Twin souls -- Sources

Source texts from the books by Jozef Rulof for the article ‘twin souls’.
By Ludo Vrebos, based on the books by Jozef Rulof.
These sources presume the prior reading of the article ‘twin souls’.

Our soulmate

In the book ‘The Cycle of the Soul’, Lantos tells that as a child he already felt attracted to his twin soul Marianne:
It was decided that I would receive my physical education somewhere else in a few months’ time.
New teachers would give me their powers, but my free life would then be over and a new one would begin.
The next day I told Marianne the big news; she behaved in a very shy way.
We wandered around the surrounding area together, hand in hand, like two people in love.
She suddenly said to me: ‘I will plait some wreathes and then we will get married.’
I immediately agreed to her little plan and we picked flowers together in order to make the happy event a success.
My beloved dog was with us and the sweet animal would become our child once we were bound in matrimony.
Soon the wreathes were ready and we went back to my nurse who continually remained in the immediate vicinity and did not lose sight of us for a moment.
We went towards her, hand in hand.
I was the spokesperson and said: ‘You have to marry us.’
‘What did you say?’
‘Marry us’, I repeated, ‘we have decided to get married, because I will soon be leaving.’
Deadly seriousness lay within us for this event.
When she observed us and felt from our serious little faces and posture that she must participate, she bound us in matrimony with a few words.
We were man and wife and Marianne immediately applied her rights.
I had to obey, be nice to her and put her first in everything.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
After his earthly life, in the Hereafter Lantos asks his master Emschor whether he knows his childhood friend Marianne:
‘Do you know Marianne?’
‘Yes, I know her.
You played with her here, I followed you in everything.’
‘Do you know how she passed over?
Can you tell me about it?’
‘Yes, but later, when we are at that stage, so have some patience.’
‘Why, if I may ask you this question, did she behave so strangely?
I mean, during my childhood.’
‘The same feelings lay within her as in you, it was the connection with you, but she was not aware of it either.
Not when she will be born again either.
However, one day it will be so far, then she will know that she is yours.
You already know that now, but she will pass into this feeling.
Both of you still have to make good, she on earth, you on this side.
That is why she also acted according to an inner urge.
However, she will have to experience her own life, just like you.
It will therefore be clear to you that that belongs to the past which man does not understand in his earthly life and yet feels it.
However, one day it will become conscious and namely on this side.
This is not possible there, therefore on earth.
You do not see behind the veil, do not feel the depth of your own life, cannot see through all those centuries.
I already told you, only those who possess the powers for it, and who are the cosmically awakened, can do this, the masters who have reached the highest spheres, who help me and you to convince humanity on earth of its eternal life and of the cycle of the soul.
Also, that they are there to make good and to learn to love, what is God’s life.
That is the path they have walked and you and I and millions will walk.
Marianne therefore acted according to her inner feeling which lay hidden deep within her.
Both of you are twin souls, are one in everything, in feeling, in understanding and in love.
However, you will only receive this connection on this side.
Only later, my Lantos, because you are busy earning this, you hear, earning.
You cannot love another anymore now.
That unity of feeling will pass into both of you.
You will feel yourself in it, you will know yourself, you will feel God’s sacred Love in it.
This Love is wonderful and because it is wonderful you have to earn this great power, which means happiness and bliss.
You on this side, Marianne on earth.
She will now have to make good what she did wrong once to your friend Roni.
I will also show you that, but later.’
‘Did I feel it properly when I walked round here and carried her statue in my arms?’
‘Yes, but they were my feelings.
I placed this truth in you, which you felt, but did not understand.
Now everything is clear to you and I advise you to accept this.’
‘Did I already meet her on earth?’
‘Yes, you knew her and she already knew you many centuries ago, but both of you destroyed your happiness.
Man will destroy what he does not know and yet it is part of him, part of his inner life.
But you were not yet at that stage.
This is why all people are not yet conscious, not yet far enough to receive this great and sacred love.
They think that they possess that love, but they are their own thoughts and longings, which do not possess any spiritual truth.
They have no understanding of spiritual love, nor of spiritual unity and understanding.
What they feel is part of the material life and are earthly, therefore material feelings.
This feeling lies far removed from spiritual happiness.
Everyone, no matter who, will have to develop themselves.
However, that means a struggle, suffering and sorrow; but only as a result of this can people acquire this great and wonderful happiness.
In this, in the life of the spirit, all people will be connected.’
‘Therefore no one on earth receives this love?’
‘Yes, certainly.
On earth people live together who are already so far, but all those beings are among the blessed, because they are one in everything.
However, if there is just one thought which one person sends to the other and is not understood, that connection has no spiritual meaning and it is an earthly connection.
Only then will this connection be spiritual, when people, therefore man and woman, possess this love and carry it inwardly.
However, then they will be part of our world and they will be children in spirit; you hear: children.
Twin love, which you are waiting for and which you are busy earning, is the most sacred connection which we know on this side, it is the highest happiness which God can give His children.
This love gives, it serves; she passes over into him, and he into her, they live through their feelings, in prayer and in faith, and work for one purpose, in order to make man and all the other life that God created happy.’
‘Then you do not need to tell me anymore.
Then I am not yet so far.’
‘Thank you, it is wonderful that you are starting to understand me.
Carry on like that, I can then explain many miracles to you.’
‘By meeting her again and again, I have therefore become conscious in her love?’
‘Yes, that is the way it is.’
‘We therefore had to separate?’
‘This was necessary and on the other hand it wasn’t.
You had to be able to conquer this by struggle, by accepting a life as a hell, as a result of which you start to learn to love.
Who wants that on earth?
Yet this is the way.
Therefore the being, the soul, will meet that being which is a cosmic part of him.
Again God’s will and a law, which no one can change anything about.
Yet man does not accept it, he goes and searches and searches for so long until he thinks that he has reached the intended goal and sees his love in it.
This is why man, the soul will come back to earth, people will meet each other, keep on meeting each other, because they are one, experience one life, which means their cycle of the earth in the soul life.
As a result of this, my Lantos, the earth is the planet to which we belong.
The earth and our life serve as the purification spheres.
Once they have been discarded, the soul starts to prepare itself in order to enter the fourth degree of universal attunement.
There are seven degrees and you can feel that thousands of years will pass before we are that far.’
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
Master Emschor already lives in the eternal twin soul love:
‘Did you already receive this great one?’
‘Yes, Lantos, I was given this great one.’
‘And you are alone?’
‘No, I will never be able to be alone again, because this possession lies within me.
Can you feel the deep meaning of it?’
‘Yes, I can feel it, because you passed over into this possession.’
‘That is the way it is.
A separation is no longer possible, because I live in that attunement.
It is my possession.’
‘Also hers?’
‘We are one, Lantos, will remain one, also at a distance.
There is no longer any distance in our lives when souls are one, feel one love.
What I experience and feel, she experiences.
Do you understand how deep, but how sacred this connection is?’
‘It still lies far removed from me.’
‘No, when you continue to search for the good, you will receive this wonderful thing in a few centuries.’
‘Centuries, did you say?’
‘Centuries, Lantos.
But what does it matter, you live in eternity, after all?
What is a century?
What is an earthly age?
Nothing, for that matter.
You will make yourself worthy in order to receive those spiritual treasures.
One day you will pray to God in order to be able to wait a bit longer.
You will call to Him that you are not yet so far and are afraid that you will not be able to understand this love again.
Do you feel how wonderful that possession, the power and the happiness is to feel this love?
To be able to feel the same love in another being, as you are and possess?
I repeat, what are centuries?
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
When Lantos later looks back at the life of Marianne, he is pleased that he did not meet her in that situation:
I came back to her own life and saw that she was like all those other women whom I had got to know on earth.
If I had met her in this situation, I would immediately have turned away from her and left.
I thanked God that I was saved from that.
It would have destroyed my love for her.
Was this Marianne?
I now also understood her begging not to ask about her life, because she had sound reason for that.
Yet I had loved her, because she was mine.
One day we would be united.
My cycle of the earth came to an end and hers would also end.
Sooner or later it would be at that stage and we would be one for eternity.
I could forgive her everything, now that I knew what my own life was like.
Something kept me connected to her and that was the past.
It was shown to me in ancient Egypt and now I was very grateful for it.
How beautiful my Marianne was!
Her golden blond hair, her healthy facial colour and shining eyes gave her this beauty.
However, what is the human being who does not know himself and forgets himself?
What is earthly beauty, if the inner feelings pass into the material life?
She forgot herself, because she did not know herself.
Only in another life would she get to know herself.
Now I found it necessary that she would come back, because she would awaken in that life.
However, how deep everything was now that I knew this and understood it completely.
What is the human being if he sullies these laws of nature and violates his beautiful body?
I felt it not only as a curse, but the human being provoked Him, his God, who had given him this beautiful body.
How great this mercy already was to possess this, because many people were deformed and lacking.
I hated my friend Roni because he sullied his beautiful body.
He was like an Adonis, but inside like an animal.
Marianne had surrendered to him, she was spoilt, but also provoked and scoffed at.
Other people sullied her beauty which had been sacred to me.
No, at that time we did not belong to each other, we would not have understood each other.
She could not feel the greatness of my love, only God knew that it was not yet time and so what appeared necessary happened.
I saw and felt for the first time now that Marianne could not have given me the highest inspiration and it would have been a shock to me if I had experienced that.
Now I thanked God that I had not met her before.
I could now forgive Roni, I no longer hated him and I loved Marianne, she was my twin soul and he had become my brother.
I felt one with Marianne, one in soul, and we would stay that way forever.
This was a cosmic law, God wanted it, this was determined in the universe.
I could not yet sense the depth of this problem, but I accepted it, because this feeling of longing lay within me.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
Nine centuries later, Emschor brought Lantos to Marianne, who had then reincarnated on earth:
I waited and after a short time she entered.
My heart beat with longing.
Marianne, my twin soul, my eternal love!
I had had to wait for this moment for nine centuries.
My master took my hand and I knew what this meant.
I was connected with her.
I clearly saw her inner face from her previous life.
It could be perceived in this earthly body, but this had meaning from this side and only for me.
Marianne was seventeen years old.
I fathomed her inner life.
She possessed everything which she had learned in her previous life, her longing lay deep in her soul, the longing to receive that one thing.
But, oh, how it hurt me, would she not receive this love in this life either.
She had to make good in this life and she would experience a purification.
Her earthly body was now different than in her previous situation, but nothing had changed inside her.
I saw inside her and continued to see inside her and when I knew her deep self completely, I went back to myself.
The Cycle of the Soul, 1938
In that life, Lantos could help Marianne as a guardian angel, as is explained in the sources of the article ‘cause and effect.

Twin love

In ‘Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life’, the father of Theo feels that he has awakened for twin soul love by experiencing his earthly marriage which was anything but heavenly:
She lives on the side beyond, in the spheres of light, she is very young and beautiful and especially very sweet.
When I see her, I feel myself.
What does that mean, Theo?
Being one in everything, in your thoughts and feelings, in complete unity with another being.
It is the greatest thing which God can give us.
She is my twin soul, Theo.
I am like her and we belong together for eternity.
You will now be able to understand too, why I still love mother and really love her, why I am grateful to her.
Mother did me a lot of harm, she did not leave any stone unturned to cause me pain, but now I am pleased about it, because it has brought me to awakening.
Because of her I have been able to prepare myself for my twin soul.
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942
When he supports and helps Theo as a spiritual guide, he still remains connected to his twin soul Angelica.
In feeling, the heavenly loved ones can always reach and speak to each other.
For instance, it is told how Theo picks up the words that Angelica sends to her twin soul, his father.
Angelica calls her twin soul ‘dear father’:
‘Can you understand it now?
Do you now know, my everything?
Do you now know for certain?
That I love you, that I love you with all I am.
My soul, which I got between heaven and earth from God, do you now know?’
I can feel father.
I may now read into his deepest emotional life.
I feel, I know, I experience.
It is Angelica who is talking to him.
Even when apart, they are one.
Her words, which take form from her innermost feelings, I receive those words.
And now I cannot possibly think about Jack and about everything which touches me and occupies me, and this will probably be okay as well.
Father listens to Angelica and his whole being hears her words.
There is silence in him, respect and emotion, now that his soul is speaking to him and tells him of her love.
Nevertheless, he is still able to help me, he holds me, as I have difficulty in coping with all this sacredness.
How helpless, how uncoordinated I still am in my feelings and thoughts, I, who still have to learn everything in this world!
Her love gives Angelica new words, they are more beautiful than the most beautiful music.
‘Dear father, but dear father.
Oh, dear father.
I am sitting here outside and am busy thinking about you.
Have the flowers ever smelt more beautiful?
The birds are imitating the song of the words which well up in my heart.
And if I bend over the water, I can see your face in its crystal-clear mirror.
I write a letter to you, dear father, and that letter goes straight from my heart to you.
What do I have to think about now, dear father, do you know?
When in the time to come – it will still take a thousand years and perhaps longer, but time does not exist for us, after all – when we are ready we can enter the other, higher degree, we will have another child again.
And you will give it to me, I will be yours and God will look on and smile.
Dear father, will you be careful and make sure that the child which is next to you now and is exploring his life, does not lose himself?
But you know that I am also with you now?
When I look at him, who is your child, I have to think about that little being that I will be able to place in your arms when the time comes.
Dear father of your own child, how will you look at me then?
What will your thoughts be like then?
Oh, I know, just imagine that we were living on earth now.
Then you would put on your best suit and go for a walk with me and our child.
Then people would see your beaming face and they would know that we were happy.
Both of us would look at our child and thank God that He had entrusted us with this life.
But dear father, my own happiness, will you come back to me again soon?
I am following you, of course, I am following you.
But I just want to be very close to you and will you embrace me as well?
Even closer, so close, my dear, that we pass into each other and our heartbeat becomes one?
And will you then, wherever you are, always feel like you did at that blessed moment?
Because is this not God’s will, did God not grant us this bond?
But who are you, my everything in the universe, that I have to love you so much?
Can it be a good thing?
But that has to be, have we not reached the first sphere of our eternal happiness?
When you are finished with this journey and you have brought your own child so far that he is also ready for all these sacred revelations, you know, dear father, what awaits us then?
When Jack starts his study and I am also finished with my work?
Do I still have to tell you?
Just like on earth?
Here you can know without me telling you.
Because now you are completely one with me and you only have to think in order to feel the knowledge coming to you.
And yet you do not do it.
Do you want to be like you were on earth and hear it from my own mouth?
It is all so sweet of you.
Listen then, dear father, I can now already see the little child which will be given to us, when we have entered that higher consciousness.
I will be there too and then for the third time your Angelica.
Oh, but my dear soul.
I will then be your mother.
My dear being, part of myself.
I love you so genuinely and so clearly, I know.
God lets me see and feel it.
Are you still listening?
We are now going to prepare ourselves for that.
Step by step we go further up.
Both of us, dear father.
Only then we will experience the laws, as God wanted it, and be both father and mother.
Oh, are the things which I can now see and feel not wonderful?
We all long for them, says my master, or life here would stand still.
After all, that is not possible.
We still have to go deeper and further in the eternal transition to fatherhood and motherhood.
After all, is God not father and mother Himself?
Did I not already tell you that on earth, my dear, how many days and hours have passed since then?
It seems like centuries, we have experienced so much, and it is good like this.
When you come back to me soon and we start walking again in our sphere, and we greet the birds and the flowers, then, my everything, I will give you a great gift.
You, my soul, my dear life, and it will make you very happy.
I will be waiting for you with it in our sphere, and with the fullness of my great love, I will embrace you and kiss you, when you come back after completing your beautiful task.
I have spoken to my master, my dearest.
No, you may not think now.
Now you have to close your eyes and not wish to know what the gift is which I will then give you.
It has to remain a surprise.
That is possible on earth, you can keep a surprise secret if that is necessary.
Will you not think?
My very dearest Soul, I will wait for you until you have time to talk to me again.
I now take your head in my hands and my lips touch your face and your mouth.
I kiss you ...
My love for you is pure, pure and eternal.
I can still see you, I can still see you, but now you are passing on into your own child.
Goodbye, dear, dear father.
Goodbye, my Soul.’
The things I was able to hear are sacred, not a word escaped me.
I was able to read into Angelica’s soul and experienced the feelings, which pushed her words into the universe, straight to father’s heart.
I do not dare to look at father, I would have preferred to make myself small and hide away.
Why could he not have closed off this sacred thing from me, which was only meant for him, after all?
Or did he let me experience on purpose, was there an intention behind it?
That must be the case!
But does he not know then that I also long to be loved like that?
That I am burning with longing for such words, such feelings?
That I want to be called ‘dear father’ as he is?
They are spirits, angels now!
How natural they are in their love.
So this is how great, how deep the love between two souls can be.
My God, my God, my heart is threatening to burst, I have felt what it means to love, this is great, this is awe-inspiring!
I cannot cope with it, now help me to bear it, oh God.
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942
After his earthly life, Theo wonders why most people only receive twin soul love on the Other Side:
‘Why do we only get to know about this great happiness here?’
‘That is very clear, Theo.
On earth we do not even know ourselves.
How would we know anything about these laws?
On earth, as a rule, people only love themselves and this type of love, you feel, has nothing to do with the wonderful twin love.
People live their own lives there and do not go into the soul lives which cross their paths.
They do not want to bow to these and therefore do not love them either.
There are only a few people who truly possess love.
These few usually possess sisterly and brotherly love, even if they believe that they possess twin love.
Their feeling of love is great and if they marry, a wonderful harmony is revealed.
Now just imagine, Theo, that one of them passes over to this world.
The other one, who remains behind, has a great longing for the person who passed over.
He would not want to have a connection ever again with another soul life.
There is only the longing in him for the woman, whom he now knows to be on the side beyond.
There is depth, a pure depth in his love, which makes his love grow and increases his consciousness.
Yet he cannot establish whether they are both twin souls.
Only on this side do they then experience that their feelings did not touch on twin love, but sisterly and brotherly love.
On earth that could not be determined by them, because there that depth cannot be felt or fathomed.
Just imagine, the sisterly and brotherly love experienced by only one or two people on earth, is universal, however, twin love is cosmic.
And who on earth is able to feel in a cosmically-deep way.
No, Theo, only, very, very few people on earth live consciously in the twin soul situation.’
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942
Theo is surprised that twin souls can meet each other on earth without recognising each other:
‘But can twin souls not meet each other on earth without knowing that they belong to each other?’
‘Of course, that is the case, Theo.
We, souls, saw each other in different lives, even if that does not have to be as man and woman.
You can meet your soul life on earth as a child, as an old woman, as your father or your sister.
Nevertheless, both souls are cosmically destined for each other.
You wish to ask whether that is possible?
The twin souls have to learn the laws of God, they have to learn to love universally.
For this purpose they had to come into contact with the life of God.
They went their own way.
In their lives they both did good and evil, both in their own ways and for themselves.
The laws of cause and effect therefore brought them here, then there.
When they met each other again at some point, they did not recognize each other, because they lived in their own laws.
Only when everything has been put right, can we see each other consciously again on earth.
However, I already told you, this usually takes place on the side beyond, because we on earth do not want to possess this heightened consciousness.’
‘What are you saying, father?
We don’t want to possess it?’
‘Yes, my son, it is true.
Who on earth wants to bow to all the life of God?
Who wants to love all this life?
Who is completely occupied there with devoting himself to this life?
Who is so complete in his love that nothing, no harsh word, no deed disturbs him in his love?
Who no longer hates there and always knows how to speak words of forgiveness under all circumstances?
Who wants to live like that, serve and give like that, and master a higher, spiritual consciousness in this way?
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942
Above universal love is twin soul love:
Yet we should be like that, if we want to be ready for our twin soul.
How can we be ready for him or her, if we do not even possess love for our neighbour?
I already told you, above universal love is twin love, because it is cosmic.
I would never be ready for twin love, if I did not love universally.
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942
In the following passage, the father of Theo explains the physical and spiritual oneness of people on earth:
If personal desires emerge during their unity, they close themselves off to the love again.
Their union could have been blessed, because the twin love also comes through motherhood, through unity, to cosmic union.
They would have experienced a feeling that is far ahead of earthly feeling, that even exceeds universal love and touches on twin love.
They would have come that far through maternal love.
Do you understand the deep meaning of this, Theo?
Listen then.
The mother is the most sacred being in the cosmos.
She is connected to God in her state.
If both the beings who now experience unity, tune in to the mother, they will rise far above the material life.
They will then be truly one and their union will be cosmic.
But as I already said, there must then be no passion in them, their longing may not be for the body rather than the soul, because in this case their union will only be physical and without any spiritual meaning.’
‘I believe, father, that unity for many people who start to feel spiritual is a deep problem.’
‘We know that to be true, Theo, but people also have to become aware of this.
So many do not understand anything about unity, because they do not understand themselves.
Numerous church-going souls put a stop to unity themselves.
Accept this: If we really love each other, it is a blessed deed.
Only if we just love the body and our soul falls back into passion, everything is earthly and mortal.
Then our deed is devoid of any spiritual meaning!
However, anyone who starts to feel the universe, has respect and love for the soul life which he connects himself to, will also force the other life to devote itself to reaching the experience which is truly pure and spiritual and opens the subconscious life.
When a soul is then attracted it is even possible to be connected cosmically, after which the love in both these people reaches a higher stage.’
‘What does this mean, father?’
‘That means, my son, that our spirit is opened by a connection like that and this then takes place through the soul life which we attract.
The mother in the very first place, since she receives the new life within her, carries it and brings it to growth.
However, we achieve that since we love mother and child in the way that God wants us to.
Unfortunately, it is all too often the case that the creative being lets itself be drawn away from this state of happiness as a result of earthly cares, his loving attention for mother and the baby within her decreases and at last ceases completely, so that the mother remains alone with all those wonderful feelings which besiege her and which she wants to talk about, because she cannot deal with them alone.
The mother then feels alone, poor and earthly ...
We therefore have to support her always, follow and love her, serve and support her.
If we have this respect, this pure, spiritual love and if it is felt and understood by the mother, then we will possess a state of divine happiness on earth – a happiness which elevates us, expands and deepens us – a happiness which is blessed by God.
So we received all of that through the pure unity and attraction of the new life.
If we want to live in this state, then we must devote ourselves entirely to it.
If we have the will, God will awaken His holy laws in us and change our whole life.
Then the mother will be a saint to us, of course, only if she also strives towards this state of happiness and consciousness.
Every wrong deed, every snarl or sign of harshness, every misunderstanding beats holes in the relationship, as a result of which the happiness ebbs away.
Nothing will then remain of the sacred contact which bound man and wife.
On the other hand, by using every second which God gives us, to grow closer to the person next to us, we will work on the union of a spiritual bond, which ensures us of the highest happiness for life, which is only felt and equalled by those who are twin souls here.
First we have to be able to serve and love the life next to us with spiritual power, only then will we be ready to receive the soul which is ours.’
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942
The feelings of twin souls can touch the creation:
However, our feelings touch the creation.’
‘The creation, father?
What do you mean by this?’
‘It means, Theo, that, in my case, I come into the universe through Angelica.
By descending into her life, I can see into all the degrees of the creation which we have both experienced.
Our love therefore takes us into God’s life, we love this.
In this way our love never comes to a standstill.
After all, when descending into the being which belongs to us, we keep coming across new laws and miracles.
The more our consciousness grows as a result of this, the deeper we can descend into the almost unfathomable states, which lie in a person as a Divine spark.
So by penetrating the soul life next to us we go deeper into God and His creation, and we live in the central system of Him Who created us.
What you now have to deal with is deep, my son.
Just imagine, by fathoming the life next to us, we are connected to all the physical and spiritual degrees, which life has.
It takes us so far if we truly love a person, that it can give us love!
Is it any wonder then that respect comes to us for the life next to us and that we can no longer utter a harsh word?
Is it any wonder that we never become exhausted in our love and we deeply bow to Divine creation?’
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942
By completely accepting the loved one, people can grow in love:
In brief, we accept each action which is carried out by the being next to us in love, because everything that life does is good!’
‘That is not possible on earth, is it, father?’
‘You already have a disturbance there, Theo.
We have to accept the person next to us in everything she does.
She acts according to her degree of feeling.
We have to elevate her.
We may never punish a wrong deed by returning it with harshness.’
‘To master that would take a lifetime, father.’
‘You are right, Theo, that is the case.
However, anyone who seriously wants it can master it.
Worldly wisdom is also needed for it.
We get that by thinking.
Learning to think is the task of every person who wants to achieve spiritual heights.
I already said it, as a result of the person next to us, we go straight to God and His holy Creation.
We must therefore follow her in her thoughts, feelings and actions.
In this way we descend into her soul and get to know her.
By thinking we therefore grow in consciousness, and also in love.
In this way and in this way alone can we move on to twin love and consciously live in it.
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942
Spiritual love feels the life in the other person:
What is our love like?
What do we feel?
With our spiritual consciousness, we feel within the person that we love, the life, the universe, creation, God.
It is the soul which we feel.
We know that we are completely connected to it.
All our qualities touch those of the other person, there is nothing which interrupts.
We have mastered that degree of feeling and thinking.
In those degrees of our emotional life the universe in which we lived also speaks.
If these degrees are in our consciousness and they are felt by the other life, then we touch each other’s consciousness and afterwards we can move on to deep, cosmic unity.
Through our love we then also go back to the very first stage of creation.
We were also as one there.
God connected our lives at that time.
Our love is therefore connected to it.
The deeper we can now feel and think, the deeper we can penetrate those initial stages.
We then feel taken care of by God.
We feel absorbed into His emotional world and get to know Him as a father and mother.
Once we have reached this stage in feeling, we are called cosmically deep.
We are then truly twin souls and ready to enter the Divine plan more and more deeply.
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942
And then Theo meets his twin soul in the spheres of light.
Both prepare themselves for a new reincarnation:
Then I feel that someone is approaching me.
It has to be someone whom I have not yet met here.
I look up and see into the face of a beautiful creature.
Good heavens, what is waiting for me?
The woman approaches me.
I would like to kneel down.
The blue robe that she is wearing is radiating towards me.
We look deep into each other’s eyes and descend into each other’s souls.
She sees into my life and I see into hers and we both thank God.
We do not say a word, but this meeting does not require words.
Who is she? I think and she asks herself the same question.
I feel her like myself.
She must be a sister of mine.
In thought I ask her to sit down next to me.
She does this.
She is completely open to me, I am allowed to follow her to her deepest soul.
I read in her that she will leave this world in order to go back to the earth again.
She has tuned herself in to the earth completely, as a result of which I can now follow her.
She now shows me her life which she experienced before she entered this side.
I now show her my life.
She will go back to the earth in order to experience motherhood there, but then with a spiritual destiny.
She is already having to prepare herself to be attracted to the earth, this will happen within a hundred years.
I have sacred respect for this life, anyone who meets this soul on earth, will only receive happiness from her.
I feel her as a child which is brimming with happiness.
That love is her possession, she has become love.
She now wants to get her degree in motherhood and since this can only happen on earth, God gives her this mercy.
Her golden shining hair falls in waves around her shoulders, she looks beautiful and wonderful.
I feel a divine happiness when I look at her.
My God, how can I deal with this – how can I thank you – my God, I am faced with my twin soul!
This beautiful being belongs to me, she is like me, she will be mine for all eternity!
‘Soul of my soul’, I say, ‘is this all true?
Do you know that we will belong to each other for eternity and for always?
That God will give us both new lives?
Do you know that we will meet each other again there?
Tell me, do you also have these feelings?’
We look at each other and our glances say what words cannot say.
‘God gave me the grace to see you.
Now you have to go again, I know.
I greet you, see you there!’
I had also wanted to say much much more, but it is no longer possible.
The sacred form has disappeared before my eyes.
I sink away into a state of unconsciousness.
I do not know how long this lasted, but when I opened my eyes, father was in front of me.
And he confirmed everything, which I had experienced.
‘Where is she now, father?’ I wanted to know.
The feelings which he placed in me told me everything and I knew that I could no longer follow her now.
Like her, I also had to prepare myself, so that time would find me ready when the moment came to start my journey to the earth.
Inspired by this meeting with my twin soul, I worked even more earnestly than before on my development.
Through the Grebbe Line to Eternal Life, 1942

Working towards each other

In the book ‘Between Life and Death’, the temple priest Venry gets to know his twin soul Lyra:
The priestesses were together in a room, which I entered.
One of them, who poured her light out over me like a radiant sun, looked at me.
I was startled;
is it you, Lyra?
You here, in the Temple?
Is that the reason why I am led to this place?
Did they want me to meet my Father?
Do they want to give you the great wings as well?
I wondered whether I dreamt.
It could not be anything else; it was Lyra.
How could I thank the Gods,
Lyra, may I see you?
The other priestesses left and I walked up to her.
“Soul of my soul, now we may meet each other, but everything is clear to me.
It is I, dear Lyra, when we were children we were at the ‘meadow’; my master has connected us once again.
Do you still remember the ‘meadow’?”
“I know everything, Venry, and I have had to wait a long time, yet you have come to me.
But my perception is genuine.
You are great, Venry, I know your wonders, you will make Isis great.
I see into your life, I have always been allowed to follow you.
My master made me see, as if he felt that my life is ready.
Oh, do not be afraid, Venry, your leader is watching, he has always watched over me; that development is alien to me, my cause and effect have passed into waiting.
In my soul resides my own protection, for the demons came to me very frequently. So did, on the other hand, a different power, which is very strong and mighty, Venry, through which you experience the wonders and which puts the very first wonder around my soul, so that the demons left for fear.
I will serve, Venry, and those who want to serve receive protection from the Gods, even though I faced superior powers all by myself.”
“Lyra, my soul, I am here to make the Temple of Isis great.
I have been allowed to see into our previous life.
What we experienced there were passion and violence.
We brought sorrow and grief to others, but our souls awakened and we satisfied ourselves with those who died at the stake.
Are you conscious in that too, Lyra?”
“Yes, Venry, I know everything.”
“If this is clear to you, Lyra, do you feel then why we are here?
Is the wonder of being one conscious in you?
You will give me the strength to fulfil my task because the Gods know that I would collapse when alone.
You will belong to me in other lives because now we are not yet ready, dear Lyra, to receive the very highest happiness.
And yet we are one, but this being one is a mercy and it belongs to my task.
We live in the laws, my child, and this being one is part of this cause and effect and belongs to it.
How could I serve, Lyra, if I did not know love?
What do you feel?
Can you explain everything to me?”
“My dear Venry, ruler of Isis, messenger of love, you have already experienced wonders, but those which are still to come will exceed all others.
The Gods want you to serve and I too must serve.
Our being one awakened your gifts and developed your soul.
Isis lives in me, we are children of God; our life will end in it, then proceed and make up.
We are and will remain one, Venry, though my soul will live in other bodies.
I will bear children, created by others, yet I belong to you, to you alone, Venry.
I shall wait, but one day I will be great and return to you and, if necessary, I will completely surrender, whatever my end on earth will be like.
Times will come, Venry, when I know nothing about all these laws, but in me will be the feeling that gives me the strength to accept everything.
You bring love now, in other lives you will be non-conscious and you will wonder ‘why’ and ‘what for’.
Let us begin, dear Venry, and the Gods will accept our first reckoning, so that you can look back at this life.
If, one day, there will be emptiness in us and we have to endure the sorrow that is waiting for us, we will also be prepared in this respect.
This life will prevail, dear Venry, and strengthen us when our souls will call and seek and cannot find a way out and when the darkness will be around us.
All those faults and sins reside in me.
This life will be spent, dear Venry, preparing myself for all those other lives, in which I will serve and endure sorrow and grief, not being comprehended, being left to my own devices, living through by myself and seeking, asking where my soul is.
Why I am here, Venry?
Is not my soul conscious now?
Could I now live in the darkness?
Do we both not go the same way?
And is not that to awaken?
Could you have advanced more than I have?
If you must follow the light, it will also shine on me; otherwise, we would not be one.
When you search, dear Venry, I will search too and when there is emptiness in you it will also be in me, for we are one in everything.
Oh, I understand everything.
I cry when I see into the next lives, Venry, not for fear or because of emptiness, but because I want to serve.
Later you will be very great, then again quite insignificant and you will no longer know anything about all these wonders, a different life then dominates.
Do not ask then why you are alone, why you have to experience that loneliness, we will, go ‘in’ into cause and effect and also enter that Temple to thank the Gods that we were allowed to serve and awaken.
I thank the Gods, dear Venry, for having been allowed to see you now.
Can we not be happy?
Is not our struggle for awaking?
How was our end when Father Taiti got to know his great love?
I still feel the vermin in my heart, the pains and awakening in the spirit.
Oh, my soul, when I am ‘Mother’ and the particle of Amon-Re lives and grows in me and falls asleep under my heart, then we are one because it will awaken us.
I am conscious as never before, dear Venry, because I think and feel and this loneliness is only a short moment.
Preparing myself will mean receiving and receiving means that we have lived our earthly life and will proceed in these other worlds.
I will keep praying and ask the Gods whether I may die with you this time again, which is the only thing I shall ask.
My prayer goes a long way; it will get through to the Gods, dear Venry.
Wisdom will be given to you and the knowledge that I wait for you and that you call me to prepare myself.
I know that it is a great mercy, yet we can receive it if you act in accordance with the laws after which, the wonders will happen, dear Venry.
I do not implore the Gods to make me happy, I am everything, soul of my soul, happiness is in me, the happiness of wanting to awaken and to follow the Gods.
I only ask to be allowed to die with you this time again, but this death will mean consciousness and ‘going in’.”
“I thank you, dear Lyra, for the strength that is in you and I am glad that you know everything.
The power that has been given me will protect you in the Temple, the Gods will watch over you in other lives.
We shall meet again at the ‘meadow’, dear Lyra.
I am ready, you have everything, you are one with my soul, one day we shall both represent ‘Him’, our house will be like the space and everyone who wants to awaken shall be received in our midst.
When the darkness yields to the new light, when demons are destined to fall asleep, when my blood has calmed down and Isis awakens, when the Goddess puts her aureole on your lovely head, my dear Lyra, then I will be ready with my work and we will go ‘in’. Then you will receive and we will be between ‘life and death’.
Thereafter, I will come for you and you will receive ‘Death’ and ‘Life’ because you want to serve.”
My leader floated amidst us and wanted me to make her happy too.
I said to Lyra: “Come to my heart, Lyra, and look how our life will be one day.”
She embraced me and I embraced her, but between our hearts Lotus lived and woke up.
Its light shone over our love and our hearts melted together, silence came over us, deeper and more ardent than all worldly powers and forces together.
Eternal love lived in her soul, I saw the entire universe expressed in her eyes, her heart spoke to me and the enchantment, the blissful being one with Amon-Re awakened, for our souls accepted this sacred radiance.
For a brief moment we lived in space and we saw Temples and the angels living there.
“Some day, dear Lyra, we shall be like Lotus.
Then our light will be bright, our garments are one creation, woven by our deeds, and are only worn where my Mother is living.
Keep the Lotus, dear Lyra, when it dissolves I will come for you and we shall die.
How grateful I am to the Gods.
Oh, my soul, do not ask anything. I will overcome my hatred and approach him in a worthy manner.
My struggle will be fought in love because I want to serve and get around to one life with you, to one feeling and understanding, only then will our love be perfect.
I shall conquer myself, Lyra, and put my whole being into your hands and you will watch over me, like the depth of ‘maternal love’ that is in you.
Then we will go ‘in’, Lyra, and our life will be blessed.
Queen of my heart, are you convinced that I will conquer myself?
Do you feel that I am ready only just now?
You live in and around me, I will serve for the sake of our happiness.
You now felt that I would come, later you will also be allowed to know.
I must leave, Lyra, my master let me feel that.”
“Go, my dear Venry, you just go, I will wait.”
* *
I left, Lyra lived near me;
however, she belonged to me and I thanked the Gods for that.
The paths the Gods force us to follow are unfathomable; they may lead us through sorrow and misery but also through happiness.
I understood everything, I felt this mercy, and my serving would be perfect.
I would have to earn my twin soul; all people would experience this.
We were conscious in this.
Everyone experienced his own cause and effect, his desires.
All of them were on their way to meet that soul, which constitutes for both one part, one heaven, one Temple, one space in which they lived.
We too were on our way to earn all this mightiness.
Between Life and Death, 1940
Working towards each other is working hard:
There are many people on Earth who are searching for their life companion, according to the grade, which belongs to them and thinks and feels like them, but do not find him after all.
Then it could be that, that soul has already entered our life and waits here.
Do not be impatient then, but use your time in order to finish and dissolve your karmic laws properly, work hard on yourself, because in this way you prepare yourself for the soul, who belongs to your life, for your twin soul, who was given to you by God!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Because as a result of the karma built up, we have already been far too long on earth:
But you are all, we are all, we also know, a hundred million years too long on earth.
We are all still blundering.
We are one million, two million, ten million years too long on earth because of our karma.
Where does that part of us from the moon live?
If you meet that, I think that inwardly, spiritually and physically you will burst; if there are not any own longings also, do you see?
Because, when this reveals itself, then the human being is so quickly, so easily inclined to say: ‘Oh, then I will just walk away’, or ‘I will take this.’
They are all problems and scenarios, because then they want the highest.
What is the highest now?
What is the highest now?
Hundreds of thousands of people long for their happiness.
I will immediately take that away from you: you must not long in this life.
You must work, work, work in this life.
I am not afraid of the battle, ladies and gentlemen, but I am terrified of happiness and love.
Do you believe that?
If you ... in the spheres ...
My most difficult time was not that I came from the hells; you can cope with those demons.
But if you come a bit higher, above your consciousness, then you get to see the Spheres of Light, spaces and worlds, there is cooing there ...
And if you then return, then you will succumb.
I am afraid of happiness, of love, of space.
I will never go a step further.
I do not long, because that is the first thing which I murder, consciously break.
I long to give the world, mankind possession, space, happiness.
Knowledge is now our happiness.
But you must now make something of this life, in order to earn that other. It does not come a minute, a second too soon, nor too late.
Because you are all irrevocably attached to karma.
Whatever your life is like, it is perfectly simple, if you want to accept it.
Devastation and destruction no longer exist, if you do not begin with that yourself.
Questions and Answers Part 2, 1951
If one twin soul does not begin with dissolving the karma, the other twin soul also remains connected with that not-beginning:
The God of yours who began with life on the moon by you, whom we call the twin soul for space, that life which must conquer the universe with you, yes, if that can experience that being one, then the macrocosmos is talking for both of you.
But if one does not have the feeling and the other one does and must wait in order to absorb that mildness, that softness, that spiritual growing, then does one life steal from the other one and force the one life to go into darkness while it is light there?
That is not possible.
The God of yours, in you, does not want that.
The human being does not understand for that matter what a philosophical system can mean with regard to God.
I will not continue to float in the All-Source either this morning, but I will finally dot the I’s.
You must know that if you do not long here as a human being, do not yearn to bring your life to that rarefication, that spiritualization, I must wait.
Then I will stand, if I am from you, then I will stand and I will remain in darkness.
Lectures Part 2, 1951
The human being on earth has to do with karma:
Because you are both here on earth, that one of yours probably lives in the world of the unconscious or in America, amongst the people, because there is not one human being on earth at the moment who is free from karmic laws.
Or you would really be connected with your part, your life, your own blood, that is your soul, that is your spirit.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
Every other human being can be our twin soul:
The rich man eats himself full by means of the possession of his twin soul.
One stands before the other, as man and woman, and they do not recognize each other.
The beggar stands before his twin soul, but the man and the woman do not recognize each other, the rich man closes the door to the own life, because the human being darkened himself.
But, if they experience the cosmic being one, then they feel that the spatial life of feeling is speaking, the human heart says: it is me!
I am yours, I am from your life, your soul and spirit.
Can you feel it?
Yes, it can be felt and experienced!
My brothers, now the blood speaks!
My children, now the soul speaks!
Man and woman, now the Divine attunement speaks to your life and being one and that can be experienced!
You will feel it, experience it, blood with blood from one grade of life is the unity with the Divine paradise.
Do you not know that there?
Why does the human being seek this phenomenon and does he devote everything to it?
What does it mean when the human being as soul, as father and mother, can experience that sacredness?
Feel this kiss, my brothers, and you will know it!
Now the All-Mother speaks through the animal instinct, or through the pure and spiritual love.
We established and interpreted that life of feeling, my brother Zelanus, through the arts and sciences.
We wanted to live and die for that and when Golgotha awakened in us, we entered that core, that knowledge and that feeling, it was only then that we were one life, one soul, one spirit!
What was that contact like?
What was this gift from the mother like?
Human being, did you feel this?
Why is it she?
And no other?
It is only she, because you feel the blood of your heart, the life of your life, the soul of your soul, which was given by the All-Mother to your life and personality.
That is fatherhood and motherhood, received by the soul as human being, it is she!
Now enter this paradise and you will know yourself!
We in the Spheres of Light received that, but the human being on Earth will master this pure love!
And now twin souls experience Christ!
HE came to the Earth for that purpose.
However, HE did not die for that purpose, but He brought His Gospel for that purpose.
How can it be any different, now that we know that?
Enter that love and you will know yourself and your twin soul!
Do not talk, but enter!
Do not whisper, but accept the motherhood!
Enter that heart and enter that life and forget now that you have been animal-like.
Fight for that love, but finish your tasks!
Continue to serve!
Kiss your soul, your life, your spirit, that is the Divine spiritual kiss!
And now further!
Steal now, and you will steal from your soul!
Feel hatred for the human being and the life, and you will hate your soul!
Slander the life, and you will take your soul and your love to the slander!
Take part in manslaughter and violence, and you will murder your soul!
Your love, your light, life and happiness!
Rape the life, and you will rape your soul, your love!
Grumble and moan, and you will darken your soul, your light, your soul!
Be open to injustice, and you will lock your soul in prison!
Do not chastise the life, or you will chastise your own soul, your spirit, your Divine attunement!
Go to the Catholic Church and become a priest, and you will close yourself off to your reincarnation, but especially to your love!
Your soul and your universal truth!
Send a beggar away, and you will let your soul go hungry!
Remove the life light from the eyes of the human being, and you will give blindness to your soul!
Burn the life with scalding pitch, and you will burn your twin soul!
Sign your name under a death sentence, and you will murder your soul!
Your life and happiness, your love, your progress, your reincarnation!
Your Deity!
Go to the prostitute, and you will sully your soul!
Your personality!
Break your vows and your marriage, and you will create new karma, your soul will have to wait until you have experienced the harmonic good!
Take hold of a weapon, and you will murder your own soul!
Become a king or emperor, and you will smother your spiritual truth, because there is still no justice living on Earth!
Do we know that, my brothers?
Is this untruth?
What does the human being want to experience?
His twin soul?
Then he will have to devote all of this self to that, but because of his millions of lives he has got lost.
The University of Christ takes him back to God and his own attunement!
The soul lives in Holland; the mother, the twin soul, in France.
The man lives in England; the mother, as twin soul, in Russia!
The mother lives in America; the twin soul in Germany!
The man lives in Sweden; the twin soul of this creating power in Turkey ... so that we have to accept that the human being has to experience karmic laws and only receives his soul later, but then he will be in harmony with the universe.
Mothers and fathers love and are twin souls, they carry the universe, but the child was attracted by one soul, by the father or the mother and receives, or gives, or serves!
Mother and child can be twin souls!
Father and daughter can be twin souls!
Brothers and sisters, and both sisters and sisters can be twin souls, because they keep on meeting each other!
The rich and the poor can be twin souls!
The mental patient and the doctor likewise, because one of these souls serves the own blood and the life!
Why do you send your beggar away from your life?
Why can you not love your mother?
Those are the philosophical systems, my brothers, and we will experience and analyze them later for the University of Christ.
But now the rulers of the Earth live it up through the twin soul and sully this Divine attunement.
But two people, as man and woman, represent the universe and God, the All-Mother, as life, light and love.
Did you expect any differently?
No, these are the laws of life for the child of Mother Earth.
“I do not want to give birth to any more children!
I will not work myself to death for my child!
I do not want to give birth again!”
The human being now refuses to give the life to the twin soul!
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
Our twin soul comes to us when we are ready:
Soul of my soul, where are you?
Soul of my soul, do I already know you on Earth?
Soul of my soul, are you my mother or my father?
My brother or my sister, or must I search for you amongst other peoples?
Will I also see you today?
Are you already talking to me?
Are you selling me something?
Are you perhaps my servant?
Soul of my soul, are you my judge?
My doctor?
My singing teacher?
My brother or my sister?
My friend or my lord and master?
Who are you?
Where do you live now, now that I am on Earth?
Do I not know you?
If I know you, I will serve you, give you all of my life, my heart, my spirit, and you will experience love!
Do we paint together, my soul?
Do we already do arts and sciences, my soul?
Do we still beg?
Or have we already reached social consciousness?
Are we rich?
Are you rich or poor?
Where do you live now?
Can I reach you?
Or are you my grave digger?
And am I your body, my soul, is that possible?
Are you a farmer or minister, artist, or do you take part in lies and deception?
Where do you live?
Will I be able to understand you if I meet you?
I will both feel and experience you, our hearts will say it and our blood will show itself!
Do you still take part in manslaughter and violence?
But why?
Will I meet you now in this life?
Then, my soul, I will watch over your life and I will serve you and make you happy!
I will then give you all of myself!
Will you never leave me again then?
Even if you belong to another, I will wait and inspire you, it is only then that we will be happy!
Isn’t it true, soul of my soul, life of my life, spirit of my spirit?
Have I already met you?
Where was it?
In Jerusalem perhaps?
Were we Jews?
Did I already meet you in one of the many Temples?
Were we spiritual?
Did we already reach priesthood and were we one?
Was I the wife and you my creator?
Then I will soon be mother and give you all of my life.
Do you already have the feeling in order to carry my life?
Where did we embalm our life?
Where did we take part in body snatching?
Where did we destroy the embryo?
Where was I ‘a whore’ and did you come to me and we did not feel anything of each other?
Where was that, my soul, my life?
Where did we reach the spiritual unity?
Still on Earth?
If that was not the case, you will see and meet me in the Spheres, and we will go further there!
Do you already love me?
Did the spiritual yearning already enter you?
Do you still beat to bits and pieces?
Do you still hate?
No, do not do that anymore, now we will go further together and will love!
Are you taking care of yourself now?
Can you hear that I am singing, live and sing for you?
That I love you with all my heart?
I am doing my best for you!
I am serving for you!
I will love and make amends for you, so that I will see you soon!
I will no longer kill, or you will have to wait for me!
I will no longer lie and deceive, or I will deceive you!
Be good for the life which you now possess, and we will evolve together, I will also finish my task!
Master Zelanus, did we not also get to know these laws?
As a result of our consciousness, did we not have to accept that we stood before our twin soul and she locked us in prison?
That she destroyed us and let us go hungry?
Did we not kill each other?
And later, when we experienced reincarnation, from our life we saw where we had lived together?
Then we bowed!
Then we understood that we had met each other often, had murdered each other and that we could not experience any happiness because of that.
It was only on the other side that we saw where we had lived, and then we experienced our spiritual awakening.
Spark of my spark, I am with you!
Spirit of my spirit, come to me!
Blood of my blood, did you take care of me?
Life of my life, now we are eternally one and will remain so!
How can we thank Mother Earth now.
We will now serve for her children and her life!
Now that we go further consciously, because we represent the spiritual grade of life for love, we go back to the conscious Divine All!
We build a Temple for our life, our eternally being one!
Is that love?
Yes, my brothers, now we have reached the life.
The human being on Earth is searching, but he will only find his twin soul when he gives love, loves, wants to accept all the life of God.
And now I recognize you immediately, my soul!
Your eyes will tell me, your heart will tell and your life blood, your soul and spirit, will convince me of your own life happiness, which is for me!
Do not seek, do not ask, your twin soul will come to you when you are ready.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944

The joint cosmic journey

Master Zelanus indicates that people in the hereafter get to know twin love:
In our life we got to know twin love.
This love is eternal.
It is the Cosmic continuance of two souls of one colour, one world, one spiritual attunement.
We are also man and wife here, but the earthly life of feeling has been completely left behind by us.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
The first meeting of the twin souls took place a very long time ago, on the first planet in the universe:
Where did the twin souls meet each other for the first time?
It is again on Mother Moon, that they first got to know each other.
On the Moon Divine sparks experienced one life, one state.
One cell was not further than the other, or one would have destroyed the other.
Born from one state this life experienced material working and would die and be born again.
At that moment the human being received his twin soul.
This soul life belonged to the same grade of life as we ourselves and it was not a second older.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
At the time of the first splitting of the first cell, the twin souls originated:
When God gave us everything and we people reached the splitting up for our existence, we observed the Divine laws.
That happened in that first stage under cosmic harmony.
We split up our life as God could do it for the infinity.
He placed those laws in our hands, we were laws!
Our whole thinking and feeling and the life we received is a law!
It is life!
And that life is God!
And look, we split ourselves there for the first time.
That part now from myself, which was born from me, that part, that inner life, now comes back to my life.
We were one in many lives, but later we forgot ourselves and we had to accept, I and she, you likewise, that other lives demanded that part of your soul, which belongs to your life, because one of us or both of us violated that life!
Then our lives separated!
We had to accept that, we went another way for many lives!
Masks and Men, 1948
These are twin souls.
Because the life gave itself, it no longer becomes free from this life.
Is that clear, Master Zelanus?”
“Yes, my Master.
I can see those laws.”
“Anyone who was a spark of God now, which soul, that means nothing.
So I mean for the very first contact, the dividing of that soul with the other life spark.
Isn’t it true, millions of sparks of God belong to one attunement.
And when that spark had reached the conscious stage in order to give birth and to create, that other spark was also that far and the division could take place.
All of us were able to experience that.
But now a bit further.
When that first contact had therefore taken place, that was the twin soul for the soul.
Because of what, André-Dectar?”
“Because I have given myself to that life, Master.”
“You see, that’s it.
Because we have given ourselves to one spark, and we divide ourselves, we must go further with that life.
That life draws us back.
That life must draw us back, because we experience one attunement.
But there is something else.
By means of this we now get to see our twin soul.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
The twin soul is the life that was given birth to and created by us:
You certainly do not need to be jealous of the other life, because I told you: we have the animal-like twin soul, but we long, we stand before the spiritual twin soul and that is the life that was given birth to and created by you, and that life returns to you.
Lectures Part 1, 1950
Together, the twin souls went grade in grade out:
We went on our way with this life, grade in grade out, in this way one life did not come further or higher than the other.
Less than ten seconds away from each other, just as old, one in working, we reached the higher conscious.
Now one day as creative, then again as a bearing principle.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
However, on Mars the personality became conscious of its physical power and started to use that against another:
On Mars and on the secondary planets you already began with destruction, with murder.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
At that moment, people severed the oneness with the twin soul:
Then we darkened our own harmony – now we reach the divine systems – so, we darkened that harmony.
I have destroyed the life of another.
I broke that life.
And that life would live another thirty, forty years.
Isn’t it true?
I must make amends for that.
And now, from that moment I already go from my life, from my core, from my soul.
Questions and Answers Part 6, 1951
On Mars not much karma was created yet, and then also corrected quite quickly again.
Then the twin souls went together to the transition planets, and later to the earth.
However, on earth the conscious disharmonic acting of the personality ensures that the natural bond between the twin souls is severed:
Meanwhile the soul has awakened for the conscious life, it plunges itself into passion and violence.
In every life the laws of God are destroyed.
The soul now consciously creates karma and now enters cause and effect, it must make good what it did wrong.
This is the moment when the natural union is broken and the twin souls separate.
They are each drawn to other grades, already according to the karmic laws, which each created for itself.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Most people do not know about the existence of a twin soul, but do indeed feel a vague longing:
The human being goes over the Earth, knows nothing about the laws in which and as a result of which he lives, he only knows that life is a hell.
One marriage after another ends in misery and discord and the longing for the own grade of life becomes even greater.
The woman seeks the man, the man seeks the woman, the true love, the life which belongs to her and to him.
But where does this soul live?
Under which cloud does it live?
No one knows it, but somewhere on Earth, or, what is also possible, in the world of the unconscious, waiting for a new organism, is the being, which belongs to his life.
No one knows of the existence of a twin soul, there is only the undetermined longing for a human being, who is the same, thinks and feels in the same way, knows the same longing, cherishes the same expectations.
But where does that being live?
You can see it on this side, if you have reached the first sphere.
In the spheres lying underneath it the human being still has to awaken for this wisdom.
There you are still unconscious of all these laws of life.
In this way man and wife are busy freeing themselves from the own karma, at least if they already possess this conscious and do not still continue to create new karma.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
Everything that we do has an influence on the connection with our twin soul:
And yet, my Master, I also feel something else.
What I do, I do that to my soul.
What I am starting to experience for the destruction, that takes me increasingly further away from her life and attunement, because I must make amends for other lives.
And that is dreadful.
But we also have to accept those laws.”
“We also experience those laws of life now, my brothers, you can see it.
Every wrong action, a violating of the life of God, takes us away from this being one, from our twin soul.
Yet one day we will come back to each other.
All of that as a result of cause and effect.
Here she can experience cause and effect in a short time, but that is not simple anymore for the twentieth century.
Since the life obtains consciousness, cause and effect build up.
And now my happiness is her happiness, my mistake her mistake, my misery become hers, because we violated the life?
Because we created darkness, where the light was already visible anyway.
Yet we got to experience more possibilities by means of the following consciousness, and that is the intention, that is also the human social becoming conscious.
Whether she kills, or I do, we both have to make amends.
We were given rights of life and we murdered those rights of life!
We therefore now enter the seven grades of life for the human becoming conscious, the seven grades of life for the spirit and the astral world.
The soul has to accept those laws of life.
We go further, but I do not know now who my twin soul is, but I will also see her again.
One day my personality will awaken.
One day I will be that far, that I will start to experience the feeling that I am missing a part of myself, and that is now my twin soul.
The Cosmology of Jozef Rulof Part 5, 1944
We ourselves knocked ourselves out of the union with our twin soul:
However, we ourselves severed the true twin soul love and this was as a result of the own longings.
We ourselves expelled ourselves from the paradise.
Our uncontrolled desires drove us to other beings, we lived it up through them and only just saw our passions getting worse.
This tore us apart and placed us in misery.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
We ourselves can work towards the union again:
Yet the soul of your life lives in the universe, probably very close to you, so do not despair if you are beaten and kicked, because the other life does not understand you.
Your own grade and kind waits for you and works on itself.
Prepare yourself for your twin soul and remember that you serve this being, if you finish your task with regard to the other life!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
For this purpose, we go through all the grades of feeling:
It is possible in all the grades to experience your own kind.
If you understood me, you will feel, that everyone got to experience or will get to experience these grades.
In all the grades the twin souls meet each other in order to then be attracted to the other kinds, to which they have to make good, under the authority of the karmic laws.
In the pre-animal-like and animal-like life attunements you can therefore meet your twin soul and also experience a certain happiness there, because the feeling of unity also speaks in those lower grades.
But what does such an animal-like attuned love mean?
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
In this way, we prepare ourselves for spiritual twin love:
Only the spiritual twin soul has meaning for our life.
As a soul we go through all the layers of evil, through all the grades of darkness to the light.
We enter into connection with the higher grade for the first time when we have made good in the lower grade.
In one life you create, in the other and next one you are mother and you bear.
Making good and learning in this way you evolve and you reach spiritual awakening.
Finally you are open to spiritual love and you have attunement to the first sphere.
And now for the first time you are ready for spiritual twin love!
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
And we are on the way to our twin soul:
‘Soul of my soul, I am on the way,
I am working on myself.
Will you wait for me there?’
Master Zelanus
Spiritual Gifts, 1943
After our earthly lives, we continue in the Hereafter:
If you are now on your last material life and you have completed your earthly cycle, you enter our life and you continue on this side.
It is now possible, that the soul which belongs to your life, is still on Earth.
It is also possible, that it still lives in the world of the unconscious and waits there in order to be attracted by Mother Earth.
Now you must therefore have patience, but this one life has no meaning.
You experienced millions of lives as man and wife!
There is so much in our world that you have to learn.
And you, as a conscious being, can help the soul, which still has to experience an earthly life.
Awaiting the reunion, you prepare yourself in order to receive your twin soul in this world.
And when this blissful moment comes, you will be connected with your twin soul for eternity, you will never separate again.
There are seven spheres in order to prepare you for the fourth cosmic grade of life, where you await the material stage again.
Together you begin to build on the higher happiness, you take possession of the first spheres and make a journey of a few centuries.
You go back to the Moon and follow all the stages, which you both experienced on the first, the second and the third cosmic grade.
You see how you separated and the lives which you then experienced.
By means of these trips and experiences you receive the cosmic conscious.
And now you can both begin a spiritual task.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941
In the hereafter, we continue in our own cosmic attunement as man or woman:
The attunement, which was received on the Moon, is restored in the spheres, that means we possess here the organic grade which God gave us then.
Anyone who received the creating capacity on the Moon, also enters that state on this side and remains in this attunement.
For that matter, the body no longer has any meaning, in the many lives of our cycle we were man and wife, both attunements therefore lie conscious in our soul.
We are both man and wife, both father and mother, also like God both Father and Mother!
For that matter, we will never be able to say that we are conscious of God’s creation in its total, if we only know the male organism and know nothing about motherhood or the other way round.
The Peoples of the Earth seen by the Other Side, 1941