drained him of his vital juices.
The animal sense of delight flowed into its soul.
It remained grimly connected, a disgusting truth was now being shown to him.
Their souls united into a single gleam to form one being.
Auras blended, feelings merged, one life, one hunk of animal-like life was being experienced.
The astral spirit had enormous strength; the human being would have difficulty in freeing himself.
The latter was doomed to death and destruction.
Lost for hundreds of years, to start a different life afterwards.
Drinks were supplied; it was all poison, but their thirst was insatiable; it burnt into their souls.
How long would this go on?
This was nothing to enjoy; what he saw here was animal-like life.
It was terrible.
The spirit urged the physical being to keep on drinking.
André felt how he went about this, he could accurately take on his inner condition.
As a matter of fact, it was very simple, the earthly human being would have to possess strong will power if he wanted to free himself from this.
It was impossible, the astral human being was strongest, his powers of concentration were murderous.
This power cut itself into the human being like a lancet; he acted accordingly, he believed himself to be the one who was ordering the drinks, but he was under the influence of an animal-like being.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Just explaining to André how you overpower a prey:
When he caught sight of André at some distance away, the beast let go of his prey for a moment to focus his thoughts on him and with one leap he landed beside him.
André was trembling all over; what was going to happen now?
‘Haven’t you got the guts?
Or don’t you know what to do, then I’ll show you.
Come here and if you don’t like what they’re drinking, then you lay your own will power into them and everything will happen as you want it to.
Isn’t it simple?
Come on, lad, get going.
Here you’ve got to join in.
You can have it all, as long as you’re set on it.
Look, that one over there, him with the vapour all around, he’s out of reach.
You simply slither off, but then you look for another one, there are enough of them.
Or take a woman, they’re easier to enter, they draw you in of their own accord once you’ve captured them.
What a language they used here!
What kind of opinion did they have of man?
What did love mean to those who had sunken so low?
Alcar was standing in a corner of the hall, lending him support.
The beast continued: ‘Once you’ve found someone, don’t let go of him and follow him wherever he goes.
Now off you go.’
He went at it again.
André had been told a terrible truth.
He sensed his leader through everything.
Oh, how brutal it was to pounce on a human being who wasn’t aware of anything.
He looked at Alcar, who conveyed to him that they would be moving on.
Alcar walked on into the hall and he shivered at the sight he saw.
There were astral beings everywhere, they had all found their prey, they were all one.
This was how they experienced the earthly life they had left behind.
All this was possible.
This other form of life existed in the sphere of the earth, next to man, and it was able to take possession of his life, because he harboured matching desires.
Otherwise it wasn’t possible.
All these conditions would cease to exist as soon as man had conquered his ego.
So deep, so inhumanly deep had life on earth fallen.
This was the poison of life, it burnt their souls away.
This was how they brightened up their dark existence.
What were their lives like after they had died, compared to the lives of those who dwelt in higher spheres?
How poor in feeling, in light, in happiness, and what a long way off from the first existential sphere in the spirit.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
André is attacked:
Suddenly he heard an infernal noise that drowned out the previous din.
Before he knew what was happening, he was seized and dragged out of the hall.
‘Alcar, Alcar!’
In his mind he cried out for his leader, but he saw him nowhere and felt that he would collapse.
Suddenly he sensed an enormous power coming over him.
He focussed all his powers of concentration on his attunement and noticed how he dissolved in their hands.
Thank goodness, that was done with!
He had had enough and he would have preferred to return to his physical body.
All this misery was terrible.
His leader was standing a few paces away from him.
Alcar smiled.
‘How on earth did that happen so suddenly, Alcar?
After all, I didn’t do them any harm?
They took me completely by surprise.’
‘You notice how they watch your every movement; they were the ones who took us along.
They sensed that we weren’t taking part in their passions and so they understood that we didn’t belong here.
They’re one of a kind and will attack those who refuse to participate.
They don’t put up with other attunements here.
Don’t forget: evil, hatred, passion and violence prevail here.
Everything spells destruction.
I withdrew into my own attunement because I wanted you to experience this and make use of your own powers.
You’ve got to see this through; otherwise we would have to return and try again until you could handle things on your own.
This is necessary, André, you understand that.
Are you feeling a little better?
Here in the sphere of the earth, as well as in the dark areas, you must remain linked up with your inner self; otherwise you can’t accomplish any work here.
As you see, the astral human being can participate in earthly pleasures in the life after death.
There is nothing I need add to that.
We were amongst the lower social classes here; we will shortly visit those who are capable of hiding themselves behind a mask.
But to the astral human being this offers no impediment.
Those we just met are coarse-material beings who are attuned to the animal level.
They haven’t sunk as low as those we will meet shortly, since the latter destroy mankind and pour death and destruction out over them.
They are malicious, because they hide behind masks.
Terrible though they may be, those we were with just now are true and open; one can protect oneself against them.
They live in mud and sludge, but the wealthy of the earth, who are often the poison of life, are shrouded by their garments, which conceal their dark souls.
But there’ll be an end to that too, one day and then astral beings will be lying in wait for them when they enter this life.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The dark spirits have learned something from this after all:
‘They can’t be reached, Alcar, can they?’
‘No, at least not at the moment; but they have learnt that there’s a possibility to ascend.
You disappeared before their eyes; by freeing yourself from their claws, you made them think they witnessed a miracle.
Look, there are some of them over there; they’re wondering where you went to.
Listen, they’re carrying on a conversation.’
Those who had attacked him were still around him as if they expected him to return.
André heard them say: ‘Any idea where that black one went to?’
‘No’, the other said, ‘I couldn’t tell you, it’s beyond me.
What kind of powers do they have, that enable them to dissolve before our eyes?
Did you ever experience anything like this before?’
‘Yes, various times.
I had an idea that they might be blacks, but I don’t understand how they pull this off.’
‘Where’s the other one who did all the talking?
Have you seen him?’
‘Not me.
He was the leader of the one I got hold of.
I knew it, but I had my doubts; otherwise we could easily have overpowered them.
You find that scum everywhere.
Come on, let’s get back in again.’
And their hideous life began anew.
‘You see, André, they won’t be roused, yet something stuck in their minds, and one day they will free themselves from this life to start a higher one.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
And later it are precisely these spirits who can help other people:
They are precisely the ones we can use later on for our task of helping the unfortunate, because they have all learnt in this life.
They all know how to get around, they know their shortcomings, sense what they’re capable of, know exactly when to act, in short they are the guides who will help others because of the life they led themselves.
Once they too will enter the higher spheres, because no child of God is ever lost.’
‘Where did the others go to, Alcar?’
‘They follow the ones they have in hand, and I’m sure you sense that they won’t stop at drinking.
That’s how man is destroyed, and this is what he wants himself because he lives an animal-like life.
They will sink lower and lower, and finally they fall into an abyss of passion and misery.
Here good and evil live together, because on earth the attunements ranging from the pre-animal-like to the material all live together too.
Come on André, off we go.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
One spirit is here for protection and the other for destruction:
They passed through lots of streets and he saw various physical beings that were surrounded by dark figures who followed them in their footsteps.
Some were there to bring happiness and protection to the bereaved, others brought death and destruction.
Others again had come to convince their loved ones that life goes on forever.
What a strange kind of continued existence he was looking at; and yet it would serve its purpose to know all this on earth.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936

Grieving for the deceased

Alcar takes André to a graveyard:
André saw lots of people around, carrying flowers and wreaths and all going the same way as they were.
‘Oh, I see, Alcar, we’re going to a cemetery.
There it is.’
This is a cemetery, and you see how lots of people are going to lay flowers on the graves of their beloved.
The bereaved don’t find much consolation there, but an ignorant person can’t imagine what reality is, he can’t picture it.
He thinks that all his beloved ones do indeed lie beneath the tombstones, and to visit them is his only consolation. He thinks he honours them and loves them in this way.
Come and stand beside me, André. I’ll show you something sad soon.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
André gets to know the spiritual consequences of grieving:
They walked past many graves and Alcar suddenly stopped.
‘Right, we’ll stay here for a moment.
This is the grave of a girl aged twenty-five.
Take a good look around and listen.’
André saw an angel standing on the grave, hewn out of snow-white marble.
It held a palm in his right hand and leaned over as if to protect the grave.
André read: Here lies our beloved daughter, granddaughter and sister, Anna Maria H., born in H. on September 14th 1901, died on August 7th 1926.
She was our beloved child. May she rest in peace.
‘Look, André, the couple standing in front of the grave are her parents.
They put these beautiful flowers on the tombstone as a token of their love.
I’ll show you more, but don’t speak.’
André had to restrain himself from making any sound, because next to the parents he saw a young girl, as beautiful as an angel and dressed entirely in white.
She held her arms around her mother who didn’t seem to notice anything. Nor did she hear the soft voice that said to her: ‘Mother, mother, I’m with you.
Don’t be sad, I’m happy.’
André looked from her to her mother, but she didn’t hear this soft voice that sounded so clear and could be heard from afar by various spirits who had all come along with their beloved ones.
Again she called: ‘Mother, mother!’
And now there was a heart­rending tone in her voice.
She tried to shake her mother gently to and fro, but she didn’t succeed.
Again she called: mother, mother, but the latter remained deaf to her words.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The girl asks Alcar for help:
Then she became very sad, and when Alcar went up to her, André heard her asking him whether he could help her.
Oh, how beautiful she is, and how pure, he thought.
Her complexion was even more beautiful than that of the white marble angel on her tombstone.
It was just as if she had descended from heaven, so angelic pure and tender she was.
‘Oh brother’, he heard her say, ‘how can I reach my parents?
Can’t anything be done about this?’
‘Yes, dear sister, I will help you, but in a different way.
What are you doing here in the earth’s sphere?
Your house lies in the spheres of light, doesn’t it?’
‘Yes, brother, it does, but I find no peace.
They keep on drawing me back here.
I have no peace due to all their sorrow and all their grief.
Oh, if only they knew that I’m alive and that I’m well, then I could be happy in the spheres of light, Happiness and Love.
But I can’t be happy now because they don’t know.
Oh, help me, please help me.
I beseech you.
You are also from the Light.
Help me, brother, that I may reach them.’
‘I would gladly help you immediately, dear sister, but it’s impossible for me, because you can’t reach your father and your mother like this.
Their earthly ears don’t hear you and their earthly eyes don’t see you.
They don’t notice that you are standing here next to them alive, that you are holding them, that you love them and that you are calling out to them: Don’t be sad, dear parents, I am happy.
They are deaf to your soft, yet clear voice.
Their physical ears don’t hear you because they are closed off spiritually.
But we will help you.
My friend and I are determined to convince them of your life in the spheres.
He is my instrument and will tell them, if they are willing to listen.
I am showing him these situations, and he will make it known on earth how terrible they are.
You can’t do anything for your parents in this way, and you don’t yet know how to reach them, my child.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
However, belief in the last judgement closes off her parents:
‘Mother has been sad for so long now, brother. She can’t get over it.
She can’t be helped.
That’s why I’ve come down to earth.
I’m often at home with them, and I’ve tried so many ways to get in contact with them.
But they won’t deviate from what they were once taught, namely that God will call me one day.
In their opinion this will be the last judgement.
Help me, please help me.
They have to know that I am alive and happy. It would make life much more bearable for them.’
‘I will help you, if that’s what you want.
Go back to your sphere, try to get help from higher regions, pray to God for help, and then return to your parents.
Then you will be able to reach them with the aid of higher intelligences.
That help will be given to you when you ask God.
Now free yourself from your parents. You can’t stay here, because certain unfortunate spirits will soon appear who would mock you and ridicule you and take pleasure in your suffering.
Let go of your parents and try to reach them the way I advised you to.’
The girl looked at Alcar lovingly, took his hand in hers and said:
‘I thank you for your dear words, brother.
I will do my best and I see now that I should not have come here like this.’
Once more her clear eyes looked at him, then she left.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Another astral girl could indeed be helped by André because her mother was treated by André as a psychic healer and was open to this message:
One day a patient came to him who was treated by him.
He suddenly felt a kiss on his forehead and he saw a very dear, beautiful spiritual child standing beside him, a girl of fifteen years old who had come along with her mother and had given him this kiss.
She added: ‘You’re very kind to my mum.’
He got tears in his eyes and at the same time he saw a beautiful vase with roses, with one particularly large yellow rose in the centre that surpassed all the others in beauty.
‘These are the flowers’, the spiritual child said, ‘which my mother put next to my portrait last night, and I want to thank her now.
But I want to support her in her sorrow too.
She’s very sad, sir, but she shouldn’t be.
She must give my little brothers all her love, because I am happy.’
It hadn’t taken more than a second for this message to come through.
Then he asked the mother: ‘Did you put flowers next to your child’s portrait last night?
Roses, with a big yellow one in the middle.’
She didn’t answer, but began to weep.
‘Listen, ma’am, I don’t know anything about you.
Have you got two sons and did your little daughter die four years ago?’
‘Yes’, she answered.
‘Your child has come here and gave me a kiss on the forehead for the help I’m giving you.
I’m very happy, ma’am, that this pure spiritual child did that.
She asks you to give all your love to her little brothers who need it so badly here on earth.
She’s alive and happy in the spheres.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
In this way, the mother gets to know the power of her thoughts:
The poor mother then told him about the sorrow that burdened her.
‘Ma’am, I think it’s marvellous that you have received one of the most beautiful pieces of proof a person could wish for.
Now you know that the ‘dead’ are not dead, they’re alive.
When you felt sad last night, you sought solace in your child’s portrait.
And while you were thinking of her she was attracted to you by your great sorrow and stood beside you like an angel from the spheres of light, where she is very happy, but you didn’t see her, and you didn’t feel her caress.
She saw how you put flowers next to her portrait.
Let this prove to you that your dear little one is still alive and wants to lend you support.
She asks you once again to give your love to your boys and she tells you: ‘Be strong, mum!’
‘That’s all I need’, the lady said, ‘this is convincing proof to me, and I’ll do my best to give the boys all my love.
I’ll also try to surmount my sorrow.
Now I know for certain that my child is alive and that I will see her again.’
‘You see, ma’am, how your deep sorrow pulled her back to earth.
This proves that our sorrow and our longing draw those who live in the Hereafter towards us.
It displays the power behind human thought.
We ourselves aren’t aware of the things we send out, and that’s why my leader often tells me: André, be careful with your thoughts.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936

Spirits of light on earth

Alcar shows André an event from the past where Alcar was present as a spirit:
Look, we’ve reached the spot where I wanted to be.
Come André, we’ll descend here.
I want to show you that help is also present for those who pass on together in greater numbers.
Give me your left hand and remain linked up with me.
This serves as a contact, enabling you to perceive in visionary attunement.
All your powers of concentration are required.
We’re in a kind of subterranean hell on earth here, in the corridors of a coal-mine.
What I will show to you has already happened, and it will also prove to you that whatever man experiences on earth continues to exist.
I was present when the accident happened.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
By means of his strong concentration, Alcar allows André to experience this event as if André was a witness to the disaster at that time:
André saw nothing.
There was no-one present in the mine.
Suddenly he felt a strange current passing through him.
This put him into a different condition from the one he had just been in.
He thought he saw something take shape, and after a few seconds he saw various people gathered.
They were at work and he clearly felt the awfully hard life they were leading.
How was it possible to recall this image?
Yet everything was just as alive as it had been at that time.
He also saw, which he thought was very strange, a lot of astral beings, whom he could distinguish from the earthly ones.
What was going to happen?
What was this image that was being shown to him?
‘What’s the meaning of all this, Alcar?’
‘First look over there, my son.’
André looked at the spot his leader was pointing at.
Hundreds of spirits were gathered.
It looked as if they were waiting for a certain thing to happen.
Immediately afterwards he heard a tremendous rumbling sound and he understood what this meant.
The accident had happened.
All the spirits spread about.
‘You see, André, that this too is known to us.
Spiritual help on earth.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The hundreds of spirits help the people upon passing on and guide them to their sphere in the hereafter:
I could show you thousands of similar conditions.
And they will all convince you that no being on earth is ever forgotten; everywhere on earth, where man travels his last journey, help is present.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The spirits of light not only help the people who pass on to the spiritual world, but also the people on earth who work for the spiritual evolution of mankind.
For example, Alcar shows André a woman who, under the inspiration of a spirit of light, works from the third sphere of light:
André saw a woman, she was very beautiful and spread a glorious light.
She too was busy writing; a lovely light was around her.
Within this light he saw the astral spirit; the two had become one.
She received help from that being.
André felt that she was aware of it; her feeling passed on into the being; their auras merged, they both had one attunement.
Here too he saw two human beings, who had melted together and were trying to provide mankind with spiritual nourishment to further their salvation.
A spirit of light had entered the sphere of the earth and brought happiness and warmth from higher regions.
The whole room was lit up by its light.
The light which he perceived, was the light from the third sphere, which he had got to know on previous journeys.
She, the author, would enter there when she passed on.
How great her fortune was to have already reached this level on earth.
‘Has she been linked up with this spirit for a long time?’
‘They gained oneness years ago; she doesn’t see the spiritual impact but senses it and knows that she is being helped by higher powers.’
She emanated a marvellous sense of peace, which spread throughout the large room.
No other influence would be able to reach her.
She was open, but only to higher powers.
He was glad to witness this scene in the sphere of the earth.
There were beautiful spiritual pictures hanging around her, and the statue of the Christ stood next to her, which served her to link up.
She turned to Him, God’s holy Child, for the power to accomplish her work.
It was quiet here; André felt nothing but happiness.
He saw that she wanted to pray, and also the astral spirit knelt down beside her.
How mighty, how beautiful it was to be allowed to see this truth.
Two beings, kneeling down; a physical human being and a human being who had shed his physical garment.
Both asked God for strength to be able to continue the work they cherished.
Here she felt her God; she had no need for any church; this place was a holy piece of ground, blessed by a higher being.
Spiritual light descended into her and imbued her with inspiration.
Her work encompassed her entire inner power, her enhanced feeling, her desire to present man with the things on high.
Her feeling was pure, her writing was beautiful and spiritualized.
Her writings were the drop which divested life’s poison of its power, so that death lost its sting.
This signified life; it had sprung from the Divine source; it was light, and no shadow would ever obscure it.
The creative energy was the eternal sacred possession, the perfection she obtained by attuning to the powers on high.
It was love, nothing but a great longing to see a change in mankind, to ease the suffering and to transform the earth into light.
This woman was beautiful, a great treasure to be allowed to possess her.
But she wasn’t destined for someone on earth; a spiritual being would be waiting for her to be linked with her for all eternity.
She was one in everything.
Alcar motioned to André and they left in silence.
‘That scene was incredibly beautiful, Alcar.
It gave me a good feeling to witness this in the sphere of the earth.’
A View into the Hereafter, 1936