The first priest-magician -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘the first priest-magician’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘the first priest-magician’.

Metaphysics budded in China

In the book ‘Spiritual Gifts’, master Zelanus follows the first priest-magician:
This man lived in China. It was there that the first phenomena were experienced by help from this world.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
A priest started to think about all these laws and wanted to know what actually lived in him.
What is life, he wondered.
What am I if I lie there and have gone to sleep and the life of the day escapes my conscious?
What is sleep?
Is it not wasting time?
Must a human being go to sleep?
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

The inner life of his hand

This priest wanted to know more about it, because he also understood that numerous laws were within him, which he knew nothing about.
He started to think, continued with it, until he was able to elevate the life from his hand, so that he could stab the flesh and he still felt no pain.
He found it so remarkable that the longing awakened in him to disengage his whole organism.
Then what am I, he thought, when my body is lying down?
Am I something different to my body?
Is there another self present in me, which controls what I am for the earth and which is a human being?
He found that incredible, he had never been able to ask such questions. Now he suddenly understood that he himself must be more than this one body that died.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
When he had stabbed his hand, he had looked at that material part, no pains bothered him, and he also understood that he himself could be that pain, because he wanted that hand to be painless.
He thought for days on end and for weeks after each other, then he believed that he understood the wonder.
He understood that this was a wonder, he himself wanted his hand to experience no pain, because the hand could not think, could it?
Who controlled the hand, gave the hand life?
He, of course, he was therefore ruler of his own hand. He now already had control of his hand, the hand had to listen to him, to his will.
However, where was the life of his hand?
He tuned into himself and saw, no, he felt that the hand now lived in his shoulder.
The hand was still there, but lived elsewhere. He himself wanted the hand, the life of his hand, to stay there.
Now he let the life descend and look, the hand relaxed and got its own life back.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
This priest experienced that his hand, which had been released because he wanted that, lived somewhere else in his body.
That hand, he felt, still belonged to the actual life.
If I can arrange it, he said to himself, that the whole body is released from the material body, what would happen then?
He wanted to try to feel it.
However, he also asked, how did this life emerge?
Where does the life of a hand belong to and all this life, does it belong to myself?
To this, which I am?
They were great mysteries, but he wanted to solve those mysteries.
It was actually all too powerful for him, and he has to continue calmly.
It was completely clear to him that if he let go of his grip on the inner hand, which he achieved by thinking, the life flowed back into the material hand and the hand became normal again.
As a result of the power of thought, he elevated the inner hand and laid it down somewhere else, according to his choice.
Which powers allowed him that he himself could think for a hand?
He also wanted to know that.
However, he felt that daylight bothered him and darkness could help him think and he therefore locked himself up in his cell.
He comes so far that the hand no longer has a life and now hangs next to his body like a dead part, which makes him afraid, and he immediately lets the life flow back.
And look, he saw his hand as normal; it returned to the same colour again and felt warm to the touch.
He purely experienced the dying off of his hand and then went further.
He also felt that the blood circulation slowed down and that he could control it as he wanted to himself; he found everything a great wonder.
He learned a great deal in this darkness, but the hand was not allowed to die, he had thought wrongly about this.
He felt that he had thought too deeply.
He now gave a bit more life to the hand and now the hand returned to normal, as a result of which he felt very happy.
He tried the same method a dozen times and it went of its own accord now that he had finally come so far.
He could feed his hand as he wanted to himself, as a result of which he understood that the hand had become his own possession.
The hand also used to belong to him, but now he dominated that body part and it had to listen to him.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Moving to where?

Now he wanted to put the whole arm under his command and he also managed that completely.
He stabbed his arm in various places, but it did not hurt him.
Now he wanted to dominate all the organs of his body.
It seemed very difficult to him to achieve that with the internal organs, and yet he wanted to take away the actual life from the bowels, stomach and kidneys and all the other systems.
What would he then experience?
When he had conquered the arms, he tried it with his legs.
And the leg also listened to his will and let itself be released by him from the body.
He could stab the leg, blood did not flow and he did not feel any pain.
It appeared a great wonder to him to experience that with all the systems, but he would try it.
His thoughts and feelings, he understood, were tuned into his arms and legs. It was he who fed the body parts, no one else.
His thoughts were tuned into them and he could remove those thoughts from those organs.
Now he would try the inner organs also, but then what?
His organism would have no more say, he would be ruler.
What wonders did he experience?
These were wonders, were they not?
Did one human being know anything about them?
His concentration was tuned into the outer and inner life.
When the blood circulation listened to his will, he started to think again.
The legs refused now, there was no longer any life in them, he was the life.
In the darkness of his own cell, he now gets to thinking and feeling and he strengthens his will.
The blood flows through veins, he knows, and those veins are in his power.
He can do what he wants himself with the blood, but the blood is also fed by himself.
If he wants to let it flow slowly, which happens as a result of thought, then he also takes away the life from the leg at the same time.
It is wonderful.
He puts out his hand and at the same time, it is as if that hand is dead.
Yet, he keeps life in it and the hand continues to feel warm; if he goes any further then the hand will become as cold as ice and he has learned that must not happen.
He must prevent that happening, or he will not be able to think normally, the hand will then disturb him.
That cold hand is like a corpse and something which is dead, he feels, does not live and must disturb.
And disturbances while thinking obstruct him in his study.
He knows what he has to do.
Now there are all those other organs also.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Am I learning?
Yes, what will he learn?
He has become longing because of it and wants to know.
He asks himself questions for hours and also gives himself the answers.
He notices that those thoughts suddenly occur to him.
Who is he really?
He now learned that every organ has its own meaning, but that all those organs are still in connection with each other.
He continues and puts the leg out of operation, but still wants to make his back muscles move in order to feel how the body parts react.
Now that he tunes his concentration into the nervous system, the leg refuses and does not become separate from the life.
What does this mean, he wonders?
Why did the leg refuse?
He thinks about it for days on end, keeps trying it again, but he does not manage it.
There is a disturbance in his thoughts, he feels, but where does that disturbance lie?
Suddenly he thinks that he knows, as if another gave him those thoughts. They enter his life of their own accord.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
He now feels that the leg is fed by other organs and those organs also dominate him. He must also have them in his power if he wishes to continue.
He must first of all bring those organs under his command.
The leg, he feels, has meaning for those other organs; he must follow another path for the leg.
Now he follows the muscular system and tunes his concentration into it.
He follows this system and comes into his leg as a result of it, so that he begins to feel the leg and the muscular system.
He returns to the blood circulation and the vein system, follows that life in his thoughts and brings it under his command.
He lays stone for stone and now builds on an astral building, the life after death, the spirit.
Then he elevated the life of the leg into himself and brought it to the stomach. He did not actually know yet where he would place that life, it suddenly occurred to him and he carried out what he thought.
The leg was now without feeling, but a moment later, he became extremely short of breath.
The life of the leg obstructed him in the stomach. He had not thought about this, that was a new phenomenon for him.
A moment later, he became extremely hungry.
What kind of phenomena were they and how did they come about?
He thought about it for days on end, and meanwhile, continued and kept on trying it again.
When he took the life back to the leg, the feeling of hunger decreased.
That is remarkable, he thought, until he suddenly understood that the stomach could not deal with all that life.
Because of this the stomach became hungry and he himself created that phenomenon. It was accomplished as a result of his thoughts.
He let his concentration weaken, and the pains, evoked by the hunger, went away again.
Now he understood.
In a normal state, he did not feel his stomach. Now he felt a double stomach, the power, he understood, was too much for this organ.
When he understood this, he danced around his cell for joy and thought himself a great wonder.
All those body parts no longer actually had anything to say, he was ruler.
Only he did not yet understand how far he must go to conquer all the organs.
He would have to prevent the stomach from being disrupted.
Suddenly he knew it, and was jubilant again.
He must take that power somewhere else.
What then, he thought?
However, that is very natural, then he could continue and there would be no disruptions.
Would those powers not be disruptive everywhere?
He wanted to know that and continued.
He elevated the life of the leg into him, but held it fixed in his concentration and put it down somewhere else.
When he brought it higher and wanted to place it in his head in his thoughts, he suddenly got such splitting headaches, that he thought he would succumb because of it.
At that moment, he could no longer even think and was therefore completely wrong.
That did not work!
Yet, he tried it again.
Immediately afterwards blood flowed from his nose and could barely be stopped and the life of the leg flowed away from him again.
He again had to start at the beginning, but wanted to think first. He did not know this phenomenon.
What should I actually do, he wondered.
How far am I already?
He continued taking a walk through his body and followed all the systems. Not ten, but a hundred times he placed the life of his leg in his head, until he became dizzy from it and had to stop.
Wherever he put the life of the leg, it disturbed the other organs.
He felt that his eyes were bulging from their sockets and that his head was tensed, because his lips were very thick.
At that moment, his breathing also stopped and he thought he would suffocate.
Yet, he continued to look for this mystery and did not think of giving up, he wanted to know.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Outside the body

Both legs listened to his will, now also the complete dissolving of the life and then he could continue.
Where to?
In thoughts he was outside his cell, he went for a short walk.
What must I do outside?
What do I actually want there? Then it occurs to him.
What does this outside mean for my life?
Suddenly he screamed and called out: “I have got it, I have got it, I have worked it out!”
Now he could continue to build.
He now tuned into the nothingness, to the emptiness in him and outside him, to the space.
That space was the outside, which entered him.
I did not take that walk for nothing.
He elevated his leg to that space.
First, the left leg, then the right leg and left them behind.
Now his stomach was free and he could continue.
How wonderful it is, he thought, what a wonder.
The life of the leg now lived in space. Both legs could no longer obstruct him and he could pull them back when he wanted to himself.
He went even further.
When he thought of the left leg and wanted to kick with that leg, the leg kicked and did what he wanted it to do.
The right leg also obeyed his will and kicked.
Now he let the legs walk outside of him and that also happened of its own accord.
Look, just look, he thought, my legs are dancing for joy and they are just as happy as I am.
Moreover, the legs were also happy.
However, it was he who placed the happiness in them.
Dance, dance, I want you to dance, legs of mine, my own legs, just dance.
He played with his legs for days on end, letting them do the strangest tricks, until he had enough of it.
What is it?
He now learned another new wonder.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The legs collapsed and lay down there to sleep.
He also felt dopey and wanted to go to sleep.
Just for a moment, then he screamed in pain.
What is it?
He pulled his legs back as fast as lightning and now the pain went away.
This was also new, very new to him and he would like to get to know this.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
He lay down to go to sleep; his daily task was over.
His fellow priests brought him food and drink, but he did not want to tell them anything yet. He wanted to be that far first, however much they longed.
Yet, he could no longer offer any more resistance to it and he broke his confinement for a moment.
Where am I anyway? He thought. What a strange world this life actually is, in comparison to where I live when darkness is around me.
The following day he continued again. He took enough food and drinks with him for a long time, and continued his study.
When he thought about food, he got a terrible fright.
How can it be, I barely ate or drunk anything during all that time.
He did not have time to think about food and drink and the body did not even send that need to him.
Something new again.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
He continues where he left off.
His legs dance again and he does it by thinking about the legs, it is all extremely beautiful.
But suddenly he feels a shock, he clearly feels that his legs are being gripped.
The pains also come back now.
His legs were taken away from him?
Who could take his legs off him?
Yet, he had the feeling that hands grasped for his legs and gripped them.
He felt that pressure very clearly.
He must exert himself intensely, if he wishes to free his legs, but he manages it.
He does not understand this.
Could people in this space think?
Or had he made a mistake?
Only a human being could feel something and exert strength on it.
Were these thoughts from a human being?
Did people know about him in space?
He tried it again and a moment later his legs were held again and pressed and very firmly as well, so that he thought he was being torn apart.
He allowed his powers to weaken a little and look, his legs go away from him, and they are dragged forwards.
By what?
Who lives in that world, in this space?
He pulls his legs back with all his strength, actually tears them from those hands, as if he must fight for his own legs, and reaches consciousness.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
He has to leave immediately and runs to the other priests.
He wants to tell them the awe-inspiring news, because he is no longer sure of himself.
Now he makes it clear to them how far he has come and teaches them the release from the organism, but goes further himself.
They begin to think and want to achieve what he has experienced.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Other people

When he continued, he resolved to watch over his legs and to pay sharper attention; he would then probably work out the strange mystery.
There was danger in the world where his legs lived.
What kind of space was this actually?
Was it a world like this one?
He feels that the fact that he did not think of this before is because he was tuned into his legs.
Now he understands and will watch out for it; he must know.
He will now go along himself and watch out.
He lets his legs dance again, and look, a human being pulls his legs and wants to possess them.
He pulls them back, looks into that other world and follows the being that leers at his legs.
I am no longer alone in this, he thinks. Are others ahead of me anyway?
I have come this far, and other people have already achieved it.
He does not see one single human being, but dozens.
Where do these people come from?
Do people live in this ?
Yet he let go of his legs again, brought them into this world and followed everything.
He could see them clearly.
When those people came to grab them, he pulled them back.
He thought about this for a long time and thought it was tremendously interesting.
It was another world. What he knew was not yet known amongst people, that was clear to him.
However, this was something new and he got to know it.
My legs, he feels, belong to that in which they lived and that is a space and that space is a world.
The part of him of that world was his legs.
Legs and space, space and legs were one.
Are, he thinks further, like the life of space.
Start again!
My legs are mine and that world is a space.
This, he feels, was very clear.
If his legs were not of this world, then they could not live in it either and he was able to follow that.
Legs and arms, head ... He shouts for joy again.
He has almost made it. Head, arms ... Now think calmly, but he cannot do it anymore.
He pulls his legs back and has a rest first.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
A drink will do him good.
He takes a drink and spits it out again.
What is that?
Something new again, a new phenomenon.
He understands it very quickly and concentrates on the drink, now the drink remains in his stomach, but it bothers him.
Another phenomenon, he feels. Where should I start?
He thinks calmly and feels it.
He needs neither food nor drink in this state. He can do without food and drink, but he is dead tired.
Can that tiredness also be conquered?
He feels all the systems intensely and thinks: when he is that far, that he will also have conquered those phenomena.
He must first know this about the body, or it will disturb him in his thoughts for that world.
It seems the best idea for him to have a little to eat and drink, and then the organs will not be disturbed.
He does it, drinks a few more drops, and look, he feels powerful as a result of it.
Now he can continue.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
His legs belong to that space and are the same as that space.
His legs are part of that world.
He reflects upon this and cannot think any further.
Yet he must know that world, but how is that possible?
I myself am like those legs.
This part of me ... hold onto this ... must go there.
He thinks that he feels it.
Legs also have a trunk.
Bowels and other systems also live in that trunk and they are part of it.
All those systems have life.
I have worked it out; I have worked it out!
I am thinking properly, I will make it; he shouts it out.
All the systems must go to that space.
Am I not going wrong?
No, all these systems – I myself must go to my legs, it is only then that I can go further.
He carefully thinks in that direction and will conquer himself.
Everything that I am must go to the legs.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
He now feels himself and understands that he is very weak.
First, have a rest and then continue, seems the best thing to him.
He gives the sign that he has agreed with the others and they come to free him from his cell.
After a short time he is ready, sufficiently fortified, he wants to continue.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
In addition, a few other priests make progress and he points them the way, helps them as much as he can, so that they can stab themselves.
It is already well-known in the vicinity. Everyone wants to see these wonders and people like to do something for it.
The priests see their provisions store filled and can now continue their study.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

To the inner world

He understands that what he will now experience will be incredible, if he conquers himself.
But then what, he thinks, if I am in there, with this?
This body that I leave and which remains lying there in my cell.
However, that will come later, he feels, first the other one.
And he tunes into the other one again.
He frees his legs, leaves so much strength behind in them that they cannot die and now thinks about the lower part of his body, which must go on top.
Then he will see further.
Abdomen and bowels must follow the same path as his legs and that is possible.
He starts to think and feels that he must protect his legs, make them invisible to those people, and then he can continue.
He tunes into them and sees that a haze like a cloud closes off the legs and makes them invisible.
The legs are visible because they radiate light and as a result of that light, he places an aura around the living substance, which are his legs.
He understands everything and is pleased that he has come so far.
He also sees an aura around these people.
As a result of this he establishes that he has taken the correct path and can now carry on working.
He also understands that he should not have sent his legs so far away and he may not show those abilities again.
He must complete his work, in silence, outside of them.
He must bring himself there and only then will he see further.
When he brings a part of himself into that world, a feeling of sleepiness enters his body, which is still here on earth.
Is it the material sleep, he wonders?
He comes under the pressure of this organism and yet he must feel and think.
He comes so far, withdraws the life from the material organs, brings his lower body and chest with the systems living in them into that other world and adds them to the legs, places one body part on the other and now sees that these parts draw the accompanying parts to them of their own accord.
However, he feels himself sinking into sleep in this life and must resist that to the last second.
He understands that those systems must be released from the nervous system, senses sharply for what purpose that serves and is completely himself.
His material stomach now no longer needs any food. The strength for it lives in that other world, where he also wants to go.
He sees that numerous body parts are materially conquered.
Now only the thinking capacity to follow and he will be there of which he wants to know everything.
Everything goes very well. The systems want to draw to them what belongs to them and now that he is finally that far and has lost the balance between material and spirit, dominates that world in power and vitality. He only needs to let go of himself and he will be with all those systems, that belong to this of which he is the owner.
Now something holds him back and he is faced with new problems again.
How must he think in order to be released from himself?
He must think here and there, and this is not so simple, because he wants to remain awake.
He wants to think there and not here!
Again, thoughts enter him and he thinks he feels the mystery.
He has to think for a moment and then let himself go.
He lets himself go, sinks deeper into sleep, he almost no longer feels the material body, but fear enters him.
He does not dare and does not know what he must think about.
Yet, one part after another dissolves for him and adds itself to the astral living body.
He concentrates on all these systems, only the head is still missing and then he will also be in that world.
It is an amazing sight. He sees himself without a head in that other world; walks back and forth there, but he does not see people.
However, he will be careful and watch over all those systems.
He really wants to go there and know everything about that space. He will probably get to know all those people.
What he sees and feels is really wonderful.
He can think there, and here.
If he lets himself go and lets his thinking weaken in this organism, another form will come to life there in that other world, but then he will have left this here, the material.
He does not manage to let go, and yet, he knows, there is no other way.
He calmly considers every possibility and still realizes: there is no other way, and it is I myself who can still rule over both organisms.
He lets himself go, feels the body sink away under him and steps out of the earthly into the other, but he feels himself becoming dizzy at the same time and going to sleep.
Yet, he is wide-awake. In that other world he feels like he does in the organism of the earth and he can think like there, outside of those systems, which are still alive and which he keeps alive during this trip.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943


However, suddenly he feels a terrible shock and comes to himself.
What is that?
He sees that his earthly body starts to live and yet he had not thought about it.
He is outside of it, but is thrown into the earthly as a result of it. The shock affects his balance and he collapses.
He feels another human being in and around him and he wonders what has happened in the meantime. He must know.
Who stepped into his body?
He tries to get his bearings and sees that another being has taken possession of his body.
He exerts his strength to remove that other one from it and a fight emerges in which he cannot overcome his opponent.
“Get out”, he shouts at the other being, “go away, out of my body.”
The human being, who has taken possession of his earthly body, calls out: “Stupid idiot, this life belongs to you, not that in which we live.
Now I will live for you, I am lord and master of this organism.”
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The magician resists. A terrible fight emerges, so that the other priests hear him and want to assist.
Is that our master?
How strangely he is behaving.
He steps out of his cell and wants to have food and drink and also a woman.
He still wants to enjoy life.
Their master eats his fill, drinks for four people at the same time, which is a great mystery to them.
How the man has changed, this is not their master.
He must have women; he wants to live!
People ask him why he is eating so much, but he does not give any answer.
The master leaves and he wants to live his own life from now on.
No matter what they say, it does not help them any, and he can do what he wants himself.
The man has changed a great deal, but he is calm. The demon in him knows the laws.
The magician is possessed.
Another being lives in his material body and he cannot remove that soul; he has attunement to that life as a result of a few characteristics.
He lives in himself, he has descended into his subconscious, cannot come any higher than between the fourth and fifth grade of sleep. The demon has taken possession of the first three grades and these keep him imprisoned.
The priest is a prisoner in his own body.
Yet the priest wants to think and not let him up there feel his thoughts. He must try to free himself and thinks about how he can achieve this.
He hears the amazing conversation of the priests. He hears everything, but cannot say a word himself. The other picks up his thoughts and feelings and does as he pleases.
First, the priest is extremely sad, he now feels and knows his situation and understands in which grade he is imprisoned.
He absorbs some of the food that the demon eats. He still has his own longings, but must share with him in everything. The demon demands supremacy.
The demon lives in the organism and not he.
He thinks women are dreadful, but he can do nothing about it, he must approve of everything.
The feeling of it penetrates him and he knows what the demon intends to achieve.
In this way, the body will soon be exhausted.
Must he experience those burdens and misery with him?
He will resist it.
How he would have liked to continue his study.
He is disgusted by that lust, and yet, he does not find it unpleasant either to experience all of this.
If only he could forget himself for a moment.
The pupils follow him, but the demon kicks them away from him, so that they no longer know their master.
He is completely possessed to them, even if they do not understand everything about it, because they still have to get to know those laws.
However, they know these people.
Numerous people do as their master does, another self speaks in them.
Is the master ... they really do not get any further and give it up.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Thinking himself free of it

The man up there in him laughs about everything. He lives it up and is on earth, nothing will tear him away from this organism.
However, the magician learns to think without being felt. He has found a way to still be able to think outside of his guard.
He who lives up there in him sees the daylight. He lives in the darkness and is still conscious of his own life.
He must free himself from his own thoughts, and he must be disgusted by all that passion. It is only then that he will become free of him. His world of thoughts will then be too rare for him.
And at an unexpected moment he has to act, soon that life will forget itself.
He must act as he who is keeping him prisoner. He will build up a counterforce, a second self.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
His pupils carry on, they continue their study and he thinks about them.
Arms and legs are stabbed; a few of them are very far and have locked themselves up like their master. They will also pay their occult toll.
Other people heal; they have increased their concentration and can overcome illnesses. Their temple receives respect and significance.
The school becomes larger. More and more men want to follow this study.
Their master has died for them, and they cannot help him. The demon takes the body as far away from them as possible.
Will they overcome him and lock him up?
Now that the highest priest is starting to understand that life, he says, that they must let their master act. He will know the state in which he lives and come back to them.
Yet, one priest tries to reach his master and finds him in a remote world.
The magician hears the following conversation:
“Why are you living in my master?”
The demon does not say anything.
At that moment, the possessed priest feels that a pupil is standing in front of him, even if he cannot see him.
He resists with all the powers which are in him, and dominates the demon for one second and can say:
“Wait for me, Lainti, I will come back.”
That is his master.
He trembles.
He clearly heard the voice of his dear master.
He calls as hard as is possible:
“We are waiting, Master, we are waiting.
I am leaving!”
The priest runs away and tells the others what he was able to experience.
They want to get to know those laws. They must continue their study.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The priest understands that he cannot keep on resisting. He feels dead tired.
He tries in different ways to influence the day-conscious, but still cannot conquer that power.
Arguing does not help, nor imposing his own longings on the demon. He must wait and see.
However, he wants to experience what the demon sees, so that he can find his bearings to a degree.
During the day, the demon can do what he wants, but when the body must sleep, the demon is not capable of elevating the body to his will, and he must also listen to those laws.
These material thoughts must come to his aid, the priest feels, this is the only possibility there is for him.
The demon drinks, overindulges on herbs and strong drinks, he steals, robs and behaves like a wild thing, and in all of this, the priest must remain himself and he manages that completely.
He can escape those powers and forces and as a result of this remain himself.
The acid drink, which the demon wants to possess in order to be able to satisfy his senses, takes him upwards, but in the long run, the demon must experience that the body weakens and he falls down in order to sleep.
That is my chance, the magician thinks, now the time will come. I want to be free and separate from this life, away from here, I want to study.
They are lying outside resting.
The priest feels that the material body is thirsty. The demon will soon have to act.
He can feel this phenomenon, even if it is weak. The demon must experience it very strongly.
The trembling of the organism reaches him in his dungeon and he feels that the evening will soon fall.
Suddenly, the demon jumps up and wants to have a drink. The body forces him to drink water.
The magician is now free from these worries, and the demon must take care of the day-conscious.
He understands everything, but the demon is careful.
The priest is not bothered by the organism and knows that the demon is dominated by it.
He tunes into the day-conscious life and sees through the demon where they are.
Like in his cell, he sees into that other world familiar to him and now feels that his time has come.
He pretends he has fallen asleep in his cell.
The demon wants to feel his state, wants to know how the owner feels in whose body he now lives, whose house he has entered.
He believes that the owner is calm.
Both lives are now tuned into the day-conscious.
Slowly and carefully, the demon goes down the slope.
To his right, the priest feels, lies the foaming water, of which the demon is afraid.
The master feels it, and this is his chance.
He flashes up to the day-conscious, dominates the demon for only a few seconds, takes in what the situation is and jumps.
The water absorbs him, the terrible howling of the demon sinks with him under water, and death comes.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Now the auras are torn from each other, the fluid cord breaks and the priest is released and dissolves before the eyes of the other.
Where is he going?
He feels himself back in his own world. The other has dissolved, and he does not know the laws of his life.
Then just search for a new existence, because he wants to live, he does not want to stay in this dreadful world where it is forever and eternally night.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
In the temple of the priest magician a school has emerged where people can learn the occult laws. The pupils are taught by priests.
One priest dies after another, but before they die, they promise that they will come back in order to continue their study.
Their last master will also come back and it is a case of waiting for him. It is only then that their temple will receive the highest of all, for which everyone wishes to serve.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943


The priest who lost his life as a result of the astral possession, dissolved into the world of the unconscious.
Nothing has changed in this life, it waits for the new birth and only God can give him that new life.
The masters on this side know him and follow this life. They bring the occult laws through this life to the earth, because by means of this, the spiritual contact with the material being occurs.
In that one life, great progress was made, but they knew beforehand that the man had to succumb.
Yet, the astral master takes that life further, but he himself as a human being has to master the laws.
He must come so far under his own powers, and it is only then that it will be his own possession. Despite that, this soul is helped in all his searching and thinking.
He will achieve this step by step. He goes through the darkness to the light and will conquer the astral worlds.
God gives him a new life and we see him again in the vicinity of the temple, where he will soon be discovered.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943


The child is just six years old when the experiences gained from the previous life already manifest themselves to the day-conscious self.
There are just twenty years between dying and returning to the earth.
This life serves for space and can continue his study for the masters and he will complete his task begun for our world.
The parents notice that he behaves strangely.
The boy is always occupied with himself; he is in thought day and night, he is not a normal child.
Could he be sick?
He is examined, questioned again and again, but he gives sharp answers.
One day he says to his parents:
“I am a master, I must go to the temple.
Soon they will come and call me and then I will go.
Will you let me go in peace?”
The parents are astonished.
What does this child want?
They speak to no one about it, but the boy does that himself.
He tells everyone who is prepared to listen that he is a master.
He can think well, he can even kill his hand.
Do you not believe it?
Look, I can stab my hand.
He pricks his hand for his little friends.
They look, no blood comes, and they try it themselves, but they feel pain and blood comes.
“Yes, you are a ‘gaing’, the boys say, “you must go to the temple.”
Soon the high priests come from the temple to visit the parents.
They look at the child and ask him whether he will show his skills.
The boy stabs himself, and look, no blood. He can even stab his arms and legs, but then he becomes too tired.
They fall down before him, kiss his hands, caress him and recognize their master.
It is he; only their first master reached this height.
He is a great wonder.
He must go with them to the temple.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The parents experience a great feast with the child, in honour of the young master. All the priests feel happy as a result of this divine gift and the parents will be blessed by him.
When the feasts are over, the development was immediately begun with.
The highest priests take him in hand. The child is watched over and remains under their eyes. The boy cannot move a step, or three priests are following him.
Only they know what lives in the child and that is a precious gift.
He receives a study. The first tests in concentration are taken by him, but in thinking, he is master over the older priests.
People understand that he is a great wonder. He will serve their temple and the spiritual gifts.
The years pass. He may not tune in his concentration himself under any circumstances, and he has been forbidden to do this. The boy must first grow physically and become strong.
He grows up, feels strong and is extraordinarily conscious. He is now already begging to be able to continue his study.
He gives proof, sees back into the previous life and already understands how far he has come in the previous existence.
In his cell, he descends back into all those laws and shows that life in one existence on earth cannot end.
The priests record every word that his soul speaks and will still speak.
At the age of fifteen, he is already an accomplished yogi.
The soul did not discard the conscious in dying. They understand that heaven and earth come close to each other.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The young priest reaches the moment that the other took possession of his organism, and he can now explain all those laws to his fellow priests.
He is their master again.
Soon he can begin his task.
People understand that the material laws will be experienced by him. They are busy analysing the mystery of body and soul. God wants them to get to know themselves.
An illness forces him to postpone his study for a few years and it is felt that this also has significance.
However, life is short. He wants to make progress, and he must reach the last part. He wants to know how that other world emerged.
He wants to know how those people received their existence.
Why do they not return to the earth?
Look, those are mysteries, which he wants to solve.
Then, the time will come when he feels ready.
The years of waiting have made an old man of him. He discarded his youth as a result of his illness.
He is like a powerful man; having reached the age of twenty-five he feels ready to continue the wonderful study.
Ten years have passed under meditation, healing and temple study. He has walked outside and prepared himself for his task.
He calls a bird in flight to him. The animal is attached to his strong will and cannot flap its wings anymore.
He has just given the highest proof. Not one single priest is capable of that, only he has conquered the material.
The moment of locking up is solemn; the beginning of his study, when he closes the door of his cell and the darkness absorbs him.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Astral awakening

The priests will follow him in everything.
In a short time, he is free of himself, arms and legs are placed outside the actual life, and the spiritual check has been started.
He now wants to know where he lives, what the body is like during thinking and what all this sleep, that tiredness means.
He sees himself placed before thousands of problems that he wants to solve and get to know.
He will not lose any time, but he must remain calm, very calm in everything.
He feels that he will take a very different path than in his previous life, but he does not know why he feels this.
It is for him as if he has only slept for some time.
He has felt nothing of being dead. Death, he knows, is not an obstruction.
He releases himself from the day-conscious thinking and now sinks into sleep.
This is new, he feels, a very new thing. I did not know that.
Where do I get these thoughts?
I tuned into the organism, and look, I fall asleep.
Which sleep is this?
He returns to being awake and wants to think, he wants to feel in which he is thinking.
Now he thinks he feels it, it is jubilant; he understands it.
He is tuned into himself, a centre to which all the organs belong.
He feels that he has touched the place from where all the organs are fed.
It lies here; he calls out, and grasps his stomach.
I have entered myself.
I have entered myself; I unexpectedly entered myself.
Is it because I conquered those systems?
He talks to himself, and he still lives in the day-conscious.
Now he feels that he is immediately intervening where the life begins and as a result of which the systems receive life.
If he can elevate the life of those systems into himself, the day-conscious self sinks from him and sleep overcomes him, which he must resist.
The body goes to sleep; the body must listen.
I force the organism to sleep, but I myself wish to remain awake.
He does not free one organ after another, and he now feels the source, lives in the source of the life. An inexplicable depth lies here.
He thinks for days and nights, lies down now and again in order to sleep and rest, but then carry on again. He wants to know more about it.
He wonders how he came to these thoughts; suddenly he feels how he must think.
He lies thinking quietly, both hands rest on his stomach, his eyes shut. He does not want to see any of the life that belongs to the material, from which he must free himself. He can even see in the darkness.
I am lying waiting for something, he suddenly feels.
I must withdraw myself, and namely immediately, immediately – arms and legs have no meaning, my shape will follow me. It is I, who thinks.
I will free myself from myself!
He tunes into the solar plexus, the source from which all the organs are fed. He now does not want to divide his organism, because there the danger lies.
Now he understands his own danger.
This feeling makes him happy.
He knows that he is on the right path.
He thinks himself into that source and feels that sleep overcomes him.
He sees himself as a second self, but he descends and the deeper he sinks away, the body loses the life.
He feels and sees that there is life.
The human being can live and can sleep; he is awake after all.
The organism lies down, now his arms lie next to his body, he can die.
However, he will live, he wants his body to listen to his will.
Now he is asleep, and yet, alive and awake, but he experiences this being awake differently than before.
He now tries to speak, and look; does he hear it?
His mouth opens and he says to himself:
“I am here!”
“I am here”, he repeats.
“I am here ...!”
He feels that he must tune into the speaking and sleeping.
Speaking and sleeping are two things at the same time.
One is connected to the other and he must absorb those two things.
Again he says:
“I am here ... and”, he thinks calmly and then continues to speak: “I want to speak.
“I want to say where I am.
I can see my own body.
I do not live in that where my life was dominated, another being lived in me, that is deeper away, further, much further, but I will go there.”
He is dead tired and must rest.
After moistening his lips, he feels able again to let his organism go to sleep.
He tunes himself in and elevates himself into the life.
He now sees more sharply than before, can clearly feel that the life forces of the organism lessen, and yet he remains himself.
He actually withdraws a little, there is no more to it, but he feels that it emerged as a result of his hands, arms, legs and other systems. He now knows his own system.
That which he is has been conquered by him.
However, he wants to descend deeper into himself and he wants to speak. He wants to let himself talk, say everything, which he can now experience.
The others must also know.
“I am asleep and I am still awake.”
He can say these words without any disruptions; it is already going much better.
This is the way it must be, he feels, if he wants to convince the others of his wonders and, if others like him want to finish this study.
He just needs to tune into the speaking and then he hears himself. The organs now receive power and follow his commands as will.
He exerts his willpower and his will is perfect, he can will what he desires.
This is the way it should be, and it is only then that he can go deeper and further.
However, he wonders where he now lives and reaches the true knowledge.
Suddenly he knows it and cries with happiness.
Yet, he still feels himself in the organism.
It was not like that in my previous life.
Those people came to me, now I cannot see them. I am still living in my body.
However, he wants to know what the others say about it, how they will see him from their own lives, even if he now looks upwards to the moment before going to sleep.
It is quiet here, and nothing disturbs him. Up there, if the eyes open, there will be life.
He will tune into that and he will probably then see.
What he now gets to behold is amazing.
He sees himself lying down, looks from his own depth and world into the day-conscious self, and immediately feels that he has discovered a new possibility, another phenomenon.
Before, he feels, another being lived there, that other being closed the view off for him. He saw and experienced for him. Now that opening can be seen.
As a result of this he can see into the life, it is an opening for this house in which he lives.
Now he is alone in this house, then that room was occupied by the other being.
Now he is lord and master.
However, that looking also tires him out too much. He understands that the body will awaken as a result of it and that may not happen.
“Oh ...”, he calls, “oh ... I have discovered a new wonder ...
I can see and I am asleep.
I can see, I can see ...!”
He must first deal with this seeing.
This seeing, he reflects, that is what I am when I live there.
This life can see.
My hand can see and my legs can see?
But how?”
“Through me”, the answer immediately follows.
“But who am I?
Where do I belong?
Who gave me this seeing and how did this seeing emerge?
Where have I come?
Where ...”, think calmly now, “where was I born for the first time, for the first time?”
It is deep, he feels dissolved.
Yet, he must follow and continue to hold onto those thoughts; they suddenly entered him again.
I will go back, I want to continue thinking up there.
However, he feels that he must not do that. He must first try to answer all these questions.
Then further, further, going continually further, but where am I going?
“How did I come into existence?
Something in myself can see!!!
That something which I now am, sees, sees into that up there and what lies there, in which I live, and which is my body.
However, I am also a body.”
Jubilantly he establishes that he has arms and legs. He feels himself.
I am like this body; it is I who must control the body, that body lives through me, which is now asleep.
The wonder!
This is the wonder that I sought, which I wanted to get to know.
I must speak to the others.
He unlocks his cell and wants to go outside, but suddenly he feels a power that holds him back.
He cannot go any further. His eyes close, he is dizzy and he feels that he must first bring his other eyes up to strength and that they must get used to this light.
How long have I slept?
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
When his eyes can bear the light, he visits the others.
What he discovered is written down. They understand that he experiences wonders.
The great wonder is, from where the human being came, how this shape emerged and who created the wonder.
They must know and will get to know it through their master.
Now that he considers himself ready the locking up follows, but he will speak to them from time to time.
He will try to conquer himself for the daylight.
Then this darkness will no longer be necessary.
He wants to continue his study in their midst, so that they can continually ask questions, if he wants that. Now time is lost.
He now knows that the human being in sleep can be awake.
However, he must now know everything about the body and about his other self.
He understands that the sleep for the body has another sleep, one in which he can think and in which he is himself.
People do not know that, only people in the temple know that.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

The trance

The magician is now faced with the psychic trance.
He builds on the trance and he gets to know these grades of sleep.
Since he has conquered his organism, he descends of his own accord into the psychic trance.
However, he wants to descend deeper into the body.
This experience takes him over the threshold of the fourth grade.
He now lives in the fifth grade and still has the body in his power.
He will take the body back, until death is in front of him.
The body will experience what a hand and a leg can experience, it is all the same.
He feels that his breathing weakens, the blood circulation is different and the heart beats more weakly.
It is visible to him; if he tunes into it, he can see it.
Now he gets the longing to speak to the others and he calls them to him.
He also wants to change cells. He wants to be with them, they must watch over him.
Now he is asleep, but the others have sat down next to him. They are prepared for everything.
He is lying there quietly; the others have formed a circle and follow him by means of their concentration.
He will speak, he said, and it is a case of waiting for it.
However, the master descends deeper into the body. He has still not reached the deepest grades of sleep.
His path takes him there and he wants to get to know laws.
It is as if someone takes him by the hand and takes him in there. A soft caressing feeling enters his life, the feeling of a human being. He is so sharp in his own thinking.
He descends through that feeling in the body and now reaches the last part.
Suddenly he feels fear.
What is it?
Must he go back?
Can he not go further?
The feeling enters him that death is approaching him.
Death now lives in his organism. He is busy leaving that body, and he did not think to feed it.
He senses sharply and knows that death and life lie in his hands, he lives between life and death!
He must tell them that.
He returns to that life, but still remains in the fourth grade of sleep.
From here, he will speak to them.
His mouth unexpectedly opens and they hear him say:
“I am now in the human sleep.
I am here, but what did you see there?
Quiet, I will tell you.
You thought that I would die.
It is correct, because I forgot to feed my body.
Now I have conquered that. I reached the deepest part of your sleep.
Then, at that moment, I could have died, because I broke the earthly life.
That is the limit.
I can go deeper and I can return, but I must talk here. There in that depth the word no longer comes to you, the body cannot speak then, it must sleep.
As a result of my talking, I waken the organs.
Let me stay here, I will get to know many wonders. Soon I will come back to all of you.
Continue to watch over me, and my body, divide your time, watch over me and rest.
I do not need food, moistening my lips from time to time is enough.
If I go further away from you, then the body will also go to sleep and you will see other phenomena.
I can hear you speak; if I want, I can tell you what you are doing, so that we learned that I am clairvoyant, it is I who gives the body power. I dominate in everything.
The body lives through me.
However, I am different, rarer and transparent.
That is the other self that we now get to know.
I am conscious of everything.”
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
They do not hear anything for some time.
Then he speaks again and they heard:
“I am starting to see and feel in the life where I am.
I live and prevent my body asking for food.
It only needs some fluid.
I want to speak to you continually.
Watch over the organism, four of you are enough. The other people can carry out their own work.
I will stay here and finish my study.
Do not be afraid, love lives here, invisible to me, on the other hand it can be felt.
This sleep is part of the life there, the other is part of the life in which I live; and can never be experienced by the human being.
They still have to get to know all these wonders.
Here next to me is life and that life helps me.
Can you accept me?”
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The master remains asleep.
It was only after the tenth day that he broke the silence and they heard him say:
I have been here for ten nights and days and to you I was asleep, but I have learned to know the laws.
I have no need of sleep.
The body is now fed by me, you feel, I am now further again.
My voice has changed and that is because of the body being deeper asleep.
Soon I will continue to speak.”
Now two days and nights pass.
Then the master spoke again and said:
“I will tell you about a great wonder and you will experience that wonder with me.
I now know that I am so far.
Now listen to what I will say and do what I say!
You must bury me as if I was dead.
You will watch over my grave, until I tell you to dig me up.
My body will now no longer need to breathe.
I will experience the last part.
I have conquered all the systems, but others help me.
I am informed that I will finish this study in this life. Only this, my life will not be able to experience all those other wonders.
That is a pity, but other people will continue it.
It is, I am told, for those who want to know who created them.
Now bury me.
You will dig me up after four days and nights at this hour and then you will see that I am alive.”
The priests do not doubt for a second.
A coffin was made, the sleeping body laid in it and then buried.
A few of them held watch over the body and followed the wonder in their thoughts.
The priests remained calm and when the hour came, they dug him up.
From the colour of his face, it could be seen that their master was still alive.
Slowly consciousness returned and now he first had to recover in order to continue his study.
He has some fruit juice, soon felt his strength returning and he now had to conquer those laws.
But now what?
Where would his study take him?
The body had been conquered, they knew nothing about the life, but they actually still knew nothing about all those other things.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Out-of-body experience

The master locks himself up again. Now he wants to get to know that other world.
He feels that he will be faced with many dangers again and agrees with them that the work must be continued, if he is to remain in that life.
He is conqueror over the body. However, is it the other body?
Which laws rule this life?
He wants to get to know those laws.
He locks himself up, but he is guarded.
Soon the trance comes and the day-conscious life has dissolved for him.
Now he says to the others:
“I must try to get to know what is behind this life.
When we people sleep, we can also be awake, at least if we know the laws, or it will not be possible.
I explained to you that I continued to feed the body myself and I will also do that now.
My life will be short, and I have used up all my powers. Yet I will continue.
Who will help me?”
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
I certainly do not need to tell you, dear reader, that an astral master assisted him. He would never have come so far under his own power, and if it had been possible, then hundreds of lives would have passed before he had experienced the end of his study.
Now this help hastened his searching and feeling. He kept receiving other thoughts and they were given to him.
Yet, he had to continue under his own power. No one could help him in this, or the obtained possession could not be passed onto the earth.
Mankind would master this.
In normal sleep, he could think and speak. However, if he descended deeper into the organism, then his voice weakened and he was not capable of it.
It was still possible slightly under the fourth grade and he therefore did that, but then his body sunk into the epileptic sleep and he could only think.
He left five percent behind in the body and now he could be buried. As a result of this, he could stay alive.
On this side, it was seen how everything would end.
That he would die had no meaning for this life.God would give him a new one as soon as he was ready for it. Laws that people on earth understood nothing about.
Yet, people would soon get to know all of them, because the Other Side continued to build and wanted to finish this work.
However, the magician himself did not understand what his end would be like, he still had to get to know these laws.
Nevertheless, the Other Side brought wisdom to the earth.
Now he was faced with the astral laws; he had got to know those of the material and passed them onto his temple.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
It is only later that the Temples of ancient Egypt took over the wisdom and people continued this study.
It was in Egypt that this cosmic study was finished.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The priest continued and learned to build up a second body, so that he would not come to grief, as in his past life.
Now he continued to build on it and wanted to finish that.
However, he now also succumbed completely.
In this sleep, he followed the building up of his second self and then went into the astral world.
Between the fourth and fifth grade of the sleep he saw that opening and entered the astral laws, about which he understood nothing.
He comes completely free, wants to see what the world is like.
He can go where he himself wants. Nothing stops him.
He is delighted about it and tells the others how far he has come.
However, he must know more.
He can think in that world like on earth, but there is darkness around him; when the sun rises soon he will be able to tell them more.
However, that sun does not rise for him, he still has to master the spheres of light. His attunement is the world in which he lives and in which he was attacked in the previous life.
He cannot release himself from this.
What he does, is wanting to know. He still does not serve any human being other than himself.
As a result of this, no heavens can be earned, but he does not know that.
He goes further and further, the others watch over his body and he can return to it when he wants to.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

The astral danger

However, suddenly he is faced with the astral danger.
There before him he sees the astral being, and hundreds of people come towards him.
He sees men and women together and they look at him.
He has no time to wonder where they come from and he does not know anything about the laws either, which can protect him against them.
They close him off; his path is blocked.
What should he do?
He is completely closed in, and he cannot go forwards or backwards.
And there yonder lies his body.
Do they wish to murder him?
How must he save himself?
Must he surrender?
Will they descend into his body again?
He wants to go back, but he cannot, they hold him captive.
Then they attack him, strangle him.
He calls for help; calls, shouts and collapses, rattling. His throat is closed.
On earth, the others experience this dying. They hear him call for help, but cannot reach out a hand.
Again, their master has died as a result of the astral danger.
They do not know now whether he will return. He leaves them behind, alone and uncared-for.
They can bury him now.He is not possessed, but dead.
What should he have done?
In the first place, he had to tune himself into the body and to tune himself as fast as lightning, because he did not think for a second again on the organism.
During this attack, he should have thought of hundreds of things at the same time, if he had wanted to save himself.
Then he should have broken through that gang, should have withdrawn into his earthly protection, the body.
He lived in this sphere and yet he was ahead of them as a result of the laws experienced by him and for him this was his only protection.
However, now they could strangle him and this broke the fluid cord.
He was killed by his own kind. He could not even see the lower sorts and they would also attack him, because he knew nothing about all these laws. He still had to master the astral laws.
These mistakes taught him how he should act between life and death.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The human being who dies on earth as a result of a fright, loses life because of a shock, experiences exactly the same thing, because this strangling is the same experience as the fright.
The magician was outside of his body. The sober being, goes, like him, through all the grades of sleep, because it is there that the fluid cord is broken.
If the magician had tuned into the organism, if he had lightened up his own image sharply as a result of his concentration, then the demons would have seen him changing and dissolving before their eyes and he would have been the conqueror of his second self.
Now his second self became the master of him and this broke the earthly consciousness.
As a result of his fright, he forgot all of this, but the astral laws must be experienced and demanded their toll.
I ask you, what does your charlatan hope to achieve?
Can you now accept that only one or two mediums are capable of conquering all these laws?
The master on this side, who must take his instrument through all these laws, already begins with the first thought and still in day-consciousness to build an astral wall, as a result of which the medium receives resistance, or he must later accept that the instrument, however good, will succumb anyway.
If the Great Wings are built up, then the instrument experiences what the magician mastered, and only behind this that the Great Wings live.
As a result of the psychic trance, the master comes that far, but the medium possesses the feeling for it.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Ancient Egypt

When the first priest-magician in China reincarnated for his second priest life, he already knew as a child the concentration that he had built up in the past life.
The child, who returned to earth, knew the concentration.
Those powers were present in the child, but in the inner life, and the child drew from there.
Nothing had been lost. The life had had to master this in the previous existence.
No thought was given to the boy, nor later either, even if people thought that he was an accomplished master.
The soul could not achieve it in one earthly life.
In the following life the personality continued and only received knowledge as a result of it, not love.
This wisdom served him, even if he wanted to awaken the other life as a result of it.
Yet, he released himself completely from that sphere and then entered a higher grade.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
It was only when he had reached a higher grade of feeling that he could serve in Ancient Egypt in the mediumship in a higher grade:
He then became the greatest medium of ancient Egypt.
It was only in that life that he could continue his study and completely finish it.
People accepted him as a deity and held him dear. He was the only one who could experience a normal end. All the others succumbed, as he had had to accept it in other lives.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943