University of Christ -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘University of Christ’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘University of Christ’.

The explanation for ‘Love one another’

Christ still had very many things to say:
If Christ had been allowed to live and they had not destroyed Him, this humanity would have received Divine wisdom.
Does that get through to your lives?
Did people never think of this possibility?
Really, my sisters and brothers, Christ still had very many things to say, but you know about His end, they then destroyed Divine Consciousness for the earth, the laws of which I now want to explain to you.
And they are the envoys of Christ!
You know how they received Him on earth.
Christ did not want that, but He knew that this would be His end.
When He went back to the spheres of light after his death on the cross, He spoke to the masters and said:
‘Did you see how I was received there?
And yet we must help the child of Mother Earth.
We must continue this work; the child of the earth must get to know his God as a Father of Love.
Go back with me to the earth.’
Christ, my brothers and sisters, returned with the masters, they are people who lived on earth, to this world and showed them what they would do.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
The people during his time could no longer cope:
And what did Christ tell in the bible during His life?
He could not get rid of anything.
If he had, just for a moment, made more of it, then they would have already murdered him for 33 years, for 20 years.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
He represents the universe, planets and systems, one grade after another and He was able to experience everything, after all, He is Divinely conscious of those systems, those laws, those independences, that justice, that harmony, that love.
And Christ could not tell anything, anything, anything, anything about that, He only gave a metaphor.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
Christ had wanted to give all of this to your life, but the human being, the child of the earth, nailed Him to the cross and smothered the Divine Universal word.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Christ could still have spoken for millions of years:
Archives, 1945
But he had to leave that to other people:
When you perceive the image of Jerusalem, you still live in that time.
People have been busy for nearly two thousand years in order to still give that to the human being.
The bible did not get any consciousness.
But Christ could have given it.
He said: ‘Some people will come who will say more than I do.’
Yes, they are the masters.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
All the wonderful personalities who devoted their lives to the spiritual evolution of mankind laid foundations for the ‘University of Christ’:
As a result of this I can immediately explain to you: Darwin and all the academics who the earth knew, all these wonderful personalities who have worked for the University of Christ, every human being who spoke about the sun, moon and stars, about soul, spirit and personality, about life, about God, about Christ, all those people from the birth of Christ have laid foundations for his University, do you feel?
Blavatsky, Buddha, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras, you can go back as far as Egypt, you go back as far as China.
All those people who just touched the source of this All-Mother and All-Father, materialized a word – as a result of which the society which you belong to was able to lay the foundations, as a result of which then the faculties emerged – they have served for the University of Christ.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The University of Christ goes further where the gospel ends:
And that means, when you hear “the University of Christ”, then it is clear anyhow that when the Christ – I told it to you and explained it to you here during those previous lectures, four, five hundred times here in this place – that when Christ was nailed to the cross He was not able to explain anything of His soul, His spirit, His life, His personality.
Everything of Christ still lives behind the veil of His Divine personality.
The human being only received the gospel, which is the law as philosophical system, which is attuned to space and next to this, behind this the Divine love.
Christ could still not give anything of His own personality, of His soul, of His spirit, of His life – you know His character to a certain extent – of His personality, His Divine attunement, directly in harmony with those systems which are now the Divine philosophical systems; because people then nailed Him to the cross.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
The University gives the explanation for the commandment ‘love’:
Could we, could the masters let Moses do a spiritual deed?
Yes, indeed, he came, he got the ten commandments: love, do not kill.
That was already a universal divine event for Moses, that because of Moses ...
Can you feel, that man, that human being, that he could receive the ten commandments?
Do not kill, do not steal, do not deceive, do not lie, love.
Yes, and that is ...
The ten commandments continue.
It also proves that they came from the first sphere.
But the masses could still not live according to them.
There was no more needed for that either.
A commandment.
But that is still not an explanation.
There is still not a university either which says: you must do that like that.
If you want to be in harmony, then you must act like that, and not like that.
You can say: live in love.
What is, what is it like to live in love?
When can you say to yourself and to society, the masses: I am love, I live in love, I am happiness, I am faith, hope and love, I am justice, I am benevolence, I am harmonic?
When are you that?
The school for that is still to come, isn’t it?
(Gentleman in the hall): ‘Yes.’
That is still not there.
Yes, that came, through Christ, but just for a moment.
The university must do it.
Socrates began: who am I?
What am I doing?
What is there in me which lives there?
The philosophical systems which originated. Your university is still just material.
Does the parapsychologist accept, does the psychologist accept that the soul lives ‘beyond the coffin’?
The foundations still have to be laid.
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
By means of his University, Christ answers all our life questions:
The ‘whys’ of the Earth get universal consciousness by means of the University of Christ.
Christ wants to answer all your questions.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Yes, we took you to the ‘University of Christ’, a university, which explains the laws for your soul, spirit and body.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The University of Christ now lives here.
It is given to you from the Hereafter, they are people who lived on earth.
Lectures Part 2, 1951

From the prehistoric age

Christ felt in the All the driving force to free the human being on earth from the pre-animal-like grade of feeling:
What does a human being do, what do you do, what do you want to do when you enter your Divine All?
Then you go and you will make journeys again.
That entered us, that entered Christ.
When He entered the universe with his first children, the Divine consciousness, then it occurred to Him: “What did we experience, where did we come from, Mother?
What must we do?”
Only the earth has the highest consciousness for the third cosmic grade.
We do not need to inspire the life on the moon, or those transition planets.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Venus – we experienced that – they are gas balls, and do not need any development, any human authority, any human feeling and thinking.
We must return to something, to the earth.
We must go to the earth in order to give a faith.
We must tear the earth, Mother Earth and her children, the third cosmic grade from the pre-animal-like becoming conscious.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Without leadership, mankind would now still live in the prehistoric age:
Who dares to imagine what the world would have looked like if the masters had become wrapped up in their own happiness and had not bothered further about life on Earth?
You in your century would have lived in a prehistoric age!
However, the masters saw their happiness as incomplete, as life on earth would have to sigh a pity due to a lack of spiritual guidance in darkness.
They understood that, that guidance could only be given by themselves with good results.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Otherwise, mankind would still hate and destroy for millions of years:
Under leadership of the masters, who once took the fate of mankind into their hands, because it would otherwise continue again for millions of years with hating and destroying, under their blessed and conscious leadership the peoples will master that spiritual grade of life.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941

The first soul

When the first souls began to understand their cosmic evolution, there was one soul who felt more than the others:
There is one being amongst them, who feels and understands more than the others.
They accept him as their master, it is the first master in the universe.
‘Go back with me to the first planet’, this master says, ‘and we will see how life originated there.’
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
He also felt how this could be:
And to a question about how he knows all of this, the master replies: ‘Could it be, my friends, that I was born earlier than you?
Was my life of a longer duration than yours?’
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
He was and will remain the First Born in the Divine Universe!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
We got to know that first master much later as Christ:
I now ask you: who was the first master in the universe?
For me it is a mercy to be able to say it.
He was and is the first Master in the universe.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Christ went before us:
Did you ever think that Christ had to travel the same path, which you are busy travelling?
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
He experienced all the stages of life:
He experienced all the stages of life, got to know the existing material and astral laws, built on the Spheres of Light, achieved one cosmic grade after the other and finally entered the All, as a result of which he could say: ‘I and My Father are one.’
Did Christ therefore also have to take that long path and have to experience all grades in the universe in order to enter Divine life?
Yes, Christ too!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
This is why He knows the human life so well:
Every footstep, which you and we took on Earth, Christ also took there.
As a result of this he is so close to us, people.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
On the first planet in the universe, He was the first to experience the embryonic life:
That life comes back, that father and mother from the first moment, the first human being, the first human being as embryonic life.
This was Christ, if you wish to know, who was born here at this moment.
That was Christ, with his millions of children who came with him from the very first stage to materialization.
That will soon be Christ.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
The first souls have the highest consciousness in the universe, because of all the souls they have had the longest time to develop themselves.
When Jozef Rulof makes his cosmic journeys with his masters Alcar and Zelanus, he realises that the time difference in time of birth on the first planet determines the later difference in grade of evolution of every soul:
But now, my Master, there comes to me, that this is also the highest consciousness up to this moment.
So these first cells will always be the furthest advanced for all the universes; that also explains that you, and Master Zelanus, have already reached the Spheres of Light, but that I still live on earth along with millions of other people, but that worlds were filled, worlds originated for higher consciousness, yes, that the soul as human being has reached the ALL.
You can do that and people on earth have to accept that, the church must bow to that, because heavens originated for the present stage in which the Angels of God – as the Church says that – live, which is the truth, but that means for God that one life is further than the other.
And that law takes us back to this first cell, but connects us directly with the conscious Divine ALL, and there comes to my life:
That spark, this cell, so this first birth, develops spiritually and physically and possesses later, in millions of times, the highest consciousness as a human being, as an astral being, but in addition for the Divine All and will one day return to the Earth as Christ, the Messiah.
The laws of life and reincarnation will explain that to us, but then we will stand in the ALL and we will see Christ!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Here we must experience these truths incredible to the earth and record them for the University of Christ!
Christ says: “I am not different to you in any way, and the life begot by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
I am soul of His soul, life of His life, spark of His personality, but I was one of these cells which reached this condensing first, experienced fatherhood and motherhood for the All-Mother!
Yes, I came back from the conscious Divine ALL to the Earth, but you know how people received Me there.
Record this Divine truth for ‘My University’!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Christ has the same basic powers as all of us:
The Christ received nothing more from the All-Source than fatherhood, motherhood and being reincarnated, reincarnation.
I explained to you: those three laws, they are the essential laws for all life, wherever you live, wherever you look.
That source lives in the human being and by means of this the human being is a Deity, this is why the human being possesses that Divine All-Source in him.
Lectures Part 2, 1951

The University of Christ

In the All, Christ feels connected to all the souls in the universe:
Christ is happy?
Yes, indeed.
But He is not either.
Because everything which lives on earth, that belongs to Him.
In the Divine All we are one.
And as long as ....
Indeed, the Divine All is inhabited, every sphere is inhabited by millions of souls, but there will only be perfect divine happiness there, when the earthly being has conquered the third cosmic grade and is only love.
Love, life, and happiness, isn’t it true?
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
He receives the driving force to reincarnate on earth in order to bring mankind further:
Christ said, the first Master for this space, the Divine Conscious being said: “What must we do?
You know that the planetary systems represent fatherhood and motherhood.
One of ours must return to the earth, because the earth possesses the highest consciousness for this space, for the third cosmic grade.
One of us must return in order to elevate those people into this Divine authority, if that human being wishes to experience a Divine feeling and thinking, the Divine birth.”
All of them came, all of them came and asked: “Let me go, Master.”
The first Master says: “How can you go when I must accept that I possess those feelings in order to serve this space?
In which hands does the certainty lie?
Who possesses the powers in order to be able to bear all of this?
For certain, I know: you will devote your lives, you will devote everything and you know how we left the earth and what the consciousness of all those millions of children is like who belong to our lives.”
Lectures Part 1, 1950
He could already have come back in the prehistoric age, but mankind was not yet ready for that then:
Christ could already have come back in the prehistoric age but mankind was not yet ready for that.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
Christ devotes himself to allowing all the life to awaken spiritually:
Now we know”, the Christ said, “how many people live in these spaces, how many sparks there are from that All-Source which still possess unconsciousness, and we will work for that purpose.
That life must return, that life must awaken.”
“What must we do?”
The human being from the Divine All returned to the seventh sphere on the Other Side and discussed with the Masters there what should be done.
“Go and lay your foundations on earth.”
Lectures Part 2, 1951
He connected himself from the All with the masters from the seventh sphere of light, in order to make it clear to them how they could raise the consciousness of mankind:
The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Cosmic Grades of Life came into being.
What this means is awe-inspiring!
The Masters in the seventh sphere get a message that the human being has reached the Divine stage from the Moon.
We will experience that moment, my brothers, we got our inspiration for that purpose.
No human being on Earth knows these laws.
No child of God knows anything about the astral world.
And yet, millions of people already live there and every Cosmic Grade of Life has now been spiritualized and materialized.
The human being has got to know God.
The human being from the Divine All sends to the Spheres of Light:
“We have reached the conscious Divine All.”
And from that moment, Divine unity came.
Then the human being from the seventh sphere asked his questions to the conscious Divine child.
And we will also experience that moment for mankind, my brothers.
Can you feel that we possess that contact?
Now hear what the Masters on the seventh sphere said!”
And truly, dear reader, we must also experience that Divine moment for the University of Christ and pass it on to your life.
“We are one with the highest Masters and now hear:
“Can you hear us?”
The Masters from the Seventh Sphere now give an answer and say:
“Yes, Masters, we can hear you.”
“Listen then.
We are speaking to your consciousness from the Divine All.
Can you feel what this means?”
“No, but if you could inspire us?”
“Listen now, my brothers and sisters.
At this moment we are completely one.
You will see what we experienced.
You live in the Seventh Sphere, we live in the Seventh Cosmic Sphere, the conscious Divine All, we represent God, the All-Mother.
Do you wish to ask questions?”
How did you get there?”
“You know that we conquer the laws by means of fatherhood and motherhood.
When we were able to leave the seventh sphere, we had conquered that universe.
We were:Light.
Father and mother!
We were laws of life and grades of life!
We experienced the condensings!
By means of Sun and Moon we got hold of the universes!
We were Reincarnation!
And in everything Love and Harmony! Because we did not experience any mistakes.
On the Other Side, you know the laws, we conquered cause and effect.
Then we entered the Mental Areas, the world for reincarnation, and got to experience the new life, again as father and mother, by means of which the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life condensed.
We lived there for millions of years and we awakened for this new Solar system.
On the Fourth Cosmic Grade of Life, we experienced the seven grades of life for the universe.
You can now understand and accept what this means, you see that life now, we give you our knowledge.
That is our paradise!
The human being there is in harmony with infinity.
The human being no longer knows any diseases there, any destruction, we experience the harmonic laws in there, so that we could go further successfully.
However, we went further, again and again we were faced with new worlds and then understood that the source of all the life knew that we as human beings, the animal and nature, would awaken for the highest stage.
We started to feel and to experience that the Source by means of which we had received life lived in us!
We had to experience these grades of life and laws of life for this purpose.
And after millions of years we reached our highest stage, this, in which we live as man and woman, as twin souls, in order to represent all the life for all the universes.
We want to give a name to all of this, my brothers and sisters, so that the human being on Earth will get to know the Source as life and light.
Now we know that only the Earth, the second cosmic grade of life, and the first one, is one life.
All of that gets a name, but they are grades of life and laws of life.
The human being on the Third Cosmic Grade of Life possesses the highest consciousness.
You know the universe and you can therefore accept us.
Yes, my brothers and sisters, we have reached the highest stage.
When you have come that far there, you will receive our life and we will go further in order to give the Third Cosmic Grade higher consciousness.
We are now Gods!
What this means will soon be revealed for your life.
Listen, sisters and brothers.
The human being of the Third Cosmic Grade of Life must get to know all the life.
Now experience our visions and you will know!
On the Third Cosmic Grade of Life the human being stands before the human consciousness, but you will bring that feeling as knowledge to Earth.
We are now already speaking about Sun, Moon and stars, you will hear it and we call all of this:
God as Father!
God as Mother!
God as Life!
God as Light!
God as Soul!
God as Spirit!
God as harmony!
God as justice!
God as laws of condensing!
God as laws of hardening!
But for everything ... God as Love!
We bring this word to Earth!
The Earth, as child of Sun and Moon!
That is she as planet, as giving birth-motherhood.
So you will bring wisdom to the Third Cosmic Grade of Life, arts and sciences, by means of which the human being, as the life of GOD, will awaken!
And we will help you with this!
You know that we, and you, must conquer our organisms, because we experienced the laws harmonically.
We conquered all the universes which the Source of all the life created.
We were on the First Cosmic Grade of Life.
We will soon call that the Moon.
The other planets get a name and you will materialize the laws of life, which you will make technical wonders of, the laws of which you got to know.
You will materialize the Light of your life and build sciences, so that the diseases will disappear from the Earth!
Our life is open to that!
We now know here for what purpose we live.
We represent the All-Source in everything!
Our life wisdom will come to Earth.
The human being will awaken there and open himself to wisdom.
Build spiritual Temples!
Build on spiritual becoming conscious!
Build on life and happiness!
Build for fatherhood and motherhood!
Bring harmony to Earth!
Bring love to Earth!
Bring spiritual and material wisdom to Earth!
Begin to lay foundations for the ‘University’!
Build for our foundations.
The human being on Earth must receive a faith!
The human being must get to know God as the creator of all the life!
The human being must know that going further is possible.
Give the human being the ‘Human consciousness’!
We know that you will complete your own task and we will support you in that.
I am coming back to the earth!
Who am I?
I possess the highest consciousness for all the worlds.
I am the first Master!
I speak for millions of men and women, children of the All-Source.
The All-Love!
The All-Father and All-Motherhood!
The All-Light!
The All-Soul!
The All-Spirit!
The All-Harmony!
I am the very highest for all the universes.
I am returning to the earth for that purpose.
I am bringing the Gospel of the All-Love to Earth!
Lay those foundations for ME!
Begin to elevate MY house!
Lay the foundations for MY life!
Let the Masters speak!
Tell the human being that God is watching!
Is pure!
Is harmony!
Is father and mother!
I am coming to all of you!
We are Gods, because we have reached the conscious Divine All.
When we go further here, we return to the invisible All-Mother.
Now see what we want!
I am the Mentor for My world!”
You see it, my brothers, the Divine All got contact with the seventh sphere.
In the Divine All people began to think for the life on Earth.
The Masters let us experience how they then experienced contact with the seventh sphere, but you will understand that all those material names only came to Earth later.
The Masters brought that to Earth.
But before that time people on Earth did not know any Moon, any Sun, any stars, people did not know anything about these laws of life.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Master Alcar serves for the ‘University of Christ’:
Master Alcar possesses this, he serves for the University of Christ, the highest order in life after death.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
Millions of masters work to bring faith, arts and sciences to earth:
From that University, Mother Earth has received all her arts and sciences.
The masters carry the earth and society; millions of people, spiritually conscious persons, represent this University and serve Christ.
There are even Apostles of Christ connected to it, who still work for the consciousness of Mother Earth and her children.
The University of Christ has laid the first foundations for human faith.
This University gave all the artists their tasks, because Christ wants life on earth to awaken.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952