Zelanus -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘Zelanus’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘Zelanus’.

A luminous shape

Master Zelanus describes how Jozef Rulof (André) perceives him clairvoyantly as a young man of twenty-seven:
André thinks, he prepares himself for the Spheres of Light.
I feel that he is following me.
We have been one since his birth.
He now sees me as a youth of twenty-seven years, he recognises my consciousness from the light in my eyes.
He knows me by means of the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, he also got to know those laws.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
During a contact evening, a member of the audience asks Jozef Rulof what master Zelanus looks like:
Mrs H. de Jong-Cafourek asks: ‘When master Alcar withdrew from your body on Sunday – after the lecture – it became dark for me.
Now I want to ask: could I have seen that or was it just imagination?
Then I ask you – and I do that with fear in my heart – to tell, what master Zelanus looks like.
Is that allowed?’
Jozef: ‘Of course, madam, that is allowed.
I will tell you something about his wonderful personality.
In the first place, you saw that darkening well and I would rather hear that, than when the human being talks about golden light and about scarlet cloaks and so on.
This is really wonderful.
You saw him going, he withdrew from me and what is obvious, also all his light, because he is a shining shape.
This, madam, is beautiful, my compliments, because you tell it in all simplicity, what you saw!
Master Zelanus looks approximately like, for example, your famous film actor.
Have you heard of Leslie Howard?
Yes, well, master Zelanus is dark, has flashing eyes and a large consciousness, he is now the first follower of the highest masters and the speaking trumpet for this universe and of the University of Christ!
He is a bit bigger than I am and slim.
You know him from the ‘Cycle of the Soul’, but now he is of course very different and you would not recognise him.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
See also the article ‘Spirit and spiritual body’.

Experience through love

He has got to know all the existing laws and when he obtained his cosmic grade he received the spiritual name Zelanus, which is: ‘experience through love.’
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Master Zelanus gained his experience by serving in the dark spheres and on earth:
The highest consciousness, sir, that goes to the unconscious being, that descends into dark spheres and tries to reach the human being there, by means of the work, this is how master Zelanus managed to be the mouthpiece for the University of Christ.
He was in the darkness for nine centuries, he couldn’t care less about luminous spheres.
Because his world awakened and grew in him, while walking, while thinking and feeling and acting.
Questions and Answers Part 4, 1952
Along with his spiritual leader, he made journeys in order to get to know the origin of all life:
We had made a journey, which lasted a hundred and fifty years.
Now I understood the human being and his origin and I knew where I had been born and understood God’s creation.
I had got to know millions of material and spiritual wonders.
Then I had to reflect on all of this and I withdrew myself for this purpose.
Months of meditation followed.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941

Speaking trumpet

Due to his long and intense study, master Zelanus prepared himself in order to be able to answer all life questions:
I received many orchids alone only by being able to write the books for the masters.
And I earned that.
And there were also millions ready, but I was just ahead of them.
Or by means of their own study they had ...
Do you see: no mercy.
But by having experienced, followed their life in the temples, they prepared themselves for a task, to elevate the masses, to convince the human being, until ...
Five hundred million questions are now asked.
You are still not even at the thousandth question in all those years.
But before you get that task, you are asked five million questions, ten million, billions of questions, and at the same moment you must have the answer; you cannot, you are not allowed to wait two seconds with that.
But now we are that far that the masters can ask what they want, and you can ask here what you want – that question was very deep there – and then you will feel, he has not finished talking and the law already speaks in me.
And that is cosmic being one; and they are orchids.
And then you can say: that man is talking nonsense, that man is talking, but an earthly being is not capable of answering that question and a few others.
You are already getting cosmic questions here.
I think it is very good.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
He answers the questions that are attuned to the truth.
For instance, during a lecture, he tells how he cannot show himself to a human being who asks for him on The Other Side, because that human being was attuned to the person master Zelanus instead of to the spiritual truth:
If I see that hundred percent longing, not adjusted to the person Master Zelanus, but to the truth, to the yearning, I am there immediately; and now I cannot come, I cannot show myself.
I told you, I stood next to this life.
He asks: “And where is Master Zelanus now, and I experienced all those lectures and now Master Zelanus is not there.
Do you know Master Zelanus?”
“Yes”, someone says, “he is the mouthpiece for this space.
Who does not know him here?
Everyone talks about Master Zelanus.
There is just one University of Christ on earth.”
“Where is Master Zelanus then?”
You do not yearn enough.
You do not long enough.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
Master Zelanus is the one who analyses all the questions, not Jozef Rulof.
He describes how every human being has a divine core within himself, but most people do not yet represent that core with their personality:
Now just go back to your city and say: ‘Hey, my gods.’
Just go to a boxing match and ask: ‘Hey, my deity, give me a good punch.’
It is the truth, isn’t it?
Because I must analyze those things for you.
Not Rulof.
I analyze those things, I must connect myself with your material.
Just go to society, just go to that boxing evening: ‘Hey, deity, what a love you have to knock that child down there.’
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950
As a result of his tremendous knowledge, he could work for the spiritual leader of Jozef Rulof, master Alcar:
He is now getting to know me as the first disciple of Master Alcar.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
Master Alcar is attuned to the fifth sphere of light and has become too rarefied to give readings on earth on a regular basis through Jozef Rulof.
This is why he leaves that task to his highest pupil, master Zelanus:
Master Alcar really envies me that it cannot be he who speaks.
He is now too far away.
I still have attunement to the earth, he no longer has.
Anyone who is outside the fourth sphere, he does not come back in order to speak, because those people are too rare and spiritualized.
They cannot descend into the human misery, the destruction and the sullying, into that aura which now comes towards me, because that aura stinks.
I am not talking to you, otherwise you will walk again with a pressure today.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
In order to make it possible for Jozef to consciously receive the writing and speaking mediumship, master Zelanus has to attune himself completely to the life of Jozef:
I had to write the books, and I had to teach him to spell, as a child.
I had to learn the dialect, because there is not any thought – any food, any drink; I left that up to him – but there is nothing for his awakening that I was not in him.
And otherwise this speaking would not be possible.
So I had to experience his life irrevocably.
I had to experience and elevate this life, that was my task.
And master Alcar was outside of that.
He had that in his hands.
So much was done for this pathetic word, shall I say, which you have already experienced for years, years, for this word of the universe, from the universe.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
Master Zelanus has already followed Jozef Rulof from his childhood in the Achterhoek, a region in the east of the Netherlands on the German border.
There Jozef was called ‘Jeus’.
Master Zelanus even learned the local dialect, so that he could write the biography of Jozef Rulof ‘Jeus of Mother Crisje’.
He was the spiritual playmate of the little Jeus who got to know him as ‘José’.
And when Jozef is later called ‘André-Dectar’, master Zelanus gives spiritual lectures through him:
Yes, I wrote those books.
I am sitting ...
I am now not a person from France, not a sculptor anymore, not an Italian, I now come from the Achterhoek.
Because I had to follow the life of Jeus.
Otherwise I could not have written those books for you.
I was the José from his youth.
And now we speak to each other again.
We are playing with each other this evening, making you smile, giving you wisdom, cosmic happiness and love; Jeus and José again.
But now André-Dectar and Lantos Dumonché-Zelanus.
Isn’t it simple?
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
On earth, master Zelanus and master Alcar are represented by Jozef Rulof, but master Zelanus must always have the answer ready:
André represents us, doesn’t he?
I know everything about your society.
What you thought out yesterday, that comes to André, and we know it too.
Because I must know it, because I must explain all that to him if it is necessary.
He gives himself for our world, gets everything, and we must, I must – master Alcar no longer needs that – but I must know and accept your world.
Otherwise I could not give you any answer to diseases and to anything.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
In this way, master Alcar has built up a cosmic instrument for both the earth and for the spiritual worlds, as a result of which he can pass on his thinking and what he receives from his masters:
As Master Zelanus I am the first adept of Master Alcar for the spiritual world.
My Master Alcar is my master; I am the adept of him, the first one, and this is why I speak. But he has a hundred million of them.
In this way Master Alcar – you will get it now – built up a contact for the astral spiritual spaces and on earth, by means of which the master can pass on his thinking and his contact through me and directly to André, which he also possesses with Master Cesarino, Ubronus, Damascus and the Half Moon; and in this way a cosmic instrument was built up, for which he had to begin when the child Jeus of mother Crisje was born in Gelderland.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
That cosmic instrument was built up by the University of Christ:
I told you it, because I am the mouthpiece, the organ of the University of Christ.
Lectures Part 2, 1951