Connection of feeling -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘Connection of feeling’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘connection of feeling’.

Mother and child

Between the third and the fourth month, we become awake in the mother’s womb.
The embryo accepts the direct awakening between the third and the fourth month.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
When Jozef Rulof awakens in the mother’s womb, by means of their connection of feeling, his mother Crisje feels that she is carrying a special child.
At that moment, the spiritual leader of Jozef Rulof, master Alcar, sees with whom Jozef was reincarnated:
The soul lives in the mother and he sees the mother before him. The mother already feels now, and therefore says, that she is now carrying a special child.
This one is different to the others that she has.
She feels it from the kicking of the child and from the feelings, which she experiences as a result of this unity.
For her it is a law: this child has something!
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Master Alcar later explains to Jozef that during her pregnancy the mother can live in an increased spiritual power by means of the connection of feeling with her child.
After the birth, she has to miss this increased power of feeling:
We know that a spirit can link up with a spirit.
This feeling becomes attuned to feeling, which means love.
When the mother is expectant, a link has been established with another being, a separate force of feeling.
Is that clear to you?
This link lasts for nine months.
So she’s in a state of enhanced spiritual power due to the being she is carrying.
I will shortly come back to this.
When the child is born the mother feels that something is taken away from her; she can’t determine what it is, she can’t put it into words.
But we know of this, and we know what is being taken away from her.
Many believe that the birth of a child, the strange thing they miss, is their own force of feeling.
But it has a different meaning, it’s the enhanced force of feeling which was within her all the time she was connected with her child.
So it was the force of feeling of the being, which made her sense this feeling.
Do you understand what I mean?
It’s the happiness, the great spiritual power of the being.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936

Bonds of love

Mother Crisje and her son Jozef Rulof (called André in the books) also continued to keep a strong connection of feeling after the birth of Jozef.
Crisje could reach André by sending her thoughts to him.
This connection was only closed off when André had to free himself completely from earthly bonds in order to have all his feeling available for the connection of feeling with all the life.
At that moment, his deceased father, who was called the ‘Tall One’, took over the care for Crisje:
If Crisje needed something for her life, she sent her thoughts to André and then André sent her a letter with money.
That went well for years, as if of its own accord, but when Master Alcar began with the laws and he had to give himself completely, so then, Crisje had to go from his consciousness, the Tall One came to André and let him know that mother needed something.
The Masters demanded everything of his life, everything, also the love, the union with Crisje had to dissolve, this division would disturb him.
And André was also able to do that, or Master Alcar would not have been able to go further, that would have been the earthly halt, the restraint for complete oneness, which he can now experience, but for which everything was also devoted.
The union with Crisje was always like the way he is one with the student and with other lives, and that oneness was built up by their love.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 4, 1944
A spiritual bond occurred by means of what we once did in our past lives:
We are spiritually connected and will remain so for a good length of time, but then our ways will part, ‘he’ said. I see and know now what we once did.”
Between Life and Death, 1940
When we can free the human being with whom we experience a connection of feeling, we go calmly to the universal love:
But the human being, you will feel, in general the human being is attuned to: yes, that is mine, that is mine, and that is mine.
I know people here in the world who are so awe-inspiringly happy and they would not do anything and anything else; it’s that, it’s this, isn’t it?
And ‘behind the coffin’ they do not belong to each other.
Then they separate ...
But there we also go calmly to universal love.
Questions and Answers Part 3, 1952
In the universal love we sense each other spiritually:
You will time, time and time again have to devote your life, your whole personality for happiness.
Only just for the happiness in order to be able to experience love ‘beyond the coffin’, no, to be able to experience love now, to take yourself now to that heavenly spiritual peace.
Once you have known it and you lose it ...
Is it not true that millions of people here on earth, men and women, they knew each other, they loved each other, suddenly one disappears ...
Now the mother moans: “I have no more hold.”
They came to André: “Now I am alone, he was so good, so good, now I am nothing.”
You see.
The human being was supported.
But you must not want to be supported, you must be able to stand on your own two feet.
The great ones do not want to be supported.
Because if the loss comes, you will have lost that feeling for the moment; but spiritual love does not know any loss.
Reincarnate every moment for your love.
Go deeper into your wife, go deeper into your husband, accept each other, experience each other, take each other to the spiritual space and have justice, if you soon want to feel him next to you, he is there.
If there is no contact now (master Zelanus taps the microphone four times) and the spirit knocks (master Zelanus taps the microphone again four times) and you do not hear this tapping, either materially or spiritually, but he is there, then the clairvoyant says “I see an apparition, it looks like that and that.”
“My husband.”
“Yes, he has been walking behind you already for six years.
You do not feel him, you do not see him.”
You see.
You did not want to feel him on earth, not see him on earth.
Even if he is sitting before you in the chair, even if you cook for him.
Even if you earn the money, creator, husband, for her, you do not know each other.
You do not want to reincarnate for your personality, of your kindness, softness, your peace, your fatherhood, your motherhood.
Your whole personality is tied to chains.
Lectures Part 2, 1951


Telepathy is the being one from feeling to feeling:
For example, when someone is called to by a person who has passed over, does this happen as a result of contact with each other’s feelings or does the first one really speak?’
Jozef says: ‘Have you read the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’?
Read and understood, what the masters say about clairaudience and about seeing, about unity from feeling to feeling?
Then you will already know, because it is that!
That is thinking and sending out, receiving and experiencing and you will know it immediately.
You absorb precisely that, which the other person sends out and not otherwise, and this is the natural telepathy and not otherwise!
It is finding the pure attunement to the other human being, being open to the feeling, sending out and receiving, which is possible, because the human being just as the animal, possesses those possibilities and he is now one with the life.’
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
Jozef Rulof experiences the spatial telepathy:
Question from the hall: ‘Do you also do this, Mr Rulof, when you are one with the life?’
Jozef answers: ‘You wish to know, how I now experience all that wisdom, when this unity comes about?
It is that, isn’t it?
Master Alcar first laid the spiritual foundations for that.
I may and can say: I have become cosmically conscious.
And it is wonderful, if you can experience this.
This is therefore the spatial unity, the spatial telepathy, it is the cosmic unity with all the life of God!
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
The wisdom that Jozef can master in this way remains limited to the limit of his own inner life:
Up to the limit of my own emotional life!
You will certainly feel that and this means, that cosmic consciousness still does not possess the omniscience, which the masters possess, but which can barely be dealt with here on earth.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
The telepath is also limited to his own grade of feeling:
Your telepath experiences this sensitivity, because of this he carries out tasks and has reached the highest with this sensing.
He also tunes into his own kind, but his sensing has become spiritual art.
He does it in order to assure you a pleasant evening.
The telepath has reached unity with the other life in this sensing and now takes over thoughts.
However, it sometimes occurs that he feels wrongly and has no contact.
He is now faced with the other kind, a higher grade of life, which is too rare for him.
Now he has to accept his powerlessness. It is the limit of his feeling and he makes mistakes.
His feeling now goes through you, there is no spiritual unity and yet he should have sensed your thoughts.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Clairvoyants, fortune tellers and psychometrists make a huge fuss about it, but the clairvoyance by means of telepathy is very ordinary, because our dog and cat also have it.
And many people have already sensed that someone is on their way:
If you are connected to another grade, having reached inner unity, then the telepathic connection comes about, which means reaching unity from feeling to feeling, and then you take over those other thoughts.
However, here you also experience your own natural limit.
And numerous people experience that.
When it happens, you are in harmony with that other life.
Some people experience this unconsciously. Your clairvoyants and predictors of the future, your psychometrists do it consciously and now look for that inner unity.
If you are from another grade of life, then they go to pieces against your life and are powerless.
I can show you this by numerous examples and explain to you that you also possess material clairvoyance, because your dog and cat also have it.
Do animals not sense beforehand that you are coming?
Do they not prove to you that they react very sharply to your own life?
Do people not say: “If they could talk, would they tell you?”
It proves that animals are sensitive.
Why would you, as a human being, not possess this material clairvoyance?
Here is the example.
You are sitting quietly in your chair reading, but suddenly, even while reading, you get thoughts, and those thoughts tell you that someone is approaching.
You know for sure that the person in question will come.
A moment later, he is standing before you.
Most people find it very normal, such a thing happens almost every day, everyone has it, and experiences it sometimes.
It is nothing special.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Ancient Egypt

Jozef Rulof lived in a past life as priest Dectar in the temple of Isis:
Dectar lived in Ancient Egypt, in the Temple of Isis.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
He already went to the temple early then because the priests had discovered him.
They had seen that as a child he could already call back a bird, the sign that he had already built up this concentration in past lives:
Dectar already went to the Temple of Isis as a boy, because the priests had discovered him.
He could call back a bird and then that animal had to listen to him.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
He became just like that bird in feeling:
He became like that bird, as it were, he called that animal and also became it, he elevated that animal to him by means of love, feeling, by means of the occult laws.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
In Ancient Egypt the priests dominated the animals by means of magical arts.
In his life as Jozef Rulof, he experienced as a child a connection of feeling with his dog Fanny by means of love, and not by power.
It is only by means of love that the connection of feeling is harmonic, otherwise the animal will refuse to listen sooner or later:
Then we did that, he then, by means of magic skills, so not by means of pure love, because that is something entirely different.
I experienced the same thing with Fanny the dog.
Fanny had human feeling.
Fanny listened to me like to Our Lord, because I became Fanny.
I lived in Fanny.
Fanny was in no position to make demands then, but by means of kindness and love you come that far, or sooner or later the animal will refuse to listen.
In this way you can tame wild animals.
Never by means of coarseness or harshness, you only get that oneness with all the life by means of love, because now one life speaks to the other about love and all the life of God has sacred respect for that.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 3, 1944
The priests in Ancient Egypt made sure that the naturally gifted did not absorb anything from the earthly knowledge, so that their inner life could not be burdened by this.
After all, their feeling had to be open in order to become a channel for the gods.
When the gods took the priest to spiritual inspiration, they were also sure that what was spoken belonged to another world, because the priest had not absorbed it in this life from an earthly source:
The priests in ancient Egypt understood this.
The trainee priests or gifted people were not allowed to learn anything. They were uncontaminated; nothing was allowed to influence the life of the soul, from fear that astral inspiration would not be able to find any continuance.
It was only then that a priest was ready to be able to receive spiritual inspiration and this was true.
It was no longer possible to doubt this.
What was now spoken belonged to another world, the Gods spoke through these pure channels, and there could be no question of disruptions as a result of the own language and style.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
When the inspired priest came under spiritual inspiration, he had to be open to a tree and a flower, to all life forms which had something to tell the human life:
Once a priest had reached that spiritual height and his speaking changed, the high priests then concentrated on the medium and asked him in thoughts to completely surrender himself, to allow the feeling to speak to him, which would enter him.
He now had to open himself to what a tree had to say, for what a flower could give human life in beauty, and because of this the medium reached universal unity.
Now a tree received meaning.
Sun, moon, stars and planets, night and day, hours and seconds were Gods, because all that life could speak and represented an own supreme power.
How could it be any different? Egypt sunk away in this age of Gods and remained in it for centuries, in order to awaken for conscious thinking and feeling, astral wisdom.
When that was received, the kingdom of Gods became hazy and black magic came forward.
At that time, Egypt received the consciousness of one God who controlled everything, but the priests were no longer accepted, lies and deception lived it up.
Egypt still did not want to accept this progress.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
By means of the connection of feeling of the priests with all life forms, even stones received a divine meaning:
A result of this inspiration a piece of stone received divine meaning for the Egyptian, but that stone had also something to tell their life.
I do not need to tell you that this is not consciousness, you can now shrug your shoulders at it and will probably find it hard to believe, meaningless.
However, mankind was not advanced that far, that it possessed your consciousness as an individual and as a great nation. Egypt would still have to awaken to this.
At the end of that dreadful battle, people there understood for the first time that just one God controlled all life in the universe, and not a hundred thousand.
Every soul has had to master that development, because it belongs to the astral conscious, the eternal lasting!
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The ‘grade of feeling limits the wisdom which can be received by means of the connection of feeling:
Anyone who searches will find good or evil, but your grade of feeling will refuse to receive if your life has not yet reached the necessary spiritual grade.
If you are nevertheless ready for it, ancient Egypt will come to your life and a tree, plant and animal will receive that pure meaning for you, which God gave this life when He created it.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Several gifted priests reached the highest, and the wisdom received was drawn in hieroglyphics.
However, the priests took the method of how they reached this connection of feeling with them to their grave:
The priests continued and reached the highest, they were spoken to from the universe and received educational material in this way, of which the hieroglyphics give you proof.
The priests took all their methods with them to the grave; the bit that is left of this development is not enough to still the hungry feeling for development of the small insect.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
When the connection of feeling became closer and the priest heard the life speaking, for most priests and initiates it became too powerful.
They dissolved in that connection of feeling, lost their own consciousness and became a bird for example.
Because they lost every consciousness of their own body, they jumped from a height, because they thought that they could fly like a bird:
Many priests and initiates experienced this contact.
But when they heard that the life started to speak, they became afraid and closed themselves off to that voice.
Every life possesses an own voice and timbre.
If those initiates had had the courage and the powers, the consciousness, of course, the wisdom of that would already have been on earth for a long time, but all of them succumb to that, which they lived for.
One walked into the water, the other thought that he could fly and jumped from a height.
When the animal consciousness starts to speak, therefore a bird, and that life comes under your heart, you immediately think that you can fly yourself.
It is now the question where you are at this moment.
If you are standing on a height, then you spread your wings and want to fly, with the familiar consequences, that you have forgotten yourself, and you fall in pieces.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
The priest who wanted to reach the highest, still remained limited by his own grade of feeling, because he wanted to experience and check everything himself.
The priest was therefore not open to wisdom which went above his own knowledge, and as a result his inner life could not experience any further expansion.
The book ‘Spiritual Gifts’ explains how Jozef Rulof could experience more wisdom, because he devoted his life to serve the evolution of mankind:
These laws are experienced in the Temples of British India, Tibet, Ra, Ré, Isis.
The follower must master a great deal if he wants to possess the mastership.
People did not reach our height in that, and that is not possible either because those priests want to experience themselves.
An initiate there usually came there under his own power, but he now has to accept his grade of feeling and does not come above that, which we explain to you by means of the books ‘Spiritual Gifts’.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
In Ancient Egypt, only one gifted priest reached the very greatest mediumship, the rest could not transcend the own feeling and thinking because they did not want to serve:
In this, we experience the divine laws and they can only be experienced by the very greatest mediums on earth.
One such blessed human child knew ancient Egypt; the remainder of all those thousands of priests experienced the universe of their own narrow-mindedness, even if every priest learned to talk.
This was part of his development, because the Gods demanded it.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The priests understood that their spiritual inspiration did not come from themselves, but they could not accept any spiritual leader as ‘master’, because then they could lose their status of divinity themselves:
It is no wonder that in ancient Egypt a priest was accepted as a deity when the life of a tree, flower and bird increased his ecstasy, so that the other people who listened lost their own conscious self because of it.
None of them had doubted it, what was given represented the greatness of what lay behind it.
However, this lived in the invisible world and was represented by an astral master, however, their understanding did not go so high and they therefore lost their ground, they would only later get to know this depth.
However, the Other Side was busy laying foundations for the whole of mankind, had started human development.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
When the priests felt that they did not come any higher without leadership, they started to look at what they could achieve with their powers gained.
The priests started to use their power for their own gain and no longer to serve the spiritual development of mankind.
When the masters had to withdraw their inspiration, the priest could no longer be reached for any spiritual expansion.
Yet the masters laid the foundation with this, which could later be continued in ‘The Age of Christ’.
Certainly, the Egyptians reached great heights.
However, when the priests realized what they were capable of, they abused the occult laws and indulged themselves.
Then black magic emerged, and the white magic was absorbed in the black magic.
It became a huge mess, a spiritual mess in the temples of Ra, Ré and Isis and these lives started upon a spiritual destruction, sullying the good part, all of that beautiful part.
The masters now broke a cosmic contact, they then saw that continuing was no longer possible; the evil in a person had conquered them for centuries.
People know that on earth, and little remained of all this wisdom; a mighty Temple became a pigsty!
Despite that 3800 years ago, the foundation was still laid for your century!
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
The Rosicrucian order also tried to save something, but made a great secret of the wisdom:
It is the Rosicrucian order that saved what could be saved, after which this cosmic wisdom became a great secret, a mystery of life and death.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
The Egyptian culture assigned a divine meaning to stones.
Much later there was a worshipping of statues of saints in the churches:
The decline of ancient Egypt is experienced according to the astral laws, and remained materially misunderstood, but still clear to everyone who can accept the God of all life.
For the remainder of the unconscious mankind the stone continued to keep its divine value.
For numerous people many gods still exist in the universe, all life has kept that meaning.
It is the natural passing into for their conscious.
According to many methods, this is the original natural meditation.
Anyone who can experience a tree, experiences God, the God of all life.
It is the prayer of the natural child, the total understanding of the Divine laws, of which all life in the universe possesses a spark, and to which all life has attunement.
When creation began the God of all life gave himself, and that was originally felt and honoured; this will bring you closer to God than the dead image of a saint, which is fifty percent deformed.
The only thing which your church can give you is its own conscious self, and it grants superior powers to the thing which has to speak to you, but is a lasting deformity, in other words, your images declared sacred are only the shadow of ancient Egypt, what you now possess is the falsified reality and without power.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943


The artist who can connect himself in feeling with the life can also interpret that life:
What is inspiration?
If the painter manages his paint, knows his techniques, he can let himself go and then he descends into that other life.
That is the complete dissolving into the art and this applies furthermore to all life; you will be able to accept this.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
The masters of the light inspire inventors in order to serve mankind:
The Other Side has always worked through spiritual inspiration, because thousands of inventors and scholars have their products and wisdom to thank for this.
Inventors usually count on inspiration, which is also given to them, at least if their creation serves our life and mankind.
They first draw from their own reserves, from what has been learned, and then they enter a higher emotional world from where their conscious knowledge must come, in order to let the invention, which they have to create, see the earthly light.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
As a result, the master connected himself with the world of feeling of the earthly academic:
Therefore, on this side the astral master lived, and on earth your scholar; both worlds of feeling now reached spiritual unity and these inventions were achieved.
The Other Side had given help through inspiration through all the ages.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

Jozef Rulof

Jozef Rulof did not get his sensitivity for free during his last life on earth.
In order to achieve that sensitivity, in Ancient Egypt among other places, he devoted himself during dozens of lives to getting to know the spiritual reality.
Master Alcar and master Zelanus made sure that he would not absorb any earthly knowledge in his life as Jozef Rulof (André), so that he would not start to think materially:
If André, if Jozef Rulof, from childhood ...
We were already busy with this life, when Jeus – you read that – was still present in the mother.
And we did those things, master Alcar laid those foundations.
He kept touching that life; that had to be touched, or it would absorb too much material space in it.
So that child was not even allowed to live as you got and received that.
Always a rap, a touch; and again a foundation for the astral world, for now, for now.
So free from the material.
He was not even allowed to learn.
Everything which you now learn, you will feel, that must go overboard.
Because then you feel yourself materially, and this would remain astral, spiritual.
And still that effort, foundation upon foundation, thirty years long.
Always just following that life.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
At school, Jozef (Jeus) feels infallibly when the master has something to ask him, the rest of the time he wanders in feeling with this dog Fanny through the fields.
In this way, his Tall One (master Alcar) and his little friend José (master Zelanus) make sure that Jeus does not absorb any earthly material:
At school, Crisje, he is only half there.
He has now learned how to split himself, and this is how he experiences those hours.
He will sense infallibly when the teacher has something to ask him, he uses the rest of his time for his flights with Fanny, the something that lives within him tells him: ‘do not make a fuss, Jeus, you will get a completely different task for mankind and society, and then from Our Lord.
But you will not be a minister or priest, you will be a cosmically aware person and that is something entirely different, but they do not understand that here.’
Teacher, Jeus will be a ‘Socrates’!
He will later surpass even Socrates, he will analyse your Plato, he will bring ancient Egypt to the dry and sober West, and he will experience and go through Golgotha in a different way and write his books as a result.
Now you will say, but that is precisely the reason why he should learn, but leave that in their hands, his Tall One ... and his friend José, and the many others who follow him, for whom Jeus serves and his life will awaken!
That will all come!
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 1, 1950
Jeus gets the necessary answers telepathically from the earthly teacher:
He can think and he now uses that thinking for what he doesn’t know and will never learn either.
He gears himself towards his teacher and now he suddenly knows.
The funniest thing of all is, he can now also wander through the woods with Fanny as well.
The teacher tells him what he must learn and he always has the answer ready, but that is from another person.
He is learning nothing!
Due to telepathic transfer, Jeus drags himself higher up.
And the rest, for his feeling and thinking, does not mean anything to him, and if they lay his personality on the annual weighing scales, it can just pass.
There is not a gram more consciousness, but also not one less, so that he continues to just make it, he will conquer the school in his way.
Yes, certainly, Sir, he listens, but he is not open to your dry material, nothing can be changed about it, nothing!
Others have laid their foundations, his soul and happiness will get to experience supernatural wisdom, you would now smother that, and they do not want that.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 1, 1950
Jozef and his leader Alcar got to know each other during many lives.
For instance, they worked together on the pyramid of Giza, where Alcar and his friend (Jozef) were rivals in love.
There Alcar already felt that he had once been the father of his friend, which would then repeat itself again.
Through many centuries they built up a close bond of feeling:
That is why the pyramid is not complete and that is what I wanted to explain to you.
I’ll proceed.
As I said before, André, I helped in building this structure.
Here I met my friend.
I told you on our last journey that he stole my love.
We quarrelled and he attacked me, a struggle followed.
Then he fell down.
A few days later my friend passed away.
He had reached the age of twenty-eight years.
I did not want to kill, it was a concurrence of circumstances.
It was predestined, though, for I have seen all this in the spheres.
The moment it happened I was overcome by an awful feeling.
It was as if I killed my own child.
We now know it was true, at the time, however, that strange feeling and great mystery were within me.
That feeling stayed with me during my life, until my death, and I suffered terribly.
We had both met again without knowing it.
We returned to the astral world and had to wait to be born again.
I passed on to several other lives and met my twin soul.
I met her again during my last life on earth and you know who she is.
As I said, I passed on to several lives and in two of them I met him again on earth.
In one life he was my master and I was his slave.
I died at an early age, a wild animal put an end to my life, but I saved his.
I told you about it, so I’ll continue.
My star now began to shine and his faded.
His way was a different one than mine, as he still had to make up, whereas I had nearly finished.
I was ahead of him on the spiritual road of which we were unaware.
However, I would return to the earth many times, because I had not yet earned anything.
Centuries passed.
Once again he would become my child, but that time I would be his father.
This is that other condition of which I spoke.
That wonder also happened.
She who once was my mother now became my wife and he our child.
That happened in Jerusalem, where I was a merchant.
The Origin of the Universe, 1939
In his life as Jozef Rulof, Alcar teaches him to discard his own earthly thinking, in order to begin a pure connection of feeling with all the life:
You must want to discard your own thinking, because your thinking is earthly, social and has noting to do with the spiritual thinking.
Master Alcar had to teach me that first and I could do it, because the master had laid the foundations for this.
What, ladies and gentlemen, are those foundations?’
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
The universal love is the foundation for the connection of feeling.
Jozef learned to deepen his love by giving himself for years as a healer for his fellow human being:
Because of loving life, ladies and gentlemen, master Alcar laid his Divine foundations for this unity.
It is thirsts, hungers to be able to waken.
Devotion to duty, friendship, the real one then, we already talked about it, all of this takes you to the love for the life and I became that; all these foundations were laid because of healing.
Now one wrong thought from a healer ... and he will be out, will never be it, because then there is no love in that life for the laws and the patient.
Questions and Answers Part 1, 1950
Jozef learns to make himself one in feeling with all the life.
For this purpose, he must discard his own human consciousness at that moment, otherwise he cannot sense the life directly.
At the same time, he must still continue to think of his own body and life to a certain extent, otherwise he would not remain physically strong:
When you receive this being one with the life of God, you will have lost your consciousness temporarily and yet you must continue to think consciously about your life.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Master Alcar connects himself with the water as inner life, and lets Jozef sense that life.
Jozef feels himself becoming like the water, so close, that he wants to walk into the canal in order to become completely one with the water.
At that moment, Alcar stops him, so that Jozef does not lose his body by drowning.
The same process takes place with a bird, whereby Alcar must make sure that Jozef does not jump from a height, because he thinks that he can fly.
Jozef must learn to divide his attention, so that at the same time he brings the connection of feeling with the water or the bird to full power, and yet also continues to think of his own earthly body in order to not put that at risk.
He must master that concentration, before the connection of feeling can be deepened.
You already experienced that with Mother Water.
But you did not see us, you did not see that Master Alcar attracted you and yet pushed you away, forced you back to the earth, or you would have walked into the water and you would have had to accept the drowning.
Isn’t it simple?
And now you are one with a insignificant little bird.
That little animal teaches you to fly, André, and you as a human being jump from your branch and fall to your death!
That must first be conquered.
Why were the ancient Egyptians so crazy?
Why did they also perhaps want to fly?
Why did they walk into the waters just like that?
Not one who underwent those laws came out of them alive, but all of them were one with that grade of life and lost the temporary existence, but returned in order to continue their lives.
And that was possible, André, because they served!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
In Ancient Egypt they did not come further because they did not accept any master in order to help them:
We mastered that in Ancient Egypt, in China and other temples during that time, we got to know the laws for the first time on this side and could then determine for the first time by what means we had lost our lives.
But we went further, my brother, and were able to reach this consciousness.
What do people on earth know about this?
Nothing, but one or two children of God lived on earth, and they were that far.
By means of this, this culture was born, or we would not have known any temples on earth.
And every soul of God must master those laws, that is the human being!
I already told you, now the life of Mother Nature speaks to your obtained consciousness and that is possible!”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
The life of Mother Nature did not learn any human words, but by means of the connection of feeling the master can elevate that life as power and energy so that the necessary words for the human being can be obtained from the human inner life.
You will think that a tree has not learned any language, has it?
The answer is: in us, the inner life speaks, and that feeling can elevate me into the own existence.
Then the life of the tree speaks as power and energy, as a part of God.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Later, during a contact evening Jozef quotes a connection of feeling with a few little flowers, which he experienced during World War II, when people in The Netherlands tried to still the hunger by eating sugar beets.
Jozef talks to little flowers, but his fellow human being is occupied with very different problems:
So I was sitting on a bench, I had ended up here in the rosarium and I did not know why.
There were a few flowers there and I am sitting looking and those little flowers were talking to me.
Lovely roses, a daisy and an ox-eye daisy.
Then I heard those flowers talking to each other there: "Yes, André, oh, how lovely it is, the human being who is open to our life.
May I tell you about my life?
What do you think of my little sister?
What do you think of my little brother?"
And that went on, went on.
I say: "Gosh, how beautiful that is, isn't it?
But you are also quarrelsome too."
And an old woman and a man are sitting next to me, I didn't notice that either.
Then he says: "Yes, sir, and a sandwich with sugarbeet does not do you any good either." (laughter)
I say: "No, sir, I cannot take it."
"Sir, but it is ... you are already talking in yourself, you are talking about the flowers."
I say: "Yes, sir", I say, "the children of God are speaking to my life", I was just like a child, I was a child, sir.
Then that man says: "We have waited a while, but it is not pleasant sitting next to you because at any moment you think that you are crazy too." (laughter) Then he says: "All the best, sir, but be careful because hunger makes you crazy."
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
A while later, Jozef brings his youthful personality Jeus to the surface in order to show his fellow human being that he could still think normally and is not always talking to little flowers like a madman:
And I kept coming across people in this way, I think: am I crazy?
Oh, oh, oh, and I was standing there and I think: Now I will just go to Jeus; gone flowers, gone world, gone sun, gone moon.
And when I ran past that man, I think: I will overtake them, those old people.
I say: "Good day, sir, madam."
I say: "It is cold, don't you think?
It is cold, it is chilly."
I say: "Now I will just go home again.
I have wandered about for long enough, for a while in nature.
Sir, it is the only thing there is left.
You say: "You are crazy, you are psychopathic", but it is the only thing to descend into the life?"
"Yes, sir, if you put it like that; I really thought you were crazy."
I just put that right, I just showed that man that I was conscious.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
Despite his spiritual sensitivity, Jozef makes sure that he always remains level-headed and happy:
But am I sober or am I not sober, sir?
I have my happy feeling, my laughter - not that sombreness - that joy of life, I have Jeus in everything with me, with that: "Yes, sir.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
Master Alcar connects himself in feeling with a star from the universe.
He lets Jozef feel that star so closely that Jozef experiences this as a human talking.
Later, Jozef understands that it is the human being himself who brings the star to human talking, whereby the words are obtained from the human inner life:
Sense this and you will understand why a star gets consciousness.
However, it is we ourselves, by means of which that life as a law of life reaches the human speaking.
And that is still always a revelation for your feeling.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
When Jozef is connected with a star in feeling, dangers threatens, because the spiritual inspiration of a star is far too powerful for a human body.
The macro-cosmic size of the star dominates the human inner life, and if that spiritual inspiration was not tempered, the human nervous system would succumb as a result.
In this case too, Alcar and Zelanus must regulate the connection of feeling, or otherwise Jozef would have collapsed on his little balcony in his apartment in The Hague at the moment that the life (Wayti) spoke to him:
Now a star speaks to your life and it is talking about Wayti.
But if you lose your consciousness now?
Then the blood will run over your lips at the same time.
After all, she is stronger than your organic life.
If you are conscious for your own life, then that life cannot reach you.
But if you lose yourself, and now those auras reach one world and one becoming conscious, and is for the universe, that one life can pull the other from the obtained orbit and you see a star or meteor like that flying through the universe.
So if we now reach this spatial oneness, then your willpower and your personality will dissolve, and now the spatial, so macrocosmic consciousness dominates ours, and we have nothing more to contribute.
When Wayti called to you: “Come now, André”, Master Alcar kept you going.
You must first prove what you want!
You do not know that, but we followed you, we were in Wayti, my André, we could receive you and at the same time reject you again, or you would have been consciously murdered there in that place.
Your blood would not have been able to receive these powers and forces, the nervous systems would have succumbed and you would have either collapsed there, or have gone insane and instantly!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Jozef has made spiritual journeys with his masters to the conscious Divine All, the highest stage of love and consciousness which every soul is on the way to.
As a result of these journeys, Jozef is open in feeling to all the life.
The succumbing under the connection of feeling with all the life will not happen now, because he remains spiritually connected to master Alcar and master Zelanus.
Such a spiritual aid was not accepted in Ancient Egypt, as a result of which the priests there succumbed and did not reach the Great Wings, the ultimate connection of feeling with all the life.
That now becomes the being one for all the life of God on earth.
And because we have now experienced the conscious Divine ALL, you are open to that, but it cannot happen now, because we are now spiritually one and we lacked that in Ancient Egypt, or we would already have had the Great Wings there.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Because Jozef can share his experiences spiritually with his masters, nothing can happen to him now.
Otherwise master Alcar would not even have begun to open the connection of feeling, because he knew that Jozef would await insanity or the material death.
Under the own power, this connection of feeling cannot be dealt with at full strength:
And because you can experience and can discuss these laws beyond the coffin, nothing more can happen to you now.
Or Master Alcar would not go further, of course, because the Masters were not keen on giving a child of the earth wisdom, about which they know that insanity lies there and there and is waiting for that life.”
“And that is irrevocable?”
“Yes, my brother, that is irrevocably death or insanity.
Millions of people, men and women lost their material lives.
But they were still not ready and so followed the laws under their own power.
Because we spoke together, you will be freed completely.
However, I tell you, you are that far, or the Masters would not have opened these heights to our consciousness.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Master Zelanus no longer needs to watch over any material body:
Nothing can happen to me here, because I do not possess my material life.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
When he loses his own personality in order to be able to experience a connection of feeling, he no longer has any material succumbing to fear:
This is also the losing of the own personality for our consciousness.
But I tell you, we can no longer experience the material succumbing.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
When a member of the audience at a contact evening asks master Zelanus a question about the moon or Mars, then master Zelanus connects himself in feeling with that planet in order to be able to answer the question truthfully, by experiencing the reality of the planet himself:
When I think now and you ask a question about the moon, about Mars, about that and that planet, and I go into that, then that planet must speak immediately.
Can you feel this?
And then we reach unity, then we dissolve.
I go, and that life enters me, that goes through me; until I say: ‘Go back.
Go, and rest.’
We reach unity in this way.
So you must experience, accept, and you must learn to think; to take possession of the being one with the life of God, all the life around you.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
Jozef Rulof cannot do that under the own power.
He once tried to answer a question about the sun in this way:
Who has the gift?
There is not one human being on earth – when you come into contact with the astral world – who has that, possesses five percent of gifts.
Jozef Rulof has nothing.
And even if he would want it, he cannot do that.
He gets wisdom?
Yes, indeed.
Perhaps you think: can he do this himself?
He says it to his friends.
He tries it in The Hague.
He comes, people ask him the question: ‘What kind of power is the sun actually?
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
Jozef connects himself in feeling with the sun, and at that moment he feels his blood running away, because he cannot deal physically with the inspiration of the sun:
But at that moment André becomes one with the sun.
‘And at that moment’, he says, ‘I felt my blood run away.’
Do you see?
So he reaches unity.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
This is why it are the masters who experience the connection of feeling with all the life and pass it on for Jozef at the correct strength.
They speak about the laws of which they get to know the truth by means of the connection of feeling:
Why must we speak?
I will explain that to you now.
He would not be able to do that.
Because, when you ask a question and it is about the universe, then I must experience that unity.
We do not talk outside those laws, we are law at that moment!
We are one with sun, with moon, with fatherhood, with motherhood, with birth, with insanity.
Insanity; you can no longer name a law which you know, or we are one with that life.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
For Jozef Rulof that would mean unconsciousness under the own power:
And if André, or Jozef Rulof were to do that, then he would dissolve and the power, the concentration over all the systems would be broken, and he would fall down unconscious before you, at your feet.
That happens.
You dissolve completely.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
Before Jozef could experience this connection of feeling by means of the masters, master Alcar could only explain the fundamental laws for life and death.
By connecting Jozef with the soul of a life form, master Alcar can let him experience much more.
As a result, Jozef could also feel the development of that life form, because in the inner life of all life forms the past lives are present, the whole evolution from the origin to the current stage:
For that matter, when we follow the human becoming conscious, you will also get to know these laws.
Master Alcar was only able to explain the fundamental law for life and death to you, but was not able to tell anything about the laws of development.
But when you follow those laws, André, then you are a flower, you are water and like a tree, now you are rain and wind for the universe, storm and lightning, but by means of that you know every law and every phenomenon as soul, spirit and material, and in addition all the laws of condensing and growth, as we were already able to experience for the universe.”
“So when we follow the animal world, then we experience every grade of life for the animal?”
“Precisely, that’s it.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
The animal life will now tell infallibly how it was born.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
If he was to fly through the universe, Jozef would not get to know the life, he can only experience the reality of each life form by means of the oneness in feeling:
By what means would the life of God want to awaken as a human being?
By flying through the universe?
Flying from grade to grade and forgetting the rest of God?
I tell you, first this wonderful Universal being one comes and anyone who can already experience that on earth is supernaturally conscious and you got it through your consciousness of feeling.
You can, as I already said, speak to the most insignificant life of God, and the life will tell you to which law and grade of life it belongs.
We experience that here and must follow that, or we will never reach the spatial awakening.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Also in life after death, people get to know all the life by means of the connection of feeling, so that people do not talk around the laws of life:
You cannot avoid those laws with this wisdom, with this contact.
So when you soon come ‘beyond the coffin’ and you want to experience those laws, you want to look at the life, there, isn’t it true, such as here ...
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
People cannot experience the reality of the life by just looking at it:
Just look at it.
Just pray.
Just lie down.
What do you achieve?
On the other side you must be light, be love, kind-heartedness, in the first place love, feeling, harmony.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
A master of the light can be one from soul to soul with every life form, so that the soul of this life form can allow the own origin and the own evolution to be experienced:
If we want to do exams in the Spheres of Light, then we must be able to answer.
When the Master asks: does a tree from the earth have a soul and a spirit, then we must be able to answer according to the laws of reality.
And what do we do then?
Now the being one with all the life follows.
We experience that oneness and you know how that must happen.
Now that tree tells me, where and by what means he got life.
Every law takes us back to both the own origin and the origin.
We are now infallibly one and that happens from soul to soul and from feeling to feeling!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
In order to be able to experience the unity with all the life, universal love is necessary:
But now, I ask you that question, what will you do soon now on the other side?
You walk through the life, you just look, the spheres are there, if you have light, then you belong to that light; but what must happen now?
Every law, nature, a tree, a flower, a plant, especially the human being, the animal, you must love, you must absorb, you must get to know all of that, and it is only then that that unity comes.
But try to get to know the life of your trees.
Become one with nature, with giving birth, with creation, with water, with light, with night, with day, and now the planetary system.
Do you see?
We must experience that unity.
And we speak from that world, we also have something to bring, and that has already happened.
Can you feel this?
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
We can still enter the first three spheres of light, but not a fourth sphere, because there the master has distanced himself from all the earthly feeling and thinking:
But one day you will go through it and then you will listen to what that star, what the life of God has to tell you, because you have to do with that life.
You must master that life, or you will not come further, and you can still enter the first, the second and the third sphere, but not a fourth grade.
Why not?
Because you must learn to feel naturally, cosmically and must distance yourself from all the lies and the deception which the human being on earth has condensed for himself.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
In the third sphere of light we lay the foundations, and in the fourth sphere of light the master reaches the cosmic consciousness of the space in which he lives:
We will not come any further if we do not experience this unity, and that has become our Cosmic Consciousness.
We have to master those laws and must possess that unity, or we will never come back to God.
It is only in the fourth sphere on the other side, so in our life, that we are that far.
When we enter the third sphere, we lay those foundations, in the fourth sphere we get possession of those foundations and can say: for this space, the universe in which you live, we are conscious!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 1, 1944
It is only in the fourth sphere of light that the master becomes one with the cosmos at a spiritual attunement:
So the human being who lives here goes further, but it is only in the fourth sphere that he will experience the being one with the cosmos at a spiritual attunement, he must also now master the spiritual laws of life of his sphere.
And it is only then that he will be cosmically conscious!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
As a result, the master as spiritual academic has very different possibilities than the earthly academic:
Our scholars follow Divine creation as a result of this, which is not possible for your earthly scholars, because they do not know or experience spiritual inspiration, and because they cannot open themselves.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
By experiencing every life form the master completely understands the reality:
I therefore want to show that life on earth could also speak to your own grade of feeling and, in other words, we are therefore far ahead of your grade of feeling.
In thoughts and feelings, in meditation, we experience the full hundred percent of inspiration.
For our life, this is reaching unity with the other lives into which we are intuned.
The scholar on earth has to follow a completely different path in order to reach an analysis.
In our life the other lives speaks to the own conscious, after which the true meaning comes before our eyes.
Seeing follows and understanding is then unconditional.
That natural attunement now speaks to our inner life and nothing is improbable in this. We experience that grade as we learned to know ourselves.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
As a result, the masters can bring the cosmology to earth:
When Master Alcar can go that far that we can follow the soul as human being as far as the ALL, that will be everything, and a wonderful gain for us and yourself.
The writing of the ‘Cosmology will come later.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
That cosmology is then still for the individual on earth, because society must still awaken for this wisdom:
We go further.
André thinks and I surrender to his life.
The material universe lies behind us, we are attuned to the astral world.
I now feel that he will be able to bear everything, our being one gives him that becoming conscious and powers, for which we make this short disembodiment.
André feels the Wayti of all the life.
This is true becoming conscious, it is love, happiness and peace and calm.
Every grade of life calls to us to go further, but the human consciousness on earth is not yet that far, that society still has to awaken.
One or two people have this contact, this being one with all the life of God and have laid the spiritual foundations as a result of that.
And then the soul as a human being is one with everything!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Jozef Rulof gets hold of this cosmology, because he serves for the ‘University of Christ’:
“And you now get that in your hands, André, because you serve for the University of Christ and you possess the feeling for that.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
This has now become possible, because other people on earth have laid the foundations for this:
But all of this means that there was never a standstill, other people laid the foundations for what we now serve.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Jozef will even experience more than he can bring to earth during his earthly life, because his material life is too short for that.
But after this life his task continues and later he will be able to bring the world much more spiritual-scientific knowledge:
We will follow later for the animal world and then for Mother Nature what we were now able to experience for the universe, André.
I think that we will experience all these laws, but that we will not be capable of writing those books, because your material life is too short.
But I can also tell you, and you already know that, that we will continue our wonderful work for the University of Christ in our world and that is your task for later.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
Christ brought the same wisdom, but to the consciousness of his time.
This is why he could not yet speak of a oneness of feeling then:
What did Christ say now?
Become one with everything and you will have your ‘Father’.
Could He have explained the Divine oneness to the human being from Jerusalem or to His apostles?
But these are laws of life and it is the spatial being one with all the life of God.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944
All the life spoke to Christ, and he gave that word depth and a human translation:
Christ would have spoken in this way, if you as a human being had been able to understand His word, but He did it earthly, because Christ knew that you would succumb.
Life itself spoke to Christ, but He gave the word depth, gave His own conscious to it in a childish and simple way.
Yet, it takes you away from the earth, to His inner life, Christ connected you with the Universe.
Precisely He, as the central figure, could do that as the Divine Child, selflessly and healing at the same time, but sensed pitifully bad by us as human beings.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
Christ brought the way, the truth and the light:
I already told you, only Christ could have given us this divine depth in language, but then people would not have understood any of it.
The way in which Christ spoke, received loving contact with eternity as a result of the likeness in which Christ lived, and in which He represented His father.
He followed the laws in nature and brought natural wisdom to mankind as the true life of God the Father.
If Christ had passed on material language, therefore had used the way of speaking of the earth, then the Gospel would never have received divine meaning.
His speaking was directed at the thinking and feeling human child, and became eternally full of truth as a result!
Christ spoke to the seven grades of the inner life, to the unconscious and conscious child, to the unskilled as well as to the sharp intellect on earth.
Christ could not come to mankind outside life, because He had awakened His divine attunement as a result of this.
If Christ had allowed His life to speak at divine power, people would already have rejected him and denounced Him spiritually and physically before Golgotha.
The gates of the heavens opened themselves to everyone; Christ gave us all the way, the truth and the light. He took all life on earth back to the Father’s house.
Spiritual Gifts, 1943

The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof

The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof shows the reader where he is heading, and especially, what kind of connection of feeling with all the life is necessary:
This is therefore the unity from soul to soul, the unity with all life, through experiencing and feeling it, after which the conversation follows.
And Master Alcar has also taught him that, and we received our Cosmic consciousness because of this.
We now only have to tune ourselves to the life and it will speak to our inner life and consciousness!
Jeus experiences long conversations with the life of God and I will record that in ‘The Cosmology’, as a result of which you as a person will be able to experience and follow the laws, but especially, because you will now feel how wonderful your life as a person can be, and it means that you still have to master those laws.
That is also amazing for your life.
We will show you through this that God lives in everything and you have to master it.
The fact that Jeus gets to experience and deal with life in the material, and that he can listen to all life and can hear those voices, is our spiritual possession, and the highest masters want to pass it onto your life.
Jeus of Mother Crisje Part 3, 1952
But as human beings on earth we must first make sure that we remain with both feet on the ground:
“The will of this universe”, then André says immediately, “is growing and I want to master that growth, by attuning my will to that.”
But the power and the force of the Divine consciousness wants us to experience that growth humanly and that it too is of use to you, or the life will really burst because this cannot be experienced under human power, you must master it.
You must think about it, but do not go into it.
Do not want to make yourself one with the Spheres of Light, you can go to sun and moon in thoughts, but woe betide, we must warn you, you cannot reach it anyway.
Do not think that you can hear the moon, that you can hear the sun, that you can hear a star, a planet speak.
You can only do that inwardly and then remain normal, think normal, first make sure that you remain on earth with both feet.
Lectures Part 3, 1952
Finally everyone will have to master this consciousness in the spheres of light, because all the life wants to let us experience the own origin, the evolution and the consciousness:
“That you can see Master Alcar, André, is because it is he who connects you with all the life of God.
You see, that is the contact with all the life, but which you receive by means of the Masters.
Because you must now experience spatial oneness, have to follow those laws, all the life created by God must open itself, or you will not come any further.
When the life starts to speak, it takes you as a human being to the cosmic consciousness.
We experience that in the Spheres of Light.
Anyone who closes himself off to that will never get there!
Because those grades of life want to reveal themselves to our life and consciousness.
Every law of life has to explain the own creation and it is this oneness, André, by means of which we experience this being one for soul, the spirit and the material, then law after law manifests itself.”
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 2, 1944