Meadow -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘Meadow’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘Meadow’.

Place of convalescence

In the book ‘Between Life and Death’, a priest in the temple of Isis in Ancient Egypt tells about the meadow as a place of convalescence where the human being of the earth in a disembodied state can gain new strengths in order to continue his earthly life:
We left the earth and floated together to the ‘meadow’.
The ‘meadow’ lies between life and death and is a place where the soul may dwell temporarily to free itself from feelings.
It is the place where earthly human beings meet and are one with those who have already passed away.
When this being one is experienced, it happens in their dreams; some are conscious, but only one out of millions of souls has these gifts so that the consciousness of both is perfect.
I knew the ‘meadow’, for I had been there before with Lyra, and I also knew that holy place from my previous life.
At the time, we also disembodied.
When I disembodied I set Lyra free and we floated together in space.
Sometimes disembodiment happened during daytime, but mostly when the sun had set and the universe could receive the earthly souls in the quietude of life.
We had witnessed several times that Dectar wanted to float on clouds and it meant a mysterious sensation.
We then floated through the atmosphere and lived in space, which was a revelation to many.
The ‘meadow’ is like a nursing home where the soul gains fresh strength to be able to experience material life in all its stages of grief and sorrow.
There is no soul on earth that has not been here, either conscious or non-conscious.
It subsequently returned to the earth, with fresh inspiration and full of spiritual powers in order to accept that what it must carry, is imposed by the laws of cause and effect.
I know this, as do those who live in that other world and have experienced it.
In all of us resides the desire to meet that soul for which we feel love and which the Gods have given us as mercy.
I also know that only those will see the ‘meadow’ who sincerely yearn and are ready; not those who must awaken and for whom this love has no significance, and who experience life on earth unconsciously.
Yet, they also see the ‘meadow’, because their soul lives and resides somewhere, this may be in space or on earth.
Between Life and Death, 1940
The meadow gives the soul strength and resilience:
Consequently, the ‘meadow’ lies between life and death and is a spiritual sphere.
It is like a spot on earth and like a heavenly region, it is both, it strengthens the organism and inner life.
One is conscious at the ‘meadow’ and the previous life returns into us there.
There it is known where we go and who belongs to us and who will be with us forever, forming part of our life.
The ‘meadow’ serves to awaken spiritual consciousness and to urge the soul to yearn for that love, which means the return to God.
The Creator of heaven, earth and all planets understood that His children would not awaken if they were not allowed to ‘go in’ from time to time.
This ‘going in’ is the joy and happiness for the soul that it experiences as ‘feeling’ upon its return on earth.
At the ‘meadow’ a Mother sees her dead darling again, the man his wife, the sister her sister and the brother his brother, and lovers meet as twin souls and they experience their spiritual happiness.
The ‘meadow’ helps the material human being bear, its serves, it gives and presents strength and zest to the life of God.
God understood that all his children would collapse, for earthly life is only intended to awaken and to make up for what was once done wrong.
During the many lives, in which the soul lived and defiled, hated and destroyed, the ‘meadow’ comes to its aid.
Particularly during that life on earth, which is a permanent chastisement, the ‘meadow’ provides the soul with strength and resistance, otherwise, that life would collapse.
Between Life and Death, 1940
The meadow connects heaven and earth:
We floated ever further away from the earth.
We could also stay in space and lie down to rest on the downy bed of energy and power, out of which space originated.
We could go to other countries too and, if we so wished, follow the human beings in their doings, everything lay within our reach and was open to us, because we possessed the wings.
But we went on and on so that the earth dissolved before our eyes, after which, we entered another world.
In it lies the ‘meadow’, between heaven and earth, and it is connected with both worlds.
Between Life and Death, 1940
The meadow is immeasurable:
Dectar and Myra dissolved before my eyes for the ‘meadow’ is infinite, it is endless and one with the very highest spheres, so that the Gods are there when they go ‘in’.
I saw millions of human beings, all of them experienced only one thing which is the most unbelievable, the mightiest thing the soul feels and for which it dies, sacrifices its own life and which is felt as ‘Love’.
Between Life and Death, 1940
In the book ‘Masks and Men’ the writer also visits the meadow:
One afternoon I went out on my own, first stepping, then into a gallop.
When I saw a nice piece of ground before me, I dismounted.
I lie down and fell asleep.
First there was darkness, it gradually became lighter.
Sientje is standing next to me ...
I hold onto the reins of the animal.
I sleep and awaken again.
I can see a beautiful landscape ... it is summer.
Oh, where is that?
Have I not been here before?
It looks like Italy ... a beautiful plain, flowers everywhere, nature at its best.
I can see a plain, well-kept grass everywhere.
There before me is a tree, just one tree, full of blossom.
I think, I wonder whether I have heard of this place.
And ...?
And ...?
What can I see there?
The little children;
I look for René.
I cannot see him.
What are the children doing?
They pick up the fallen blossoms, put them in coloured baskets and continue singing, joyful, excited.
Then I thought: this is the “meadow” of René!
I believe him!
I can see that the child possesses the truth.
However, I am in the light!
I did walk after him, but I made it under my own strength.
I have a look where the children are going, but they are already gone, I cannot see them anywhere.
I stand up and look at the blossom tree.
I can see and can sense, then understand what this means.
I am so happy!
What a gem of a tree.
This is a person!
If you and I are sitting in the blossoms, surrounded by this cropped grass pitch, with this sun and blue sky above us, that sparkling blossom, you can say: I am rid of all troubles, I am mature, I am “born spring”!
Then it became evening for me and I could no longer see anything, but a moment later, I was wide awake.
Masks and Men, 1948
Master Zelanus brings a human being who was shot dead during the war to the meadow as first place of reception:
And that man continues ...
The aeroplanes come: ding!
I could take care of him.
No: ‘Where am I?’
I say: ‘Child, just come, I will take you to a meadow where you will be calm and will take your life in your hands.’
Questions and Answers Part 5, 1950


In the book ‘A View into the Hereafter’, a Summerland is spoken of which corresponds to the description of the meadow in the other books.
‘Summerland, André, is the sphere that’s connected with the earth. It’s located in-between the third and the fourth happy sphere.
Summerland is the sphere where the earthly spirit is allowed to dwell in the night after disembodiment, if God grants him that grace.
In Summerland he meets the loved ones who preceded him, he regains strength there and returns into his physical body, spiritually invigorated.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Here the exhausted earthly traveller finds some peace:
André saw many spirits and again he was able to distinguish the earthly ones from the astral beings.
‘Let’s sit down here, André, where we can observe everything.’
They chose one of the many benches that invited the tired earthly visitor to sit down amidst the most beautiful flowers of the spheres.
The birds were singing to their heart’s delight.
‘There’s harmony here in everything around, you’ll be able to see it and feel it.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The visit takes place at night:
‘Take a look at all these radiant spirits, my boy.
Don’t they look happy?’
They saw a man with his wife, a child with its mother, two brothers together, then a child with other little children or a father and mother with their child.
Many of them were quietly walking about, while others sought seclusion to be together for a while.
‘It’s night time on earth, and there are many disembodied spirits here.
I know one who will be here soon.
I have already seen his wife and his child.’
‘How happy all these spirits are that live here, Alcar.’
‘The people on earth can’t be told often enough how beautiful and how holy things are over here.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
In this way, twin souls can also be together for a while:
Look, there’s the man I mean.’
André saw a man, still quite young, who walked before him beside a somewhat older intelligence.
‘This young man still lives on earth.
When their child was born he lost his dear wife, who took the little one along too.
You can sense the deep sorrow he was immersed in when he was left behind all on his own.
But God provides in everything and He grants His mercy to those who truly love.
That is why he may visit his beloved wife and his little child in Summerland from time to time, as his grief would otherwise be unbearable.
Aren’t God’s laws wonderful, my boy, and isn’t His Guidance evident in everything?’
‘Does he disembody consciously too, Alcar, and can he remember this afterwards?’
‘No, André, he can’t, because he isn’t a direct medium, although he possesses these dormant powers, just as every other human being does.
In his case disembodiment takes place in a different manner, which I will explain to you shortly.
His dear child continues to grow up here and she will one day approach her father as beautiful as an angel.’
It moved André to see how the young man held his wife in his arms for a long while, and he also took the little one, who was about three years old, and lovingly pressed her to his breast.
The man and the woman had tears of happiness in their eyes and both let them flow freely.
The little one put both her arms around her father’s neck and looked at him as if she wanted to say: ‘Where were you all this time?’
‘Such scenes occur here all the time and nobody feels ashamed of his happiness.
When the short time has passed, which the young man must still spend on earth, these two people will be one forever, because they have begged God to bless their love.
He will remain true to this woman under all circumstances and she will be his twin soul for all eternity.
Eternal happiness!
Do you feel what this means?
Together forever, linked by God?
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
The father of the man took care of the out-of-body experience:
Now take another look at that happy trio that was allowed to come together here, André.
The young man’s father has withdrawn for the time being and will soon take him back to his physical body on earth.
We’ll await this moment at some distance and then follow them to see how he will get back to earth.
God’s great mercy on people like him, who have been left behind in deep sorrow, enables them to stay close to their loved ones in this way and to maintain their inner contact, although they are unaware of this.
Yet it remains their spiritual possession.
A View into the Hereafter, 1936
Outside of the book ‘A View into the Hereafter’, the term Summerland is always used for the fourth sphere of light.
You will find more information about this in the article ‘Summerland - Fourth sphere of light’.