The mediumship of Jozef Rulof -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘the mediumship of Jozef Rulof’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘the mediumship of Jozef Rulof’.

Grades of mediumship

The grades of feeling also determine the grade of the mediumship, because only the medium who is attuned to the spheres of light can be elevated by the masters:
The seven grades of feeling on this side are decisive in all respects for the spiritual gifts, of which you as a medium have to master the higher illuminating grades, or you cannot be elevated into our world.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
This is why there is both spiritual and pre-animal-like clairvoyance:
We therefore get to know the grades for this gift.
Seven grades apply for clairvoyance, which we find in the human attunement and can be pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material, material and spiritual.
Every being represents his own life attunement and this indicates in which grade the inner life lives.
Clairvoyance can therefore be pre-animal-like and also spiritual, but then clairvoyance is a gift and in our hands.
The human being possesses material clairvoyance like the animal and now thinks he possesses spiritual gifts, which is nonetheless not possible.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Elevating a grade of feeling requires many lives:
My concern is to show you how you arrived at your inner life, that makes you suitable in order to serve as a medium for our world.
If you want to know the answer, I advise you to follow your own life.
The sensitivity of a medium is a precious possession, which can only be received after experiencing many lives.
The soul experiences the occult laws in all these lives and in one life the feeling obtained will reveal itself to our life.
We as astral beings draw from that inner life.
We give you our feeling back and now the gifts, which we still keep under our control, manifest themselves.
The East can show you how extremely difficult everything is.
The consciousness of the earth is obtained laboriously.
In order to make something of that life, to rhyme into a wonderful poem, so that you feel that your life has obtained depth, can only happen as a result of suffering and sorrow.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The feeling cannot be bought:
You can be honest about it: what other people achieve appears incredible to you.
You have to learn that first.
This is the obtained consciousness, which belongs to the other life.
Put clearly: the feeling of other people cannot be bought!
Everyone knows that on earth, and yet people reach for the spiritual treasures that belong to our world, which were suffered and fought for, and as a result the life received consciousness!
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Feeling cannot be received either:
For science, I already said, the soul received these properties, for our life, they are the astral laws, the consciousness of this soul.
It was able to master this emotional power as a result of many lives on earth.
Or do you imagine that I explained the astral grades of feeling to you for the fun of it?
You would not have understood yourself.
These grades of feeling have spiritual and astral meaning.
That spiritual means and shows that you still live on earth.
For our world these grades are astral, we have left the material life.
These grades go strongly directed upwards, consciously feeling perceiving the life and become the possession of the human being.
As a result of experience, the life on this side reached that stage and that also applies to you on earth, with that difference that they are both spiritual and material for you.
The personality took shape because of it, but the experiences built up this personality.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Gaining feeling requires the necessary commitment:
The fall of yourself and the collapse of the personality in daily life show you the path to this development.
Do numerous lives not perish, because they have to accept going to pieces?
Is life on earth so meaningless, so worthlessly simple that everyone can master spiritual gifts, can assume the gifts of other people?
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
For astral gifts it is a very different story:
I am not talking now about the astral gifts, because they do not lie within your reach, although numerous people have assumed them, as a result of which they sully and squander our life.
This is the main reason why the masters send us to the earth, in order to convince you of the spiritual gifts, so that you will be ready in order to be able to receive these people.
Now I still do not speak of the laws of our life as a result of which the spiritual gifts obtained one’s own existence, but which is nevertheless reached for, as for the trivial jewel or your child’s ball.
What kind of people are they who feel neither fear nor trembling but consciously lower themselves to spiritual thieves?
We will meet them on our path; we have the full opportunity to check their dark existence.
Those people think that they possess the feeling for the spiritual gifts; however, they only experience their own fantasy, willingly and unwillingly and have no concept of the evil that they actually do.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Everyone can master feeling by means of commitment:
As a human being, you have experienced numerous lives for these gifts, because God did not give you the feeling for it.
In our infinity, there is no injustice.
Every soul can master the feeling for it, but one’s own life has to be devoted to everything; the spiritual gift is too precious.
You went through the darkness for this, from temple to temple, as a result your inner life has created the fundamental basis for the spiritual gifts, that is now the inner life in which you live.
For you this is now the subconscious, about which so much has been written and spoken and people still know very little about, but from which we sometimes draw in order to be able to elevate you into our life.
You will get to know how this subconscious received form and admire the great miracle of it.
You will especially experience how we have to close off this subconscious, if we want to come to you undisturbed in order to pass our thoughts to you.
Your day-conscious self is influenced by it and sometimes completely disengaged, which are laws and mean grades for the occult phenomena. Your day-consciousness, I just said, is influenced by it, but your personality is the progressive part that has to represent this power of feeling.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The amount of feeling that people master in one life is usually not that much:
The question, how much feeling people can master in one earthly life, cannot be established or calculated by your academics.
Your scientifically practised psychologist cannot fathom this depth, all the less so because he still does not accept a conscious continuence after death.
We on this side tell you that you perhaps destroy more in one life than you build up.
And that happens willingly and unwillingly, consciously and unconsciously, of which the conscious action breaks the personality.
Descending into a dark sphere then awaits you and no one other than yourself is to blame for it.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
For mediumship, a large degree of love is important in the first instance:
In your subconscious lie qualities that immediately find attunement to the spiritual gifts since they belong to love.
The more love you possess, the sooner you will be open to our life, because someone who does not possess love, cannot be reached.
The dark attunement of our life means nothing to you and that is exactly the same for you on earth.
There is no pardon in this either!
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
It is about wanting to serve:
The second question is: how is your life tuned towards the Other Side?
Is the feeling within you to want to serve?
The love problem also dominates the personality in this, wanting to serve from the conscious feeling for sensation completely closes you off to this world.
What is your faith like?
Is there doubt in your inner life?
These are qualities that are in direct connection with our life and accelerate or destroy the elevation into our world, so that we have to accept we are powerless.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
For mediumship an attunement to the first sphere of light is necessary:
Does your inner life have attunement to the first sphere?
That concerns qualities, which your psychologist cannot fathom with regard to our world, but which mean grades of life to us.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The grade of feeling can be established by the acting, feeling and thinking:
You can determine what your spiritual attunement on earth is like from your own life.
You received attunement to one of these grades and namely the pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material, material or spiritual grade, your hell or heaven on this side.
From all your deeds, your thoughts and feelings you can see your life before you, you know, for example, very certainly whether you truly possess love.
On this side, you can consider your own life, but during your earthly life you see yourself placed in it, your life shows it to you.
Would you not find this worthwhile, now that you know that your life is temporary?
The medium is faced with these grades and his own life, now this life has to want to serve.
Every human being possesses the characteristics which are in connection with the hells and the heavens, and of which the lower characteristics have to be conquered, if you wish to be able to serve as a medium.
These characteristics represent you on this side, and keep the personality imprisoned or, take you spiritually upwards.
Now each characteristic is a world, a sphere in our life, a hell or heaven in life after death.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Many lifetimes are necessary for building up mediumship:
Within me is the longing to show you that many lives are needed before you have reached a spiritual grade.
You have to experience hundreds of lives before mediumship is a part of you, if you wish to be ready for the mediumistic gifts.
For us it is then possible to elevate you into our life through the different possibilities of communication.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Anyone who has not completed many lifetimes, cannot achieve any mediumship but will appropriate it unjustly:
Many people long for the spiritual gifts, are still not that far, and just assume the gifts.
If these people cannot be stopped, then they sully our life and the Other Side lives in their fantasy, what you are told occurred in their own brain.
The grades of life call a halt to them and our world cannot be reached for them.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
When people are still not attuned to the spheres of light, the personality cannot experience any direct sensing:
If your characteristics do not possess the spiritual sensitivity, the Other Side can achieve nothing, your personality refuses to experience, so that there is no question of spiritual unity.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
For becoming released from the material focus, giving love is essential:
According to the laws of our life your earthly life can be considered, in addition, it can be established what your spiritual attunement is like.
If you can give love and are capable of seriously working on yourself, then you will enter a higher grade of your own accord when your end has come and the soul experiences returning to God in your own stage.
If you do not wish to lose any time, sincerely represent your spiritual welfare, then you may not stand still for a second on this path, which has been travelled, in order to become released from all the material laws that have connected your life to the earth.
It is certainly worthwhile to devote the best of your life to this.
After death you possess your own Kingdom of God and the illuminating spheres, heavens are open to you.
We devoted all of ourselves in our life to this purpose, but we got to know the astral laws in addition, of which the pure spiritual love has blessed our life.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
By longing to come into contact with the hereafter, people answer their own questions themselves:
If you have conquered all these characteristics on earth, that is the inner life that has attunement to the spiritual gifts and you can serve as a medium.
Faith and love, the great longing to be able to be in connection with our world, makes many people think that the spiritual gifts can be given to them.
If the eternal life now speaks from the subconscious to the day-conscious self, this happens without this life of the soul realising for one moment that it is speaking to itself.
The answer comes; the question asked comes forward from the subconscious and now tells about life after death.
This questioning, and answering of these longings for oneself is frightening.
Immature for these deep laws, the life of the soul experiences itself and is now faced with madness.
The futile feeling which brought this soul to the threshold of spiritual gifts is not enough to actually be able to participate in our work, however gladly this side wants it.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Anyone who wants to be a medium already closes himself off as a result of this wanting:
Because of this I received the possibility to show you that a medium who searches is standing still in development.
The East and the West have to accept these laws.
Both mediums are longing and search for a spiritual contact and now serve themselves!
This becomes credible if we see that the medium has to be empty, if we want to be able to take possession of this life, in order to prevent the consciously attuned personality from dominating us. Because now the great difference comes to light; the Oriental medium studies and the Westerner can only receive, if it at least does not assume the gift.
As a result of this expression of will they close themselves off to the higher conscious life!
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The Oriental wants to experience phenomena, conquer the laws of the organism, after which the spiritual grades follow.
The spiritual yogi follows the astral path and next to him lives the initiate; both beings close themselves off to black magic.
The Western medium now feels in the dark, adheres to the spiritual gifts and now experiences being himself, because spirits of light cannot reach him.
Spiritually serving only comes forward if these people still experience phenomena outwith their own longings, which dominate the inner life astrally.
The phenomena determine from which grade of life they come and which personality they represent.
It can soon be established how these spiritual longings influence your life and now you get to know high and low, the darkness or the light.
Now the Other Side speaks, which can take your life upwards or lower it.
Only the initiate in the East is open to our life, but since this person does not want to accept all influence from outside, masters from our life cannot achieve any contact.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The Oriental now does not exceed his own consciousness; only the Western medium can be given that, because they are open to our world.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
For the Oriental who does not live according to the spiritual laws and yet wants to achieve something, there only remains, as I said, black magic, which our world wants nothing to do with.
The Oriental learns to tune into the occult life, his concentration becomes more powerful as a result of this study, but this is still nothing more than the experiencing of physical laws.
The priests teach him how he has to open himself too.
He also learns to split himself and build up a second self, but despite this, teacher and pupil do not go above their own consciousness, the consciousness keeps the soul trapped like the astral personality.
These people do not need to count on spiritual help, because the Other Side knows that they are searching for themselves.
There is no question of direct spiritual contact.
However, the Oriental is extremely capable of getting to know occultism as a result of his natural instinct, his inner life drives him in that direction, which explains the great number of occultists in the East.
However, I tell you: the Oriental is searching for himself, he opens himself to a study, while the Western medium just wants to serve.
The result is that the Oriental masters the occult laws, but the Western medium receives spiritual wisdom.
The great difference between both instruments.
It also emerges that the Oriental medium can never receive what the Western instrument receives from the Other Side.
After all, we of the Other Side are completely separated from the material world, but the East lives in it and has to take this into account.
The Other Side penetrates all the astral laws, while the East first has to release itself from the material life and conquer it completely, because it is only then that the occult laws can be experienced.
In our life, no law hampers the spiritual existence, as long as we come into harmony with the grade of life in this world.
As a result of this, it is a fact that the Western medium, which is in the hands of the Other Side, comes higher than the Oriental instrument in the hands of his priest teacher.
The Oriental gets to know laws, the Western instrument spiritual wisdom.
The latter awakens as a result of this and many people along with him, on the other hand, the Oriental medium stands still in his life.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
In the West too, many people wish to possess the spiritual gifts:
The sober West has no lack of charlatans either who want to possess the spiritual gifts.
If there is no question of spiritual contact, these people just assume the gifts and play the medium.
They read cards, do psychometrics for you, but represent lies and deception.
Mostly these men and women still think that they are serving our world, pass on spiritual messages to those who are searching and now muddy our world, sully the spiritual gifts and have no respect for our sanctity.
However, now it has gone so far that the Other Side will speak, and you will get to know them.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Those people only work by means of telepathic sensing:
The Western medium can only feel under his own power, as each dog and cat also possesses this ability, and in this way, he tries to see into your life.
It is the fathoming of your grade of life, your inner life, and he now absorbs into himself what comes to him through telepathic transfer.
His psychic abilities have no meaning for our world.
On our path, I will get the full opportunity to show you it.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
In order to overview all of this, all the grades must be analysed:
After all of this, it must be clear to you that all these grades of feeling are already represented on earth.
We must follow and analyse all laws and grades, if you wish to receive a clear picture of the present western occultism.
Now that humanity is faced with spiritual awakening, the Other Side comes to the earth and spreads the powerful light from life after death on all these divine laws that have to be experienced by you as a human being.
In addition, we will follow the East and ancient Egypt together, make comparisons with your own grade of life, determine lawfully what is possible, and then check what is a part of deception.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Most people experience the first three grades of feeling:
Your painter possesses three grades in which he can experience the highest for the earth; this also applies to all the other arts, to science and to sport.
Yes, even your thieves and other individuals from the underworld possess these grades, because I already told you that they are pre-animal-like, animal-like, coarse-material, material and spiritual.
All these grades are represented by millions of people.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The highest mediumship can only be reached in the fourth grade:
Anyone who can do that can be reached by our life, but for the occult gifts only the fourth grade is eloquent, such a medium lives in the hands of a spiritual master.
The fourth grade of the inner life is above all earthly knowledge and is now one hundred percent supernatural.
Those who serve as a medium in this state, bring joy to your heart, represent the sweetness of the Spheres of Light and are used to speaking in trance, to drawing and painting, even if we have the gifts in our own hands.
Now we are capable of making the earthly inner life completely harmless, eliminating all material and spiritual disturbances, which the instruments think they give us, but the cloudiness of which we do not wish.
Our life conscious guarantees a good progress; the melting together of both lives is natural and complete, which can only be the case if the medium is not searching for himself.
It is only now that painting and drawing can be done by the Other Side, because the human feeling dissolves into that of the spirit.
We prevent every own expression of the medium, or the art will get material elucidation, material inspiration. The medium then thinks for himself!
The animal-like and the coarse-material grades for the human inner life therefore have no meaning for the spiritual gifts, because these people search for the earthly life.
They are not open to the spiritual gifts.
Did I not tell you in my observations that you must possess love for our life and would have to serve?
The conscious which searches for the material life cannot serve, just as the spiritualist charlatans who put themselves on the stage, do not know death and destroy themselves.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Jozef Rulof lived in the fourth grade of the inner life:
The medium has to carry out this work lives in the fourth grade of the inner life and is in our hands.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
A medium of the third grade is still materially attuned and limited as a result:
The third grade can collapse, that is no longer possible for the fourth grade.
A third grade medium falls because his own longings come forward, as a result of which this life consciously disengages itself.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Vision in the hereafter requires the help of masters:
The inner life therefore plays a large part in all the spiritual gifts and that is in your hands, as a human being.
The gift lives in the universe and is in our hands.
Under their own power, no one penetrates the astral laws, and your earthly conscious calls you to a halt.
The clairvoyant medium comes to us and we to him, upon which the spiritual unity is experienced.
The seer in the fourth grade is not capable of seeing under his own power either.
The fifth grade could do this, but that cannot be experienced from the earth or the master of this side would have a great task to accomplish for the earth.
If that is the case, even the seventh grade can be experienced, but that is part of supernatural seeing and is also cosmically deep.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The medium of the fourth grade can also master the astral wisdom himself:
The seer for spiritual messages and healing now consciously conquers his own sleep, because he goes through clairvoyance, also through the material sleep, but now consciously.
He is and therefore remains awake.
We have to conquer those grades and laws, otherwise, an instrument could never be released from this own thoughts and feelings and there would be no more question of clairvoyance.
In that short moment, those ten seconds, that the medium receives a message, the instrument experiences numerous astral laws, which can only be achieved by an astral master.
You can now see it: under his own power a human being will never make it through this, those laws have to be experienced anyway, whether consciously or unconsciously.
The master takes the medium through the sleep to the spiritual awakening, and then the establishment of their unity follows.
This must be achieved, or the medium will never reach this height.
It is only then that sensitivity speaks, and nothing can be experienced outside this emotional power.
The seer in the third grade is still not able to see behind the shroud. Only the fourth grade can do that.
The third grade receives by means of this, but the fourth grade experiences, and this spiritual difference is enormous.
The third grade cannot tell you anything about experiencing. This grade does not know the laws, even if those laws are experienced by the inner life. This experience is still unconscious for the instrument.
The fourth grade experiences the occult laws consciously and thereby receives the cosmic knowledge.
This grade sees behind the laws of life and death and can master them, as a result of which the own conscious changes.
On the other hand, the third grade instrument is not capable of seeing anything of the life behind the shroud under his own power, because the inner life does not possess this sensitivity.
The fourth grade as a medium awakens, and the third grade can only experience what the master passes on.
However, he remains himself.
These mediums do not change. The inner life experiences something that belongs to the master and which is his own consciousness.
The medium of the fourth grade can master this consciousness!
You feel how amazingly the spiritual gifts affect the inner life.
One calls you to a halt, the other brings you even further and higher, there is feeling present in you and the master makes use of this feeling.
It is the Great Wings that can give you cosmic conscious. The clairvoyant feeling is and will remain seeing through astral influence connected to the earth.
The cosmic seeing is experienced!
The medium in the third grade does not become separated from the earth. The medium of the Great Wings must become separated; it is only then that the master can connect the instrument with the occult laws.
You can see from the medium whether he has let go of his own conscious.
The inner thoughts and feelings are attached to this seeing. Then the material light in his eyes becomes hazy and has turned inwards.
We call that the conscious trance, which the medium can only experience through his master.
It must therefore be clear to you that a medium cannot obtain this height in a short time.
Development is necessary for this.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The cosmic sensing and feeling is a direct connection of feeling with life:
In order to pass on spiritual messages and to cure illnesses, the master of this side does not need cosmic clairvoyance.
If the seer must see cosmically, the master connects him directly with the astral laws.
That is infinitely much higher than experiencing the material and astral thoughts, because it is only thanks to this gift that the medium reaches cosmic seeing.
This grade of clairvoyance attunes itself to the Great Wings.
The Great Wings can be experienced outside the own organism and in the material body, but the disembodiment is above the inner experience. That grade dominates everything.
The inner seeing is aimed at conscious attunement from the earth. The highest seeing takes place outside the organism and for this purpose the medium has to disembody.
This gift of seeing also needs a separate development and is developed by the psychic and physical trance, for which a long time is needed, because the medium, just as in ancient Egypt, experiences all the laws in the universe consciously.
The very greatest on earth were able to experience this tremendous clairvoyance.
Sometimes centuries passed without this happening.
Moreover, these mediums have something to tell you and are all individuals in the occult area.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Reincarnated from the spheres of light

The real medium was reincarnated for his task:
The Western medium in our hands was born for his task and he now serves the astral world.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The sphere from which someone reincarnates determines the task on earth:
Moses was not that far.
People could not have given the task of Moses to a child from the first sphere either.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Moses did not come from the first sphere:
He did not come from the first sphere.
If you are in the first sphere, then you are no longer open to disintegration, destruction.
Moses had the cross in his left hand and the sword in his right hand.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
The prophets did indeed experience a first contact with the masters:
The human being received his bible, the human being received father Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and then Moses and then many other people, Jesaja, the prophets.
But the human being succeeded in giving the life contact between material and soul.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The current society is still not attuned to the first sphere of light:
Now just look into society, what remains of it when you really enter the first sphere.
Then you are free from everything, also from society.
You cannot experience, accept a task for society , because you immediately have to do with lies and deception, with injustice and everything.
You can no longer do that.
You are just in the first sphere.
You no longer lie and cheat.
You can no longer accept, you do not want to see injustice there, because you devote your life to justice, to love, the life of feeling, awakening, benevolence, friendship, sisterhood, brotherhood, maternal love, paternal love.
What still remains of that now?
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Jozef Rulof (André) comes from the first sphere of light:
André comes from that sphere.
Not from the Land of Twilight, because then he would be open again to half-wakening consciousness, but that injustice, can also still be added.
But it is no longer possible here.
Here the life of feeling must be able to feel and think, already for itself, otherwise the master cannot, otherwise the thought cannot get through.
If the master is stopped, works, serves, inspires, also justice, and the source is unjust, insensitive, unconscious, how do you wish to work then?
That is all connected to each other.
Now you cannot begin to write.
You can develop that instrument, you can build that up, but sooner or later you will lose it.
That instrument collapses.
In this way everything must be calculated, that is balanced, that is seen, that is felt; that life, that instrument, that life of feeling possesses precisely so much in order to serve.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
It is only if people have attunement to the spheres of light that they can serve as a medium:
As I already said, your earthly consciousness is for this world a spiritual grade of feeling, a heaven or hell, to which you have attunement.
As a human being, you represent an astral world, of which the third heavenly sphere is the highest you can reach.
The human being, who has attunement to one of these heavens, is open to our world.
It is this human being who can possess spiritual gifts.
After all, his grade of feeling searches for God and wants to serve; it is through these pure feelings that this human being comes into connection with our world during the earthly life, as a result of which the spiritual gifts in him come forward.
His consciousness is open, is sensitive, it knows life and death; in this way it is possible that the astral personality can influence this life.
This human being could serve as a medium.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
True wisdom comes from the spheres of light:
It must now be clear to you that the Other Side kept control of the spiritual gifts.
These spiritual miracles belong to the Spheres of Light; the lower conscious cannot give you this wisdom.
Evil mastered occultism, the hells emptied, on earth, lies and deception impeded the spiritual gifts, for which the Spheres of Light felt no respect.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Only the human being who is attuned to spheres of light and is free of karma can serve as a medium:
Therefore, only the human being, who has attunement to one of the three heavens and is free from his own spiritual laws, can serve as a medium.
Life that is attuned to the hell, has no meaning for these gifts.
It still has to awaken.
A dark spirit, a demon, searches in his earthly life for the animal-like and prefers to surrender to lust.
For the spiritual gifts, intuition and pure feelings are needed.
The inner life of a dark human being is too coarse, while the Spheres of Light are too rare, so that there can be no question of connection and spiritual unity between both these worlds.
What I wanted to explain to you will now be clear, and namely this, that your own grade of feeling can have attunement to the spiritual gifts.
It is not possible to enter the higher consciousness just like that, just as it is not possible for us to take possession of a higher sphere, if we have not mastered that attunement.
Anyone who therefore lives under the first sphere and does not possess any feeling or love, cannot serve, only searches for himself; such a person can receive nothing through our world.
These people follow the darkness and act as unconscious people.
Did you think that one spirit of light would descend into these dark souls in order to bring spiritual wisdom to earth through them?
It would be the destruction of all that he had built up for himself in his heaven!
Millions of souls live on earth in this dark state and because of this, they cannot be reached by us and the gifts as a medium do not reach development.
They close themselves off to the higher life, to the occult laws and the spiritual gifts.
They themselves awaken the astral spiritual laws that call us to a halt.
You must remember this well, because later we will come across these grades of life.
By being able to fathom them, we can then determine whether gifts are present.
I therefore now tell you that all these millions cannot possess any spiritual gifts because they search for lies and deception, characteristics that have attunement to the darkness.
Despite this, the number of Westerners who pass themselves off as mediums is depressingly large.
They just claim the gifts, violate them and threaten their fellow human beings.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
In the book ‘Those who came back from the Dead’, Gerhard asks a spiritual brother whether Jozef Rulof is still in danger from dark influences:
Does danger no longer threaten him, brother?’
‘No, Gerhard, he has conquered that danger, there is nothing in which danger threatens for him.
He is conscious and anyone who is conscious of his state, lives and bares this as eternal possession.
He, your friend, has freed himself of all material pleasures and longings.
He lives only for his leader and his gifts and for the urge to be able to do something for mankind, and this destroys all danger.
He lives as an instrument should live, if it wants to achieve something as a medium.
You can see what has been achieved here.
However, the human being on earth will not yet accept this because people want to see and hear it themselves.
Those who came back from the Dead, 1937

Continuation of the first priest-magician

Many people followed the path of the first priest-magician:
The magician therefore searches for the material laws, it is the yogi and the initiate who want to release themselves from the earthly life and then want to see into the astral world.
Their own life attunement must protect them, or they will also lose their life.
Thousands have lost their earthly life and did not return or were possessed for a long time.
One person put an end to that double life, other people were not released until their end on earth tore them apart, and it was only then that they entered their own life attunement.
At the moment, only one great magician lives in the East, the rest cannot be released from themselves and experience the first grades.
One person can have himself buried for a month and still remain alive; he has conquered the laws.
The other thousands do not dare to continue, because they have felt their own limit and this also became the occult halt.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
However, they only serve themselves:
The fakir and magician in the East can make journeys and divide themselves. Nevertheless, they serve themselves.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Yet this path was necessary for developing the mediumship:
This school of learning is therefore further developed, and anyone who can reach this height has mastered the feeling for it in other lives.
However, if the first magician had not come so far, we could not have given you this writing now, because you, and other people, have to have mastered the feeling for it.
We draw from this and it is contact for you and us. We reach spiritual unity as a result of it.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Continuation of ancient Egypt

After ancient Egypt, many people tried to secure the black magic of the temple priests:
It is wonderful what now happens, but for the Other Side the evoked phenomena have no meaning; the lower part in the human being achieves this.
All priests now practice black magic.
Many peoples want to possess these gifts and take them over, but one person after another heads for his own decline.
Now the grades emerge for the gifts; one experiences true phenomena, others, on the other hand, experience the reflection of reality and fantasize.
The charlatans come forward.
The real magician feels that his time has now come to hide himself, at least if he wants to prevent people from imitating his art.
He withdraws into his dark existence.
The centuries fly past; the wisdom in Egypt belongs to the past.
In your own time too a true magician keeps himself hidden, only deception comes forward.
Those people want to show their arts, the true magician is a spiritual artist, someone who has conquered the organism.
The rest is animal-like scum!
All these people search for themselves and yet one day face their destruction.
A time will come when they neglect their own protection.
Then they will also be lost.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
However, the serving inner life also went further.
Already 2000 years before Christ, Venry predicted that one day his master Dectar would receive the Great Wings and would then be able to reach more people than then in ancient Egypt.
When Venry and his master Dectar were together after a visit to the pharaoh, Venry predicted the Great Wings for his master, which he would one day receive.
He then saw far ahead and he said to his master:
“What I see, my friend, is truly something to be pleased about.
One day you will receive the Great Wings.
The God of all life will give you the Great Wings and you will be able to reach more people and go deeper than we were now able to experience.”
This prediction is completely true; it came out word for word.
The instrument through whom we already experience the psychic and physical gifts and through whom I now write, has received this development.
He is Dectar!
Moreover, his pupil, the Great Winged One from ancient Egypt, gave him the book ‘Between Life and Death.’
He recorded this through his former master, but they both experienced their Egyptian revelations again.
Since they have devoted their lives to the good, for God, they may now continue their beloved work and you can understand as a Westerner why it is that the inner life is present for these gifts.
The soul, which wants to serve for God, cannot perish.
Not one word that you pronounce for God and all His life can be destroyed. After thousands of years, you will be faced again with your task.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Jozef Rulof can now go further, because Dectar lives in him:
Because of an infallible certainty, he brings Divine wisdom to earth, because ancient Egypt lives in him.
If you read the book ‘Between life and death’, you will get to know that life, you are now faced with Dectar, a master in his own time, but fighting for good, to ensure the Temple of Isis, which was not yet possible.
Now he continues, centuries have passed, nothing about life and the laws has changed, but the spiritual and social life for a material person of this world has!
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
He already fought then against the darkness:
I told you that people already started this development when the child had reached the age of seven.
Parents, whose child appeared to be gifted, saw it taken away and educated as a priest, which was an event for the parents and which they were honoured with.
Egypt lived in meditation.
It was also possible that the child was appointed by the Other Side in order to represent the Great Wings and that was always a revelation to them.
At that time, high priests were always prepared for the great wonder, because if a Great Winged One did not live amongst them, the life in the temple had no meaning.
Because of this spiritual wonder, they received the very highest from the Gods.
There were offerings and prayers day and night so that the Gods would make sure that the instrument was protected enough, and it goes without saying that the Great Winged One felt like a deity.
When people started the development, the whole of Egypt lived in tension and this became ecstasy when the very first word was spoken by this wonder.
All of the court was represented by it.
They experienced a feast of incredible beauty, of consecration and consciously entering, deeply felt and thought-out, and which every one wanted to have his part of.
It was a feast of pure inspiration, high and low now experienced the unity with the Gods and especially with the God of their temple.
My brother Alonzo tells in his book “Between Life and Death” about this beautiful but merciless development, a work that was given to mankind through this instrument.
This is the description of an education in the Temple of Isis, of which he was the Great Winged One.
He tells you how he and his master Dectar fought like lions against the evil, which already controlled the temple.
These two priests wanted to save what they could of it and managed it.
Alonzo tells you how he as Venry received the Great Wings and already possessed them as a child.
He gives you an idea how he already felt as a child and how people influenced his young life from the temple.
He lived there as the last great medium and completed his work, but he was also helped by his master on this side.
He fought against this descent with his great master Dectar, who had to accept his own being broken winged, but he, nevertheless, made a wonderful instrument out of Venry.
It is definitely necessary that you read the book; it is only then that you will know how high this development was experienced and how the Great Winged One got his wisdom.
You can then make a comparison for yourself with your own time. You will then know that ancient Egypt was not able to experience the height of today, because we go further and deeper.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
In the twentieth century, it became even more difficult:
The medium of ancient Egypt had a great deal ahead of the mediums from the twentieth century.
They could complete their study in peace, and they were not disturbed in anything.
Our mediums live, just as the Great Winged Ones once did, amongst you and in a society, which is really not suitable for completing such a task in it.
Our mediums therefore experience all the disturbing things of your everyday life. They must get through it, nothing can be given to them, and yet, to always have to be ready for astral wisdom is the most difficult life that you can experience in the West.
There is not a life more difficult!
Whatever you do, this life must represent both the earthly and the life of this side, and remain itself completely in that.
In ancient Egypt, I told you, the priests gathered together at midnight.
When the moon stood high in the sky they went into meditation and they could give themselves completely.
In their beautiful environment, surrounded by the beauty of the spheres, given to them by Mother Nature, in the initiation temple decorated with beautiful flowers the wonderful séances were held and they experienced the silence of the spirit and were not disturbed in anything.
However, our mediums for the Great Wings and the other gifts do not have any time for this, however gladly they would like to posses that pure sphere.
Our great mediums do not have time to look at the moon. They must be prepared every moment, or your tram will drive them into the hospital. A carriage drawn by horses would knock them to the ground, if they were to forget themselves for only one moment.
That is still possible, because the great one continually live ‘between life and death’ and despite this they must be ready for your society.
See, that is not so simple.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Nevertheless, André-Dectar (Jozef Rulof) now transcends ancient Egypt:
The Oriental searches himself; this medium receives!
He wants to be nothing and to mean nothing.
He serves!
And for this purpose, he receives the highest for the earth and our life, the cosmic conscious!
The Egyptians needed their ceremonies in order to achieve something for the spiritual contact, the moon had to give them inspiration before they could reach their desired stage, and all their further mystical fuss. However, we are now so far that we elevate him, through whom we work, into our life while he is walking outside, we completely disengage him and release him from earthly life.
We reach unity and action with him without any disruption, we can intervene every hour, every second.
Ancient Egypt has not known this contact!
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
This is possible because he already mastered the magical laws then:
This instrument lived before he started this task in ancient Egypt and was already a learned priest there, a master for other people.
(Read about this in the book: “Between Life and Death”.)
In that life, he mastered the laws and the feeling for this mediumship.
Many lives passed in which he had other tasks to fulfil.
Now the Egyptian life has awakened in him, that mastery is conscious and he is considered capable of fulfilling this task for the Other Side.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Now André-Dectar reaches a much more spacious consciousness than then:
In this inner life the mediumistic feeling, the spiritual sensitivity is therefore present, and this soul has mastered it through numerous lives.
In ancient Egypt he was not able to finish his task, now the Other Side continues with it.
What is done for the good, therefore for God, did not happen for nothing, what has come into being in love remains so, and cannot be destroyed.
However, we now go even further, deeper and more consciously than we were able to experience there.
Then we were decorated as priests with a white habit with priestly medals, meditated day and night and were not disturbed in any way; now our instrument lives amongst the people and is normal in everything and completely himself.
We have now exceeded ancient Egypt in all the grades of the occult laws and for the spiritual gifts.
Now we are consciously in connection with life after death, now that we have learned to know the universe and we know how the planets trace their orbits, which once meant great mysteries to us.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
In ancient Egypt, the contact was experienced with the hereafter, now that is explained spiritually:
Ancient Egypt knew the experience of the laws between life and death, which dominate your lives of the earth; we will bring you a spiritual explanation of them, so that you will go where we went, to where Christ showed you the way.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943


The brothers of Jozef, children of his parents Crisje and Tall Hendrik, see in America how many charlatans mimic the magicians:
Since a person can no longer believe in damnation, he searches and now falls into the hands of spiritual charlatans, who make it a thousand times worse and cost handfuls of money.
‘But read ‘Spiritual Gifts’ and you will be protected against thousands of dangers!’ the boys of Crisje and Tall Hendrik call this to you, now that they experience American deception.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
The deception has now become massive:
In ancient Egypt, this was the most sacred and the very highest, which could be reached and experienced, but, in the West, thousands of these people are walking round saying that they possess the Great Wings.
Every town has them.
And the people are used to their mad talk.
They fly towards the sacred light like moths, but burn their little wings.
The occult gifts have now become the possession of the masses, but that is not possible!
Not one spirit is capable of elevating these people into his life.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The book ‘Spiritual Gifts’ gives the possibility to distinguish between the deception and the real mediumship:
Dear reader,
This book takes you to the occult laws.
It treats the spiritual gifts which the earthly human being can possess and shows you the grades which lie in these gifts.
You get to know the magicians, fakirs, yogis and the Western mediums as a result of this, then you can decide for yourself which of them serves the spiritual gifts or sullies them.
By means of this book you will be connected with heaven and earth, with white and black magic.
It is only possible for a master of the Other Side to explain these laws which cannot be fathomed by an earthly being.
This difficult task was carried out by master Zelanus, whom you have probably got to know as Lantos in his book ‘The Cycle of the Soul.’
By following the Eastern and Western mediums and making comparisons with the supernatural phenomena as they were experienced in Ancient Egypt, he gives you a clear picture of the occult laws.
His rich, educational book releases you from everyday life and also takes you upwards spiritually, since it connects you with the Spheres of Light, the heavens in life after death.
May it convince you of the wonderful meaning, which the true spiritual gifts for the life of God possess and may it open your eyes to the deception, because that is the aim of the Other Side.
I myself pass the book onto you, as I received it.
The Hague, 1943.
Jozef Rulof.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The book gives a deep analysis of the spiritual gifts:
In order to analyse it completely for you and to explain its working to you, I will take you to Ancient Egypt and to the East.
You will see as a result of this what the Eastern instrument experiences as a result of the occult laws and what your Western medium receives in spiritual wonders and wisdom through our side.
I also want to show you that the Western medium does not possess any gifts and especially that the Eastern medium cannot compete with the mediums who are in our hands, however incredible this will sound for the initiated in the occult phenomena.
However, I will show you it in all kinds of ways.
It will then be clear to you that the Eastern medium is searching for himself and the Western medium can only receive, as a result of which, however, he experiences a height which only Ancient Egypt knew!
If I can give you everything, you will be able to determine in which grade of conscious and inner life your mediums find themselves, so that you can also judge which of the phenomena experienced by them are pure and which are deception.
You will then see through the occult laws, through the gifts and through the mediums.
The medium still cannot be fathomed by you, you still do not know the complicated occult laws, the Western inner life must still master the intuition for this purpose.
However, it is now the will of the Other Side that mankind is informed.
It has to awaken for the spiritual gifts and get to know the phenomena, because it is only then that charlatanism will dissolve, which occurs so deplorably often in the occult area and our astral life will no longer be able to be sullied.
The spiritual gifts and astral laws will then get meaning for you, earthly people, and you will start to feel how sacred everything is which you and we received from God.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Master Zelanus gives the following warning:
‘Do not reach higher than the feeling present in you,
or you will feel in the dark!
Causing suffering to other people consciously or unconsciously
means own destruction!’
Master Zelanus
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
So many so-called trance-mediums lie and cheat:
When you now know that there are thousands of trance mediums walking around in your city, and claim to be trance mediums, for which ancient Egypt was powerless, you will understand that all those people closed their eyes to gossip; because where is their wisdom then, which was received for this purpose?
Read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’, and you will know: those men and women violated the psychic trance, they followed the path which many priests followed, but eventually they were unmasked.
Did those people wish to do something for the astral world?
It is usually for their existence, because they are too lazy to work and now, because humanity is not yet ready, they lie, cheat, and let their loved ones play the part of spirits.
I do not need to tell you anything about occult deception in your time, thousands of people lie consciously, and unconsciously, there is now no question of spiritual contact!
We say to you: the psychic trance is the most wonderful miracle given to your life, but who possesses this sacredness?
One person in millions, for now, for your century and the University of Christ, Jeus of mother Crisje is the only person who now possesses that contact.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
As a result of the mass deception, the wisdom of the University of Christ is also buried:
And then, my Jeus, we will not become a world teacher, we came in silence and we will leave in silence.
We will soon be known to thousands of people, of course, but the Earth is still not that.
And I can feel that.
Even if I was able to inspire the whole of this mankind, I will not get hold of that, because there is too much deception on Earth.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
The horrendous deception made a manure pit out of spiritualism:
And now you know that spiritualism on earth has become a manure pit.
For this purpose the masters wrote ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Not one person possesses spiritual gifts himself:
It must now be clear to you, there is not one person living on earth who can say about himself: “I possess spiritual gifts!”
Not one person can say: “I am in connection with the Other Side under my own powers.”
Such a thing is not possible, because we keep control of the gifts!
Anyone who says he possesses spiritual gifts is an unconscious person, who does not know the reality in which he lives.
Likewise, the person who believes that he can obtain the gifts by study is one of the living dead.
Your inner life determines your life attunement, you have to accept this whether you like it or not.
The astral laws for the gifts will tell you so.
You either possess the correct feeling or you do not, which means that you are either completely separated from the earthly life as a result of your grades of feeling, or that you stand with both feet firmly on the ground and cannot be reached.
For the spiritual gifts direct contact is necessary between your world and our world, and namely, through your inner life, through your grade of consciousness, or we will be powerless and cannot carry out a thing.
We achieve this contact, not you, because you cannot do that.
Those who think they can, are now feeling like the blind in the immeasurable universe in which the astral laws live and are not released from the earth.
Those laws are too rare for their inner life.
We live in the universe where they will enter, and yet they cannot see or feel us.
Oh, they pretend it is the case and tell you that they can see us clearly before them and can hear us talking, but that is sheer fantasy.
Their own longing only speaks here.
You will get to know all of this later.
Connection with our world is only possible if you possess the true feelings.
Then we come to you, elevate you into our life, then you enter the astral world.
Only then do you receive your spiritual gifts and serve as a medium for this side.
If we want to pass on everything about our life to you on earth, you have to be prepared to devote your whole personality to it.
If you cannot do this, it will be impossible to reach you and you will be closed to our world.
It is only with one hundred percent devotion on your side that we can influence you in different ways in order to obtain the contact required, then spiritual miracles can happen.
You surrender completely to us and release yourself completely from your personality and the material life.
Then you are the sensitive, spiritual instrument that we can manipulate in order to give humanity wisdom and depth.
Do not think that it is easy to experience the astral life as an earthly human being.
You will be faced with laws here, the effects of which you do not know.
You first have to learn to walk and think on this side, but both these actions will now be spiritual and astral, and cannot be compared with your earthly progress, or your earthly thinking.
If the feeling for it is not within you, you will not be able to take one step.
You are then an unconscious person in God’s laws, unconscious of your own life and sphere, even if you have attunement to one of the three spiritual spheres.
Since you are not conscious of the astral laws, which still live within you, because you as a soul are universal, therefore divine, it means that you cannot possess any spiritual gifts on earth.
You can feel and live spiritually and yet this does not mean that you also possess spiritual gifts along with it.
We are in control of this, not one medium possesses them; I keep on repeating it and because many of you will not wish to accept this, I will prove it to you with numerous examples.
It is only then that you will be able to understand properly how far your charlatans have gone.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Writing mediumship

Jozef (Jeus) is trained for the Great Wings, the conscious departing from the body:
The master now finds that he can start on the psychic and physical trance.
Meanwhile, Jeus is called by the highest masters on this side, who have formed a circle of people on earth, where they will also take his development in hand.
The masters tell the people present where Jeus is and they must collect him, he must experience these séances.
Jeus is found in the big city and the master can give his instrument a development, such as ancient Egypt with all its sacredness was not able to experience.
The highest masters elevate him into their life during the psychic séances and by means of this, he receives what is needed for his mediumship.
During the first year, the psychic trance is developed and then the darker séances for the physical trance can be started.
Because of the physical trance, the master can begin with the Great Wings.
All the physical gifts, the laws of which I was able to explain to you, reach development, and the people present experience wonders because of it.
In three years, that stage is also reached, and then Master Alcar can begin with conscious disembodiment.
What our magician experienced, is now conquered by Jeus, as André; through his master he gets to know all the occult laws.
Meanwhile, there is painting and drawing; helping people is his daily task and through the sick, he gets to know the material and astral laws.
He must control all these laws, if he will not wish to succumb later under a cosmic burden, the Great Wings.
All these gifts are to be found at one height.
Infallible diagnoses are now made and numerous patients given up on by their doctors are helped and cured.
Now Jeus is faced with the universe!
He does not know what the Other Side wants with him and that conscious would also be too much for him, it is only later that he will get to know himself.
The master will take him back to ancient Egypt and then he may know who he was there.
Soon he will receive his own past.
His Egyptian personality will reach awakening.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
As a result of the depth of his mediumship, the masters would be able to make him a wonder of the world by showing physical wonders, but he only serves for bringing the cosmic knowledge of the University of Christ.
Of course, if we wanted it, you would now be a wonder of the world, but we have already given that proof to humanity, there was nothing left of it.
People on earth see these sacred possibilities as sensation, and would you want to serve for that sensation?”
“No, master!” Jeus says.
“We are bringing a Divine message to earth, the message of Christ.
You will serve for the University of Christ, Jozef, and not for materializations, direct voices, de-materializations, or for apports, we represent the spiritual science!”
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
Alcar developed him for writing mediumship:
I made you experience everything, gave you spiritual nourishment, but if I had continued to develop your physical gifts, in the period when you were dematerialized and everything which was brought about by me during your dark séances, you would have remained a physical instrument and you would not have seen or experienced anything of our life, of the spheres and hells, of the depth of the soul and the beauty of life on our side, as these powers belong to the mental gifts.
You know, André, that I suspended those gifts and began to develop your mental gifts.
It was not until later that you understood why I had done so, when I began to write through you.
That does not belong to you either, if I or an other intelligence of this side would not give you anything, and not act on you, you would not be able to put anything on paper related to our life.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
All other gifts are only supporting:
‘So writing, Alcar, that’s what I should do and is most essential?’
‘Indeed, André, only that, just our message.
The other gifts you now have are of secondary importance.
Man needs nourishment for the mind more than treatment for his material and physical illnesses.
We have been able to help many people and alleviate suffering, but what I have to tell is most important.
If I can convince just one human being, as I told you several times, our work is rewarded, but we have already reached thousands of people.
Your books will find their own way and cannot be stopped.
In them I tell the holy truth, the truth only, I could not act differently.
Your gift of painting is also of second importance, however splendid it is.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
It is about the books that pass on that wisdom:
Jozef also said: ‘Read the books, sir, and you will no longer need me.
This is the objective of the Masters!’
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
And the speaking mediumship of Jozef Rulof connects ages to each other:
Only mediums in our hands can experience such a thing.
One in millions will experience it, and the remainder will not become separate from themselves, even if the spiritual connection is intact.
When these miracles happen, they have a great meaning for mankind and are usually a happening as a result of which, age is connected with age.
The time in which you live will give it to you, but the astral reality determines for which masses it is suitable, which sense of hearing can listen, and which feeling senses the supernatural laws which can be given to you as a human being.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Serving mankind

The masters developed Jozef Rulof in order to serve mankind:
This instrument experiences the psychic gifts.
Because of these miracles humanity reaches evolution, the Other Side does not serve the destruction, the masters no longer descend into the mud and material misery.
The medium has to follow these laws or is eliminated; it is therefore clear that we are no longer open to lies and deception.
The sanctity of our life is brought by this contact to humanity; the Other Side is open to this happiness and follows the path of Christ.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Every medium can be assessed according to the wisdom passed on:
That master drives that life onwards.
If we work and we can achieve something, then you must carry that out, otherwise we will not begin with that.
So we must calculate beforehand what we can achieve.
And master Alcar had to do that.
If you come to stand before this, before this, just write a book, then you will go through death a thousand times and through insanity a hundred thousand times.
You must for every thought, every character trait, for life and death, for God and Christ, for soul, spirit and organic systems you must be able to conquer yourself and be able to surrender.
Why do you not have that then?
Why are there so few of these people?
Yes, there are perhaps two thousand living in your midst.
But where are those lives?
Do those people have something to tell the world?
When the universe speaks, then the universe must also have something to tell.
You have that.
And just go, follow all those mediums, those instruments, and look.
We gave you ‘Spiritual Gifts’; you can gauge those people.
Just ask.
When does wisdom come?
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951

The last human medium of the University

There is only one medium needed for the whole earth:
The masters, that order, there are not hundreds of instruments connected to that.
There is only one needed for the whole earth.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
Going higher than the mediumship of Jozef Rulof is not possible:
It is not possible to go higher than this mediumship; here we and the earthly medium experience the very highest.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
After Jozef Rulof (Jeus), there will be no more medium who serves directly for the University of Christ:
We now say: after Jeus, there will be no more people like he was and is, because he represents humanity!!
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
The highest wisdom came to earth through him, because the Age of Christ has started:
The astral laws speak, the wisdom from this side cannot be bettered, and the very last now comes to earth because the Age of Christ is beginning.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
During a contact evening, a lady asks Jozef Rulof whether many people possess the contact that he has:
Madam: ‘Do many people possess this feeling, this contact?’
‘Whether many people have this, madam?
Read all the literature, which mankind possesses, you will not find this anywhere!
I must accept and I also had to do that on the other side for the masters, that I am now the continuation for everyone, who already did something for the University of Christ, which Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras for the mystics – also Blavatsky – in short likewise ancient Egypt, belonged.
But now, madam, we experience the very highest and this is for all mankind until the end of the earth.
No one will get over this, this is not possible, because this is the explanation of all the Divine systems and laws!’
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
André-Dectar passes on to mankind the spatial awakening of how people can begin with the own universal feeling and thinking:
For what purpose did you live, Socrates, Plato, Pythagoras?
For what purpose did you live and the many others who surrendered themselves in order to reach growth?
We are that.
That is the University of Christ.
You only just lived in order to lay foundations for this age.
It is Jeus of mother Crisje, that is André-Dectar, the cosmically conscious being, who after Christ – because He said that – will bring mankind new feeling, bring mankind the Divine spatial awakening, because as an instrument of the University of Christ in ancient Egypt, the Temple of Isis, he gave light, gave knowledge, gave wisdom, went through life and death and loved the dying process because it determines the place for his life and all those ‘great winged ones’ there and all of mankind, the children of God, how the human being must begin with his own universal thinking and feeling, giving birth and creating.”
Lectures Part 3, 1952